Technology Programming and Services for Children


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Technology Programming and Services for Children

  1. 1. Technology Programmingand Services for Children Claire Moore Darien Library NELA Conference 2012
  2. 2. AgendaIntro/ About Darien LibraryRole of the library in 21st CenturyTechnology in Services and ProgramsResources for implementing tech in childrensservicesQ&A and Sandbox
  3. 3. About Darien Library Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut New building opened January 2009 Population is 19,607 One of the highest circulation per capita 155,000 books and 300 newspaper/ magazine subscriptions
  4. 4. Why is technology vital to libraries?Flickr user mitikusa
  5. 5. Libraries provideaccess to 71% of users sayinformation and the library is theirtools for learning primary place for accessing Primary location for computers andinformal learning internetMeet the needs ofpatrons ALA access study 2007-2009
  6. 6. The New Digital Divide "Compared with their middle-income peers, low- income children are less likely to use digital media to build the type of knowledge and skills they will need to compete and cooperate in the global economy."Always Connected: The new digital media habits of young children. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, 2010.
  7. 7. 52% of children have access to one of the newer mobile devices at home. Common Sense Media 2011 Zero to Eight Study sites/default/files/research/ zerotoeightfinal2011.pdf
  8. 8. 21st Century Skills AASL Standards Technology necessary for future learning and growth Technology has impacted how we access information Definition of literacy has changedStandards of the 21st Century Learner, American Association for School Librarians, 2007
  9. 9. Effective uses of technology and media are: Active , hands- on, engaging Give the child control Used as one of many options to support childrens learningTechnology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs. National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Fred Rogers Center
  10. 10. " Kids should have basic skills in technology operations and concepts by age five." The International Society for Technology in Education (2007). " Young children need opportunities to develop theearly technology- handling skills associated with early digital literacy that are akin to the book handling skills associated with early literacy development."National Institute for Literacy (2008)
  11. 11. Multiple LiteraciesTextualDigitalVisualMedia
  12. 12. Technology in ServicesSelf Check/ Surface Table Card Star Creation Station
  13. 13. Touchscreen TechnologyMulti-sensory toolfor engaging achildCreate a collaboratelearningenvironment Moves beyondpassive screen
  14. 14. Mounted iPad in Room IPad 2 $399/ Mac Lock $98.95 Apps $0 +
  15. 15. IPads and Early LiteracyEngages child on amulti- sensory levelInvolves Visual, Auditory,and KinestheticmodalitiesDevelops fine motor,language, cognitive, andsocial skillsPromotes an enjoymentthrough interaction
  16. 16. Early Literacy IPad Kits- 6 pre-loaded iPad 2 - Canvas Tote - Gumdrop Case - Tag with Bib and Item info - Liability form IPad 2 $399/ Gumdrop Case $59.95 Tote $19.95 Apps $0 +
  17. 17. What Makes a Great Early Literacy App?Be intuitive to use andeasy to navigateEncourage thedevelopment of multipleLiteraciesInspire activeparticipationBalance betweeninteractive features andgetting lost in the story
  18. 18. Intro to LettersBuilds Letter Knowledgeby teaching the namesof each letterImproves motor skills byhaving kids trace lettershapes.Makes the letter soundsfor PhonologicalAwareness support
  19. 19. Moo, Baa, La La LaPrint Motivation supported by interactivity andfun add-ons.Print Awareness developed by allowing childrento turn pages of actual book.
  20. 20. App Recommendations early-literacy/early-literacy-ipad-appsselected-childrens- librarians
  21. 21. Technology in Programs
  22. 22. Storytime IntegrationKeynote App for large groupsRead aloud with e- BookApps. Ex. Go Away BigGreen MonsterBi-lingual apps for languagelearning activitiesFelt Board App for fingerplays, rhymes, and songs
  23. 23. Kids SpanishSerendipity Apps, LlC $1.99 Bunny Fun: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Auryn, Inc. $1.99
  24. 24. Little Clickers Ages 3 to 5Week 1: Intro toComputersWeek 2: Using Computers Week 3: Using aKeyboardWeek 4: ApplicationsWeek 5: Internet Boowa and Kwalas UnderseaWeek 6: IPad and apps Adventure
  25. 25. IKids Ages 9 to 12Interactive program forTweens focuses on usingtechnology to expresscreativityRegistered program for 6kidsDigital photography, booktrailers, videos, creation-based apps.
  26. 26. IKids ProjectsiMovie videos Digital Photography /photo manipulation Creation/ Art WebsitesAnimation projectsStop-action movies
  27. 27. Websites Apps Artisan Cam PhotogeneScratch Pic CollageProfessor Garfield Art in MotionKerpoof Animation HDMuseums like the IMotionTate, MOMA,
  28. 28. Animation Project Animation Creator HD mobile I Software, LLC $2.99
  29. 29. Visual ProjectsAuryn Cam Pic CollageAuryn Inc. Cardinal Blue Software Free Free
  30. 30. Stop-Motion Project IMotion AppFingerLab SARL Free
  31. 31. Programs for Parents and Caregivers
  32. 32. 21 Things for 21st Century ParentsBased on the 23 Things programcreated by Helene Blowers ofCharlotte Mecklenburg LibrarySelf-directed program for parentsand caregiversTopics include Facebook, Twitter,Etsy, e-Readers, Gadgets, Apps andmore!
  33. 33. Appy Hours and Tweet UpsReaders Advisoryformat for AppselectionTwitter moms incommunityOpportunity toencourage dialoguewithin the community
  34. 34. Resources for Librarians and PatronsChildrens Technology ReviewCommon Sense MediaGeek Dad, App SmittenSchool Library Journal - Touch and GoKirkus Book App ReviewsOther librarians: conferences, round tables,Twitter and Tweetups
  35. 35. ResourcesTechnology and Interactive Media as Tools in early ChildhoodPrograms Serving Children from Birth through Age 8. Theres an App for that? Investigations do childrensusage and learning with mobile devices. http:/ / and Literacy: 21st Century Programming for Childrenand Teens by Jennifer Nelson and Keith Braafladt, ALA Edition,2012. Standards of the 21st Century Learner, American Association for School Librarians, 2007
  36. 36. Thank you!