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The November 2011 edition of Professional Manager magazine, featuring Dennis Hone and the latest on best practice in management and leadership.

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Professional Manager November 2011

  1. 1. £4.50 / FREE TO MEMBERSthe chartered management institute magazine WInTER 2011/12Gold digger Olympics building boss Dennis Hone on how he saved the public a fortune ARTS OF INSPIRATION Discover your literary leadership muse cONFlIcT clASh Is it ever right to fight? BRAIN DRAIN Why the best talent still slides south
  2. 2. Professional Manager Winter 2011/12 Chartered Management news & views Institute (CMI) Management House, Cottingham Road, Corby, 07 Briefing Northamptonshire NN17 1TT Even Steve Jobs knew that great managers are made not born, t 01536 207307 says Simon Dolph e 08 Feedback Your letters and why being punctual won the Secret Staffer praise 12 Agenda Acting Chief Executive Michael Skapinker’s essentials plus CMI conference and news Chris Kinsella 19 View from Westminster Director of Marketing and Baroness Prosser on looking after your workforce in a slump Communications Simon Dolph 20 Debate Is it ever right to fight? Editor Ben Walker Senior Sub-editor Gemma Green 08 50 AOB Simon Caulkin on the golden rules of innovation Editorial Assistant Rebecca Kearley features Account Director Sam Gallagher Publishing Director Ian McAuliffe 24 McAndrew meets… Dennis Hone Advertise with us: For all ITN’s special correspondent discovers how the man charged with enquiries, contact Michael building the Olympics saved the public nearly a billion pounds Coulsey (t 020 8962 28 Leadership, by the book 1261, e michael.coulsey@ Meet the motivators: Shakespeare, Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. Iain or Hollingshead examines the management style of literary greats Vicci Rule (t 020 8962 2942, 32 Mind spaces e New office designs are changing the workplace, says Leon Walker 34 Brains sink south Professional Manager © 2011. Published on 24 The new Enterprise Zones aren’t powerful enough to stem the endless slide of talent to London, writes Dave Fawbert behalf of CMI by Think, The Pall Mall Deposit, cPd Planner 124-128 Barlby Road, London W10 6BL 39 PM profile t 020 8962 3020 Chartered Manager of the Year Colonel Neale Moss OBE e professional.manager@ 40 Masterclass Caitlin Mackesy Davies leads you on a voyage of discovery 42 Fleeting thoughts New motoring columnist Peter Rodger on beating the snow trap Member of the Audit Bureau 43 The personnel touch of Circulations 80,948 Alison Blackhurst on how to stop the Christmas party 1 July 2010 to turning sour 30 June 2011 40 44 Reviews and events Books rated – and our events diary to keep you in the knowCOVeR PHOTO: CHARLIe BeST Printed on UPM Star matt. Produced at a factory that holds ISO14001, environmental management certificate. CMI is incorporated by Royal Charter and registered as a charity (No. 1091035). CMI does not necessarily agree with, nor guarantee the accuracy of, statements Contributors made by contributors or advertisers or accept responsibility for any statements which they may express in this publication. ISSN 0969-6695© Daisy McAndrew Iain Hollingshead Peter Rodger ITN’s special Novelist and Daily Motoring expert correspondent Telegraph journalist Peter Rodger talks to Olympics takes a satirical rolls into the chief Dennis look at leaders Professional Hone p24 from the arts p28 Manager team p42 _ 03
  3. 3. GeT MORe FROM CMiSimon Dolph, director of marketing and communications, CMI as a cmi member, you have access to a comprehensive range of products and services, all designed to help you on your path Can Apple replace to management success Steve Jobs? On THe WeB It seems Jobs With free checklists, e-learning modules, podcasts and an himself thought so “ask the researcher” service at readers of editor Ben Walker’s Steve managementresources, the latestJobs obituary on the new Professional thinking is just a click away.Manager website will discover, therewere many facets of Jobs’ personality On yOuR CVone would not wish to replicate. Yet the enhance your professionalgreat innovator certainly had something status with a CMI managementgoing for him. What he did well was a vital grounding at the less-glamorous qualification, not to mention studyto inspire: his natural charisma and Formula Renault, which he followed with tips when you need them the most.remarkable imagination almost made stints in Formulas 3 and 2. “The seedsup for his failings in his interaction of his current success were sown during in yOuR inBOxwith subordinates. However, reports that early career,” says Red Bull Racing. Keeping on top of employmentafter his tragic death revealed that far Training is the key to everything, law changes and managementfrom seeing himself as a one-off, Jobs especially to magic intangibles such updates has never been easierhad charged Apple’s internal university as inspirational leadership. That’s why with our monthly e-newsletterwith developing the next generation of CMI provides courses, resources and Membership Matters and e-alertsinspirational innovators, to ensure the ideas for creating the next generation of from our partners at BusinessHR.IT giant would continue to sparkle in stellar managers. What will not work ishis wake. Perhaps this unpolished leaving company futures to chance by FOR THe jOuRneymaverick knew something about promoting juniors without the relevant Make your next managementmanagement after all? training into management roles, and move with confidence using By 2017, the UK will need a net 2.2 expecting them to be natural leaders of our online continuing professionalmillion new managers. However, there is people when they get there. They may development system and careermore to this mind-boggling equation than be able to muddle through, they may guidance resources.the daunting question of how we find be effective at day-to-day processes.enough brains to fill those berths. The But inspired – and inspiring – they will On yOuR PHOnesum is a psychological puzzle as much not be. Those who cannot lead people, Want answers on the move?as a mathematical one. We need those cannot change processes. Without Then download our free CMI appbrains to want to manage; to want to lead. change at the right times, UK ( Inspirational managers are made, not businesses will wither. or contact our legal helpline forborn. The very best may be genetically Apple’s shares fell on the news of up-to-the-minute advice from apredisposed to greatness, but