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Presentation to staff members about Scholastic's Read 100,000 minutes competition

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Read 100000 presentation

  1. 1. What would your class do to win??
  2. 2. What is Scholastic’s Read 100,000? A school-wide reading challenge Students log on to the Read 100,000 website and sign up to record the amount of time they’re reading The link can be posted on the school website and/or Library website Students are anonymous – all they need to enter is their first name and the teacher’s email address to register Teachers will grant permission – only 1 email sent daily!!! Teacher selects the school & kids can start logging minutes within the week
  3. 3. Why should we? Developed to recognize your readers & strengthen reading skills Challenge encourages all kids to read Tracking progress online is an easy way to see reading minutes add up Increases parent awareness of reading Enhance relationships within school community
  4. 4. How easy is it?
  5. 5. Sign up is easy!
  6. 6. My Idea Reading Challenge timeline ends the last day of CSAP – thus promoting reading to prep for CSAP! Students are encouraged to continuously read to reach or exceed class or grade level goal Students/class rewarded on Thursday before Spring Break following CSAP Compete either between the three grade levels, or between individual advisories Needs a COOL incentive for the kids!!
  7. 7. Feedback Needed Do we like this? Move ahead with it? Need complete buy-in – teachers willing to participate in the incentive if necessary Do we have students sign up by advisory and compete against other advisory classes? Do we compete as grade levels? How do we get them motivated to compete? What kind of incentives can we offer?
  8. 8. How do we get the kids motivated? Post reading goal in the cafeteria and track progress weekly Announce every Monday the top advisory classes or the top grade level Post updates on the school website Advertise on the school marquee
  9. 9. Reward Ideas Teacher(s) dress up as something the class elects Pie in the Eye contest – pie the teacher, admin or myself Donut eating contest Milkshake party Spritzer dress up as a CU Buffalo? Let the kids vote on something? Assembly for winning grade level Pizza party for winning advisory Extra recess Winners get to duct tape admin, teacher or myself to the flag pole Paw pads PJs for the day OTHER IDEAS????????