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  • 1. THEMEThe main idea or central message of a story
  • 2. What it is not…One word Love Family SurvivalA factA phrase involving the character’s name
  • 3. What it is…One word that is expanded on into a phraseThe moral of the storyLife lessonA universal message – applies to everyoneAn opinion Love stinks Family can be overwhelming Surviving a challenge requires ___________
  • 4. Examples• The Lion King o NOT – Simba returns to become king o IS – All people must face their responsibilities• Finding Nemo o NOT – Family o IS – Family members will fight to save one another
  • 5. How to find theme Look at the main character – what does he/she go through  Does he/she change? For the better? Worse? Look for the theme to be stated simply in the story  Sometimes author’s will flat out say the theme  What was the theme in Tortoise and the Hare?? Look at the title Look at the conflict  Who wins? Why?  Man vs. Self? What does that teach us about life?  Man vs. Society? What does that teach us about life?  Man vs. Nature? What does that teach us about life?  Man vs. Man? What does that teach us about life?
  • 6. NOW WHAT…GROUP PRACTICE• Decide on a theme for a story• Be able to defend that theme with three examples, all from that one piece of literature, IF you are discussing a theme in a story• If you can defend your OPINION, you have found a theme• IN YOUR GROUPS – DISCUSS THE MANY OPTIONS FOR THEMES IN OUR TWO STORIES AND JOT THEM DOWN• IN 10 MINUTES, WE WILL SHARE OUT
  • 7. THEME IDEAS?• “The Lottery”• “The Most Dangerous Game”
  • 8. THEME ESSAY ASSIGNMENTChoose a theme in one of the storiesHave three examples from the story to defend why that is a themeConclude with how that theme connects with something in your own life (a personal experience)Therefore, pick a theme you really know and can relate to.
  • 9. RUBRIC Criteria Got It Getting It Need ItShowing you understand Theme is defined and Theme is defined Theme is unclear andtheme (Ideas & Content) examples from one of the and 1-2 examples examples from the texts is provided 3 times or from the text are text are missing more provided Organization Introduction defines One is missing Two or more are theme missing 3 body paragraphs each discuss one of the text examples conclusion connects the theme to your life with explanation Correct heading and Heading uses OTMS format One is missing Both are missingparagraph construction and paragraphs are indentedGrammar/Capitalization 1-5 errors 6-10 errors 11 or more errors / Spelling/Punctuation