you still Steve Jobs’ death, as traders feared the qualified solicitor.have to polish a diamond. Take Red Bull brand would be compromised withoutFormula 1 team boss Christian Horner, its mercurial leader. Those traders in THe COMMuniTya reportedly brilliant brain who took may well be wrong. Jobs knew how to Keep the conversation goingthe outfit in just seven seasons from inspire, and told Apple to train its future online – through our forums –perennial also-rans to back-to-back leaders to do the same. Thanks to Jobs’ or at one of our top regionaltitle winners, eclipsing the great names forethought, it seems Apple has great networking events (see page 46).of Ferrari and McLaren in the process. leaders in reserve. Do you?Yet even Red Bull itself admits that its Find out more about great leadership nOT yeT A MeMBeR?great leader’s skills aren’t the product of from our ManagementDirect service at visit genius. Rather, they are born or call 01536 207307 toof hard work, experience and training. Read our Steve Jobs obituary at join today.Horner’s motor sport career began with _ 07
  4. 4. GeT in TOuCH Send your views to professional.manager@ Letters may be edited for length and clarityYour chance to comment on management mattersPRize LeTTeR Gazza’s passionFair’s fair for football often ended in tearsTom Peck’s feature on fairnessand Daisy McAndrew’s interviewwith Trades Union Congressgeneral secretary Brendan Barber(September/October issue) bothraise important issues. Yet neither LeTTeRjournalist mentions the work of PRizeElliott Jaques and the GlacierProject – which may be historybut should not be forgotten. Barrie wins a spa Those working in an industrial break for two at PHOTO: REx FEATUREShierarchy were found to have Alexander Housea very strong sense of what Hotel in Westwas a proper reward for their Sussex, courtesycontribution. Jaques called it felt- of Virgin experiencefair pay and was able to use it as a Days. Perfect fortool in organisation analysis. He Christmas gifts,found that when pay differentials www.virginfell outside the felt-fair pay bands experiencedays. Managers should remember rather learn how to use the onesthere was discontent in the is full of that the UK workforce is as good, who are already here.workforce. Employees who feel ideas for all or even better, than any in the Barrie Skelcher MCMI, BSc,that they have done a good honest budgets. Readers world. Those bosses who believe MSC, MRSC, C Chem, MSRP,job and contributed to the success can enjoy 20% otherwise should question their C Rad Pof the enterprise expect to see that discount until own management style andrewarded. They do not appreciate 31 December 2011. enter code maybe go back and take lessons no woman, no crydirectors and top executives PROF20 at the in motivation that used to be the Kayleigh Ziolo’s debate piecegetting all the kudos and cash. online checkout. vogue in the 1960s and 1970s. This (September/October issue) asksWhen this happens it leads to Call 0844 504 country is already overpopulated whether it is okay to cry at work.strained industrial relations and 0844 for more and underemployed. We do not In my view, to answer her question,often trade union action. information. need to import more workers, but we need to examine two things. First, we need to look at the sector. As Dan Hill says in the piece, latest discussions on it is acceptable for sports people to cry. This is because they are using l why blogging can benefit principles, according to Europe – due to the early their emotions, aggression and you as a manager a Financial Times report adoption of computers passion as part of their job... crying “No single thing in the past that fuels the controversy in the UK. when they succeed or fail in their 15 years professionally has sparked by Labour leader been more important to my Ed Miliband’s division of stressed goal is a more natural outcome, life than blogging,” says US the business world into and so areas that need emotion business management author “producers” and “predators”. in the job are going to consider Tom Peters. Indeed, far from Early computers crying as more acceptable. Where being a pastime, blogging can ethics linked to lower emotions are less needed in a job stress levels improve our skills as bosses. – for example in administration l British workers less or accountancy – crying would, I blogging stressed than europeans imagine, be less acceptable. A Cambridge academic Second, we need to look at l Profits before ethics? has claimed that British Britain’s bosses are workers are less stressed gender. It is socially acceptable for prioritising profits over than those in continental females to cry in the office: some do it a lot.08 _ professional manager _ Winter 2011/12
  5. 5. Letters THinkinG This issue I’m discussing review OF PuLLinG time. Stressful for the monkeys, bureaucratic and time-devouring for A “siCkie”? the organ grinders. My store rates staff Average workers are becoming in 11 categories and each one has three exceptional in a culture where staff possible ranks: e for “excelling”, V for attendance levels and timekeeping “valued employee” and C for “could are not being taken seriously improve”. Of course, these terms are just management speech for good; okay; and “step it up, pal”. I did pretty well on my last review. Although I think it is socially Nine Vs and two es. Only two es? Iacceptable for a man to cry for hear you cry. Well, under HR rules, nopersonal reasons, it is not, however, employee is allowed to be awardedsocially acceptable for him to cry as more than two “excelling” ratingsa result of something work-related. seCReT and is mandated to receive at leastIndeed, if a man cries at work I sTAFFeR three suggestions for improvement.think this is likely to be a one-way I’ll leave you to decide exactly howstreet to a P45. little sense that makes, while I discussJudy Craske MIC, CMC, one category in which I am officially a top performer: timeCMgr, FCMI management and attendance. So what did I do to receive this A-grade rating on myTears for fears timekeeping? Did I regularly volunteer to stay late or pick upWhen examining whether it’s extra hours when the shift hit the fan? No. Did I never swapever acceptable to cry at work, shifts around with co-workers? No. Did I throw an unjustifiedI think you need to factor in the sickie? No. In my book, my performance was merely adequate,effect of stress, which can often be the basic level one should attain, not a model for others andwork-related. Sometimes, when definitely not that of someone “excelling”. My record soundsthings have