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Amerigo vespucci
Amerigo vespucci
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Amerigo vespucci


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  1. Kua 1Kaimana KuaMrs. Ross20 October 2011 Amerigo Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci is a name that most people don’t know. In fact, the Americancontinent is named after him. He was an Italian explorer born in Florence, Italy in 1454.Amerigo Vespucci is credited for being the man to recognize the “New World” as an entirelynew continent. Amerigo Vespucci did not face many obstacles in relation to his voyages. He came froma wealthy family and knew many high ranking people in the community. At the age of twentyfive he was employed by a famous Italian family who sent him as a representative to meet withthe King of France. In fact, he helped prepare the ships for Columbus’s second and thirdexpeditions in Seville, Spain. Vespucci’s first voyage consisted of four ships under the command of Alonso de Ojedaof Spain. The ships set sail in May of 1499. During this voyage of thirteen months he discoveredthe mouth of the Amazon River and saw Cape St. Augustine. On his way back to Spain hereached Trinidad; saw the mouth of the Orinoco River, and then Haiti. Vespucci thought hesailed along the coast of the very eastern portion of the peninsula of Asia. When he returned toSpain he was eager to set sail on another voyage to reach the Indian Ocean, the gulf of theGanges, and the island of Taprobane. Amerigo set sail under the service of Portugal on May 13, 1501. It was during thisvoyage that he became convinced that Columbus’s newly discovered lands were not part of Asia.
  2. Kua 2They were indeed a “New World.” Additionally, through his voyages, Vespucci figured out away to measure the earth’s equatorial circumference and was only off by fifty miles. In 1507, a German clergyman and geographer named Martin Waldseemuller publishedthe first map that used the name America for the “New World.” This would forever change thehistory of the world. It is said that Columbus discovered the “New World,” but Vespucci was theman who recognized that it was a “New World.”