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Search engine optimization (seo) workshop 2

Search engine optimization (seo) workshop 2



Gab Goldenberg's class on SEO

Gab Goldenberg's class on SEO



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  • Ask how many people are in class and send half out Have remaining half open a click test page and show where they would click. Send them out and have other half come back in, and open a second test, showing where they would click. “ We’ll come back to the results in a moment. First, we need to discuss permission marketing.” Go back and forth between results pages, show similarity

Search engine optimization (seo) workshop 2 Search engine optimization (seo) workshop 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Workshop By Gabriel Goldenberg Gab @seoroi.com
  • Where We’re Going Today
  • Where We’re Going Today
    • Where does SEO fit in marketing?
      • Interruption vs permission marketing
      • Who finds ads annoying? Who ignores ads?
      • Why do SEO?
  • Where We’re Going Today
    • Under The 600 HP Hoods of Modern Search Engines:
      • - Content discovery
      • - Crawling
      • - Indexing
      • - Ranking
      • - Filtering and Penalizing
  • Where We’re Going Today
    • How do we do SEO?
      • Same as offline marketing campaign:
        • Research
        • Plan
        • Execute
        • Measure
        • Optimize
  • Where We’re Going Today
    • We will do group work to:
      • Research – Keyword ideas and value
      • Measure – Link building efforts
  • INTRO Image: PropsUnlimited.com
  • Interruption Marketing Via 10steps.sg
  • Via DimensionsGuide.com
  • Via Hongkiat.com
  • SearchEngineLand.com
  • An Experiment With Fonts & Font Size
    • Group M, please visit seoroi.com/test-1
    • Group R, please visit seoroi.com/test-2
  • Do Ads Annoy You? Scam ads. Screenshot via BattelleMedia.com
  • Permission Marketing Via B2HMarketing.com
  • Via Calgary-city-maps.com
  • Search: The New Yellow Pages
  • Why do SEO?
    • Highly Effective - Permission
    • 98% of clicks on page 1. When did you last click # 53?
  • Under Search Engines’ Hoods
  • How Search Engines Work
    • Finding out about content
    • Visit
    • Decide what it’s about
    • Store it
    • Rank it against other sites on the topic
    • Get the query and add query-based filters:
      • Geo, personalized search, video, news etc
  • Finding Content
    • There are over a dozen different ways that search engines will discover new content
      • Links
      • Chrome / toolbar visits
      • Searches
      • Tweets
      • Submissions
      • PPC
      • More ways: http://seoroi.com/shotland-index
  • IsMarkDavidsonReal.com Full case study: http://www.seomoz.org/ugc/how-i-got-16-links-in-20-minutes-with-9
  • Crawling Content
    • Q: How do search engines know what is on a webpage?
    • A: With spiders and robots.
    Via Examiner.com
  • The Index
    • Where information on the web is stored.
  • Rankings
    • Rankings depend on Relevance and Importance.
  • Relevance
    • Relevance is the minimum threshold for a page to be considered to be shown.
    Image via: StuartDuncan.name
  • Relevance Signals
    • Signals of a page’s relevance include
    • Content on the page
    • Clickable text (aka anchor text) in
      • internal links
      • external links
    • The relevance of pages and sites that link to the page
  • Rankings
    • Rankings depend on
    • Relevance and
    • Importance
    Via Topspots003.blogspot.com
  • Rankings
    • It’s not enough to have a relevant page…
    • You need to be The. Most. Important. Page.
  • What’s The Most Important Page?
  • The most visitors? Via VisualPhotos.com
  • The most known brand? Good analysis here: http://www.seobook.com/potential-brand-signals Via BrandXCulture.com
  • The one paying Google the most?
  • The hottest designed page? Via Visual-Blast.com
  • Importance
    • Importance in rankings depends on what others say.
  • Links Via Wasauna.com IPL.org
  • Factors In Link Building
