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Un moyen rapide et sûr de trouver sans trop de barrières un financement pour tout projet quelque soit le montant.

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Explanation ppp for company with docs to fill

  1. 1. PRIVATE PROGRAM PLACEMENT EXPLANATION Our role is to set up the files so that investors can undertake projects by tucking in Private Placement Program Who are we ? We are a team of specialists (former bankers, insurers) in the financial sector. We have over fifteen years of experience in this sector, we are working seriously and well organized especially when it comes to providing the customer with greater transparency and efficiency on files to achieve a Private Placement Program. Custom Analysis and Evaluation Our team of economists and lawyers have a duty to advise the client in detail and customized. Each case will be considered independently and the best way to proceed will be provided with the fundamental purpose of finalizing the transaction successfully. Customers will be advised in all phases of the process, the explanation on the opportunities banking and financial , on the documentation that must be provided to be made on the desk Trader. The customer must provide all required documentation for the presentation of its case. With whom do we work ? Our fifteen years experience in the financial sector has given us the privilege of working with an office that is in direct with financial trade platforms. We are not a platform, but direct introducers. The customer will have direct access so he will avoidwasting his time with so-called intermediaries who say they have access to the platforms. Each operation is presented thoroughly studied by our team to provide our customer the best suited to their needs and especially its possibilities. After more than a year of work, various contacts, audit, we finally got agreements with two "prime bank" and a platform that is in direct with IPAM Company. We are , today, in the possibility to offer to an investor the complete assembly of the "private program placement"
  2. 2. PROCEDURAL STEPS 1° The investor completes a CIS (Client Information Summary), and the LOI, the Board Resolution (if acting on behalf of a company) also enclosing a copy of hispassport. He chooses the amount he will put in the procedure that is€ 300,000 divisible by 4 units of € 75,000. He may therefore elect to invest € 75,000, € 150,000, € 225,000 or € 300,000 (for not having to federate his folder), 2 ° Upon receipt, a Due Diligence is done to validate the eligibility of investors, 3 ° Upon acceptance, the investor receives from the partnercompany : - J.V.A. (Joint Venture Agreement) he must complete, initial and sign, - Bond confirmation, - Agreement that must be completed, initial and sign, - An invoice for the amount that the investor selected according to its availability and has indicated on its C.I.S., 4 ° The partner company is then responsible to issue an"administrative hold" for the benefit of the Trader that it edits a S.B.L.C. a "prime bank", 5 ° This S.B.L.C. will serve to raise the initial funds within 30banking days, which will go on the program. Of these funds it will be collected € 10m to enable orinvestors to have a minimum available (see the breakdown in the table of returns), 6 ° The cost of this program will be up to 120M in 30 banking days, it will be made available to investors 20M € (see the breakdown in the table of returns ), 7° The 100M € remaining go on a long program of 40 weeks at 25% profitability per week (see the breakdown in the table of returns ), 8 ° The returns are paid weekly to investor(s )on a designatedaccount or an account opened by the paymaster through the creation of an offshore company. (contact us) IMPORTANT EACH INVESTOR WILL REPEAT THIS OPERATION MANY TIMES IF HE DESIRES. IT WILL MAKE USE OF PROCEEDS FROM THE FIRSTOPERATION TO MAKE A SECOND AND SO ON. WE WILL NOW PRESENT YOU WHAT A PRIVATEPLACEMENT PROGRAM (PPP)
  3. 3. What are Private Placement Program, better known as "PPP"? Programs or private placement of high yield investmentprograms are made on the base of BUY / SELL financial instruments of the bank, mainly MTN. These instruments are bought with a significant discounton their nominal value, to be sold to a much higher price on the secondary market. The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is the pure gain of trader and investor. These programs are offered to customers with high capacity for investment and they can only be performed only by a trader with permission for performing such operations. A significant part of returns (80%) must be for humanitarian causes. As a result, institutions have priority over this type of operation. Why so few investors know about these programs? Is what they are new? These programs are not public domain, and only a smallgroup of investors with equity or bank instruments can be accessed and by invitation only. These types of investments are not new, they are on the market for over 60 years. Are they safe ? The private placement programs do not involve risk to the investor. "The BUY / SELL of MTNs is exempt from risks" provided that the Trader is guaranteed. If we are dealing with a real Trader, investment will be guaranteed by contract and then there will be no risk tothe investor. Before the program, the Trader prepares planning acquisitions for future sales and knowing beforehand thebenefits that can be obtained. In a second phase the program will run. How to receive interest and profits? Weekly returns are received by the bank designated by theTrader. From the first return, the amounts specified in the contract are fully available for the benefit of the investor, itmay dispose of as he pleases. Do I ask for references from previous operations? NO, that would be a violation of the rules of confidentialityand ethics to other investors. Specificity of the SBLC (Stand-By Letter of Credit)  The standby letter of credit (SBLC) is an irrevocable commitment by the bank to pay against the production and presentation of documents requested.  