Team Leadership
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Team Leadership

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Consider these 5 strategies to immediately improve your team leadership skills.

Consider these 5 strategies to immediately improve your team leadership skills.

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  • 1. Team Leadership Coaching Workshops by CMOE© CMOE
  • 2. Stop and think about the most effective team leaderyou have seen or worked with. Then ask yourself: What makes them such a great team leader? What makes people willing to follow them? © CMOE
  • 3. Do some of these words characterize the leader you identified?Team Leadershipcollaborative knowledgeable confident partner feedback committed accountable communicates driven visionary responsive caring flexible © CMOE
  • 4. How Do You Measure Up?On a scale of one (low) to ten(high), how effective are you as a team leader? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 © CMOE
  • 5. How Do You Measure Up?What do you think youneed to improve on tobe more like the leader you thought of? © CMOE
  • 6. Consider the following 5 strategies to immediately improve your team leadership skills © CMOE
  • 7. Strategy #1Improve your awareness of the individual needs of team members. Value each member as an individual. Demonstrate that you care about their success. © CMOE
  • 8. Strategy #2Be accountable. Choose to take ownership and responsibility for team results — both good and bad. Hold team members accountable and inspire accountability in them through your own actions. © CMOE
  • 9. Accountability “Focus on the whatinstead of the who.”Dr. Steven J. Stowell and Stephanie Mead in the Team Approach © CMOE
  • 10. Strategy #3 Set clear expectations and ground rules to guide team member behaviors and decisions. Have you worked with your team to establish ground Do your team members rules for working together? know what is expected of them every day? Do you set clear expectations about team performance? © CMOE
  • 11. Communicate. Communicate.Strategy #4 Communicate. language of leadership is Communication- communicate to inform, influence, and align. © CMOE
  • 12. Strategy #5Renew your commitment to EXCELLENCE. • Do whatever is necessary to help your team succeed. • Stay focused on the team’s goals. Take action now! • Expect the best from yourself and others. • Look for ways to continuously improve and develop yourself. © CMOE
  • 13. Now What? © CMOE
  • 14. Action Plan1. Pick one thing to work on that will help you improve your team leadership effectiveness. Specific2. Set a SMART Goal. Measurable Aligned3. Work on it now. Realistic Time-Bound4. Find a mentor and get some training.5. Tell people what you will be doing differently.6. Get INSPIRED to be the best leader you can be.
  • 15. About CMOE’s TeamLeadership Workshops © CMOE
  • 16. CMOE’s Teamwork Workshops Seek To: Enhance team effectiveness and cohesiveness. Produce creative solutions to team challenges. Build team motivation and revitalize team-member commitment. Utilize the resources and talent found within the team. Solve problems and manage conflict and differences between individuals. © CMOE
  • 17. CMOE’s Teamwork Workshops Seek To: Identify the team mission and set goals that reflect the team’s purpose. Recognize the team’s strengths as well as its weaknesses. Define and capitalize on each individual’s role as a member or leader within the team. Apply then timeless principles and practices of teamwork to the work environment and beyond. © CMOE
  • 18. Other Teamwork & Leadership Products Senior Leadership Teams Coaching Skills Delegation & Accountability Qualities of Leadership Team Retreats © CMOE
  • 19. CMOE Press has published twoDid You Know? books about Teamwork. The Team Approach and Teamwork are available for sale at and in our bookstore at © CMOE
  • 20. Why Choose CMOE? © CMOE
  • 21. Why Choose CMOE We have served our clients since 1978. We employ the world’s greatest instructional designers, facilitators, and consultants. We work hard for our clients. We are innovative. We offer a no-risk guarantee. © CMOE
  • 22. A Few of Our Clients Department of Defense BlueCross Blue Shield
  • 23. 801 569 © CMOE