Annette Parsons - Session Three


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Annette Parsons - Session Three

  1. 1. Mission of the Segura Initiative To provide access to quality Catholic schools to any Latino child in the Diocese Richmond to qualified families and offering opportunities for: faith formation, excellent academics, and the chance to shape the next generation of Latino church leaders.
  2. 2. How the Segura Initiative functions
  3. 3. The Recruitment Process • Introduce Catholic schools to Latino families often through formation opportunities initiated by the Office of Hispanic Ministry • Contact interested families to discuss the advantages of Catholic schools and the enrollment process • Invite families to visit the schools • Have students shadow • Complete enrollment documents, FACTS forms, agreement letters • Utilize paid school-based Advocates (Madrinas) to advocate for children and families throughout these processes
  4. 4. Who is Eligible • Latino families having an income of at least $10,000 • Families who are registered in a Catholic parish and provide a letter of verification • Families who complete a FACTS application to determine need • All families make monthly payments according to their income
  5. 5. The Role of School-based Advocates (Madrinas) • Assist with the enrollment process by giving tours, and helping families with FACTS forms and other admissions paperwork • Facilitate recruitment and retention efforts by contacting families and answering questions • Translate documents including newsletters and teacher notes • Advocate for Latino students and families by being present at meetings where appropriate or translating for parents and school staff • Track students progress and provide support when necessary • Assist Latino families, the school community, the Offices of Catholic Education and Hispanic ministry by acting as a liaison between each and ensuring that needs of Latino families and students are met • Assist with homework when parents are unable • Assist with parish recruitment and enrollment follow-up
  6. 6. Enrollment Progress Since Segura Began
  7. 7. Increase in the number of Segura Schools
  8. 8. Current Student Count
  9. 9. Current Advocates and Future Needs
  10. 10. Schools with Segura Students and Advocates Saint Mary Our Lady of Lourdes Charlottesville St. Gertrude St. Benedict Holy Cross All Saints Roanoke Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Christ The King St. Gregory the Great St. Anne Saint Joseph Sacred Heart St. Edward Blessed Sacrament
  11. 11. Meet Some of our Madrinas
  12. 12. What one of our Madrinas has to say: “This program has been a blessing for my family! My boys are growing in a faith-filled and positive environment. They are hearing about God’s special love for them and they are becoming spiritually strong. As a “madrina”, it has been such an rewarding experience to help other families who are so strong in their faith and beliefs that would do anything to have an opportunity like the one they are able to receive thanks to the Segura program. Being the bearer of this hope for these families moved me completely. I know we can accomplish more because I’m seeing God’s hands in all of this”. - Lisanette Torres, Segura Advocate OLMC
  13. 13. Progress made by our sister office: The Office of Hispanic Ministry Previous Years- 2012 Year 2012 Year 2013 Year 2014 English Cohort Deacon Program Candidate (4) English Cohort Deacon Program Ordination (3) Candidate (1) English Cohort Deacon Program Ordination (1) Candidates (2) Spanish Cohort Deacon Program Candidate (8) Parish Hispanic Staff (2) Parish Hispanic Staffs (2) Parish Hispanic Staffs (6) Parish Hispanic Staffs (6) Parish Hispanic Ministers (6) Parish Hispanic Ministers (6) Parish Hispanic Ministers (9) Parish Hispanic Ministers (15) Latino Priests (1) Latino Priests (3) Latino Priests (4) Latino Priest (6) Latino Sisters (0) Latino Sisters (0) Latino Sisters (0) Latino Sisters (3) Fluency Priests (5) Fluency Priests (5) Fluency Priests (9) Fluency Priests (11) Latino Deacons (2) Latino Deacons (5) Latino Deacons (6) Latino Deacons (6) Fluency Deacons (0) Fluency Deacons (1) Fluency Deacons (1) Fluency Deacons (1) Hispanic Communities (31) Hispanic Communities (31) Hispanic Communities (33) Hispanic Communities (33)
  14. 14. The growing number of emerging Latino leaders offer invaluable service to the schools and parishes of the Diocese of Richmond and the greater Church!
  15. 15. Mrs. Annette Z. Parsons Chief Education Administrator Catholic Diocese of Richmond 7800 Carousel Lane Richmond, VA 23294 Office: 804-359-5661 ext. 119