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VisionID launch mobility solution set.

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Mobile Solution Set

  1. 1. Mobile Solution Set
  2. 2. The VisionID Mobile Solution Set Mobile devices are an essential tool for today’s business environments and combine a mixture of handheld computers and wearable technology. As workforce mobility takes on a bigger role, organisations can no longer afford to ignore the critical benefits of going mobile. Employees get to make use of their time effectively, and also remain relevant in the ever-changing marketplace. It is important for businesses to embrace the concept of workforce mobilisation if they want to remain competitive in the future. Having worked with many leading businesses, VisionID understand the challenges and complexity involved in mobilising employees whether it be in the warehouse on the road, the manufacturing facility, a retail outlet or a hospital. Here at VisionID we are addressing these challenges, taking industry best practice and our own experiences to offer a strategic approach to mobility. In tandem with mobile hardware, it is the software solution that drives the application. VisionID has many years experience of mobile application development. From simple data tracking to ERP integration we can combine tailor made software with leading edge portable hardware to deliver a mobile solution for every sector. VisionID know how to mobilise a workforce. By isolating the business processes that demand mobility with a focus on return-on-investment strategies, VisionID guides its clients from detailed design to integration ensuring a clear path to improvements in processes including quality, flexibility, cycle time, throughput, accuracy and overall productivity. VisionID empowers the mobile workforce with secure access to business applications on the go. 33% VisionID
  3. 3. Imagine the improvement in service levels if all the information in your business systems as well as co- workers, supervisors, customers and more were accessible with just the press of a few keys, anytime and anywhere. Imagine the increase in revenue if your workforce could process orders and payments at a press of a button. Imagine how a real-time window into actual sales could reduce carrying costs for raw materials and finished goods. You have just imagined the power of mobility 50% VisionID is the leader in enterprise mobility and we have helped numerous large companies capture, move and manage information on a daily basis to achieve business advantage, increase productivity, reduce costs and above all increase profitability. VisionID supply a complete mobility platform including all elements of a mobility solution including mobile devices, wireless infrastructure and a comprehensive service and support package. By providing your personnel with the right tools to capture data, track inventory and transmit information, not only are you making their work easier and eliminating frustration due to mistakes: You are also boosting their productivity and gaining accuracy in the process. 30-50% 25-60% 25-50% 25-50% 25-60% 30-50% LoCall: 1850 923 633 email:
  4. 4. Mobile workers are able Outside the four walls to recover at least 50 minutes per day due to utilisation of enterprise General Distribution mobility solutions If you fulfil customer orders with your own transport fleet then mobile applications can help Mobile Application Deployment your business. With a mobile delivery tracking As with mobile hardware, it is the software application that solution you have real-time data will initially drive the solution. on all deliveries. Using signature capture and GPS technology you VisionID have many years experience of mobile application can know exactly when and to development and deployment. From simple data tracking whom items were delivered, to ERP integration we can supply the right solution for your giving your company, and your business. Mobile solutions are used in all industries throughout customer’s exact information. Ireland to streamline processes and to reduce costs, typical solutions include: Electronic Proof of Delivery Mobile devices with electronic proof of delivery (POD) solutions confirms the correct amount of goods delivered, the address they were delivered to, the time they were delivered as well as recording the signature of the person receiving the goods. Field Sales A substantial amount of paperwork is generated through field sales activities, but this does not need to be the case with mobility solutions. As well as providing fast, accurate and easy to use quotation and order entry systems, mobility will ensure your sales personnel have the latest customer information in the palm of their hands. Field Service Today’s field service operations are a challenging business. Increased customer satisfaction demands and competition require organisations to find ways to operate the service business in a more efficient way and to better use the information available in backend IT systems. Investing in field service mobility solutions gives immediate savings as well as long-term benefits to service operations. By extending the functionality of your enterprise systems to the field through the use of handheld devices, information will be available in the right place at the right time-leading to more efficient operations. VisionID
  5. 5. Inside the four walls Software Applications The VisionID Mobility Solution Set provides all the tools you need to easily and centrally manage your products, processes and personnel. Many leading companies in retail, Stock/Inventory Management manufacturing, transport and logistics, VisionID can provide your company with a software pharmaceutical and medical device rely on based stock control solution encompassing Rugged VisionID software applications to accelerate Handheld Computers, Wearable computers and Truck application delivery, increase efficiency Mounted terminals to provide a real time inventory and streamline task management. management in your Warehouse or Distribution Centre. Our software engineers work as an extension of your team to understand By tracking any stock using your specific software application barcode and mobile technology requirements and help you to build an you increase accuracy and application that best suits your business productivity, while also reducing needs. paperwork extensively. Asset Management VisionID can help your organisation to track, service and maintain your assets whether they’re under one roof or in different locations. To us an asset can be anything from a laptop to a digger – once we can apply a unique barcode/RFID identifier to it we can track it. Using mobile technology, we enable our clients to automate asset maintenance to give technicians and support staff instant access to the details they need to keep all operating at peak performance while also eliminating paper bottlenecks. Document Tracking Paper documentation is still very important, so the tracking of it is equally important. VisionID can provide your company with a software based document tracking solution encompassing mobile handheld technology. By uniquely identifying each document/file with a barcode or RFID tag our solution can provide a complete audit trail of the movements of the document. By tracking documents using barcode and mobile technology you forgo time wasting searches for missing documents, while also eliminating the cost and embarrassment incurred when documents disappear. LoCall: 1850 923 633 email:
