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grammar, English, middle school, verbs, 3 tenses,

grammar, English, middle school, verbs, 3 tenses,



grammar, English, middle school, verbs, 3 tenses

grammar, English, middle school, verbs, 3 tenses



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    grammar, English, middle school, verbs, 3 tenses, grammar, English, middle school, verbs, 3 tenses, Presentation Transcript

    • 6 th Verbs – 3 Types Action, linking, helping
    • 3 Types - Action
      • VERBS: word that shows action or state of being; only P.O.S. that can stand alone as sentence (think “dog commands”)
      • ACTION:
      • Action verbs show mental or physical action
        • PHYSICAL: The boy walks the dog.
        • MENTAL: Michelle wanted a dog.
      • Click here for a list of action verbs
    • 3 Types - Linking
      • LINKING:
        • Linking verbs hook up the subject (“do”-er) of the sentence to additional information about the sentence. This additional information can be a predicate noun, a predicate adjective, or a prepositional phrase.
        • A linking verb test: substitute form of “be”; if it works, it is functioning as a linking verb.
        • The list shows linking verbs and wanna be’s; some linking verbs can function as an action verb (these are the wanna be’s)
    • Click here for further examples of linking verbs: “always” and “ wanna be’s ” Linking verb lists: “always” and “wanna be’s ” be will were was are is seem am become (forms of be): These words are ALWAYS linking verbs: taste turn sound look smell grow remain feel prove appear These words are “WANNA BE’S” that can function as action or linking verbs, depending on their use in the sentence
    • Helping verbs
      • Helping verbs are all but the last word in a 2+ word phrase.
      • Here’s an easy way to remember all the helping verbs. Sing this to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”
        • Helping Verbs, Helping Verbs There are 23 Am is are was and were Being Been and Be
        • Have has had Do does did Shall will should and would There are five more helping verbs May might must can could
    • Examples
      • Go to the New York Times website and pick any article you would like. Cut and paste that article into Word, then mark 3 action, 3 linking, and 3 helping verbs (using 3 colors or “highlighter” in Word is easiest; be sure to create a “key” for Ms. I to use in understanding your choices). Be sure to use an article long enough to have 9 total examples. Print off, write your name on it, & turn in to the basket.
      • Example: Click here to see the sample verb worksheet hosted at slideshare.net/cmites.