Unlike documentary credit the SBLC is not a payment but a guarantee that allows the beneficiary to be paid in case of failure of its trading partner.  This is a bank guarantee on first demand.  At the time of presentation, the beneficiary does not need to justify his request, he must simply submit the documents requested in the SBLC .  The SBLC is not intended to be made, but if that is the casethen it acts as a means of payment. Just like the documentary credit is subject to the Uniform Customs and Practice of the ICC (UCP 600)
  4. 4. Specificity of the SBLC (Stand-By Letter of Credit) What is an SBLC ?  A Stand By Letter of Credit is by its nature, first and foremost, a guarantee, which means it can be implemented at the request of the beneficiary in case ofdefault by the issuer, that is to say, the buyer's bank. So a SBLC is a commitment made by any person or entityfor the benefit of a third party to pay or to accept and paybills of exchange. Unlike documentary credit which does not guarantee that an obligation to pay a SBLC can guarantee one or more obligations of a contract, including anobligation to do or not to do, including an obligation to pay. In case of failure of the buyer to fulfill his obligation, the guarantee will be presented on request of the creditor of the obligation in this case the seller. A SBLC is a documentary commitment, the issuer's obligations depend on the presentation of documents and review the required documents such as invoices, for example. As for the documentary credit, SBLC is irrevocable and can be confirmed. A SBLC take effect on the date of issuance of the commitment. Glossary to practical use …  The "ordering party" of a SBLC is the person requesting the issuance of a SBLC, so the buyer of goods or services.  The "issuing bank" or the issuer is the bank selected by the buyer, usually located in the country.  The "designated bank" is often a corresponding issuing bank in the seller's country. For example, the Société Générale in Poland.  The "remitting bank" or confirming bank is located in theseller's country, chosen by the issuing bank that adds its own commitment to that of the issuing bank to honor a SBLC. What legal reference should we call? They can be interpreted in two standards : The oldest is the publication 600 ou UCP Uniform Customs and Practice, codified and published by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, which is used for documentary credits. The second is a more recent publication, Rules and International Standby Practices for or ISP 98 specifically applicable to letters of credit and also published by the International Chamber of Commerce.
  5. 5. Private placement, how high are the returns ? WARNING Please note that all returns must be regarded as hypothetical and information purposes only. 1 Million : This is the level where it is least expected success. Although there are real programs 1M, with no trade bank instruments and offer much lower yields. MAX possible returns: 20% per month. 10Million : At this level, you may be able to find legitimate private placement programs. Sometimes there may be other larger investmentssimultaneously applying you can be shared with, but your returns will not be as high a larger investment. In this case,such a small scale, it is still very difficult to even be placedin a program. As you may know, bank instruments aresliced 100M +, and even at a deep discount, you still needmore than 65M to buy a portion. MAX possible returns10% per week. 50 Million : Usually at this level you can find a trader whowill combine your file with another candidate to reach the minimum required to purchase an instrument bank.Although this is possible, it is not guaranteed that you canget into a program unless you are a trader who will be happy to make an exception for you. MAX possible returns: 20% per week. 100 Million : At this level, the trader can buy instrumentswith the credit line, which is drawn against the customer warranty. In addition, it is not necessary to combine the account of another client, because the client's funds are sufficient topurchase the instrument alone. Needless to say, this greatly increases your potential returns, and opens opportunities for project financing. MAX possible returns 40% per week. HOW TO RECEIVE THE RETURNS PROPOSED IN THE CONTRACTS of PRIVATE PROGRAM ? In terms of profitability, many potential investors remain skeptical and do not understand how it can be done. We'll explain in a few sentences how you can achieve theserates of returns. First you should know that for programs with high returns,investments may be made to :  Gold, Diamond, Oil etc.., With still a risk of market fluctuations on the rise but also down, even if means we can not use it to ensure profitability in the long term.  Cacao, Sugar, Soja etc., Which then leads us to risk a littlehigher than the raw materials, it is obvious not to servethese markets.  Forex: On the currency risk is even higher, so we can notrun the risk an investor from this type of investment in which the market changes daily every minute.
