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Email, blog, content and social marketing all integrated

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CMT Digital Communications

  1. 1. E-Newsletter Turn-Key Solution Quote 1 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  2. 2. Turn-Key Digital Marketing Solution Overview Thank you for your interest in our full service email newsletter solution. Not only do we provide you with a professional, eye-catching design, but we also can provide the content for the email! That’s right, you’ll never have to worry about finding content, writing articles or putting together a publication to send each month – we do it all for you! Our solution will allow you to focus on your current base and referral base that will lead to new growth. We work with you and for you to deliver a dynamic sales tool that will exceed your expectations and provide your customers with first class information. Take a Look at What You Receive You receive everything you need to make your digital campaigns a success! Take a look at what is included with our “Turn-Key Digital Marketing Solution”: 1. Email Newsletter We will design an email newsletter for you each month with the content you have chosen. The professional newsletter design will be added directly to you account for you to send. 2. Blog You will be provided with your own blog customized to your business. We set everything up for you and even update it each month! 3. Fresh Content We have put together a comprehensive content selection website at It is here where you will choose content each month to use. 4. Social Networking If you have a Twitter® and FaceBook® account – Great! If you don’t we will create these for you to use. Your Twitter and FaceBook account will be automatically integrated into your digital marketing campaigns. 5. Email Marketing Solution You receive a world class email marketing solution to send out your email newsletter. Includes fantastic reports to see how successful each email newsletter was! You receive everything you need for a successful digital marketing campaign and on-going customer retention and digital sales efforts. We setup everything for you! Objective 2 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  3. 3. Our goal is to “partner” with you to provide you with everything you need to harness the power of today’s digital marketing technologies. As your partner, we will help “steer” you in the right direction! We will setup and manage your blog with your newsletter content, update your social networking accounts, provide you with the solution to send out your email newsletter and provide you with the tools to measure the success! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your customers and prospects via email newsletters, blogs and social networks! Deliverables With this quote, here is what you will receive: A. Email Newsletter We want to help you to not only send a message but a MESSAGE THAT WORKS! The newsletter that we create for you will be professional, eye-catching and will stand out in the inbox. It will include links to your website, your blog as well as encourage others to “follow” you with FaceBook & Twitter. We know what works and what we need to do to make it work for you and your business. You will receive one (1) email newsletter design each month. B. Blog We will develop and hot a blog for you on our servers. The blog will be located at a website address like this: A blog will allow us to post all of your newsletter content to one location without you having to lift a finger. A blog will also act as a "go-between" if you have a website allowing visitors to your blog to click on a link to visit your site. If you don't have a site, your blog will act as your website allowing you to post information, pictures and more without any technical knowledge. Blog Design With your blog, we customize our standard theme to match your companies brand, logo and colors. Your blog will contain all of the standard plug-ins and it is not limited in any way. For the blog, here is what we will customize for you: 1. The top colors 2. Your logo 3. The footer colors 4. A newsletter, contact us and website link page 5. A section to provide links back to your website 6. We update your FaceBook® account and Twitter® account details on the blog. You can view an example of a customer’s blog here - This will illustrate what the blog looks like as well as the colors we customize for you. 3 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  4. 4. We will take care of the blog setup and will post all of your newsletter content to your blog each month. You do not have to worry about this as it will all be taken care of. We will also set you up as a “user” so you will also have control to manage or add any content on the blog. Also included on your blog and with every post, there is a link called “Share This”. This allows any visitor to share your post with their own website and/or social networking page! Custom Blog Design & Development We have a custom design service for our customers who wish to customize the blog design and layout that differs from the standard blog design service offered. This custom design service includes the following:  Custom Plug-ins / Custom Domain Name Work  Changes to the design header or footer  Background changes  Changes to the standard display options (moving/deleting components such as links, comments etc) We have listed examples below for you to view examples of some custom design blogs. All custom work is quoted on a case-by-case basis at a charge of $75.00 an hour. Click Here To View Blog Click Here To View Blog IF YOU WISH TO HAVE ANY CUSTOM FEATURES ADDED TO YOUR BLOG THAT DIFFER FROM THE STANDARD BLOG SETUP, PLEASE LET US KNOW AND A REPRESENTATIVE WILL CONTACT YOU TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A CUSTOM QUOTE. IF YOU WISH TO INCLUDE CUSTOM ELEMENTS AT A LATER DATE, WE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH A QUOTE AT THAT TIME. C. Social Networking Integration 4 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  5. 