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A guide for CMI branch members on how to utilise social media to improve engagement with branches.

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MultiMedia Help Guide

  1. 1. UPLOADING MULTI-MEDIA TO SOCIAL MEDIA Increasingly events and other CMI activities are generating an array of multimedia, in particular photos, presentations and videos from the event. This document will explain how we utilise these on both our own website and on social media. FLICKR Photos are taken at most branch events so lets start there. We have two main destinations for CMI photos – and Facebook. We will start with Flickr as they are used to embed slideshows into the CMI website. Visit and login using: *Email me for the login details* Visit to begin uploading your photos. Locate all of your images (you can select all from a folder by using ‘ctrl+a’ And upload. Once all have been uploaded you then group them together into a set (this is used for the slideshow later on). To get cracking visit
  2. 2. Give your set a name (the branch event name) and a description. You then need to add your photos to that set. In the bottom left hand corner you can view all of the photos you uploaded today. Click that, then ‘select all’. Once all of your event photos have been highlighted in the bottom area, drag them into the main window. The ‘save’ button will now become available so you can save your set. Easy peasy. Lets turn that set into a slideshow. Visit to find your newly created set. You will need the hyperlink for your set. Once you have that visit This is the easy bit. Take the url from your set, something like and insert that into the relevant box
  3. 3. Click ‘create slideshow’ and Bob’s your uncle. The code will be just down the page a bit. You’ll then need to copy and paste that into your page. Remember, the code isn’t basic html so you’ll need to select ‘disable rich text’ and then ‘php’ from the ‘input format’ menu.
  4. 4. Click save and it’ll be there. I’m sure you’ll soon get the hang of it after a few goes.
  5. 5. FACEBOOK You’ve all used Facebook lots so I’m expecting this to be a breeze. I’m sure you all know the url of our Facebook page, but in case you’ve forgotten it is On the wall you need to click the ‘upload photos’ button From here you create an album. Give it a name and location (event name/event location)
  6. 6. Click ‘share’ and you’ll be taken to the photo upload screen. Find your photos, select all the ones you want to upload and press ‘upload’
  7. 7. The next screen lets you describe and tag your photos. We want people sharing these, so if you are in the photos, tag them. If members are in the photos (and you’re friends with them – tag them).
  8. 8. Once happy, click the publish now button and they will go live.
  9. 9. VIDEOS - YOUTUBE We are increasingly using videos at events and they are proving a popular way for those unable to attend an event to ‘tune in’ plus of course to advertise what the branch does. YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the web so is a great place to place our video content. Our YouTube channel is From here, users can view all of our video content. I should stress that YouTube place a cap on videos of approximately 10 minutes in length. If the video is longer than that it will either require editing or uploading to instead. I will give instructions on how to do that later. So lets get cracking with YouTube. It’s quite a short process so I’m sure you’ll soon get the hang of it. To upload you will first need to login to our YouTube account. The sign-in link is in the top right hand corner. The login details are: *Email me for the login details*
  10. 10. Once logged in visit the upload screen - And select ‘upload video’ Locate your video and click the open button. That will take you to the following screen.
  11. 11. Give your video a title. This will be important as we want the video to come up when people search on YouTube, so get into the mind of users for whom this video would be useful. Think what they’d search for and include that in the title. The description is similar as this also helps with the ranking of the video so make sure you give it a full description. Really sell the event/video. Depending on the size of the video it may take a few minutes to upload. Go and make a cuppa and we’ll convene when it’s done. Rightio, that should have uploaded now so if you go to you will see your newly uploaded video. Now we want to include the video on the CMI website. You can do this by embedding it into a page. Click on your new video.
  12. 12. You will see the ‘embed’ button. Click that and the code will be auto highlighted. Copy that and we’ll have the video to paste into our page. This works in the same way as we did for embedding a slideshow earlier. Now you’ve already created a branch discussion thread for the event (right?) so lets go there and embed the video. The screen will look something like the one below.
  13. 13. If you click the ‘disable rich text’ link > then paste in the video embed code you copied earlier. The video code will then appear. All we have to do is change the ‘input format’ so it displays as ‘php’, then click save and the video will appear. If there are a series of videos related to the event then we can create a ‘playlist’ that will play one after the other in one window. Let me know if this is something you require.
  14. 14. VIDEOS - FACEBOOK You can also upload videos to Facebook so lets get cracking with uploading it there as well. Full marks for those that have remembered our Facebook page url. For those that haven’t (shame on you) it’s Down the left hand side of the page are our videos. Once in there you will find an upload video link upload&oid=143140920600 Find your video and click ‘open’. You will be taken to a screen like Very similar to YouTube here. Give it a title and description. As it’s Facebook you can tag people that you know are in there. Always good to do this if possible. Once you’re happy click ‘save info’ and wait for the video to finish uploading (leave the screen open). Bobs your uncle.
