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  • 1. Games
  • 2. Games are exciting…
  • 3. they’re challenging…..
  • 4. but most of all they’re FUN
  • 5. More and more games are being used for learning!
  • 6. Definition
    According to Smaldino, “games are used as an activity in which a learner follows rules,
  • 7. Definition
    as they strive to attain a challenging educational goal.”
  • 8. What are the positives of using gaming in the classroom?What are the positives of using games……………
  • 9. Advantage # 1
    Games can motivate learners.
  • 10. Advantage # 2
    A learner can use problem solving skills to finish a game.
  • 11. Advantage # 3
    When playing games, learners are engaged.
  • 12. Advantage # 4
    Games can serve as a drill and practice strategy.
  • 13. Advantage #5
    Games gain student attention to learn a specific topic.
  • 14. Advantage # 6
    Games can be used with a whole class OR……
  • 15. Advantage # 6
    with a small group or individually.
  • 16. But be very cautious……
  • 17. Limitations of using gaming
    Games can become too competitive.
  • 18. Limitations
    Struggling learners may have difficulty participating.
  • 19. Limitations
    Buying software games is expensive!
  • 20. If used properly, games can be a great instructional tool
  • 21. Integration of games in the classroom
    Puzzles are used to practice information that students need to learn in any content.
  • 22. Integration of games in the classroom
    Teachers can buy or create bingo games for the whole class.
  • 23. Integration of games in the classroom
    Flash cards created by either the teacher or student can be utilized as games.
  • 24. Integration of games in the classroom
    Software games intended for a specific content area are a great way to incorporate games.
  • 25. Integration of games in the classroom
    Teachers can create their own board games for a learning center.
  • 26. If utilized efficiently games can lead to ………………..