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Partial representation of undergraduate work.

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Claire Showalter Portfolio

  1. 1. ..................................................... claire showalter
  2. 2. house: a residential study 3 sauna: a cultural investigation 7 villa: a new villa typology 11 urban multi-family housing 13 new mexico: an independent study 15 Claire Showalter 16 301 Davis Avenue Marietta, OH 45750 USA other various sundry graphic works Phone: 1.740.336.8639 1 portfolio claire showalter claire showalter portfolio 2
  3. 3. The house is organized along one single axis, with a cross-axis projecting out into the surroundings, possibly with the potential to extend further for an outdoors immersion experience the for disabled sister. This axis begins with carport entry, the and a semi-transparency with slated wood, still allowing a fairly open connection with the [house]. environment. The main body of the house has more a typical balance of transparency Designed for a pair of middle-aged sisters, one fit and active, the other wheelchair-bound yet still longing for outdoor experiences, the home was to be suited to a rural, fairly isolated locale. I took the loose program as an opportunity to explore some more conceptual ideas, such as a truly isolating interior, abstracting the relationship between nature and indoor living space, and varying transparencies through materiality. 3 [house]. claire showalter claire showalter [house]. 4
  4. 4. 5 [house]. claire showalter claire showalter [house]. 6
  5. 5. sauna: revitalize This project was completed for a class while studying in Finland and proved A sauna requires a person to let go of the outside difficult in the beginning stages due to the specific cultural nature of the sauna world, to fully relax and enjoy only the immediate in Finnish society. Once I grasped its place and purpose, I was able to think surroundings. This idea became the driving force in creatively and design with my new cultural identity awareness. Comparing my the design, creating a building that seeks to control results with my Finnish peers also provided a learning opportunity, spotting the visitors experience and connection with the lake. differences such as the abundant privacy in my design that was non-existant in Beginning with the arrival, the sauna is designed others, labelling mine a as clearly American attempt, uncomfortable with exposure. so that a visitor cannot fully view the lake once he or she arrives—only pieces are visible through the screening of the main terrace and entry. The v-shape of the building then opens the view wide up to the visitor once he has entered the main terrace, as well as effectively discouraging views backwards towards the access route and busy everyday life. Completed the for Sauna the At Pirkkala Parish Shore competition Tampere at University Technology the of in spring 2009: of earning Upper an Class designation. 7 sauna: revitalize claire showalter claire showalter sauna: revitalize 8
  6. 6. The sauna and communal buildings are separate to distinguish the experience in the visitors’ mind, and features darker wood that wraps the building and provides a bench as well as a screen to the windows of changing and washing facilities. This wrapping motion represents the sauna’s intent to embrace the visitor and provide an inclusive environment, separate from that of the day-to-day world. 9 sauna: revitalize claire showalter claire showalter sauna: revitalize 10
  7. 7. The villa also attempts to maintain a unique relation- ship to the earth. At the entry side, the buildings are solidly ground within the earth, then project further and further from hillside explore different out the to a kind of closeness to the earth, being amidst the environment. oregon villa The aim this of project was study villa to the typology and create a contemporary response. In particular, I chose to investigate the structure’s relationship to its site and to break apart the plan to play with ‘path’ and ‘procession.’ 11 oregon villa claire showalter claire showalter oregon villa 12
  8. 8. urban multi-family housing The project also looks to step down the hillside, using varying levels to create an unusual and dynamic relationship between housing units. cincinnati.ohio Of the countless issues to be explored in multi-family housing, the main objective of this investigation was a focus on integrat- ing a higher-density building type into both a medium-density urban environment, as well as maintain some essence of the heavily wooded quality of the site itself. This was accomplished by lightly touching the site with an exposed steel framework, suspending the mass of the units above the ground and crossing through the trees. 13 urban multi-family housing claire showalter claire showalter urban multi-family housing 14
  9. 9. As an independent summer graphic work study, I traveled in the Ameri- can Southwest to study the ruins of the ancient Puebloans. After observing the way in which the ruins fit into their context in a way the original buildings did not, I developed an idea dealing with a more temporary architecture. In this pursuit, I investigated an architecture that is created with the acceptance of mortality and the intention of deteriorating into its environment once abandoned. connecting cultures: finding common ground through architecture bioswale diagram interior workspace physical model of library 15 connecting culture claire showalter claire showalter graphic work 16
  10. 10. Beginning with a series of two- dimensional compositions, a storefront was developed through a process of color and depth investigations. Intended to be a project to reveal that something can come from nothing. a conceptual process becomes a storefront 17 graphic work claire showalter claire showalter graphic work 18
  11. 11. study of rock face-watercolor linear and spatial studies-watercolor landscape contour-oil pastel 19 graphic work claire showalter claire showalter graphic work 20
  12. 12. Claire Showalter 301 Davis Avenue Marietta, OH 45750 USA Phone: 1.740.336.8639