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Tutorial to meet requirements for Walden 8847 course

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  • Welcome !! This tutorial has been created to provide you with an overview on how create an electronic poster using Glogster. You will need to click on the icon in the lower right corner and then proceed to the next slide.
  • In order to begin creating a glog using Glogster you will need to go to You will click on Edu Basic – It’s free to create an account.
  • In order to create an account you must provide the necessary information. Please remember to write down your login or nickname along with your password.
  • Once your account has been set up and you have logged in, you will click “create a new glog”.
  • At the top of the Glog screen, there will be a rectangular box labeled “Glog name”. When you first open your Glog, it is identified with a Glog number. Click in the box and give your Glog a unique name.  
  • Once you have named your Glog. You can begin creating your poster. You will use the buttons on the left side of the screen. These buttons will allow you to insert graphics, add text, sound and many other elements to enhance your poster.
  • The graphic button allows you to use decorative graphics provided by Glogster. You can search by theme and make your selection. It will appear by itself in the preview area above the USE IT button.   Click on USE IT! to add the graphic to your Glog. The other elements work the same way. This provides you with many creative options to explore as you create your poster.
  • When you open a new Glog, you will see a sample Glog.   Click on any item and the “Edit” button will appear. When the edit box opens above the image, you can move an images to the front, to the back, copy and rotate the image. To remove any elements you don’t want to use in your Glog, click on the element and then click on the RED TRASH CAN.  
  • When you click the EDIT button, the tool bar changes. In this screen you can change the color, add hyperlinks, edit text and add effects. Once you have completed your editing, you click OK.
  • Once your poster is completed you will preview it by clicking the “Preview” button at the top of the screen and then click “Save and Publish” when you are done or ready to stop working. A screen will appear that will ask you to “Save and Publish” and to select a category for your poster. Select a category and save your poster as finished or unfinished.
  • Once you have completed your poster, you should have graphics, text, images and other feature that enhance your final product. This website allows you creatively express an idea or concept. It is a great tool for any classroom. Once you are done, you will share your final product with your small group.
  • Glogster tutorial

    1. 1. GLOGSTER
    2. 2. Welcome to Glogster
    3. 3. Create a Glogster account
    4. 4. Create a Glog
    5. 5. Name your Glog
    6. 6. Creating a poster
    7. 7. Graphic Buttons
    8. 8. Editing
    9. 9. Editing
    10. 10. Saving your work
    11. 11. Completed poster