5. If you do not have a FaceBook® or Twitter® account, we can set these up for you. Having these accounts setup is very important as with every e-newsletter, all content will be added to your blog and if these accounts are setup, the content is also added to your FaceBook® account and Twitter® page! This way, your customers and prospect list will be communicated with in different places ensuring that your message is received in a manner the subscriber utilizes. To further assist you in your Social Networking marketing, each e-newsletter will contain to both your FaceBook® account and Twitter® page so people can follow you! D. Newsletter Content Content is King! We have made it as easy as possible for you to select content to use in your email newsletter. We have put together an easy to use “Content Site” for you to select the content you want to include in your e- newsletter. Each month you will visit to provide or select your content. It is like a shopping site only instead of products you select content! You find the content you want to include, add it to your list and submit your content to us! It is very easy to do and should only take you 15 minutes to select all the content you need! Time Frame Our goal is to have a working newsletter/blog up and your custom E-Newsletter design active as soon as possible. The timing on the availability of your monthly Newsletter will require you to provide us your industry content (your content that you want to include) & the distractive content (from our content site). Timing on the completion of your newsletter will follow the timing of CMT receiving all content (timing below):  Content provide between 1-15th of the month will allow Newsletter to be ready by the end of the month.  Content provide between 16-end of the month will allow Newsletter to be ready by the 15th of the following month. Here is the “rule of thumb” – The sooner you provide us with the details, the sooner your work will be completed! Pricing Up-Front Development Fees  E-Newsletter, Blog, Social Networking & Content Setup – Consult Us (First & Last Month up front) Monthly Fees  E-Newsletter blog updates, social networking integration, content management - Consult Us 5 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  6. 6.  Licensing for Email Sending; Consult us price based on volume PAYMENT DETAILS, CONTENT TERMS AND ACCEPTANCE OF QUOTE Applicable Specifications (latest revision in effect on date of this Quote) listed apply to this Quote/Order. (CP-01) - COPA Policy (TS-01) - Terms of Service (OPP-01) - Online Privacy Policy Order Notes: 1. All Recurring fees are paid according to the payment term. 2. Accounts will not be activated and custom designs will not be started until all payments are received. 3. All Charges are NON-REFUNDABLE. 4. Quote becomes your Order when acknowledged below. Contact CMT for additional or partial services other than quoted herein. 5. Newsletter Services are 12 Month renewable commitment, first and last month is required and ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE. 6. Undersign takes responsibility for downloading product and agrees that non use is not responsibility of CMT. 7. Confirms that CMT representative has demonstrated the product and client confirms they are responsible for use of product purchased. Payment Terms: Upon Acceptances: Turn Key E-Newsletter Solution (First & Last Month) $ 598.00 Activation $ 20.00 OnMarketer License $1,999.00 TOTAL UPON ACCEPTANCE $2,617.00 Monthly Recurring Monthly Turn Key E-Newsletter Solution $ 299.00 OnMarketer License $1,999.00 Content Terms: Client agrees to take responsibility to choose the content on a monthly basis. Should content not be provided to CMT within twenty (20) days from the billing date client agrees to forfeit the opportunity to select content from OLH Blog Space Content management site. Client understands the importance of the timeliness and agrees there organization will adhere to the 6 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  7. 7. content policy and understands the timing of content delivery to CMT. Client understands not providing content to CMT is no claim for a refund. Initial _________ I acknowledge and understand Content Terms, additional costs & Timing requirements. Please return a signed copy of this page (fax acceptable), any other signature pages (signed), and any other schedules or order form details to CMT. All Non-Recurring fees, if any not paid by credit card, is to be sent separately to CMT, Attn: Accounts Payable at the address above. Payment Type: Credit Card ACH Certified Check Money Order Purchase Order Credit Card Type: ______________________________________ Card Number: ______________________________________ Expiration: ______________________________________ Name On Card: ______________________________________ Card Billing Address:_____________________________________________________________________ The undersigned agrees to all terms and conditions of this quotation: Company Name: ______________________________________ Sign: ______________________________________ Print Name: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________________________ Email: ______________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City: ______________________________________ 7 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  8. 8. State: ______________________________________ Zip/Postal: ______________________________________ Country: ______________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________ Fax: ______________________________________ Once signed by the company/individual above, this quotation becomes a binding contract with Monsoon Interactive authorized by the contact below. No amendments to this quotation will be accepted on this digital signature. Should changes be made to this contract would void it. Name: Title: Signature: 8 of 7| P a g e 1600 West 13th Street, Houston, TX 77008