been building up, even pretty average, right? erm, wrong.a minor thing can be the proverbial I discussed this a few days after my review with a colleaguestraw that breaks the camel’s back. – let’s call her Sophie – who started at the same time as me,In such circumstances, tears act but rose through the ranks to become department head –as a release of stress – without this surely a real exceller! I discovered that she agreed with me.outlet, the effect on the individual Sophie explained that, in her book, my attendance level wasis potentially quite damaging. the minimum, not the goal, but that the attendance level ofJim Vasey CMgr, MCMI staff in her department was so poor that, in comparison with my peers, I was, indeed, excelling. Consider the story sheThe drugs do work recounted of one of her staff, a 37-year-old lady whom we’llAs the supplier of the smart drugs call Angela. Angela didn’t turn up for two days and didn’t callyou tested (July/August issue) I to say she wouldn’t be there. When Sophie asked her why she found the results interesting. didn’t at least call to say she wasn’t coming in she said: “Yeah In particular, I was rather sorry, I got in a fight.” Two days later she turned up drunk and surprised that Picamilon was subsequently fired. scored the highest of everything is indeed relative. And realising that eternal the lot. truth definitely affected my performance – and not in a I wanted to make good way. This is a job I tolerate rather than love and I was a few comments on overachieving in my timekeeping and attendance. Realisingthe other products, just so your Find out more I had far more leeway than I previously thought, I’vereaders don’t write nootropics The Secret relaxed a bit on the clock-watching front and, as such, haveoff completely. Staffer’s occasionally arrived late – although I haven’t yet sunk to the Sulbutiamine has its non- experience depths of spending 48 hours AWOL due to brawling. There areresponders but, in any event, shows how a few months until my next review, but I’ve still got a job sosomeone weighing 20st at a height standards can I’m obviously doing enough to cling onto it, which is really myof 6ft 6in would likely need to take slip if managers overall goal. And my “excelling” department head colleague?more than the recommended dose. fail to keep poor She just got sacked. For poor attendance.The product is probably our largest attendance andhit-or-miss supplement. Some love timekeepingit, some feel nothing, so the result under control.isn’t entirely surprising. For more tips Nonetheless, thanks for testing on managingthe products and your subsequent absence, visitwrite-up. It is good to get feedback. www.managers.Raf, Mind Nutrition The Secret Staffer _ 09
  6. 6. For the latest management news and views, visit from across the world of management management minutes Financial Times associate editor and management specialist michael skapinker lists his regular round-up of the top 10 news items for managers1 3 CBI to support primary education many workers still not after riots taking lunch breaksThe Confederation of nearly a third ofBritish Industry (CBI) said workers – 30% – said theyit might shift its focus from didn’t take a regular lunchwork experience to primary break, according to a surveyeducation following August’s by Aviva Health. This was,riots in England. John however, an improvementCridland, the CBI’s director- on 2009, when 37% saidgeneral, said raising education they didn’t take regularstandards was crucial both lunch breaks. Pressure fromto the development of the UK employers to skip lunch waseconomy and to preventing a less significant factor thanfurther unrest. “The level of the availability of food. Someunder-performers who make 43% said their managersno progress between the agesof 11 and 16 tells you that you encouraged them to takecan’t solve the problem in lunch breaks but that eatingsecondary schools… perhaps options at the office werewe need a shift in investment,” too limited.he told the Financial Times. 4 5 6He praised a food company Relief at increase TUC hits back Boardroom diversityin Glasgow that sent factory in A-level maths at health and consultationworkers to a primary school to and science safety “myths” The Financial Reportinghelp with children’s reading. The CBI was, however, still The Trades Union Congress Council (FRC) has begun concerned with secondary (TUC) said that the Health consulting on whether2 Relevant work school results, although it and Safety Executive’s (HSE) companies should provide an experience welcomed the increasing campaign to show that many annual report on their policy more valuable number of pupils studying of its rules were myths should on gender diversity on theirthan degrees maths and science A-levels. not be used to undermine boards of directors. This wasHR directors had comforting Dr Neil Bentley, CBI deputy workplace safety. HSE one of the recommendations inwords for students whose director-general, said: “We’re denied, for example, that it Lord Davies’ review on womenA-level results did not win encouraged that people was trying to prevent people on boards. Baroness Hogg, whothem a university place. In have heeded the call to study celebrating the royal wedding. chairs the FRC, said diversethe last year before sharp A-level maths and science, but Brendan Barber, TUC general boards broadenedincreases in university fees, numbers are still low and must secretary, said the absence perspectives.competition for places was increase to meet employer of workplace issues from 7intense and many missed demand. There is already a HSE’s list of myths But someout. A poll by YouGov found skills gap, with more than 40% showed the idea that disagree…that 85% of HR professionals of companies having difficulty the UK had an over- The Institute ofbelieved work experience was recruiting people with science, zealous health and Directors respondedmore valuable to job seekers technology, engineering and safety culture was to the FRC’sthan a non-vocational degree. maths skills.” itself a myth. consultation12 _ professional manager _ Winter 2011/12
