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Chapter 5: S1- Why is Water Necessary
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Chapter 5: S1- Why is Water Necessary


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Chapter: Water Table of Contents Section 3: Recycling Water Section 1: The Nature of Water Section 2: Why is water necessary?
  • 3. Water and Life
    • Even more than food, water is critical to your immediate survival.
    • About 70 percent of your body is water.
    • It fills and surrounds the cells of your body, enabling many of your body’s processes to occur.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Water helps move nutrients throughout your body, temperature, eliminate wastes, digest food, and lubricate joints.
  • 4. Water and Life
    • Water molecules are attracted to other polar molecules .
    • Together with cohesion, this provides the capillary action that draws water upward through narrow tubes inside plants stems .
    Why is water necessary? 2
  • 5. Water and Society— Water for Production
    • Water is used for processing and cooling during the production of paper, chemicals, steel, and other products.
    • Water also is necessary for transporting manufactured goods.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Mining and refining Earth’s natural resources call for large amounts of water.
  • 6. Water and Society— Water for Production
    • In general, communities located near water are better able to attract industry and often have the most productive economies .
    Why is water necessary? 2
  • 7. Water and Society— Water for Production Why is water necessary? 2
    • Agriculture uses
    used in the United States, the largest percentage of any sector. about 41 percent of all the water
  • 8. Water and Society— Water for Production Why is water necessary? 2
    • Irrigation means piping in water from elsewhere and using it to grow crops.
    of this water is used for irrigation of farmland.
    • Most
  • 9. Water for Transportation
    • Passenger liners are popular for vacations.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Ferries move people, cars, and freight across bays, straights, and rivers. Big ships often are the most economical way to move large freight within the country or across the ocean.
  • 10. Water for Recreation
    • Many people equate water with fun —fishing, swimming, scuba diving, waterskiing, and boating.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Boating provides entertainment for many people.
  • 11. Water for Recreation Why is water necessary? 2
    • Sailors, canoeists, kayakers, power boaters, and whitewater rafters all spend recreation time on the water.
  • 12. Water Use
    • Water is a valuable natural resource that must be conserved and protected.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Not only is clean water important for use in homes and by society, it is necessary for maintaining the ecological balance in nature.
    • Many species of wildlife live in and around bodies of water.
  • 13. Water Use
    • Bodies of water must be clean to support the animals and plants that live in them.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • If too much pollution enters rivers, lakes, or ponds, wildlife might be harmed.
  • 14. Water Use Why is water necessary? 2
    • Oceans also must be kept clean of pollutants such as oil, chemical and radioactive wastes, and litter.
  • 15. Conserving Water
    • Less than one percent of Earth’s water is available for any of the uses described, except for ocean transportation.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • That’s why it is important to conserve the available freshwater on Earth.
    • The careful use and protection of water is called water conservation .
  • 16. Conserving Water
    • Much of the water used for irrigation is lost to evaporation.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Better methods can conserve water.
    • Instead of flooding fields, farmers can use overhead sprinklers on their crops.
    • Some farmers install tubing that slowly drips water directly above the roots of the plants.
  • 17. Conserving Water
    • Farmers even use computers in the fight for water conservation.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Sensors installed in the ground and connected to a computer can signal when crops need to be watered.
    • In residential and commercial areas, mulching the ground around the plants helps prevent water loss.
  • 18. Conserving Water Why is water necessary? 2
    • Industries also can conserve water.
    • Companies can treat and recycle the water that is used in industrial plants.
  • 19. What can you do?
    • You could conserve water in your shower.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Turn the water off when you are soaping up, then use it just for rinsing.
  • 20. What can you do? Why is water necessary? 2
    • Do the same while brushing your teeth and
    washing your hands . See whether your home has a low-flow toilet system.
  • 21. What can you do?
    • Toilets are available that use only 6 L per flush compared to about 19 L per flush for older toilets.
    Why is water necessary? 2
    • Some ornamental plants require less water than others.
    • Over the course of a year or more, small measures such as these can save large amounts of water.
  • 22. Section Check 2 Question 1 What percentage of the human body is composed of water? A. 23% B. 55% C. 70% D. 90% NC: 3.08
  • 23. Section Check 2 Answer The human body is composed of 70% water. NC: 3.08
  • 24. Section Check 2 Answer Water is used in industry, irrigation, transportation, and recreation. Question 2 List some examples of why water is essential on Earth.
  • 25. Section Check 2 Question 3 Which uses the most water? NC: 3.07
  • 26. Section Check 2 A. agriculture B. electricity generation C. manufacturing and minerals D. residential and business NC: 3.07
  • 27. Section Check 2 Answer Agriculture uses the most water because farmers have to use water to grow crops. NC: 3.07