  6. 6. What it remainder ? It will stay the interbank bonds market The platforms will rely on M.T.N. (Medium Term Note) to make the Buy and Sell which will be used to support the payment of returns. Trader going to offer its customers which are institutions, large industrial, oil company,etc.., In general they have a facial valueof € 500 million are to 5B €, 10B€. The purchase (Fresh Cut) they are worth approximately 55% to 60% of their face value. The trader will then buy at this price. They are then purchased (Season) by customers Traderfrom 95% to 98% of their facial value allowing these investors to reduce taxation. These investors will ask their bank to discount these MTNfor credit and thus to reduce taxation a second time (hence the importance for them to buy these bank bonds). The longer the crisis, the greater the investors will be ableto buy MTN reduce taxation up and escape the tax increases. Just look at the amount of taxes paid by the oil companies, for example, to understand the importance of procurement, such as MTN, for them. This type of transaction is of course all day long around theworld. Trader will be more funds to make transactions Buy andSell on MTN, the more profits will be distributed toinvestors Private Program. Speculation on the interbank bond such as MTN allows a RISK 0 (purchases will be made only in accordance with thedemand from institutional or industrial buyers, so we sold a product before being purchased with amaximum profitability). Example : With 500M € the trader will buy MTN 900M € (55% of face value) He'll resell 95% of the facial value = 900 X 95% = € 855M Between the purchasing and selling Trader made a profit of€ 355M 70% It is now easy to understand how these platforms can deliver those profitabilities WITH THE FIRST PROFIT INVESTOR WILL BUY A SECONDWARRANTY IN THE AMOUNT OF HIS CHOICE AND THEN A THIRD. FOR EVERY PURCHASE OF WARRANTY IT WILLTAKE THE SAME PROCEDURE WITH THE SAME TIME WAITING . NO CHANGE IN THE PROCEDURE WILL BE ACCEPTED IPAM INVOICE IS DUE TO MAXIMUM 5 DAYS AFTER RECEIPT, THIS TIME PAST RECORD WILL VOID WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF RECOVERY We are at your service for any additional information to achieving a Private Placement Program It depends on your needs but also your financial capabilities.
  7. 7. Tables returns / profitabilities Exemple for 75,000 € invested (one(1) unit is 300,000 € /4 = 75,000 € ) 1 The investor will pay the bill IPAM 75K € which will represent one unit of the complete file. 2 Within 30 banking days he will receive 10 million € X 50% (see JVA IPAM) : 4 (1 unit) = 1,250,000 € 3 In the next 30 banking days he will receive € 20 X 50% (seeJVA IPAM: 4 (1 unit) = 2,500,000 € 4 40-week program in the amount of € 100 million which relates week 25% or 25 million € 5 The investor will receive weekly € 25M X 50% (see JVA IPAM) : 4 (unit) = 3,125,000 € 6 The investor will received at the end of 40 weeks 3,125,000X 40 = 125 million € 7 The investor will in TOTALITY gained : 125,000,000 € + 2,500,000€ + 1,250,000 € = 128,750,000,00 € SUMMARY REPORT 1st 30 days bank 2nd 30 days bank Weekly gained (40 weeks program) 40 weeks gained TOTAL TOTALLY GAINED 1,250,000 € 2,500,000 € 3,125,000 € 125 million € 128,750,000 € Exemple for 150,000 € invested (two units) 1 The investor will pay the bill IPAM 150K € which will represent TWO UNITS of the complete file. 2 Within 30 banking days he will receive 10 million € X 50%(see JVA IPAM) : 2(two units) = 2,500,000 € 3 In the next 30 banking days he will receive € 20MX 50% (seeJVA IPAM) : 2 = 5,000,000 € 4 40-week program in the amount of € 100 million which relates week 25% or 25 Million € 5 The investor will receive weekly € 25M X 50% (see JVA IPAM) : 2 =6,250,000 € 6 The investor will received at the end of 40 weeks 6,250,000X 40 = 250 Million € 7 The investor will in TOTALITY gained : 250 Million € +5 Million €+ 2,500,000 € = 257, 500,000 € SUMMARY REPORT 1st 30 days bank 2nd 30 days bank Weekly gained (40 weeks program) 40 weeks gained TOTAL TOTALLY GAINED 2,500,000 € 5,000,000 € 6,250,000,00€ 250 Million € 257,500,000 €
  8. 8. Exemple for 225,000 € invested (three units) 1 The investor will pay the bill IPAM 225K € which will represent THREE UNITS of the complete file. 2 Within 30 banking days he will receive [10 million € X 50%(see JVA IPAM) : 4] x 3(units) = 3,750,000 € 3 In the next 30 banking days he will receive [€ 20MX 50% (seeJVA IPAM):4] x 3 (units) = 7,500,000 € 4 40-week program in the amount of100 million € which relates week 25% or 25 million € 5 The investor will receive weekly[25M€ X 50% (see JVA IPAM) :4] x 3 (three units) = 9,375,000 € 6 The investor will received at the end of 40 weeks 9,375,000X 40 = 375 Million € 7 The investor will in TOTALITY gained : 375 Million € + 7,500,000 € + 3,750,000 € = 386,250,000 € SUMMARY REPORT 1st 30 days bank 2nd 30 days bank Weekly gained (40 weeks program) 40 weeks gained TOTAL TOTALLY GAINED 3,750,000 € 7,500,000 € 9,375,000 € 375 Million € 386,250,000 € Exemple for 300,000 € invested (four