2nd anchor book assignment


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Assignment to go along with 7th grade anchor book: 20 vocabulary word quad-fold, character trait charts, and character analysis paragraph.

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2nd anchor book assignment

  1. 1. 2nd Anchor Book Assignment Quarter 2
  2. 2. Book 2 – Vocabulary• Create a quad-fold for vocabulary words you encounter as you read. Words should span throughout the whole novel…so if you have 20 words in the first 20 pages, keep going and then compile a list of your top 20 most challenging words to submit (maybe ones you couldn’t figure out the definition of through context clues).• Columns: Word (with page #), Part of Speech, Definition (the one that fits the word’s use…not just the first listed!!!), and a picture.• This needs to be done as you read, but you can redo the entire thing on the computer. If you choose to do this, I will require both the hand-written version AND the printed/computer version when submitted.• 20 words =100%• 18-19 words =90%• 16-17 words =80%...etc.
  3. 3. Example of definition determination• Sentence: “Red was up for his parole hearing at the end of the month. He was hoping that this time, being his third time facing parole in thirty years, that he’d say the right thing to get him outta that place.”• Definition options for it’s use as a NOUN:• 1. Law – a. Early release of a prisoner who is then subject to continued monitoring as well as compliance with certain terms and conditions for a specified period. – b. The duration of such conditional release.• 2. A password used by an officer of the day, an officer on guard, or the personnel commanded by such an officer.• 3. Word of honor, especially that of a prisoner of war who is granted freedom only after promising not to engage in combat until formally exchanged.• Which definition SHOULD I use in my quad-fold?
  4. 4. Example of Quad-Fold WORD PART OF DEFINITION PICTURE SPEECHPyramid Noun Structure whose shape isp. 26 roughly that of a pyramid in the geometric sense; that is, its outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single point at the top.Parole Noun Early release of a prisonerp. 55 who is then subject to continued monitoring as well as compliance with certain terms and conditions for a specified period.
  5. 5. Book 2 – Character Analysis• Dynamic vs. Static Characters (see RJ 1.12, pg. 60 for a reference)• Track two characters (one dynamic, one static) throughout the novel. You may not know this in the beginning, so create a trait page for each character you encounter to prepare for the second part of this assignment.1. Create a trait page with your character drawn inthe center, with his/her traits surrounding thecharacter. (5 points for each one = 10 points total)
  6. 6. Example of one character’s trait page
  7. 7. Character Analysis (continued)2. Write a paragraph about each character answering why thatcharacter is either static or dynamic. (20 points for each character = 40total)Example (notice the topic sentence & concluding sentence, withexamples from the text in: Gale is a static character throughout The Hunger Games.When the reader first meets Gale, he is hunting in the woods withKatniss. He is a very strong young man. He exudes confidence, yet hasan underlying desire to rebel against the capitol. When Katnissvolunteers as tribute, Gale promises to take care of Katniss’ familywhile she is gone and if she dies in the games. Readers then do not getto see Gale through much of the novel after this brief introduction tohim. They get insights into Katniss’ feelings for him and experiencesshe had with him hunting, but otherwise, no actual characterencounters. At the end of the novel, readers meet up with Gale again,but still, he is strong, reserved, and caring for Katniss; he has notchanged throughout the novel, which deems him a static character:one who does not change or develop throughout a novel.