Medical Device Solutions Brochure


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Medical Device Solutions Brochure

  1. 1. the VisionID MEDICAL DEVICE MANUFACTURING Solutions Set Whether you need to track, trace or identify materials through your facility or through your supply chain, VisionID has the solution to provide accurate, end-to-end traceability. From the moment raw materials are received, to the moment finished goods are shipped, VisionID’s Medical Device Manufacturing Solution Set improves quality and compliance. By combining handheld computers, barcode scanners, barcode label printers and Wireless LAN technologies VisionID’s Solution Set allow you to track and trace by lot or batch the parts used in the medical device manufacturing process to ensure traceability across the supply chain. VisionID has solutions to improve efficiency and quality throughout the manufacturing and supply chain processes. Wherever testing, tracking, recording, documentation, production, or packaging takes place, VisionID solutions provide the control and accuracy your industry demands. From our industrial grade bar code readers to the industry’s most advanced mobile computers, VisionID’s Solution Set will integrate smoothly into your existing IT backbone while keeping you ahead of the technology curve. Barcode Scanning and Printing · Mobile Computing · Wireless Technologies · Identification Solutions
  2. 2. From Republic Of Ireland Phone: 1850 923 633 =Email: Create a seamless work environment by connecting employees with accurate information, and empower them to do their best. Whether on the production line, in the warehouse or at the dock, better data means fewer errors and lower costs. Handheld Computers and Tablet PC’s Today’s manufacturing environment demands the convenience of a conventional computer in a portable, handheld device. Access to data while on the move ensures information is accessible in real-time while increasing mobility and productivity beyond the office to the production floor. VisionID supply and support a range of mobile devices from the worlds leading manufacturers of these product ranges including Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, Honeywell and Xplore. Intrinsically Safe/ATEX approved equipment The diverse range of intrinsically safe and ATEX approved equipment available from VisionID means that we can cater for your specialised needs for hazardous area electronic equipment for both maintenance and production purposes. With ever increasingly stringent standards of competence having to be demonstrated for personnel designing, installing and maintaining hazardous area systems VisionID offers training, site surveys and inspection services for intrinsically safe equipment and systems installed in medical device plants throughout Ireland. At VisionID we have teamed with the leading manufacturers of ATEX approved products including Stahl, Gecma and Bartec. Wireless LAN for Manufacturing The VisionID portfolio of wireless solutions enables both process and discrete manufacturing environments to access, move and manage any type of information including voice, video and data in real time. Combine Wireless LAN enabled handheld computers and bar code technologies with applications from market leading automation partners to streamline your manufacturing processes. By creating a more seamless flow of continuous, accurate information, you’ll experience fewer errors and improve production within your facility. VisionID supply and support Wireless LAN solutions from the worlds leading manufacturers including Cisco and Motorola/Symbol. Labelling Solutions: Labelling VisionID provides both in-stock and custom-made label solutions for a multiple of applications within the manufacturing environment. From full colour finished product to warehouse shipping labels, VisionID has it all. We offer a wide range of combinations to ensure optimum print quality as well as best adhesive contact. VisionID’s dedicated Media Specialist can advise on best label solution for your product. Cleanroom Labelling VisionID’s cleanroom labelling supplies meet the rigorous standards for printing solutions in cleanroom environments, labels that will deliver consistent performance in spite of exposure to chemicals, moisture and even extreme high and low temperatures. VisionID supply labels to hold up to the harsh conditions thrown at them through autoclave and cryogenic treatments. This line of labels answers the call for environmental purity in a broad range of manufacturing environments, from biotechnology laboratories to breweries. The solutions meet the cleanroom needs of virtually all industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, and medical device. Label Printers A complete range of label printers are available to compliment the on-demand label printing requirement of a busy medical device manufacturing plant. Desktop, mobile, mid-range and high end printers are available to ensure prompt, accurate and legible labels are produced for all applications from end product on-pack labels to warehouse shipping labels and tags. VisionID’s list of label printer manufacturers include Zebra, Intermec, Datamax and Toshiba. Barcode Scanners & Fixed Position Scanners Whether it corded or cordless, rugged or general purpose VisionID has the barcode scanner that is right for your task. From simple handheld units that are the workhorse of busy manufacturing facilities to more sophisticated fixed position laser and vision based barcode scanners for controlling material flows on conveyor systems. Machine Vision Systems If your requirement is to Locate, Measure, Inspect or Identify then VisionID has the solution you require. Machine Vision is the technology to replace or compliment the manual inspection and measurement process through sophisticated digital camera and image processing technology. Vision sensors and smart cameras allow for accurate processing in a vast range of applications. VisionID has partnered with manufacturers SICK, Microscan and Cognex to deliver the best in class machine vision systems available today.