  7. 7. news by saying that, while it shared the concern about the low number of female directors, tightening reporting requirements on this issue nine TO FiVe alone would not be a good idea. Gender was just one aspect THe MuseuM MAesTRO of diversity. It said companies House manager at Dennis Severs’ House, Mick Pedroli, and his team cast should be encouraged to spells that engage visitors to the attraction in Spitalfields, London, and report on broader diversity usher them briefly into another time characteristics, including professional background, 0900 i start the coal fire in the nationality, age, education, kitchen, then sift through emails and sector experience listen to messages. I like to be ahead and personality. of the game. 1000 the next stage is cleaning, 8 Family business and we divide tasks among the four workers happier or five people who work at the house. Employees of family- I don’t like to call the people I work owned businesses are happier, with “staff”. We work together to more loyal and work harder create the experience. than employees in other 1130 Before we open, I walk companies or in public sector around to see if anything isn’t right. organisations. A study for the Presentation is everything in this Unquoted Companies Group house. It is set up to overwhelm found that employees in these you, to make you putty in our companies put in such long hands. A guest won’t notice if hours that they effectively there is one candle missing or work an extra day every week. unlit, but I will. I see everything More than 20% of UK workers in detail in one glance. are employed by family. 1200 on monday afternoons more than 100 people come 9 Headhunters in over two hours. I’m very good at pledge to nominate organising the flow of people in the of the light. We are open every day female candidates house. Then I’ve usually got a few of the week, so it is a continuous story. A group of 19 executive search hours to relax and get the house 1700 once we open the doors we firms responded to the Lord ready for the evening session. sink into a very calming experience. Davies review by pledging that 1300 i may have a meeting with a So many people leave the house with at least 30% of their longlists journalist or a fashion editor. Movie tears in their eyes, and that shows for director’s position on FTSE stars visit the house to get into they have played our game and it 350 companies would be made their roles, and we get visits from works. That’s my only job: to give up of women. The headhunters creative people, such as designers, people a fantastic experience. said that they would consider who appreciate its sensory nature. 2100 when our guests have left “relevant skills and intrinsic Filming sometimes takes place we put the “curfew on the fires”, snuff personal qualities”. and I love the way film crews work candles, and cover up some items to together. It’s like clockwork and protect them from dust. Then we are 10STEPHAnIE WOLFF; FRAnCESCO GUIDICInI/REx FEATURES Highest paid do similar to how we work together here. done. I cannot wait to go home. I live better than ever There is a closeness. a 15-minute bike ride away, which A report by 1430 in the winter, it’s dark in the clears my mind and lets me leave the independent High Pay house by now, and we need to run the house behind. Commission showed that, around to stay warm and to make use in 2002, FTSE 100 lead executives could expect bonuses worth 48% of their THe BOTTOM Line salaries. By 2010, the figure SHORT, SHARP AnD SMART SECRETS TO SUCCESS had risen to 90% of their salaries. Directors’ base salaries also increased by “investing in your team is the secret to 63.9% over 10 years. The success. you are only as good as those you average grant of shares that a have the privilege to work with.” lead executive could receive Tim Campbell, first UK winner of The Apprentice and rose from 100% of salary in founder of the Bright Ideas Trust 2002 to 200% in 2010. _ 13
  8. 8. Men MenTOR WOMenCOnFeRenCe Men resist external coachingCHALLenGes Women are far more likely than men to use anMAnAGeMenT external coach to develop their management and leadership skills, accordingTHinkinG to recent research. Interim findings from CMI and Penna’s Impact of Management andUnimaginative thinking came under attack at CMI’s Leadership DevelopmentManagement and Leadership Conference in London. study revealed that 40% ofInstead, fresh ideas and innovative approaches were on show female respondents used an external management learning and development coach – compared to just 20% of men. And, worryingly, the findings also revealed that 61% of women and 46% of men thought that the mentoring support they did have came too late in their careers. The interim research was exclusively revealed at CMI’s Management and Leadership Conference in London. london rail project starved of skills A lack of skills means an infrastructure scheme cannot find enough workers, despite a recession and rising unemployment.Referring to staff as human resources being seen as part of a mechanism rather than The Crossrail project,can lead to managers failing to treat workers independent minds. due to open in 2018,as individuals, a senior government adviser “[The popular terms are] human resources requires tunnelling underon employee engagement has warned. and human capital,” MacLeod said. “But the city. But CMI president David MacLeod, who has been commissioned actually they are individuals.” Terry Morgan – who isby the Department for Business, Innovation and He also discussed how leaders can get the also Crossrail chairmanSkills, fired the warning at CMI’s Management best out of their workers. “[There needs to be] – has warned of a lack ofand Leadership Conference in London. The no gap between what the leaders say and what tunnelling experts.language used by modern business risked staff the employees see around them,” he warned. “We will be employing 15,000 people, but the skills challenge is huge,” he said l A competition in which delegates were asked to match figures at the conference at CMI’s Management and with their former jobs has been won by a management academic. Manchester Leadership Conference in Metropolitan University principal lecturer, senior learning and teaching fellow Chrissy London. “There are 500 Ogilvie matched all seven individuals to their former jobs. Congratulations Chrissy – tunnellers in the UK – an we are sending you a bottle of 2002 vintage Dom Perignon champagne for your efforts. average age of 55 – but I need 1,000 tunnellers.”14 _ professional manager _ Winter 2011/12
