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Info. about climate and landforms of Australia.

Info. about climate and landforms of Australia.



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Australia Australia Presentation Transcript

  • Australia
  • Quick Facts
    • The world’s smallest, flattest, and lowest continent
    • The only country that is also a continent
    • Called the Land Down Under because it lies south of the equator
    • Seasons are reversed from those north of the equator. Ex. – When it is winter here it is summer in Australia
  • Natural Features
  • Landform Regions
    • 3 main regions
      • Eastern Highlands
      • Central Lowlands
      • Western Plateau
  • Eastern Highlands
    • System of ridges, plateaus, and valleys in the eastern part of Australia
    • Includes The Great Dividing Range
  • Central Lowlands
    • Flatter and newer than the Eastern Highlands
    • Include the Great Artesian Basin, Australia’s largest source of underground water
  • Great Artesian Basin
  • Western Plateau
    • Western part of Australia
    • Covers more than half the continent
    • Includes the outback, a vast area of plains and plateaus that is largely flat and dry (Not to mention one of my favorite restaurants!)
    • Also dotted with heavily eroded masses of rock that stand above the lowland. Ex. - Ayers Rock
  • Outback
  • Outback
  • Ayers Rock
  • The Great Barrier Reef
    • Located off the northeastern coast of Australia
    • The world’s largest coral reef. (Coral Reef – a structure formed by the skeletons of small sea animals)
    • Most of the reef is a national park
  • Climate
    • Australia = mainly “desert with green edges”
    • 1/3 of the country is desert & 1/3 of the country is dry steppe. These regions are located mainly in the interior or “middle” of the country
    • Only the northern, eastern, & southwestern coastal areas receive plenty of rainfall
  • Climate Con’t
    • Other climate zones include:
      • Humid subtropical
      • Marine west coast
      • Mediterranean
      • Tropical dry
  • Desert
  • Plants and Animals
    • Endemic species – plants & animals that developed in one particular region of the world
    • Australia has many endemic species. Why?
  • Plants & Animals Con’t
    • Australia has been separated from other continents for millions of years. As a result, some native plants and animals are not found anywhere else in the world.
    • Ex. – Kangaroos, koalas, & eucalyptus
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