Why invest in CostOS?
Construction Estimating
In an ever changing economic climate, with ever changing
trends and client d...
Key Features and benefits
Increased efficiency through team collaboration.
Consistency, increased productivity an...
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Nomitech: CostOs Construction Estimating


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Nomitech: CostOs Construction Estimating

  1. 1. Why invest in CostOS? Construction Estimating In an ever changing economic climate, with ever changing trends and client demands, the work carried out by Estimators in Construction, is at best, difficult! Bid return times are becoming shorter, the quality of information available often limited, and tender documents produced in a myriad of different formats. The pace at which BIM technology is moving forward, means todays Estimator has to have the flexibility to price whatever tender is thrown at him, in whatever format, whilst still maintaining a competitive edge. CostOS is designed, by industry professionals to meet all challenges, and represents the most technologically advanced Construction Estimating solution available today. From initial feasibility tofinalbid,CostOScanhandle every stage, on one platform, and with BIM technology at its core, CostOS is setting new standards in Construction Estimating. Whether you are a Project Owner, Consultant, Real Estate Developer, General Contractor, Civil Engineering Contractor, Specialist Contractor, Prefab Manufacturer, large or small, CostOS is the only estimating solution you will ever need. FROM FEASIBILITY TO FINAL BID ON ONE PLATFORM CostOS is unique in that it can handle every class or stage of estimate, from concept to final bid, all in one solution, hence alleviating the need to have multiple solutions that don’t talk to each other! CENTRALISE YOUR ESTIMATING Many estimators can work collaboratively on the same estimate, real time, and over centralised historical databases. Your previous estimates can be quickly imported and your work within CostOS soon becomes a knowledge-base, for accelerated and more accurate future estimate production. Working over an Oracle 11g Database, SQL, or MySQL means that you can build your business intelligence and analytics easily and with unmatched flexibility. ACCELERATE YOUR QUANTITY TAKE-OFFS Whether you are taking off quantities for creating your own Bill, or re-measuring quantities provided by others, speed and accuracy is of paramount importance, if you are to prepare a competitive and profitable bid. CostOS offers you flexible options. Quantities can be abstracted using the usual manual methods, or by using functions and formulas, but moreover, directly from 2D drawings, Building Information Models or GIS maps. The choice is yours but will deliver quantities with unrivalled speed and accuracy.
  2. 2. Key Features and benefits BENEFITS Increased efficiency through team collaboration. Consistency, increased productivity and accuracy. Enables key decision making, value engineering and accurate estimating to be performed at any stage of scope definition. One system, all estimate phases! Enables quantity take-off independently and not restricted to the BIM authoring tools that the designers use. Bill production and pricing are done directly from a BIM, dramatically increasing speed and accuracy. Conceptual definition of infrastructure projects (highways, ports, hydraulics etc) and real estate developments and quick extraction of results. Allows multiple line items to be generated and priced simultaneously and enabling unrivalled value engineering options. Enables easy customisation to suit the user, type of project and client requirements, facilitating optimum cost and variation analysis. Quick transition to the system for Excel Users Unrivalled flexibility for deployment in line with individual customer requirements and existing customer business applications. Quick and easy data import and export. Integrates the estimating knowledge with other departments, ideal for companies that strategicaly aim to become learning organizations. Build your company’s building intelligence and satisfy any demands that the upper management or you clients may need. FEATURES Centralised database supporting true role based multi- user working environment on the same estimate. Top down or bottom up pricing. From feasibility to final bid on the same platform. From cost plan to fully resourced tender. Fully embedded BIM technology using IFC open standards, within the core product. Associate database costs and descriptions with 3D elements. GIS take-off capabilities including elevations. Embedded within assemblies, for feasibility assessments. Dynamic parametric ‘smart’ assemblies. Customisable fields and layouts. Flexible grouping, sorting, indexing, layouts and reporting. Multiple WBS and Group coding within the same project. MS Excel type expression language supporting formulas. State-of-the-art technology, deployable as standalone, LAN, WAN or hosted, on multiple database platforms e.g. MySQL, SQL, Oracle 11g etc. Integration with MS Excel, Primavera, MS Project and Risk Management solutions. Report Designer, enabling the development of any reports and analytics. www.nomitech.eu