  9. 9. Agenda HERITAgE guARDIAN wINS golDthe director general of the national trust has won CMI’s highest honour forher outstanding leadership of the cherished charity. Dame Fiona Reynolds DBe, who has overseen a boost in National Trustmembership grow to four million for the first time, was handed the CMI GoldMedal in recognition of her brilliant work. Under her tenure, the Trust, which protects more than 600,000 acres of land, Kate Speershas become one of the largest membership and volunteer charities in the world. (middle) won “Dame Fiona’s commitment, ability to manage resources and lead teams the award for Youngare skills that others should imitate,” said CMI president Terry Morgan. Achiever Accepting the award, Dame Fiona said: “The National Trust is a place where of the Yearour people – volunteers and employees – are committed to what they do. They allshare in this award and in accepting it I thank them all very much.” CMi MAnAGeMenT AnD LeADeRsHiP AWARD WinneRs Dragon breathes fire the customer is king. I don’t think on business mantra the customer wants to be king. People Management – the customer is no longer king. They want to be a respected friend.” Broadway Homelessness and Support That is the message from Dragons’ Meaden warned that the days of Den star Deborah Meaden. Instead customers dictating to suppliers Outstanding Training of kings, the multimillionaire were over. Suppliers should strive Provider – enterprise said clients should be “respected to work out what customers want. Northern Ireland friends”. “The customer is king?” “When you ask customers, ‘what Meaden asked delegates at CMI’s else would you like to see?’ they Change Management – Birmingham City Council Management and Leadership don’t offer anything inspirational.” Conference in London. “I think that Meaden added that business Consultant of the Year – sits in the olden days… I don’t think must become more like friendship. Phoebe Dunn, Director, Square Peg InternationalgAMINg boSS RoMPS To vICToRY Practice of the Year – Square Peg International Training and Development the accolade at the Cmi management Management – Tube Lines and leadership awards in london. at a time when Tiga was being Young Achiever – Kate threatened by its main competitor, Speers, marketing manager, ShredBank (pictured) Dr Wilson managed to turn the organisation’s fortunes around, Achiever in the Face increasing its membership by 47% of Adversity – Dr Jill in a year, its turnover by 62% and its Jameson, director of profitability by 8%. research and enterprise, speaking at the ceremony, Dr Wilson School of education, University of Greenwich said: “i’m exceptionally proud of my team and what we’ve achieved at Tiga.” it was Outstanding Leader – a great night for the trade body, which Dr Richard Wilson, also scooped the coveted outstanding chief executive, Tiga organisation award. “it’s a huge honourThe chief executive of the trade to have my role recognised but especially Outstanding Management Team –association representing the video for Tiga to be named outstanding Birmingham City Councilgames industry, Tiga, has been named organisation,” Dr Wilson added.Cmi’s outstanding leader of the year. l Colonel Neale Moss won National Outstanding Organisation –Dr richard Wilson (pictured) scooped Chartered Manager of the Year (see page 39). Tiga _ 15
  10. 10. Agenda Link up Professional University Manager goes online partnership Wish you could find that brilliant Linking London Professional Manager article at the and CMI joined touch of a button? Want to invite your forces to create colleagues to join the debate over the new opportunities key management questions? Fancy for learners to testing your own management skills develop the skills on interactive features? now you can. demanded by UK The new Professional Manager organisations. website will provide the perfect Under the electronic foil to Professional memorandum of Manager magazine. It will incorporate understanding, web-exclusive journalism fromBlog top dog CMI and Linking London will be able to work the sharpest writers, interactive features and the bright visuals that readers expect from the relaunched with academic Professional Manager brand.Colin Miller has won CMI’s inaugural Ambassador institutions seARCH – your favourite articlesblogging competition. All entries to the CMi Share to introduce from the magazine at your fingertips.competition were put out to syndication – Colin’s entry leadership skills DisCOVeR – fresh web-only content,achieved the highest audience. development as including brilliant new sections. Blogging gives managers a higher profile. “I now blog fairly part of the schools DeBATe – get interactive! Let us –regularly,” said Miller. “This awesome new world is, without curriculum. For and the world – know your views ondoubt, the people you ‘meet’ – a former special agent with more information managers’ styles, key managementthe FBI… people from just up the road to the other side of the please visit www. issues and current trendsworld.” For more information on the Ambassador Programme linkinglondon. Log on today atcontact Daniel Symonds on of Satisfaction scoreswisdom The latest management research in numbersCMI’s drive to createan online knowledge-transfer marketplacefor management researchis booming. CMI’s TopManagement Articlesenable academics inUK business schoolsand universities toshare their most 37% of graduates 80% of UK workers 49% of businessaccessible and relevant are “very satisfied” say they get to use travellers are “veryresearch – and have with their career their strengths at likely” to replace theirthem rated by an three years after work, while more number one choiceaudience of 90,000 leaving higher than 83% say they hotel brand in favourpractitioners. All education. are satisfied with of a brand at a similararticles and reviews the work they do. location and cost pointcan be freely viewed that offered free WiFi.and downloaded by Source: Higheranyone via CMI’s Education Statistics Source: Gallupwebsite, although only Agency. The data Healthways’ Source: BDRCCMI members may post reflects opinions of 2011 Well-Being Continental, Britishreviews and ratings. 2006/07 leavers Index Hotel Guest SurveyAt the last count theinitiative has attractedmore than 50 articles MAnAGeMenT sPeAk problem or project failure. series of The Apprentice forfrom an impressive range The act of deciding who Sure, you might be told boardroom survival tips justof universities. Tap into Blamestorming 1. v or what is to blame for a it’s a “postmortem” when in case? This will make surethe wisdom of the UK’s failure. 2. n A meeting held you get the emailed invite, it’s not you that ends up onbest management brains to investigate the cause of a but why not study the last the at _ professional manager _ Winter 2011/12
