Presentation by John Morgan at CMI North West Convention


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Presentation by John Morgan at CMI North West Convention

  1. 1. North West Regional Convention Haydock Park 27th January 2011
  2. 2. North West Regional Convention 27th January 201113.30 Register & network John Morgan FCMI14.00 Introduction and welcome CMI North West Forum Chairman Ian MacEachern OBE. CMgr, FCMI,14.10 CMI National Strategy & Objectives CMI Board of Trustees Simon Dolph14.30 CMI Marketing Strategy & Objectives update CMI Director of Marketing & Communications CMI North West Business Ian Andrew15.00 Development update CMI Busness Mgr15.30 Refreshments & Networking Adrian Gaskell15.45 CMI online communities and marketing update CMI Online Communities Manager John Morgan FCMI16.30 CMI North West Regional update CMI North West Forum Chairman17.30 Listening Post/Questions/Networking
  3. 3. CMI (North West) Regional Strategy2011-14 – “Employee Engagement”
  4. 4. NW -Regional Mission• To contribute to the economic growth and sustainability of the North West of England and North Wales by the proliferation, development and enhancement of management and leadership skills and the dissemination of best practice for practising and aspiring managers through all stages of their personal and professional development.
  5. 5. NWR Vision• To promote recognition of the CMI as the leading professional body for developing and supporting existing and aspiring leaders and managers.• That the Chartered Manager Award is acknowledged as a significant, necessary and effective component within a manager‟s résumé and that it demonstrates a „can-do‟ and „dynamic‟ capability which will best serve individuals and organisations in the achievement of their future goals.• To ensure individuals and organisations alike, understand the strength and value of continuous professional development, CPD, ensuring that it is the route for everyone to update and develop their skills and competence.
  6. 6. Our 3 Aims1. To work towards a world where first class management and leadership enhances personal and organisational performance and which contributes to improvements in regional and national productivity and social well-being.
  7. 7. Our 3 Aims2. To add value to, and provide CPD opportunities for, our membership as well as other individuals and employers
  8. 8. Our 3 Aims3. To work in partnership with existing and potential stakeholders in the promotion of the CMI products, services and benefits in order to: –
  9. 9. Our 3 Aimsa. Support Corporate CMI Strategic objectivesb. Support and develop Professional Networks within and across the regionc. Grow the membership of CMI in the public, private, voluntary and social enterprise sectorsd. To have CMI (and its network of Centres) recognised as the preferred provider of choice in the provision and delivery of management and leadership qualifications, resources and on- going personal development support.
  10. 10. Our 3 Aimse) To raise the awareness, interest and attainment of Chartered Manager Awards within the region through CPD, and promotional activity.f) To develop and promote a broad range of Professional Development events across the region; working collaboratively with adjacent CMI Branches/networks as well as with other Professional Bodies/networksg) To continue to support, promote and deliver established collaborative ventures within the region.
  11. 11. Objectives (1)• Training Providers – Higher Education • Encourage them to become Approved Centres • Encourage integration of Chartered Manager within their appropriate Programmes – Further Education • Encourage them to become Approved Centre
  12. 12. Objectives (2)• Private Training Providers 1. To encourage and promote the benefits and advantages of all such providers involved in the development of Leadership and Management skills to become approved centres 2.To encourage them to integrate the Chartered Manager Award within their appropriate programmes
  13. 13. Our Focus on Organisational Sectors• The Private Sector To engage with employers, large and small, to promote and support the promotion and adoption of the broad range of CMI products and services, together with the adoption and delivery of effective CPD activities
  14. 14. Our Focus on Organisational Sectors• The Public Sector 1. To raise the awareness and to influence public sector procurement agencies to the benefits of CMI accreditation when commissioning Management and Leadership development programmes and membership 2. To target public sector bodies to promote and influence their engagement with the CMI for Products, Services and membership, together with the adoption and delivery of effective CPD activities NHS – trusts and health associations MoD Local Government bodies and associations HMRC and DWP National Savings
  15. 15. Our Focus on Organisational Sectors• The Voluntary Sector 1. To influence the voluntary sector to seek CMI accreditation when publishing tenders or to seek to commission services in other ways 2.To promote the benefits of management & leadership development of volunteers making use of CMI qualifications and services, together with the adoption and delivery of effective CPD activities
  16. 16. Our Focus on Organisational Sectors• The Social Enterprise Sector 1. To influence the voluntary sector to seek CMI accreditation when commission services 2.To promote the benefits of management & leadership development of staff/volunteers making use of CMI qualifications and services
  17. 17. Regional Strategic Goals1) To increase the representation of CMI at key events across the region a) To raise the profile of CMI and raise awareness of CMI offering, promoting and closing leads. Making use of Branch contacts, Ambassadors and Companions across the Region b) To identify conferences, exhibitions, B2B events and to invest in exhibition space and/or attendance again developing leads and promoting awareness c) To apply the principle that all our activities add to the CPD of our members and provide value to our members
  18. 18. Regional Strategic Goals2. To focus our activities on “employee engagement” and “employability” through the following themes:- i) Culture and change ii) Employment/workplace skills iii) Leadership iv) Innovation and entrepreneurship v)?
  19. 19. Regional Strategic Goals• Key Events with Regional interest: Spotlight North Wales CMI Regional Conference CIPD/CMI Conference NWDA/Business Link/LEP Events Chamber of Commerce Events Business NorthWest and other business exhibitions
  20. 20. Regional Strategic Goals1) CMI Branch Volunteer Networks a) Develop and promote high quality Networking and Development events during which there will also be promotion of CMI Services and the Chartered Management Awards. Additionally to take every opportunity to identify potential leads for Regional Support Staff to follow up. Over the year these events to be cost neutral. b) To work collaboratively with other sectors of CMI such as WIM and IBC as well as other Professional Networks to maximise event offerings as efficiently as possible. c) To manage the funds available to and generated within the region to best effect and with probity and integrity.
  21. 21. Regional targets 2011-12a) To manage the affairs of the region within budget.b) To grow overall regional membership of the Institute by 10%c) To encourage and achieve a 10% growth in Chartered Manager Awards within the regiond) To effect a restructuring of the branch/regional network within the region to develop sustainable BMTs in all areas – particular focus initially to be Chester/Clwyd and Warrington areas.e) To host a profitable Regional Conference during the period
  22. 22. The Role of the Branches1. Organise and deliver professionally relevant events and activities – emphasis on quality events not the quantity.2. Some events to be around personal/professional and career development, the CPD scheme, gaining professional recognition and progression to Chartered Manager3. Where possible Branches should develop local working partnerships with other professional bodies, educational establishments and major employers.
  23. 23. The Role of the Branches4. Regional targets for recruiting new members, engaging with employers, educational institutions, training providers etc, Chartered Manager, Ambassadors etc should be viewed as aspirational, rather than having fixed targets.5. At each event we should feature a CMI Branded banner stand, a table of CMI promotional materials, issue CPD Certificates and require each delegate/attendee to complete an event assessment sheet providing basis for a post event report. These sheets to be analysed and discussed at BMT meeting and Regional Forum updates.
  24. 24. What‟s next?• Implement the change of structure for North Wales and for Cheshire• Each of the Regions‟ Branches to submit an Action Plan to Support this Strategy Paper• Turn Plans to Action and Actions into Achievements