units) 1 The investor will pay the bill IPAM 300K € which will represent FOUR UNITS of the complete file. 2 Within 30 banking days he will receive 10 million € X 50% (see JVA IPAM) = 5 Million € 3 In the next 30 banking days he will receive € 20MX 50% (seeJVA IPAM) = 10 Million € 4 40-week program in the amount of € 100 million which relates week 25% or € 25 million 5 The investor will receive weekly € 25M X 50% (see JVA IPAM) = 12,500,000 € 6 The investor will received at the end of 40 weeks 12,500,000X 40 = 500 Million € 7 The investor will in TOTALITY gained : 500 Million € + 10 Million € + 5 Million € = 515 Million € SUMMARY REPORT 1st 30 days bank 2nd 30 days bank Weekly gained (40 weeks program) 40 weeks gained TOTAL TOTALLY GAINED 5 million € 10 Million € 12,500,000 € 500 Million € 515 Million € Marc Givelet Charles Moradell Casellas Consultant et mise en relation Business Provider-mise en relation +33(0) 678 799 743 +33(0) 667 300 597 APPENDICE : – Letter of Intent (LOI) to print with letterhead of the company or client – Client Information Summary (CIS) – Board Resolution (if acting on behalf of a company)
  9. 9. LETTER of INTENT Date: the th of 2013 To: IPAM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Re.: Participation in a Private Financial Opportunity Dear Sirs, I, ______________________________________, the undersigned, hereby confirm with full legal responsibility, that I wish to enter into contract for a Structured Private Financial Opportunity, the sum of ____________________thousand euros [€ ,000,00] (BG CASH BACKED) that are GOOD, CLEAN, CLEARED FUNDS/ASSETS of non criminal origin and are free and clear of liens or encumbrances of any nature. Said funds/assets are available for investment in a Structured Private Financial Opportunity for a term of One (1) year and Thirty (30) days. Please note the following key information: Name : Telephone/mobil : Address : Fax N° : Mail : My Bank Statement/Proof of Asset issued by my bank and my signed Affidavit of Non Solicitation of funds are enclosed with this Letter of Intent. I understand that the above information will be held in strict confidence. Time is of the essence. I await your approval and reply. Name : Signature :
  10. 10. INVESTOR INFORMATION SUMMARY Personal information : Surname/Name : Nationality : Passport N° : Date of Issue : Issued by : Expiration date : Date of Birth : Place of birth : E-mail address : Other mail/web site : Home information : Address : City : ZIP : State : Country : Telephone : Mobil : Other : Business information : Business name : Address : City : State/ZIP : Registered office : Registered N° : Telephone : Legal Advisor name : Address : City : State/ZIP : Bank information : Name of the bank : Address : City : Country : Account name : Account number : Account signatory : Bank officer #1 : Bank officer #2 : Telephone : Mail : Investment : Funds available for this investment : Type of currency Origin of funds : I, , hereby swear under penalty of perjury, that the information provided herein is accurate and true as of this date : / /2013 Signature : This document must be completed, along with the passport of the investor to confirm his eligibility. If a line item does not pertain then insert the term : « N/A » (non-applicable) .
  11. 11. RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF (Name of Corporation) Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors, held on the th day of , 2013 Articles of Incorporation of the Company. A special meeting of the Board of Directors of (Name of Corporation) . (hereinafter referred to as“Corporation”) was duly held in accordance with the Articles of Association/By Laws of the Corporation. Present at the meeting were the following Directors: - - - The meeting of the Directors undertook the following Corporate Resolution, which has been recorded in the Minute of the Book of the Corporation. It was unanimously resolved to utilize funds/assets in deposit at [name of the bank] for an investment opportunity. Additionally it was unanimously resolved, that ,Director of the Corporation since [date of appointment] and authorized signatory of the funds/assets on deposit, is authorized to use corporate bank accounts, to enter into instrument and fee agreements as necessary, to make selections as to which investment will suit best the placement of these funds/assets so as to assure the anticipated financial returns and to receive and distribute all profits from the investment. The necessary authority and powers required to undertake these tasks and responsibilities are hereby granted to : Name : Passport No. : Country of Origin : It is therefore, unanimously resolved that the appointed officer and director shall have the authority to negotiate all details and sign the final contract with the officer representing the investment and bank officers. There being no further business, the meeting was declared adjourned, and in witness thereof, the directors signed below on the date first written above. Signed and sealed this th day of 2013 Client Name / Title