  11. 11. Agenda POLiCy WATCH With university applications slumping, government moves to place students at the heart of further education reforms have never been timelier, says CMI policy and research director Petra wilton market reforms should boost student lives ou might say that cuts to teaching grants, reduced New student diet: employers to help provide routes Y Bis has been busy. A capital investment and increased into employment. university is becoming less flurry of consultations student fees, will be unknown for a about traditional In terms of supporting has emanated from while. But the decisions to allocate student students, professional bodies the Department for Business, some places on price are likely to experiences such as CMI are well placed to and more about Innovation and Skills as the reality see the re-emergence of a two-tier getting the offer management modules to of exposing our further and higher system. In the elite camp, there most out of undergraduates. Through our education systems to greater will be a few universities bidding an education Campus CMI initiative, we will to secure a job competition starts to hit home. for highly qualified students, with be exploring how we can offer The concept of placing students’ more staff and higher levels of universities and colleges more interests at the heart of reforms is resources. But we are likely to find access to employment experiences. likely to have a significant impact a larger proportion of students However, a university degree on the university system, especially will be taught at universities in the is not the only desirable route to those that, historically, were driven lower tier, through a combination employment. We welcome the by research excellence rather than of distance learning, colleges and government’s focus on raising the student experience. Arguably, this private sector providers. profile of vocational routes. new approach has never been more But it is not yet clear how Yet, at a time when economic pertinent – applications for UK students will respond. If Ucas growth is more important than university places are down 9% from figures are anything to go by, ever, the value of university-led this time last year. The University students are likely to hold back. research is also fundamental and and Colleges Admissions Service Given that higher education is still should not be ignored. As we await (Ucas) has revealed that just under oversubscribed, it is unlikely the outcomes of the government’s 70,000 people have applied for that this drop in applications Growth Review at the end of places in 2012. At this time last year, will affect too many institutions. November, we will seek further the number was almost 77,000. Students will increasingly recognition of the economic The number of older students be looking for value for money, benefits of our education system. applying for university has dropped and there will be a much There are already some even faster. From those aged over greater emphasis on the successful partnerships between 25, applications have dropped by student experience and universities, colleges, professional 20%, and from those aged over 40, satisfaction levels. Students bodies and employers. It is through applications are down by 28%. will consider their future these relationships that we will It’s clear that the consequences employability and universities build the skills, capacity and of the new funding landscape, with may begin relationships with research needed to grow UK plc. two chartered managers have been elected adopted at this year’s AGM. BDO LLP was to the Board of trustees. Judy Craske CMC, reappointed as Auditor of the Institute. MIC, CMgr, FCMI and Ian Maceachern OBe, A Special Resolution on the AGM agenda CMgr, FCMI will serve for three years. Judy proposed amendments to the bye-laws nOTiCes and Ian will fill the two seats that fall vacant in relation to the membership grades, theILLUSTRATIOn: qUInTOn WInTER each year. There are six seats for elected intention being to embed Chartered Manager members in total. Voting in the 2011 elections within the grade structure. This Resolution began in September and closed in October in was passed unanimously. The bye-law advance of the CMI Annual General Meeting changes remain subject to Privy Council (AGM). Announcing the results at the AGM approval. If approved, the Institute will revise on 20 October, CMI president Terry Morgan and relaunch Chartered Manager, the aim congratulated the successful candidates and being for it to grow in numbers and recognition, expressed thanks to all nominees. while retaining the rigour of the award. There In other news, the CMI annual report will be further member communication and and financial statements were unanimously consultation as this project progresses. _ 17
  12. 12. View from Westminster HeLPinG HAnDs neeDeD in HARD TiMes Developing the workforce with tailored-education measures and boosting the labour market with family-friendly policies are even more crucial in a slump, says Baroness Prosser one are the days when, There have been leading role in the world’s g educated or otherwise, qualified or not, a person numerous legislative responses, such as the economic development. Second, we need to could walk into a job and, right to request flexible invest in education andif they didn’t like it, simply move on to working introduced training, to supportanother one. The world of employment by Labour. Despite the pupils making choices, tohas changed drastically in recent musings of some policy create opportunities fordecades, with implications for the advisers – most of whom work experience and toeconomy, education, welfare and public have never set foot in enable employers to buildservices. Securing the UK’s future a workplace outside of relationships with schools.prosperity means recognising how Westminster – I believe We need investmentchange continues to affect us and these steps are recognised in vocational training,acting accordingly. by most employers name Margaret Theresa including opportunities During the 1980s, globalisation made as both helpful and Prosser, Baroness Prosser, for people to retrain or toitself felt and manufacturing took flight, essential. There has also OBE take up apprenticeships. Party Labourcommencing its quest for the cheapest been an emphasis on Peerage Life peer of Equally important aredollar. Mines closed in their hundreds education for all. I agree Battersea, London Borough second chances forand new technologies took hold, with the intention, but I of Wandsworth women after children.introducing easier and faster methods question the bias towards Became peer 2004 Increasing women’s Key roles Deputy chair,of production. Much as I didn’t like the academia at the expense Equality and Human Rights participation in thegovernment’s policies