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Campus CMI

  1. 1. Campus CMI: DevelopingTomorrow’s Leaders Patrick Woodman Northern Ireland Convention 13 June 2011
  2. 2. Campus CMI: DevelopingTomorrow’s Leaders Recognising business and leadership skills in today’s young people
  3. 3. “Tomorrow’s Leaders” Managers’ perceptions about young people (16-21) and the education system March 2011 Survey of CMI members Jan-Feb 2011, 585 responses
  4. 4. Failures in the educationsystem?
  5. 5. How can employers’ needs bebetter served?
  6. 6. Developing the skills of youngpeople
  7. 7. Recruiting young people
  8. 8. Recruiting young people -problems
  9. 9. What would increaseemployability?
  10. 10. Skills young people should havewhen they start work
  11. 11. Assessing young people’s skills
  12. 12. Benefits of a managementqualification
  13. 13. Employer involvement ineducation
  14. 14. Top drivers for employer involvement in education Support the local community – 52% Access to future talent pool – 49% CSR – 44% Promoting employee engagement – 26%
  15. 15. Barriers to employerinvolvement in education
  16. 16. Conclusions Too many managers have concerns about the young people’s skills, attitudes and behaviour Managers recognise that employers have responsibility too There are opportunities for initiatives which tap into employers’ interests in supporting the local community and growing the future talent pool
  17. 17. Campus CMI
  18. 18. Vision To increase UK productivity, social mobility and provide a work-ready labour pool for employers.
  19. 19. MissionCampus CMI provides youngpeople aged 14–21 earlyrecognition of, and support for,their management and leadershipskills.It will teach them the management,leadership and workplace skillsthat will boost career opportunitiesand develop the skills thatemployers want to see in newrecruits.
  20. 20. Developing Tomorrow’sLeaders: Campus CMI Campus CMI has three key objectives: ̶ to help young people achieve professional management qualities ̶ to ensure that school leavers are ready for work ̶ and to build relationships between employers and schools
  21. 21. Campus CMI Students Earn a professional CMI qualification whilst in full time education, setting them apart from the competition! Level 2 Introduction to Team Leading (accredited to GCSE points) Level 3 Introduction to First Line Management (accredited to QCA points) Free CMI Student Membership for studying members and those aged 14 - 18 Supported through online communities & quarterly newsletters Work experience/ internships/coaching & mentoring, careers events & engagement with employers,
  22. 22. Campus CMI Schools Short courses (total of 16 hours classroom learning or equivalent, and 1 written assignment of 1750 words) that can work around the existing curriculum Flexibility of session times and length All materials, resources and lesson plans are provided Assessed and marked by Campus CMI approved partners (Study Flex) GCSE/QCA (A Level) points for the school! Access to CMI membership, a network of schools across the UK and networking and involvement with local and global employers
  23. 23. Testimonial Campus CMI “prepares them in a way they wouldn’t have ordinarily been taught. It gives them a thirst for work and the inspiration and knowledge to try and take their career as far as they can…We have had such an outstanding experience working with LV= & Studyflex that we now deliver both CMI Level 2 in Team Leading & CMI Level 3 in Management to all Year 12 & 13 students Marie Getheridge, Headteacher, Bath’s Writhlington
  24. 24. Testimonial #2Campus CMI “gives students an insight into the real world of work and the things that will be expected of them”.Students are given “a view of themselves from the perspective of a potential employer”.Jim Parrish, Head of Sixth Form, Archbishop Tenison’s School,Croydon.
  25. 25. Graham Stuart MP Chairman of the Education Select Committee: “It is vitally important that we take steps to ensure our young people have the skills they need to enter the world of work. Figures show that young people face huge challenges when trying to enter the job market. We need to equip them with the management and leadership skills they need to stand out from the crowd. “The launch of the Campus CMI programme is an important part of achieving this aim. It gives young people an opportunity to grow in these key areas, as well as a formal qualification to demonstrate their abilities. Not only will this look great on their CV, but it should also give them confidence that they have the skills that employers are looking for.”
  26. 26. Campus CMI Employers Access to a talent pool of future managers and leaders Better qualified young people who will be ready for the management and leadership challenges in their working lives and can “hit the ground running” A route to help schools and colleges inspire young people with the career they can have as managers and leaders
  27. 27. Testimonial - Centrica “As an employer of school leavers and graduates alike, we recognise the important role that leadership and management skills play in their skill-set. Of course, the fundamentals such as maths and science are key for us, but behavioural skills such as determination, teamwork and a desire to learn are just as important. Campus CMI has recognised the importance of reaching young people at the point where these skills are able to be most easily developed, as well as giving them ambition and goals to strive for. Young people who demonstrate this outlook by securing management qualifications with CMI will set themselves apart from their peers at the application stage.”
  28. 28. Interested?Get involved with CampusCMI through:Speaker opportunities and prize givingceremonies at schoolsResources (onsite tours, companytalks, access to facilities & resources)Work experiences/ placements/internships for studentsCoaching & mentoringBursaries for students
  29. 29. Achievements Campus CMI officially launched on 3 March 2011 Currently 135 schools in the network 1,500 14 – 21 year old students have already studied for CMI qualifications at either Level 2 or Level 3 100 items of press inc FT, Guardian, Evening Standard, BBC Breakfast 14 – 18 year olds are entitled to free CMI Student Membership Working with employers; Skanska, Centrica, Waitrose, National Grid Partnering with UTCs, Careers Academies UK, Teaching Leaders, EET, Leap UK, Duke of Edinburgh
  30. 30. Campus CMI aims to… Achieve widespread uptake of professional management and leadership qualifications for young people throughout the UK Grow its student and schools network; expanding into N.Ireland, Scotland and Wales Work with educational partners who can provide more value to Campus CMI networks Engage with more employers in a variety of sectors to provide more opportunities for our students Develop Campus CMI student ambassadors who can relay the message to their peers
  31. 31. Get involved To find out more visit Contact: Zoia Hindocha - Campus CMI Manager ̶ Download the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” report from: Any questions? Thank you!
  32. 32. Campus CMI Students!