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The Resilient Manager by Gary Hogman of MAS 25Oct11

The Resilient Manager by Gary Hogman of MAS 25Oct11



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Resilient manager-gary-hogman-111025 Resilient manager-gary-hogman-111025 Presentation Transcript

  • MAS Management Advisory Service Personal Resilience Speaker: Gary Hogman0845 833 1597 1
  • MAS Management Advisory Service What is resilience? “The capacity to mobilise personal features that enable individuals to: tolerate, overcome, be enhanced by and prevent adverse events and experiences”0845 833 1597 2
  • MASManagement Event ProcessAdvisory X ConteXt A Activating event B Personal features C Evaluation and meaning D Outcome0845 833 1597 3
  • MASManagementAdvisory Context Environment - work, home Related roles - manager, mother Related processes - decision making, caring0845 833 1597 4
  • MASManagementAdvisory EventsSchemas - vignettes or scenesbased on experiencesSchemas contain a context,actions and a way of respondingThe schemas that we use daily mostlyoccur at a semiconscious levelOccasionally something changesand then we are placed on alert 5
  • MASManagement PersonalAdvisory Features: Observations - It is difficult for us to survive on our own - We act in relation to the context - We find controlling ourselves difficult - We often mask our thoughts and feelings - We find controlling others difficult - We judge others by their behaviour and what they say - We are good at false attributions - We are hugely successful! 6
  • MASManagement PersonalAdvisory Features: Selves 7
  • MASManagementAdvisory Service - Objective/Quantitative - Subjective/Qualitative - Equality/Fairness/Ethics - Groupthink - Past experiences - Expectations/Anticipation0845 833 1597 8
  • MASManagementAdvisory Outcome Inaction (inc. fear, learned helplessness, willful blindness) Purposeful Action Enforced Action0845 833 1597 9
  • TheMowbrayWheelofResilience 10
  • A Resilience NarrativeVision Wide angle shot of the castle on the hillSelf Determination Close-up of character walking towards itInteraction Bartering with a fellow travellerRelationships Sharing the load with new companionsProblem Solving Overcoming a challenge on routeOrganisation Planning the final difficult stageSelf Confidence Being thanked by companions Reaching the castle! 11
  • MAS Management Advisory Service What do you really, really, really want to do?0845 833 1597 12
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Influential Activity (1) - Writing Imagination Rehearsal (Memory) Kinetic Artifact0845 833 1597 13
  • MASManagement Advisory Values drive choices and decisions 14
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Wisdom Pleasure Growth IntegrityResponsibility Honesty Courage Creativity LOVE Ethics Power Equality Friendship Health Justice Passion Knowledge Faith Money Independence Security 15
  • Interaction Attentiveness What question would you ask?0845 833 1597 16
  • MASManagement Advisory Assertiveness 17
  • MAS Management Advisory Service MirrorExerciseANDInfluential Activity (2) -Self Talk 18
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Necessary Varied Key relationship(s) Reciprocal friendships0845 833 1597 19
  • MASManagement Advisory expectations ofthem Their expectations of you 20
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Try to like problems, even if you find them difficult0845 833 1597 21
  • MASManagement Advisory Problem Solving Imagination Listening Logic 22
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Influential Activity (3) - Imagination Catastrophising Positive thinking Sport0845 833 1597 23
  • MASManagement Advisory Know where you are... 168 - how to get more out of life 24
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Influential Activity (4) Introduction - Triple Loop Learning of Idea Application Reinforcement0845 833 1597 25
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Confidence breeds confidence Self confidence is being able to control your anxiety0845 833 1597 26
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Exercises-diaphragmatic-walking-imagery0845 833 1597 27
  • MAS Management Advisory Service Thank you0845 833 1597 28