  6. 6. Today’s business environments VisionID supply and support a range of demand the convenience of a mobile devices from the worlds leading conventional computer in a manufacturers including Motorola, portable, handheld device. Intermec, Zebra, Honeywell, Cisco and Access to data while on the Xplore. move ensures information is accessible in real time while increasing mobility and productivity beyond the office. Mobile Computers VisionID’s family of integrated voice and data handheld mobile computers offer essential features to fully maximise the workforce. Wireless LAN connectivity enables cost effective communications in the office and within hot spots. Integrated GPS enables real-time location based applications. Bar code scanning, RFID, signature capture and more enable the automatic capture of virtually any type of data and the completion of virtually any transaction out in the field. Vehicle Mounted In vehicle fixed mount computers pack all the features you need to maximise operational efficiency out on the road into a single easy to use rugged device truly built for life in the field. These all in one in-cab solutions provide drivers with mobile 3G voice and data as well as integrated GPS and telematics, providing a comprehensive fleet management platform that enables the collection of a wealth of real-time data, including mileage, location, driver performance, vehicle metrics, hours of service and arrival and departure times. Wearable The latest technology in wearable PC’s allowing both hands the freedom to work independently. Arm yourself with advanced real time, hands free mobile computing and scanning and achieve maximum productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy in a variety of operational functions. Rugged Tablet PC’s Built to withstand harsh environments while providing information access to and from the field, products like the Xplore ix104 are ready to work under the toughest conditions, hence the reason why more organisations are choosing rugged tablets. These computers are ideal solutions for increasing employee mobility and productivity beyond the office, and reducing dependence on wired desktops for data and application access. Barcode Scanners VisionID provides the industry’s most robust and innovative line-up of scanner products from the worlds leading manufacturers. Choose from corded and cordless, handheld and hands free, general purpose or rugged models that offer a wide variety of scanning capabilities, from laser scanners that offer high performance scanning of 1D barcodes to imagers that enable the capture of 1D, 2D and DPM marks. Mobile Printers More and more popular due to the flexibility they can bring to an application. Mobile printers when configured with options such as Bluetooth or wireless connectivity are prevalent in applications such as retail, hospitality and general services. VisionID
  7. 7. 70% 70% 40% Wireless Network A unified mobility strategy is key for organisations to compete in today’s fast-paced world of mobile business applications. Irish companies can take advantage of next generation 3G, GPRS, RFID and Wireless technologies as they emerge. They also gain unparalleled end-to-end visibility into the data that drives their business processes and they can offer workers, customers and businesses partners secure anytime, anywhere access to this data VisionID delivers a wide range of industry-leading wireless network services. We work with both end-user organisations and the wireless network industry on all aspects of wireless network planning, design and deployment, including wireless network planning, network design, site survey, network installation, advanced network configuration, testing, training, support and in-depth Wi-Fi network analysis and troubleshooting. Wireless Site Survey VisionID provide industry-leading wireless site survey services nationwide. We provide wireless network planning and design, full on-site active and passive RF site survey services and wireless network modeling using LAN-Planner software supplied by industry leading manufacturing partners. Our services include: • Network Planning and Design • Wireless Site Survey • Network Installation • Network Security Audit • Analysis and Troubleshooting Mobile and wireless solutions VisionID supply and support mobility solutions in Ireland for mobile workers, mobile access to corporate networks, mobile VPN, mobility services and related applications. We provide a mobility consultancy services and mobility solutions using products from our manufacturing partners such as Motorola (Symbol), Intermec, Xplore and Honeywell. 16% 75% LoCall: 1850 923 633 email:
  8. 8. VisionID, everything you need to go mobile Every day, organisations from small business to multi-nationals count on VisionID mobility solutions to stay lean, competitive and profitable with end-to-end solutions that offer: • A comprehensive proven portfolio of products and technology, truly built for business • A robust Software Provider (SP) partner channel offering best-in-class applications • Assistance from planning through deployment • Superior post-sale service and support • And the many benefits you need to achieve a highly successful deployment, and a rapid return on investment. When you choose VisionID as your mobility partner, you get the power of one, the one company that offers everything you need for true inside-outside mobility, from the corner office to the plant floor to the yard and out in the field. The ability to deliver 3G mobile voice, GPRS and data whenever and wherever you need it enables the real-time enterprise, driving waste out of your business processes, from the start of your supply chain all the way to your customer, allowing your operations to achieve a new level of lean. Whether you need to extend mobile voice and data throughout a single location or whether you need to network multiple locations, VisionID can provide the products and technology, applications, industry expertise, professional services, customer support, education and training you need to be truly mobile. Our end-to-end solutions offer everything you need to maximise the success of your mobility solution. We can provide the assistance you need to design and deploy your wireless solution in record time, with minimal business disruptions, and the expertise you need to ensure ease of use and rapid adoption. Our wireless infrastructure is loaded with features that deliver a superior and reliable wireless connection for voice as well as data, and includes wireless LAN as well as wireless broadband products. Our mobile device family includes mobile computers, two-way radios, bar code scanners and more. And our post deployment services and support provide the day- to-day support you need to keep your mobility solution up and running at peak performance. For more information on how your organization can benefit from VisionID’s mobility solutions, contact us today at 1850 923 633 or visit: Mobile Computing • Barcode Scanning and Printing • Wireless Technologies • Identification Solutions Head Office: Carrigeen Business Park, Powerstown, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland Telephone: +353 (0)52 618 1858 Facsimile: +353(0)52 618 1860 Email: Limerick Office: Annacotty Business Park, Annacotty, Co. Limerick Telephone: +353 (0)61 514 683 Facsimile:+353 (0)61 749 873 Email: Dublin Office: 3013 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Ireland Telephone: +353 (0)1 524 1586 Facsimile: +353 (0)1 443 0560 Email: Northern Ireland Office: 20 Adelaide St. Belfast, BT2 8GB, Northern Ireland Telephone: +44 (0)28 9099 8504 Email: