The debate over the


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The debate over the

  1. 1. The Debate OverThe:Three GorgesDamBy Benjamin Sampson
  2. 2. The Three Gorges Dam It is a hydroelectric dam that spans the Yangtze River in China It is the largest Dam in the world Construction began in 1994 and the dam came online on 2008 It is a gravity dam
  3. 3. Why the Three Gorges Dam is good: The electricity production The dam produces 18,000 megawatts of electricity This is equivalent to about 18 nuclear power plants This is about 11% of Chinas electricity demands
  4. 4. Why the Three Gorges Dam is good: Benefits to the Environment Hydro power is much cleaner then coal to produce the same amount of power the TGD produces using coal it would take 50 million tons The dam has reduced the effects of flood prone Yangtze River, which usually has a major flood every 10 year, this dam will mitigate that problem
  5. 5. Why the Three Gorges Dam is good: Economic Benefits The dam has improved the navigability of the upstream Yangtze River and has increased the cargo traveling up and down the river opening up economic benefits The reservoir behind the dam will create a humid climate that will be ideal for citrus production
  6. 6. Why the Three Gorges Dam is Bad: Danger to the Environment Garbage is pilling up behind the dam and the chemicals leaking from it are harming local water life The dam is fostering algae blooms and elevated levels of phosphate and nitrate which has a detrimental effect on both human an animal consumption
  7. 7. Why the Three Gorges Dam is Bad: The Social Impact The TGD has displaced around 1.5 million people Possible catastrophic flooding due to the fact that the TGD was built on a fault line The TGD has inundated over 1200 archeological sites accumulating to almost 2 million years in history
  8. 8. Why the Three Gorges Dam is Bad: Economic Cost The cost of relocating the people by some estimates will cost just as much as the dam was to build Drought caused by the change in weather caused by the dam could hurt crop growth in the future
  9. 9. Personal Opinion
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