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  • 1. CMI information services and learning materials
    • Title
  • 2. Main elements of the support offer
    • Benefits of CMI membership, particularly ManagementDirect
      • available to nominated Centre staff (of which you can nominate six per centre)
      • available to your students who are studying a CMI qualification
    • Option to purchase CMI learning materials
      • Pathways available as print and PDF
      • e-learning
  • 3. Benefits of membership
    • Professional recognition
      • Postnominals, qualifications, Chartered Manager
    • Magazines
      • Professional Manager
    • Regular communications
      • Keeping you up to date with the latest management news and thinking
    • Information Services
      • ManagementDirect, Ask a Researcher, CMI Library
    • Professional development
      • CPD, Career support, Find a job, Redundancy support
  • 4.
    • Practical tools
      • Legal helpline, BusinessHR, PI insurance
    • Networking opportunities
      • National, regional & branch events, + online networking and social media
    • Opportunity to be a Chartered Manager
    • Benefits available during studies and can be continued as an invaluable asset to boost career progression
    Benefits of membership
  • 5. ManagementDirect Watch our video @
    • Key benefits for Centres and your students
    • “ Google for management and leadership”
    • High quality information – it isn’t trying to sell you anything
    • Resources to suit all learning styles –
      • Multimedia: videos, podcasts, e-learning
      • Documents: checklists, document outlines, management models
      • Library resources: books, journal articles
    • Demonstrable value: other managers are using these resources!
      • 112,000+ checklists downloaded in the last 12 months
    • “ Click to borrow” – the book you need posted to you the same day free of charge
    • Direct access to other CMI services, e.g. CPD, Ask a Researcher, Institute library
  • 6. Ask a Researcher
    • Key benefits
    • An experienced researcher, available to help you 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday on the phone or 24/7 via the website/email
    • Quality of response – our researchers have in excess of 60 years experience between them of identifying the best information on M&L, whether from CMI’s own resources or from the wider web
    • Speed of response – within one working day and usually the same day.
  • 7. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    • Key benefits
    • We record the CPD you do with CMI so that you don’t have to.
      • You can then focus on the most important aspect of CPD – the learning outcomes and impact at work
    • Self assessment tests to identify your development needs against the NOSML
    • Easy to produce activity reports to use at appraisals, to show potential employers, to support study or as personal learning log
    • Can support studying members with units relating to personal development
  • 8. Career support
    • Key benefits
    • There are over 1,000 websites advertising vacancies in the UK. Where do I start looking?
    • ‘ Find a Job’ - Immediate access to over 200,000 vacancies nationwide
    • Represents about 1 in 3 of all jobs advertised online
    • Easy to use search engine enables you to find jobs near you
    • Option to upload CVs for employers to browse
  • 9. Legal helpline 01536 207400
    • Key benefits
    • Confidential callback within an hour from an advisor specialising in the field of law you require
    • All advisors are qualified lawyers with at least 5 years experience
    • Covers most areas of UK law (excludes commercial property and immigration issues)
    • Would cost £35 a call to access independently – free of charge to members
  • 10. BusinessHR
    • Practical tools, templates and guidance
    • Monthly e-newsletter on legislative changes
    • Free “HR Audit” to assess risk
    • Ideal benefit for SMEs – would cost £360 to buy independently – free of charge to members
  • 11. BusinessHR
    • Practical tools, templates and guidance
    • Monthly e-newsletter on legislative changes
    • Free “HR Audit” to assess risk
    • Ideal benefit for SMEs – would cost £360 to buy independently – free of charge to members
  • 12. CMI Community & social media
    • CMI community features include:
      • Discussion forums
      • Professional Networks
      • 50,000+ users in the last month
    • You can also find us at:
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Youtube
  • 13. Now available– CMI’s first smartphone app To support awareness raising, particularly amongst younger managers Just search “CMI” in the App store or Android market This app is free – please download!
  • 14. CMI learning materials to supporting delivery of qualifications
    • Strategic aim is to support Institute qualifications with comprehensive learning materials where commercially feasible
    • Multiple formats:
      • Print workbooks
      • PDF licences (for own printing)
      • Interactive e-learning
    • Flexible buying options
    • Intended to support blended learning delivery
    • ManagementDirect and other membership services
    • Research-informed development
      • Centre users (eg Level 7 research, regular questionnaires)
      • L&D market generally
  • 15. Core management and leadership qualifications - what’s available? Print PDF E-learning Intro Cert * * Courseware Certificate * * N/A L3 * * Courseware Intro Dip * * Courseware Diploma * * Courseware, Scenarios L5 * * Courseware, Scenarios L7 ( Pathways Plus ) * * (not VLE) Online resources, Scenarios
  • 16. Print workbooks
    • Coverage of learning outcomes
    • Clear and accessible format to encourage self-development
    • Reflective activities
    • Scenario-based activities
    • Self-assessment tests
    • Tutor Guide
    • Student Guide
    • Extracts available to inspect on website
  • 17. Print workbooks - coverage
    • Sept 2010 changes:
      • L3/5/7 Introduction units
      • L3/5/7 CSR
      • L5/7 Risk management
      • 3001/5001/7001 Health and safety amends
      • 5013, 7013/14 leadership changes
    • Note not at this stage covering units for:
      • Environmental management
      • Volunteer management
      • Energy management
      • Quality management
      • L4/6
    • But ManagementDirect resources are mapped to qualifications generally
  • 18. PDF licences
    • Annually renewable licence
    • Enables printing of own co-branded versions (Centre and/or client logos)
    • Permits combination with own materials
    • May provide flexibility and cost advantage
    • Permits load into secure LMS/VLE (not L7)
    • Pricing by user band
  • 19. Courseware (e-learning modules)
    • Comprehensive interactive e-learning materials at Intros, L3, L5 (+Diploma in Management)
    • Alternative to workbooks
    • Chunked into bite-size modules
    • Clear topic objectives and topic reflective summaries
    • Rich in activities
    • Graphics + audio
    • Reflective activities
    • Student-input data is saved
    • Annual licence fee, dependent on user band
    • SCORM 1.2 format (for load into VLE/LMS)
    • Temporary log ins to inspect are available
    • Pricing by user band
  • 20. Interactive e-learning Scenarios
    • Suite of 15 x interactive e-learning scenarios (30-45 mins each)
    • Support blended delivery of L5 and above
    • Specific organisational context but learning is generic
    • Learner shadows a particular manager acting as “critical friend”
    • Involve data evaluation, application of analytical approaches, reflection points and decision-making
    • Outcomes depend on decisions taken (but no right answer)
    • Expert guidance incorporated
    • Annual licence fee, dependent on user band
    • SCORM 1.2 format (for load into VLE/LMS)
    • Temporary log ins to inspect are available
  • 21. Scenarios – topics covered
    • Managing performance
    • Team-building
    • Strategic marketing
    • Managing change
    • Customer management
    • Managing personal development
    • Project management
    • Motivation/team-working
    • Supplier management
    • Business planning
    • Effective leadership
    • Organisational effectiveness
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Strategic planning
    • Coaching
  • 22. Pathways Plus (L7 Strategic Management and Leadership)
    • Hybrid solution: hard copy + supporting online resources
    • Hard copy Development Guides provide model- and framework-driven overview commentary with extensive referencing to supporting resources (eg: articles, websites, multimedia)
    • Development Guide reference lists are reproduced in CMI’s online Study Resource Centre (and in ManagementDirect) with links to access the identified resources