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Janssen Emc Case Study


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Heads turn as COWS invade the factory floor :


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Janssen Emc Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyVisionID, Ireland’s leading supplier of Mobile Computing and Barcode and Data Capturesolutions in the Irish market is having major success in the Irish manufacturing space inboth traditional Manufacturing and Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices)arenas with Mobile Powered Computer solutions from RDP.Depending on the process flow many companies find it necessary to have fully mobilebattery powered workstations with all the functionality associated with a static location. Inrecognition of this VisionID now provides a custom solution encompassing all the componentsof a desk in a moveable ergonomic workstation. As each customer’s requirements areunique the solution is fully configurable to meet your changing needs.Cathal Murtagh, Sales Director for VisionID say’s: ”To explain the successof these products people are looking for big screen data capture anddata entry on a mobile workstations for on the job applications of Established in 2000, RDP Health Ltd is one of the very fewinputting information into an ERP systems such as SAP or an UK companies that is truly customer focused, designingMES system (manufacturing execution system) for which products specifically for Manufacturing and Healthcarethe screen size of a mobile computer is unsuitable.” Industry. Over the last decade RDP have organicallyThe RDP solution offers a wireless solution around the grown the business by designing and thenfactory floor using real time communication throughWIFI on a choice of thin client, touch computer, manufacturing the products that our customerslaptop or full desktop PC all powered from the base tell us they need, in fact most of the productsbattery pack giving six hours operational time after we have in our range, started life as a customera full charge. The peripherals or accessories that request.can be attached to suit the best work practices The only products you will find at RDP are onesare standard monitor, touch monitor, corded or that have been developed by our engineers incordless scanner and a local or wireless barcode response to specific customer problems.printer.  Because a “standard” PC can be used on Our passion is in designing and then buildingthe move, this potentially will save a lot of time andexpense in the Life Sciences industry, as generally full products that are better than those that alreadyvalidation of the solution is not required. exist in the market, are better value, or solving a customer requirement where no suitable productsRecently RPD have also added the computer wall mount currently exists at its product portfolio which has drawn huge interest forcomputing in tight spaces in corridors outside freezer andquarantine areas for booking goods in and out of these locations. The key features are:VisionID are the exclusive supplier of RDP carts in the Irish market to Mobile • Quick and easy PC/Screen integrationmanufacturing sector and are delighted to work with a precision engineering Computer Cart Overviewteam such as RDP.  • Compatible with USFF/USDT PCs, The RDP Mobile Computer Cart is height Panel PCs and Laptops.RDP have the ability to customise bespoke projects in both the carts and the wall mounts adjustable and highly maneuverable. With • Effortless height adjustment to allowto suit each customer’s operational needs and applications. over 4,000 units off the production line use whilst standing/sitting.These mobile computer carts have been successful in a number of different customers, • Unique battery system housed in small and still going strong, the Mobile Computerincluding EMC and Janssen Biologistics. footprint base Cart is proving to be as popular as ever dueIn EMC the carts are being used as part of the logistics operation, allowing the user to to its simplicity of design and enduringly • Quick recharge timesmove freely when processing inbound and outbound consignments. • Low-friction, anti-static castors rugged construction. With a wide range ofSimilarly Janssen Biologistics needed a mobile solution for integration with their flexible accessories, this mobile cart is an • Smooth, easy-to-clean surfacesManufacturing Execution System (MES). excellent general purpose work horse. • Various supports for label printers“We needed “The MD5 mobilea solution that was mobile but that could carts give us the ability to move our EBR’salso facilitate a lot of data entry and barcode scanning with our process and also to scan barcode informationinto our ERP system, and allow us to print labels on the move. directly into our MES software. Given that we are using standard PCThe MD5 cart solution provides us with this functionality, and we find them technology, no extra validation was required. We also can view EBR’s in viewexcellent and totally met our business requirements.” screen, allowing us to review every detail which is imperative in our industry.”EMC Cork Janssen Biologics