Typography + Music Packaging


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An overview of the history of music packaging from the punk/postpunk era to the present

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Typography + Music Packaging

  2. 2. an album cover isthe initial momentof the record. it’sa doorway into themusic. peter blake
  3. 3. jamie reidBritish graphic designer born 1947Attended Croydon Art School with Sex Pistolsmanager Malcolm McLarenInfluenced by student uprisings in Paris duringMay 1968, + the accompanying Situationist-themedposters/graffiti
  4. 4. never mindthe bollocks10/1977First + only album bythe Sex PistolsUsed the ‘ransomnote’ typography thatReid developed whileart directing radicalpolitical magazineSuburban Press
  5. 5. barney bubblesAlias of British graphic designer Colin Fulcher,born in Middlesex, 1942In-house designer for independent label StiffRecordsVery publicity-shy, + never signed his workSuffered from depression, + committed suicidein 1983 at the age of 41
  6. 6. this year’s model 03/1978 Second Elvis Costello album Sleeve intentionally designed to look misprint- ed, with letters cut off on left side + printer’s colour bar appearing on right
  7. 7. get happy!02/1980Fourth Elvis CostelloalbumOverkerned, con-densed typographyRing wear not genuine,but printed on sleeve
  8. 8. peter savilleBritish graphic designer born in Manchester, 1955Became in-house designer for independentManchester record label Factory Records aftergraduating from Manchester PolytechnicGreatly influenced by Constructivism, Futurism,+ Jan Tschichold’s New TypographyNotorious for missing deadlines
  9. 9. 06/1979 First Joy Division album Sleeve had neither band name nor title visible Removed from the normal process of commerce “It quite plainly didn’t care if you bought it or not”unknown pleasures
  10. 10. always now 09/1981 First Section 25 album All type set in Bembo Very high production costs due to marbled sleeve paper “An object exercise in over-design”
  11. 11. movement11/1981First album from theformer members ofJoy Division in theirnew incarnation asNew OrderDesign appropriatedfrom a poster byFuturist painterFortunato Depero
  12. 12. 03/1983Fourth New Order singleProduction costs ofcomplicated sleeve designgreater than retail priceBecame the best-selling12-inch single of all time blue monday
  13. 13. neville brodyBritish graphic designer born in London, 1957Attended London College of PrintingArt director for culture/fashion magazines TheFace (1981–86) + Arena (1987–90)Designed sleeves for industrial bands ThrobbingGristle, 23 Skidoo, + Cabaret VoltaireFounded Research Studios in 1994
  14. 14. 11/1984Sixth studio album by Sheffield micro-phoniesindustrial band Cabaret VoltaireArtwork used custom typefacedesigned by Brody
  15. 15. vaughan oliverBritish graphic designer born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1957Founder of studios 23 Envelope + v23Best known for work with British indepen-dent record label 4AD, home of US bandsThrowing Muses + The PixiesHis highly conceptual work did not alwaysappear to relate to the subject matter
  16. 16. throwing muses08/1986Self-titled first albumfrom Throwing MusesScreened typographyusing multiple typefaces+ hand-drawn lettering
  17. 17. doolittle 04/1989 Second studio album from The Pixies Access to album lyrics al- lowed Oliver to tie artwork more closely to content Uses surrealist + abstract images
  18. 18. tomatoBritish art/design/music collective foundedin 1991Founding partners include Karl Hyde + RickSmith of electronic duo UnderworldGraphic designers include John Warwicker,Jason Kedgley, + Dylan Kendle
  19. 19. 01/1994 Mixing music + design—Tomato/Underworld Renavigating concept of authorshipdubnobasswithmyheadman
  20. 20. 10/2007Tenth Underworld albumLayered, fragmented black+white typographytypical of John Warwickeroblivion with bells
  21. 21. ian andersonBritish designer born in Croydon (London), 1961Founded Sheffield studio The Designers Republic(tDR) in 1986Self-taught designer with a degree in philosophyBest known for his work with Sheffield electronicmusic label Warp Records, home of artists such asAutechre, Aphex Twin, + Boards of Canada