  3. 3. From Northern Ireland or UK: Phone: 02890 998 504 = Email: RFID for Medical Device Applications RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions for medical device applications provide a number of benefits including a complete track and trace solution. By augmenting existing bar code technology with RFID the manufacturer can create an electronic “pedigree” for every product. An electronic pedigree contains a full account of how a specific product moves through the supply chain to the customer, identifying unique information such as serial number, lot number and expiration date. The benefits of RFID technology to the medical device sector includes increased brand protection through anti- counterfeiting technology, improved operational efficiencies and improved data accuracy and integrity. Direct Part Marking Solutions Tracking individual components or simply tagging valuable assets can be a costly proposition when standard product labelling techniques fail to measure up over time. Direct Part Marking (DPM) provides a permanent marking solution that ensures readability throughout the life of your asset or products, even when subjected to harsh environments. The most common methods of marking are Laser-etching, Dot peening, Ink-jet and Chemical-etching and the method of etching is dependant on the material to be marked, the required lifespan, accessibility of area to be marked etc. VisionID technicians can advise on best permanent marking solution for your product About A top international medical device company had its first International manufacturing facility established in Ireland over 10 years ago. The company CASE STUDY is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices with Barcode Scanners approximately 28,000 employees and revenue in excess of $6 billion The core requirement was for fast and accurate scanning of linear barcodes however a specific requirement for The Requirement scanning of etched DPM 2D barcodes was specified, VisionID was asked to supply a suitable solution that would allow barcode label VisionID were happy to oblige. printing for the cleanroom and warehouse environments. Secondary to this company’s requirements was a series of barcode readers that would allow for the The Symbol LS2208 is an affordable handheld barcode accurate reading of printed barcodes as well as etched DPM (direct part mark) 2D scanner providing fast and reliable scanning. Ideal for the codes which were being etched to the surface of medical device product. warehouse setting due to its durable working range, from near-contact to 17 inches (43cm) away. Knowing that VisionID had a good working relationships with the worlds leading manufacturers of Auto ID solutions, as well as having a dedicated Service and The LS4208 handheld laser scanner delivers exceptional Support department it was easy for this multi national manufacturer to choose performance in a very small package. A single circuit VisionID as it’s supplier of AutoID solutions. board design ensures sturdiness and an ergonomic shape maximises user comfort. Printer Solution For best printing quality that would prove fast, DPM Barcode Scanners accurate and economical VisionID chose to supply The Symbol DS6707-DP is a Zebra 105SL, 170xiIII and TPL 2844 label printers. premier general purpose scanner Each printer had its own unique characteristic that that is able to capture images and best addressed the atmospheres it was located in as read virtually all 1D and 2D bar codes well as the printing requirement. and direct part marks (DPM), including the most challenging mark, dot peen. Proven platform longevity plus fast processing and print speed make the Zebra 105SL the choice of The Cognex DataMan 750 handles a wide range experienced users who value reliability, productivity, of variations to code appearance that result from consistent print quality, network compatibility and degradations in DPM code quality due to differences superior service and support. in material types and surfaces. The industrial-strength Zebra 170XiIIIPlus with 203 The Honeywell IT 6300 Series Direct Part Mark (DPM) or 300 dpi print resolution can print large volumes Readers are the only solutions in the industry that read labels up to 6.6 inches (168 mm) wide at 12 inches everything from the most challenging DPM codes to the per second, promoting greater productivity with less easiest printed bar codes. roll changes or execute intricate, high resolution print applications. The Outcome VisionID were quick to grasp the requirements of this The direct thermal manufacturer and absorb the underlying issues of quality Zebra TLP2844 that is inherent in the medical device manufacturing barcode label printer process. is ideal for applications A detailed understanding of DPM technology allowed requiring a space- VisionID to educate this manufacturer on all issues saving, desktop-size, concerning and to advise on best technology solutions 4.09” (104 mm) printer. that would lead to world class manufacturing processes that adhered to the most stringent of requirements laid down by the industry’s regulatory bodies.
  4. 4. THE WAREHOUSE Mobile devices are an essential tool for today’s modern warehouse and combine a mixture of handheld computers and wearable technology. The medical device warehouse is a busy place with large volumes of data being processed and an emphasis on speed, control and accuracy. The key to a healthy supply chain is real-time, total visibility solutions that effectively manage all of the integrated operations that are required on a daily basis. Inbound goods must be processed quickly, with pertinent data being recorded and then sent to the warehouse management system. Outbound finished goods must be loaded and shipped according to the shipping order, and pallet data is again captured and transmitted to the warehouse management system. The medical device warehouse managers and employees can keep track of every item as they arrive, where items are located and when items depart using a warehouse management A Wireless LAN network will transmit data in real-time to track system that incorporates inventory and warehouse processes. When a barcode is scanned, mobile computers, bar its information is transmitted wirelessly to access points mounted code scanning, bar code on the ceiling throughout the warehouse. The data is then populated printing and Wireless LAN into the warehouse management system. VisionID warehouse connectivity to give total hardware solutions integrate with the leading ERP systems including insight into inventory and SAP, Oracle, BPCS etc. capture material tracking VisionID Warehouse Management Solutions incorporate best in class information. Fork lift mounted mobile technologies that have been proved to minimise picking mobile computers also scan errors and enhance fulfilment requirements. Become more efficient items located throughout the in your warehouse and you’ll be able to have exactly what your warehouse using the same production process want, without holding more than you need. mobile technology. website: Head Office: Carrigeen Business Park, Powerstown, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Tel: +353 (0)52 81858 Fax: +353(0)52 81860, Email: Limerick Office: Unit 1D, Annacotty Business Park, Annacotty, Co. Limerick, Tel: +353 (0)61 514 683 Fax:+353 (0)61 749 873, Email: Dublin Office: 3013 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Tel: +353 (0)1 524 1586 Fax: +353 (0)1 443 0560, Email: Northern Ireland Office: 20 Adelaide St. Belfast, BT2 8GB, Northern Ireland, Tel: +44 (0)28 9099 8504, Email: