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E L2008 Presentation Carol Spalding

E L2008 Presentation Carol Spalding






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  • FCCJ September 29, 2005 CCs and A Schools

E L2008 Presentation Carol Spalding E L2008 Presentation Carol Spalding Presentation Transcript

  • 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 Military Education Institute February 17, 2008
  • FLORIDA COMMUNITY COLLEGE AT JACKSONVILLE Dr. Carol Spalding President Open Campus Dr. Steve Wallace President Florida Community College at Jacksonville Dr. Bruce H. Brunson Executive Director Military Education and Government Programs
    • Ranked 5 th nationally in number of degrees awarded
    • 10 th largest in the Nation - Over 60,000 enrollments in 2004
    • Serves more veterans than any public college in the nation
    • “ Most Wired” College in the Nation by Yahoo! Internet Life
    • 2 nd largest Community College
    • 1 st in Distance Learning - 30,000 enrollments in 2004
    • 1 st in workforce development programs (198 programs)
    • 1 st in education and training to the military
    • 12 th in AA and AS degrees earned by African-American students
    Florida Community College at a Glance 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
    • On Base Credit and Non-credit Programs since 1972
    • Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) - charter member
    • One of four community colleges in the US selected for Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP)
    • Department of Defense Non-Credit Contracted Training since 1999
      • Over $9,490,000 and 5,783 enrollments in “A” and “C” schools
    • Military Education Institute staff has over 750 years of military service
      • 30 staff members E-6 through O-6
      • Management - all prior enlisted with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree earned through military volunteer education system
    Florida Community College 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 Providing Over Three Decades of Education and Training to the United States Navy
  • Today’s Topic: How Can Community Colleges Teach Navy “A“ and “C” Schools
    • Community College’s Required Capability
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Supporting the Navy’s Revolution in Training
    • Community Colleges are logical partners for Navy professional training to transfer more knowledge to more Sailors, faster and more cost effectively… ANYTIME, ANYWHERE learning...
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • How do Community Colleges add more value to the Navy?
    • Have workforce training and education programs already in place
    • Sailors earn college credit for training experience toward Associate’s degree
    • Shared Learning Objectives for professional training and academic training
    • Have Mobile Training Teams for surges in training requirements globally through distance learning and a network of colleges
    • Shorten In-Residence requirements for Navy students
    • Save TAD/TEMDUINS Costs - Community Colleges in fleet concentration areas – one move – no separation from family
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 TAD – Temporary Duty Assignment TEMDUINS – Temporary Duty Under Instruction
    • Increases instructional effectiveness
    • Standardizes instruction
    • Expands Sailors’ access to education and training opportunities
    • Provides access to supporting reference materials, libraries and information
    • Provides engaging, interesting, high quality education and training materials
    • Facilitates the scheduling and operations at a training center
    • Establishes partnerships for operation and funding of training facilities
    • Have the ability to export training to other training facilities
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 How do Community Colleges add more value to the Navy? (cont’d)
  • FCCJ can do this because…
    • Shares the Navy’s vision for the Revolution in Training
    • Open, flexible enrollments
    • Able to respond rapidly to Navy’s training and education needs
    • Award college credit for Navy professional training
    • Articulation agreements with 15 four-year institutions – seamless transition from associate’s to bachelor’s degree
    • Strong distance learning program – web, CDs, PDA
    • Cost effective (awarding credit vs. Tuition Assistance, brick and mortar, and staffing)
    • Able to recruit and retain qualified staff and instructors who understand Navy training
    • Proven large contract management
    • Customized degree development – RATE RELATED
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Qualified Instructors/Facilitators
    • FCCJ has demonstrated effectiveness in recruiting and retaining qualified instructors
    • Instructor qualifications reviewed to meet:
      • Navy requirements for course/instructor certification
      • SACS requirements for vocationally certifiable instructors
    • Determine gaps between Navy requirements and SACS college credit requirements
    • Professional development plan for instructors
      • Cross training, Navy certification, and academic certification
    • Ongoing course development projects to maintain currency, consistency and quality across the curriculum
    • Course development projects involve faculty development teams across all disciplines
    • Maintain regional accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Distance Learning Program
    • Provides a remote integrated learning environment that crosses all aspects of design, production, and development for distance delivery of instruction using interactive multimedia, assessment tools, and technical support
    • Program expanded to 30,000 enrollments in 2004 from 1,623 enrollments in 1999
    • Program staff supports approximately 350 online instructors
    • Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership
      • FCCJ is one of only four community colleges in the nation selected along with 14 universities, to provide global, online degrees to Navy personnel
    • Learner Support Center
      • Supports information and advising services for online students, and provides technical support to the entire College community
    • Converge Magazine and the Center for Digital Education ranked Florida Community College first in the nation in 2003 for capabilities in distance learning and electronic services for students and employees
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
    • Sailors begin their educational career upon entering the Navy
    • Sailors likely to continue higher education
    • Increased student undergraduate/graduate enrollments
    • Potential growth in conjunction with Navy College Program
    • Award credit for military professional training and experience
    • Rate related degree roadmaps to match professional roadmaps
    • Distance learning opportunities for Sailors and their families
    • Partnerships with other colleges in fleet concentration areas for seamless transition of college credit for Navy training
    • Lifetime association with an accredited institution for life long learning
    • Quality of Life – reduced family separation
    • Employment Value – High wage, high demand civilian jobs
    Benefits to Sailors and Family Members 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
    • Credit – Courses, Certification, and Degrees
    • Enrollment, advising, and registration in 03/04
      • Over 5,000 military transcripts evaluated for college credit
      • Over 9,000 military enrollments processed
    • “ Degree Roadmaps” provide clear pathways from enlistment to AA or AS degree completion (SMART documents) to BA or BS
    • Learner Support Center (Help Desk, Information)
      • Technical Support Services
      • Academic Advising, Admissions and Registration Assistance
      • Online Library Resources
      • Online Orientation
    Florida Community College’s Military Education Institute 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 One Stop Services for Military Students and Their Families
  • Military Education Institute Contracted Training
    • Force Protection/Anti-Terrorism Training
      • Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure
      • Force Protection Fundamentals Training
      • Armed Sentry Course
      • Shipboard Security Engagement Weapons
    • Barbering
    • Culinary
    • First Responder
    • Harbor Operations
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Organizational Chart 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Enlistment to AA to BA to Master’s Degree 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 Florida Community College Path for Life Long Learning Enlistment Recruit Training “ A” School Technical Training “ C” School Technical Training Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees University of West Florida Florida A&M University Norfolk State University Duquesne University Award Credit For Military Training Associate Degrees & Certificates
  • 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 The Sailor Continuum Professional Development Personal Development Professional Military Education & Leadership Certifications & Qualifications Performance Navy’s 5-Vector Model Recruit Apprentice Journeyman Master
  • 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 Management Operations Support Hospital Corpsman Professional Development Vector Certifications & Qualifications Vector
    • First Class Petty Officer - Senior Chief
    1 2 3 4 5 6 K1 K2
    • Third Class Petty Officer
    • Second Class Petty Officer
    K3 K4
    • Senior Chief – Master Chief
    Hospitalman (HM) Hospitalman Recruit/Apprentice Recruit Training
    • Graduate Degree
    • Bachelor in Science Degree - Nursing
    • Associate in Science Degree- Nursing
    • Paramedic
    • Emergency Medical Technician Certification
    • First Responder Certificate
    Recruit Training Command Master Chief Leading Petty Officer/Chief Petty Officer Leading Petty Officer Senior Ward Corpsman Hospital Corpsman “A” School Navy Recruit
  • 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 Provides Sailors with “On Demand” Access to Training & Education courses & information Anytime, Anywhere Solving Obstacles of College Education through Distributed Life Long Learning DTECC – 6 Colleges with extensive experience in military on-site and distance learning training and education programs located in major fleet concentration areas Provides Navy wide connectivity via a single integrator & consortium of colleges with access throughout the world
    • Defense Training and Education College Consortium (DTECC)
      • Purpose: Provide training and education to military and government agencies in fleet concentration areas
      • FCCJ serves as the single point of contact and lead integrator
      • DTECC membership includes:
        • Tidewater Community College (Norfolk, VA)
        • Coastline Community College (San Diego, CA)
        • Pensacola Junior College (Pensacola, FL)
        • Olympic College (Bremerton, WA)
        • Kapi’olani Community College (Honolulu, HI)
      • Membership added as required to meet Navy’s geographic locations or academic degree requirements for training and education
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 College Consortium
  • 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 San Diego - Coastline CC Norfolk - Tidewater CC Bremerton - Olympic College Hawaii - Kapi'olani CC DTECC – 6 Colleges with extensive experience in military on-site and distance learning training and education programs located in major fleet concentration areas Florida Florida Community College at Jacksonville & Pensacola Junior College
  • Evaluation Criteria for Partnering Military & Colleges
    • Member of Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC)
    • Accept American Council on Education (ACE) credit
    • Provide credit by examination:
    • * College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    • * Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)
    • * Excelsior
    • Provide Rate Related Degrees
    • Ability to internally articulation professional training and credits
    • Ability to develop university transfer programs
    • Provide strong student support system
    • Employ subject matter experts for instruction and evaluation of curriculum
    • Provide non-credit workforce training such as Culinary, Force Protection, Welding, Barbering
    • Hold appropriate National and State Certification such Automotive Service Excellence, American Culinary Federation, and Certified Financial Planner
    • Appropriate geographic location
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Awarding of College Credit 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
    • Award the appropriate amount of college credit to be applied toward degrees or certificates based on:
      • American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines
      • Credit by Examination
      • Internal Articulation
    • Upon acceptance award the higher of ACE recommended or articulated credits for courses completed under the contract
    • Adjust credits for previous course graduates where appropriate
    • Provide each student a transcript upon completion of the training pipeline
    • Match the sailors degree roadmap to the professional roadmap for life long learning
    • Sample degree roadmap showing credit for military professional training demonstrating five vector model
  • Utilization of American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendation Seaman To Admiral- 21 Program 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 STA-21 COURSE COLLEGE CREDIT COURSE CREDIT HOURS MTH 110 College Algebra 3 credit hours MTH 111 PreCalculus 3 credit hours MTH 120 Calculus I 3 credit hours MTH 121 Calculus II 2 credit hours TOTAL 11 credit hours
  • Rapidly Respond to Navy Education Needs 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 III. Develop Components I. Define Requirements Need of hazardous materials training Develop environmental degree & certificate program Design customized training for onsite delivery Articulate Navy training to credit Maximize tuition assistance Award ACE credit IV. Execute & Measure II. Define Solutions
    • The Plan in Action: A Complete Learning Package
    • Internal Articulation
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05 Navy Training College Credit Equivalent OSHA 8-hour Site Supervisor and Manager Course EVR 2840 Hazardous Materials Emergency Response III (3 credits) OSHA 8-hour On Scene Incident Commander Course OSHA 24 Hour Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) EVR 1633 Hazardous Materials Emergency Response I (3 credits)
  • Approach to Articulation: University Transfer 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
    • Provide life long learning continuum for servicemembers
    • Seamless transition to a Bachelor program after completing “A” school and Associate Degree
    • FCCJ has articulation agreements with 15 four-year institutions located throughout the nation with strong distance learning programs
    • Beneficial for diversity and volume
    • Degree Progression of Rate Related AA/AS/AAS to Rate Related and/ or Management BS
  • Current four-year institution partners include: 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Navy “A” & “C” Schools
    • Gunners Mate (GM)
    • Quartermaster (QM)
    • Electronics Technician (ET)
    • Machinist Mate (MM)
    • Information Systems Technician (IT)
    • Hull Maintenance Technician (HT)
    • Personnelman (PN)
    • Yeoman (YN)
    • Disbursing Clerk (DK)
    • Engineman (EN)
    • Electriciansmate (EM)
    • Gas Turbine Mechanical/Electrical (GSM/GSE)
    • Ships Serviceman (SH)
    • Avionics Technician (AT)
    • Aviation Administrationman (AZ)
    • Air Traffic Controller (AC)
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • FCCJ Strengths: Navy “A” & “C” Schools
    • Community College Disciplines
      • Mechanics
      • Aircraft/FAA
      • Criminal Justice
      • Nursing
      • Building Construction
      • Electricity/Electronics
      • Computers
      • Barbering
      • Culinary Arts
      • Computer/Cisco Training
      • Welding
      • Plumbing
      • Emergency Medical Tech
      • A & P Mechanic
      • Office Systems
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • FCCJ Strengths: Navy “A” & “C” Schools
    • Instructor recruiting from large Navy pool
    • In state tuition
    • Military staff
    • Ability to change rapidly to meet employer needs
    • Direct credit
    • Lifelong learning path
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • FCCJ Challenges: Navy “A” & “C” Schools
    • NAVEDTRA 135 – Schoolhouse Manual
    • Navy curriculum vs. College curriculum
    • Accelerated format required
    • Billeting
    • Military pushers for “A” school students
    • Instructor qualifications/certifications
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Master at Arms ‘A’ School
    • Short notice for instructor recruitment and equipment procurement
    • January, 2002-2003—over 300 graduates
    • 240 contact hours for 9 credit hours toward a Criminal Justice degree
    • Lifetime members of FCCJ student body for degree completion
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • Navy Force Protection Programs, since 9/11/01
    • 2001- Shipboard Security Engagement Weapons
    • 2001- Visit, Board, Search and Seizure
    • 2001 - Force Protection Fundamentals Training
    • 2001 - Armed Sentry Course
    • 2005 – Security Reaction Force - Basic
    • 2005 – Security Reaction Force - Advanced
    • 2005 - Non-Compliant Boarding Visit, Board, Search and Seizure
    • Mobile Training Teams…any time, any place
    • Rigid maintenance of standards and qualification requirements for instructors
    06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05
  • 06/02/09 A and C Schools 9/29/05