    • Amount
    • Prominence and location
    • Authority
    • Relevance of linking site, page, person
  • Social Signals
    • Importance depends on social media signals like tweets and Facebook shares
  • Visitor Data
    • Browsers and toolbars
  • Rankings Cat & Mouse
  • Penalties and Filters
    • Penalties for guideline violations
    • Filters for geo, language, news etc.
    Via J-walkblog.com
  • How do we do SEO?
  • How do we do SEO? Step 1: Research
  • Research: Keyword Ideas
    • Tools
    • Get 2-3 partners
    • Pick 3 products you’ve all researched or bought online (suggest: not CPG)
    • Visit Google’s general keyword tool:
      • http://seoroi.com/google-kw-tool
    • Enable Cost Per Click columns, months, and brainstorm keywords for each product
  • Research: Keyword Ideas
    • People
    • Switch products with the group sitting next to you
    • Brainstorm & write down all keywords and modifers – 15 mins – note who came up with each keyword
    • Good work gets candy!
    Via layoutsparks.com
  • Research: Keyword Ideas
    • Competitors
    • Google some keywords
    • Visit sites
    • Read navigation / sitemaps
  • Research: Keyword Value
    • Individually: Write answers to these questions about your group’s products:
      • Have you bought this product/service before? If so, how many times?
      • How often do you buy this product/service?
      • Are you a new or returning client to the last place you bought from?
    • Put answers aside- we’ll return to them soon.
  • Research: Keyword Value
    • Lego: Big mistake or PPC intricacies?
  • Research: Keyword Value
    • CPC data, Surveys and Competitor Review
    • Compare keyword ideas with keyword value info from surveys and G CPCs
  • Designing Sites for SEO
  • Keep It Simple
    • Text links
    • Avoid Flash & Frames
    • Use keywords liberally
    • Answer the query
    • Organize for users
    • When in doubt, delete.
  • Clinique Revolution Full disclosure: They are a current client.
  • Link Building
    • ‘ Why would anyone link to me?’
  • That’s What They Do
    • Directories of websites and resources:
      • General: Yahoo
      • Niche: Hockey-Community’s Hockey Blogs
      • Discounts for students
  • What is a “Hub”? It’s the center of a wheel.
  • What is a “Hub”? A wheel made up of pages and links.
  • Why Hubs Matter To SEO
    • A Partial History of Google’s Algos
    • PageRank: Absolute scores
    • Offtopic pages can rank with high PR
    • Hilltop: Relevance within a field
  • Hubs Link Within A Field So Hub Links And Relevance Correlate
    • Topical relevance can be measured using hub links
    Larry King Bob Vila PageRank: General Fame HillTop: Niche Expertise
  • Tool: Competitive Link Finder
  • Tool: Competitive Link Finder
    • Pros:
    • See actual linking pages
    • Sorted by SEOmoz’s mozRank and mozTrust
      • Saves time
    • Cons:
    • Starts at $99/mo > competitors
    • Fewer results than competitors
  • And Sites With Other Purposes’ Motivation?
    • Sweeeeeeet content.
  • News 500K links, per OpenSiteExplorer.org
  • Tutorials
  • Studies
  • Compliments or Controversy
    • Jason Cherniak from Liblogs
    • Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc.
    Via DigitalTechNews.com Via Liberal.ca
  • Practice: Link Analysis
    • In groups, download these four CSV files and visit the URLs.
    • Why did they get each link? What was remarkable?
    • http://seoroi.com/links-oatmeal
    • http://seoroi.com/links-wordpress
    • http://seoroi.com/links-degrees
    • http://seoroi.com/links-seomoz
  • And If You Don’t Create Content?
    • Suppliers
    • Customers
    • Friends
  • Assumed: Initial Attention Distribution doesn’t happen on its own. You have to ask. And for many of us, that’s uncomfortable.
  • Why is it uncomfortable?
  • Why is it uncomfortable? Typically because we’re interrupting. Via 10steps.sg
  • The solution? Permission.
      • Relationships: BuzzStream, ConnectedHQ
      • Social Media & Reciprocity
      • Subscribers – RSS and Email