at the time, the of vocational training. The Commission (since 2006), workplace could be worthtruth was that most of the job losses country needs people with Labour Party treasurer £15-23 billion each the power industry were due practical skills, but we (1996-2001), Third, we need to Trades Union Congressto advancing technologies. have seen too many young president (1996) invest in research. High- people convinced that a Political compass volume manufacturing“The uK needs people university education is the Centre-left is unlikely to return to only or best option. this country, which iswith practical skills, Of course, the financial VOTinG ReCORD greater autonomy for all the more reason tobut too many people situation is very difficult schools Strongly against invest in innovation. and it would be crass to Finally, we need tothink university eu integration pretend otherwise. But the Strongly for acknowledge how faris the only option” stricter asylum system Institute for Fiscal Studies Strongly for society has changed. has found that education Groups left behind will We have seen profound changes in the spending is being slashed not tolerate being at thelabour market since then. After a sharp by more than 13%, the largest cut since bottom of the heap forever. Positivefall in the 1980s, employment increased the 1950s. By taking away Education action programmes are needed to helpsteadily, with an extra 4.8 million people Maintenance Allowances, collapsing employers understand that we cannotin employment between 1992 and the Future Jobs Fund, cancelling the afford to leave great swathes of the2008. Yet, as a recent report by centre- right-to-work experience and increasing population on the unemployment shelf.left think tank the Institute for Public fees to attend university, the coalition Failure to act will not only see the UKPolicy Research showed, manufacturing government is taking this debate in become a has-been. It will also exacerbateemployment fell by 31% during that time. completely the wrong direction. the already unacceptable wealth gap andThe increases came in sectors such as So what do we need to do? First, we lead to an unhappy and divided society. lreal estate, up by 103%, and information need a long-term strategy that recognises Baroness Prosser is a member of theand communication, up by 59%, as well as we are a global player – none of us will All-Party Parliamentary Group onin health and social work, and education. be thanked if we do not work to take a Management and a CMI Companion. _ 19
  13. 13. Is it everright to fight?Do arguments in the workplace boostcreativity? What happens whendisagreement becomes conflict?Kayleigh Ziolo discovers the sideeffects of confrontation in the office Too often conflict is talked about as being dysfunctional. it is actually yes far more worrying to be without it. We need sparks to harness creativity and innovation, and conflictlYnne eisaguirre avoidance causes the most damageSpeaker, consultant within an organisation. When itand author of The comes to arguments, it is easy to lookPower of a Good Fight to the aggressors as the problem, but more often it is those who try to please everyone or run from issues altogether that are causing debate. it is very rare that i see people skilfully using arguments to a collective advantage – they tend to fear it and thus avoid it. Conflict is reality and a part of life, and it is time we embraced this in a positive way. When facing disagreements with a colleague, be sure toconfront them early. That doesn’t mean pick a fight, it justmeans you should get things out in the open before it simmersand escalates into a problem that is near impossible to resolve.The longer we have an issue on our minds, the more it spiralsout of control. We lose sight of the person we are in conflictwith as a human being and they simply become a problem. i think there is increased conflict in today’s offices. Thisis due to several factors: diversity has increased rapidly, andoften rules and attitudes have not moved quite as quickly.people are looking to assert themselves and their rights, whichis a positive thing, but it is not always plain sailing. There isalso a vast age range in the workplace, with as many as fourgenerations, all with different expectations and needs. The way we communicate has changed. email is good forfacts, but when it comes to explanations it is better to havea face-to-face conversation. facial expressions and tone ofvoice are very important when confronting an issue. it is vital to recognise when a good fight goes bad. You needto learn how to engage in a good fight and when to walk awayfrom a bad one. and it is a skill that can be learned. manypeople think they do not have the capacity for conflict. Thetruth is we all just have different styles. But it’s not only aboutunderstanding the way in which you approach conflict yourself– you also need to understand other people’s ways of dealingwith it. You should be as clear as possible about your your motives for taking that position. once we starttalking, we can achieve productive and creative resolutions.20_ professional manager _ Winter 2011/12
  14. 14. Debate It is right to debate, but not right to nO bulldoze your opinions through the office. i thinkJo ouston shows such as TheDirector of Jo Ouston Apprentice contribute& Co Career Coaching to this negative idea ofand Personal business being a self-Presence and aggrandising, shoutingformer CMI Head of environment, whereAdvisory Services everyone is ruthless and those in authority yell at subordinates. i speak to many young people who are put off the idea of business because of negative images, which is very sad. reality television presents people outfor their own personal gain. i don’t believe this isthe intention of The Apprentice – it’s down to thefinal editing – but, as a result, this damaging viewis broadcast to millions of people. When debate becomes less about championingyour views and more about self-importance,that is when argument becomes unacceptable.To raise your voice just to assert authority isdestructive and, in fact, gets you nowhere. Whatever your cause or belief, your physicalstate is as important as your mental state. Youcannot have a positive mental attitude unless youmanage your physicality. in stressful situations,whether feeling passionate about something orin conflict, you can find that you tense up, withyour energy rising to the top of your chest. Thiswill make you look and feel less confident. Beforepresenting your arguments, make sure youlower your centre of gravity – either by relaxingphysically