  22. 22. 03/1995 Album of remixes by industrial band Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI) Deconstructed + fragmented visual aesthetic two fingersmy friends
  23. 23. 09/2003Third album fromLeeds-based electronicduo LFONo paper in packagingexcept adhesive stripwith track listingCustom typefacescreened onto clearplastic CD case + clear sheathouter sheath
  24. 24. 03/2010 Tenth Autechre album Sleeve almost entirely typographic, using a custom hand-drawn sansoversteps serif typeface
  25. 25. mark farrowBritish graphic designerStarted his career working for Manchester’sFactory Records + The Haçienda nightclubLaunched his own studio in 1995Work characterized by minimalist aestheticVoted “the most important graphic designerworking today” by Creative Review in 2004
  26. 26. ladies + gentlemen we are floating in space 06/1997 Special edition featured twelve 3-inch CDs in foil blister packaging similar to pharmaceuticals Only 1,000 copies of this edition were ever made
  27. 27. dylan kendleBritish graphic designer , born 1971Studied design at the Camberwell College of Artin LondonWas in-house creative director for independentrecord label PeacefrogCurrently a partner with TomatoKnown for hand-drawn typography
  28. 28. 08/2004First album from French musicalcollective Nouvelle VagueBossa nova-style reworkings ofpunk + post-punk classicsHand-drawn type + illustration nouvelle vague
  29. 29. bande à part06/2006Second album fromNouvelle VagueStencilled type +illustration
  30. 30. taylor deupreeAmerican experimental electronic musician,photographer, + graphic designer , born 1971Self-taught designer—graduated from NYUwith a degree in photographyFounded record label 12k in 1997Music emphasizes abstract atmospherics
  31. 31. Tra 07/2006 Collaborative venture between Taylor Deupree + Richard Chartier Minimalist design using photograph by Hiroshi Sugimoto specification.fifteen
  32. 32. Tra let’s make better mistakes tomorrow 06/2009 Third album from Polish experimental musician Tomasz Bednarczyk Sleeve is primarily photographic, with minimalist typography (FF DIN)
  33. 33. Tra moss 05/2011 Collaboration by sound artists Molly Berg, Olivia Block, Steve Roden, + Stephen Vitiello Type set in FF DIN Transparent CD
  34. 34. re-pVienna-based collective, consisting ofexpatriate Swiss artists/designers NikThoenen + Maia GusbertiFocuses on interdisciplinary projects thatlie between art + designBest known for their work with Austrianrecord label Mosz
  35. 35. Tra 05/2005 Solo electronic music from British experi- mental saxophonist Boris Hauf Sleeve design uses pixelated typography + wireframe boxes for a retro-electronic feel soft left onto westland
  36. 36. Tra 05/2006 Fifth full-length release by US post rock musi- cian Pan·American (real name Mark Nelson) Minimalist, condensed sans serif typography for waiting for chasing
  37. 37. Tra till the old world’s blown up + a new one is created 11/2008 Project from Austrian experimental musicians Christian Fennesz, Martin Brandlmayr, + Werner Dafeldecker Sleeve uses layered, translucent paper stock
  38. 38. Tra always breathing monster 11/2009 Experimental MIDI-enhanced organ music from Düsseldorf trio September Collective (Stefan Schneider, Barbara Morgenstern, + Paul Wirkus) Custom typeface (based on Akkurat) using extreme forced hyphenation
  39. 39. non-formatAnglo/Scandinavian studio, consisting of KjellEkhorn (Norwegian) + Jon Forss (English)Founded in 2000 in LondonOffices currently in Oslo + MinneapolisFocus on editorial design + music packagingParticularly known for hand-drawn + computer-altered variants of existing typefaces
  40. 40. Tra 07/2009 Remix of 1975 album by French disco artist Bernard Fevre’s new project, Black Devil Disco Club Avant Garde, with hand-drawn Modern elements the strange new world of bernard fevre
  41. 41. Tra acolyte 01/2010 First album from Manchester-based alternative dance band Delphic Heavily-cropped custom typeface
  42. 42. Tra 04/2010 Fifth album from London- based experimental pop band The Chap Uses typeface constructed from shapes well done europe
  43. 43. i’ve never believedyou can listen tomusic devoid ofvisual references.julian house