  15. 15. VIDEOS - VIMEO Vimeo is great if you have a full length presentation (1 hour say) as they have fewer restrictions than YouTube. I feel I should get a new password, but hey, it’s easy for you all to remember. *Email me for the login details* Once logged in there is an upload button at the top of the screen. Very similar drill to YouTube and Facebook. Find the video on your hard drive and click ‘open’ Give it a title, description and on Vimeo you can tag the video with keywords that describe it. You can now go and make another cuppa whilst it uploads (when you’re a true ninja you can upload all videos to the three sites at the same time).
  16. 16. shows all of our videos. Click on your one. We want to include that on the CMI site so need the embed code. Top right of the video there she is. Click that and copy the code that appears. The format is exactly the same as before. Go to the page for the event. Make sure you are in ‘php’ mode under input format. Paste the code into the page. That should be it.
  17. 17. SLIDESHARE It’s always nice to promote the great presentations from our events, and with Slideshare you can do that as it enables us to embed the Powerpoint slides into our website for people to view from within the site. is the url, with the usual password to get in (*Email me for the login details*) Once in, visit to begin uploading your slides. From there you can select the files on your computer (use ctrl > left click to select multiple files). This screen will look familiar. Give the presentation a Title, Description and keyword tags and a description and give it a category. You then need to embed the presentation into our site. Click the presentation you want on Slideshare.
  18. 18. In the top right there is the embed code that you need to copy and paste into our site. From here it’s identical to embedding a photo slideshow or a video. Find the page you want it on > Select ‘php’ in the input format > Paste the code into the page/comment
  19. 19. POLLS AND SURVEYS I’m sure as a child, when asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, you all responded that you wanted to be a Poll Daddy? Well now is your opportunity. Branches are increasingly wishing to find out from their members what they want from their branch. provides an easy to use interface for creating polls and survey’s to achieve just that. Go to and login using *Email me for the login details* as the username and password. You’ll be taken to the dashboard. Here you can see surveys that have already been set-up. For the time being though lets look at how to create a new one. Click the ‘create new survey’ button to get started. The next page allows you to provide some basic set-up information about your survey
  20. 20. Put in the name of your survey. The style can remain as simple & grey. In the custom message area I try to encourage members to return to the branch forums to continue networking etc. To do this enter the following into the ‘finish message’ box: ‘Thank you for completing this survey. Please visit our <a href=” community/cmi-in-your-area/xxxx”>branch forum</a> to network with your fellow members.’ Obviously replacing xxxx with the actual url for that branch, which can be found here community/cmi-in-your-area The survey options area at the bottom of the page lets you ‘close’ the survey on a particular date, but I don’t expect you to require this part of the set-up very often. The next screen allows you to create your survey. It’s a pretty simple drag and drop interface.
  21. 21. Down the left hand side of the screen you have a variety of question types you can use within your survey. To use one simply drag it into the main area of the screen.
  22. 22. You can then type in your question, the various available answers, and add some advanced functionality at the bottom, such as whether the question is mandatory, whether an ‘other’ option should be included and so on. Once you’ve finished creating your survey, click ‘finish and embed’ in the top left corner. The next screen gives you the code to embed the survey into the branch pages.
  23. 23. It’s nice to get the button in the right colours, so insert the following into the ‘background color’ box: D10074 This will create a nice magenta box for you to insert into the branch page. Copy the embed code, in the same way you do for videos, slideshows etc. and head back to the CMI branch forums. Create a new discussion topic. Give it a title (branch survey or something nicer), a brief introduction to the survey. Then click the ‘disable rich text’ link underneath the editing window. Once that is open, paste the code in from PollDaddy. Make sure you select ‘php’ from the input options area.
  24. 24. and then save your page at the bottom.
  25. 25. That’s the basic process for setting up a survey. So you’ve added it to the site, sent out an email notifying members that it’s there. Now you want to see the results. Go back to PollDaddy and login. Click on the survey you just created, then click the ‘reports’ link. Here you can do two main things: 1. View the reports yourself 2. Set things up so branch managers can view the reports Let’s look at how you can view reports yourself. On the right hand side is the report menu If you select ‘Questions & Answers’ and you get a breakdown for each question, as shown below.
  26. 26. You can tell the answers to the questions and the number that skipped it. You can also see individual responses by selecting that from the drop down menu. In the reports screen you can also see a button titled ‘share’
  27. 27. Click that and the sharing interface will be opened up
  28. 28. Click ‘add new survey share’
  29. 29. Here, enter in the email address and a simple password for the branch manager to use to access the report, then click ‘continue’. You then have the url that the branch manager needs to access
  30. 30. Click on ‘email above access to user’ and you can then send all of the required details directly to the manager. You are now well on your way to joining the Honour of the Nerds. Give yourself a pat on the back.