Ancient Greece Vocab
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Ancient Greece Vocab






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Ancient Greece Vocab Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Ancient Greece VocabularyParthenon— symbol of Ancient Greece. It was a temple to Athena. Athenians believed that the Parthenon (the temple to Athena)provided protection for their city- stateAcropolis– fortress located in the center of most city-states. A place that provided Greeks with protection, a place to worship and a place to socialize (gather).
  • 2. Ancient Greece VocabularyCity-State--are political units made up of a city and all surrounding lands. Many city- states were geographically formed by rugged mountains and isolated valleysAthens– city-state located in eastern Greece. Famous for its focus on education, literature, government and art
  • 3. Ancient Greece VocabularySparta– rival city-state of Athens. Famous for its focus on its militaryHellenistic –”Greek-like” Historians refer to blended cultures (cultures that have aspects of Greek influence) as Hellenistic.
  • 4. Ancient Greece VocabularyGolden Age— a period in a society’s history marked by great achievement. In Greece it was a time when Greek thinkers, artists and writers contributed many new ideas to the world.Pericles—most famous leader in all Athenian history. He encouraged Athenians by supporting education, art, literature and architecture
  • 5. Ancient Greece VocabularyAlexander the Great— a ruler who united all of Greece.Direct Democracy— A system of government in which the people participate directly in decision making.
  • 6. Ancient Greece VocabularyThe following columns were created by the Greeks and are still used in architecture today.Doric Column--a Greek-style column with only a simple decoration around the top
  • 7. Ancient Greece VocabularyIonic Column--a Greek-style column topped by a single scroll just below the top
  • 8. Ancient Greece VocabularyCorinthian Column-- a Greek-style column topped by bag of curlicues, scrolls and other lavish decoration.
  • 9. Ancient Greece VocabularyMythology--is the body of stories and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks concerning their gods and heroes. These stories were about the nature of the world.
  • 10. Ancient Greece VocabularyMonotheism--belief in a single GodPolytheism—belief in multiple (many) gods