or by breathing deeply. This increasesthe oxygen to your brain and enables you tothink more quickly so that your words will bemore cogent. The oxygen will also enhance yourperipheral vision. This is vital: in a heightened-stress state you can develop tunnel vision – theydon’t call it narrow-mindedness for nothing –and you cannot see how everyone around you isreacting to what you say. people who remain at a high centre of gravityare in fight mode – they become interested onlyin winning. a healthy balanced debate is indeedvital for business, to generate ideas and allowcreativity. However, if people are only in it tomake a point, those around them will realise this,and things will descend into conflict. a shoutingmatch is never acceptable, and once you engagein one with a colleague, so much tension iscreated it is often difficult to restore relations. You should be looking to achieve something.if you are not true to yourself, and only want towin the debate, you should step out of the arena. _ 21
  15. 15. Advertorialhaving good office insurance isgood management ake two different scenarios: such as office artwork and visitors’ in the event that your office is damaged t You are working abroad in personal effects, which are covered as or essential business equipment is lost. a client’s office when your standard. Portable equipment can be As for those claims we mentioned at the laptop goes missing. Stolen or added, giving you up to £25,000 in cover start of the article? The client’s laptoplost, it doesn’t matter, the impact on your for items like laptops, Blackberries and was replaced within two days. And thebusiness is the same, and the cost and other smartphones. In addition, if you business that was unable to operateinconvenience can be significant. have separate premises, buildings cover from its office was able to claim under The second, as your run of bad luck is also available with cover of up its business interruption cover – so anycontinues, sees a fire take hold at a to £500,000. financial loss was minimal.nearby business premises, renderingyour office unusable. Your team is An unwelcome interruptionunable to access the premises and it is It’s not just your office contents thatthreatening to cost you a great deal in are at risk however. Going back to theterms of lost income and damage to your earlier claims example, what if a fire orbusiness reputation. flood means you can’t work from your For CMI members, both examples business premises? Hiscox also offersrepresent two very different potential business interruption cover as an option For more informationrisks that can be damaging without the with its office insurance. Business and a quote,appropriate insurance in place. interruption will provide protection please contact from unforeseen circumstances which Tim Evans on 020 7929 3400 orHome insurance might not result in your business being unable to time@bannermancover you operate from its normal premises. The rendell.comMany home-based management policy includes a payment to make up theconsultants are under the difference between your actual incomemisapprehension that their home and expected income following a firecontents insurance will cover any loss or a theft, while it will also pay out upor damage to business equipment like to 30% of the sum insured to cover thelaptops or a smart phone. Often this additional costs you incur in order tois not the case, and even if their home continue running your business, suchpolicy does pay out, it certainly won’t as setting up a temporary officecover extras like loss of company data. or recruiting additional staff. Considering a wider based officecover, to complement your existing Are you covered?professional indemnity insurance, Whether you are a home-based soleshould be high on every independent trader or a small business operatingconsultant’s list whether you work from your own premises, it is essentialfrom home as a sole trader or operate that you consider how you are coveredfrom business premises as a limitedcompany. Specialist small businessinsurer Hiscox offers an office insurancepolicy. This can be bought at a reducedrate by CMI members if you already have what if a fire or flood means you can’t workyour professional indemnity insurance from your business premises? Hiscox alsothrough the Institute. As well as covering office contents offers business interruption cover as anwhich includes your business equipment option with its office insurance.for accidental damage or loss, the Hiscoxpolicy covers other non-standard items22 _ professional manager _ Winter 2011/12
  16. 16. McAnDReW MeeTs… Dennis Hone The man charged with delivering the Olympic Park tells ITN’s special correspondent Daisy McAndrew why earning £400,000 a year is justifiable – when you’ve saved the nation nearly a billion pounds Dennis Hone is the first to admit he’s never tackled anything on such a, well, Olympic scale. But then again, who has? As the chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Hone must deliver one of the biggest construction projects in Europe on a highly contaminated site with a deadline that, for obvious reasons, allows for no slippage. “This is the pinnacle,” he says, with some slightly nervous lip-licking. “As soon as we won the bid it was the project I wanted to work on. But when I came to the project I thought: ‘This is a high-risk project – if we’re not on budget in two years we’ll all be fired.’ And that was a fair assumption – it happened in both Australia and Athens.” So who could blame Hone for being a tad dry of mouth? As we sit chatting in a café, we glance across the canal every now and then at the “as near as dammit finished” Olympic Park. The sheer scale of it would scare most people: this giant construction site spreads some 600 acres across a forgotten corner of east London. The dimensions are stunning. The press centre is the size of six football pitches, and required the use of the UK’s biggest fork lift during the erection of its steel frame. The velodrome’s cable-net roof is made from 56,500 feet of cables – almost twice the height of Mount Everest. But Hone says the trick is all in the preparation – and that started with getting on the right side of the locals. That said, he bridles when I suggest a PR push must have been needed. “PR often gets confused with spin,” he insists, “and spin doesn’t win people’s hearts.” The trick, says Hone, is community engagement. “People fear change and the disruption that comes with it,” he says. “They fear that the new people24 _ professional manager _ Winter 2011/12
  17. 17. Interview