Personal Reflection Assignment <br />(125 points)<br />One of the most vital roles of the career planning process is under...
Personal  History  Assignment
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Personal History Assignment


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Personal History Assignment

  1. 1. Personal Reflection Assignment <br />(125 points)<br />One of the most vital roles of the career planning process is understanding who you are and where you have come from to bring you to this moment today. Past experiences and decisions have a vital impact on who we are today and who we may want to be in the future. The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand yourself more fully as you begin to plan your career. In addition, as your instructor(s), we will have a better understanding of where you are coming from and we can be more effective in assisting you in the career and life planning process. <br />There are no wrong answers to this assignment. Being honest with yourself can help you discover the answers you are seeking. There are 4 parts to this assignment. Complete part I and then write at least a 3-page paper for parts II and III. Note: your paper is to be typed and double spaced, with Name, page # on each page. <br />Cover Page: Centered exactly in the middle of the paper, double spaced. Include: Student name, Personal Reflection Assignment, EDUC X210, Date<br />Part I: Create a Personal History Map (35 points).<br />Create a personal history map noting the most significant and important moments of your life. Your timeline can be as creative as you want it to be, feel free to draw symbols and use colors to represent your personal history. <br />Noted the significant points that have happened in your life<br />Dateline on bottom completed<br />Education section related to the Dateline, include both formal and informal education (workshops, conferences, influential books, extracurricular learning opportunities etc.) <br />Work Experiences & Skills section related to the Dateline (include skills gained through education and life experience; also include both formal and informal work experience i.e. volunteering, student leadership roles, babysitting, mowing lawns etc.)<br />Life Experiences section related to the Dateline (meeting important people in your life, travel, moving, divorce, marriage, health issues) <br />Goals & Aspirations related to the Dateline (What were your major goals during different times in your life? Become an astronaut? A fireman? Get a boyfriend/girlfriend? Be class president? Captain of the basketball team? Finish high school?)<br />Insights gained related to the Dateline (What kind of person have you been? What kinds of things have made you happy? Have you always been creative? A good leader? good at sports? helpful? What kinds of things would you still like to do?)<br />Part II: Write a Personal Reflection on your life (55 points). <br />Review your Personal History Map. Using at least four of the questions below, reflect on your life up to now. You can write an essay in the first person or any other more creative method that you prefer (i.e. in an interview format, a newspaper article about your life, etc.). Your personal reflection can provide you with a framework in which you can gain an overview of your life and work. <br />What big ideas and themes did you put in the Insight section of your Personal History Map? Why?<br />What do you want to bring forward with you? Why?<br />What do you want to leave behind? Why?<br />When did you take risks? What kind? What happened?<br />What events helped you learn the most about yourself? How?<br />Are there past ambitions that intrigue you? Which ones? Why?<br />What were some big decisions you made in the past? How did make them?<br />When and how did mentors or other influential people enter and affect your life?<br />When have you been at your best? What are your best qualities or skills?<br />What do you enjoy learning about? Why? What classes have you gotten the best grades in? <br />What’s the best job or project you’ve ever had? Why?<br />Part III: Write why you are attending IPFW (25 points). <br />As a part of your Personal Reflection paper, answer the following questions.<br />What are your reasons for coming to IPFW vs. other schools?<br />How will attending college impact your future life?<br />What do you want to get out of your college experience?<br />What would you like college to be like for you?<br />Part IV: YouTube Presentation (10 pts).<br />Search for a YouTube video that you believe describes you.<br />Adequately explain how it represents yourself according to:<br />Past Present Future<br />Creativity matters. Take your time to pick the best video<br />Include full web address of the YouTube Presentation to the bottom of your paper, on the last page.<br />