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CMCS Statement of Qualification


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  • 1. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 2
  • 2. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 3 Table of Contents From the CMCS Founder...................................................................................................................................................6 About CMCS ......................................................................................................................................................................7 CMCS Leadership Board....................................................................................................................................................8 CMCS’ PPM360° Unique Offering .....................................................................................................................................9 Why PPM Should Matter To You? ..............................................................................................................................10 CMCS PPM360° Q&A...................................................................................................................................................11 How CMCS can offer a “sustainable and integrated 360°” Solution?.........................................................................12 Building Awareness.....................................................................................................................................................13 Commitment to Quality ..................................................................................................................................................15 Awards and Recognitions................................................................................................................................................15 Certifications and Specializations ...................................................................................................................................16 Professional Project Management Certifications .......................................................................................................16 Oracle Primavera.........................................................................................................................................................16 PMWeb Collaborative Project Portfolio Management...............................................................................................16 Reference Letters............................................................................................................................................................17 Diagnose..........................................................................................................................................................................18 Optimize..........................................................................................................................................................................19 Train ................................................................................................................................................................................20 Project Management Certification Preparation .........................................................................................................21 Project Management Controls....................................................................................................................................22 Oracle University.........................................................................................................................................................23 Essential Personal Skills for the Project Management Team......................................................................................23 Supply Chain & Logistics Skills for Project Management Team..................................................................................25 Post Graduate Diploma (PgDiP) in Project Management by the American University of Beirut (AUB) .....................26 Post Graduate Diploma (PgDiP) in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Design by the University of Salford.........................................................................................................................................................................28 Executive Project Assurance Coaching .......................................................................................................................30 Project Management for Youth ..................................................................................................................................31 Control ............................................................................................................................................................................33 Own.................................................................................................................................................................................36 Sustain.............................................................................................................................................................................37 Software..........................................................................................................................................................................39
  • 3. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 4 Strategic Partners............................................................................................................................................................46 CMCS Offices...................................................................................................................................................................47 Selected Clients List ........................................................................................................................................................49
  • 4. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 5 Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. --Sun Tzu
  • 5. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 6 From the CMCS Founder Dear Colleagues I would like to start first by thanking our 2,250+ clients, partners and CMCS family who has made CMCS what it is today and who are continuously helping us to grow. CMCS was founded with a clear vision in mind, and that is how we can help our clients eradicate failed project investments. Failed projects could be ones that were wrongly chosen to begin with, as well as those that failed to achieve their desired objectives. Project failure is more than only finishing late or over budget. Achieving this vision requires enabling our clients to build environments that professional project management practices can flourish in. Organizations that are known for their successful project delivery track records will earn loyal customers, who will entrust them with their project investments. These organizations have a much greater value for their investors than groups that no one is willing to retain. So how can we help those organizations to build the necessary sustainable project management friendly environments? Well, the answer is very simple: CMCS will firstly help your organization to strengthen the capacity of your team in managing projects and initiatives through professional development programs that are based on internationally recognized certifications. Secondly, we work with you to build project management policies and processes based on global best practices for managing projects, programs and portfolios to ensure speedy and efficient delivery. Finally, CMCS implements state-of- the-art project portfolio management controls using the world-best tools in enterprise project portfolio and risk management to support processes implementation, information sharing, performance monitoring and the capturing of best practices and lessons learned. Once you have the right people, processes and tools - coupled with the commitment to change, your organization’s journey to a more successful project delivery will begin. It’s a journey that will result in a number of tangible benefits and increase the value of your organization such that you will never want to go back to how things were. Trust me on that. Enjoy professional project management like we do. Bassam A. Samman PMP® PSP® EVP® GPM® CEO and Founder Collaboration, Management & Control Solutions (CMCS) Over the past 28 years, CMCS has served more than 2,250 clients in 35 countries through 22 offices in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas attaining more than 52 performance achievement awards and 70 reference letters. Since 2005, CMCS has completed more than 2,750 projects and delivered 1,350 trainings over the course of more than 4,250 days.
  • 6. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 7 About CMCS Our Mission CMCS' mission is to provide fully integrated, 360 degree, sustainable, quality Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions helping clients across all industries to identify, prioritize, and deliver all projects right, the first time. We make CMCS a rewarding environment for our talents, clients, partners and shareholders. Our Vision The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions partner of choice in markets CMCS has an established presence. Our Values Equality Our work culture provides equal opportunities for all employees by ensuring that everybody participates in the company’s growth regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, language and social origin. Empowerment Through tried and tested learning modules we strive to train and equip individuals with the necessary tools and techniques that promote maximum efficiency within the work place. Excellence CMCS believes in making a concerted effort and we have a sincere desire to consistently anticipate and meet our customers’ expectations. Achieving this requires attention to detail, quality, timeliness and commitment in every aspect of managing our customers’ experience. Compassion We believe compassion is an important factor in building a successful workplace, helping to bring the world of human interaction back into focus in organizational set ups, and shedding light on the significance of everyday interpersonal relationships at work. Focusing on compassion at work provides an opportunity to develop ways in which positive interpersonal behavior contributes to individual and organizational achievements. Respect We aim to promote good conduct by showing esteem to different authorities, individuals and cultures regardless of age, race and origin. Integrity We strongly believe that adhering to moral and intrinsic values is a fundamental aspect in building trustworthy relationships. Diversity We create a global market place to better understand and meet the requirements of customers in varying demographic sectors. We therefore acknowledge and support our diversified teams globally to help us achieve the best results. Teamwork We foster teamwork to create a work culture that values collaboration. In addition, we comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths, skills and abilities that collectively and jointly are required to contribute to the growth and success of the company, thus we encourage collaborative team spirit to promote efficiency. Efficiency Our objective is to optimize our tools and resources to effortlessly impart the highest quality and timely delivery of services, and consequently achieve the desired goals.
  • 7. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 8 CMCS Leadership Board Dr. Hamed Ahmed Al Homoud Al-Ajlan is CMCS Managing Partner in Kuwait with 35 years experience in playing active management role in Building Systems General Trading & Contracting Co., Kuwait Livestock Transport & Trading Co., Gulf Paper Manufacturing Co. and Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC). He has PhD in Economics from the University of Exeter in the UK in 2006, B.S.E. Industrial & Operations Engineering with a Minor Major in Economics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A. – 1978 and Science Studies at the American University of Beirut, 1973. He is a member of American Institute of Industrial Engineers and Kuwait Engineering Society. Fayzah Al-Habib is CMCS Managing Partner in Saudi Arabia with 30 years solid experience spanning contract administration, information technology solutions, and capital project process improvements that improve cost and schedule performance as well as overall value. She has strong leadership skills for a capital project-type environment and a deep knowledge of Saudi Aramco’s capital project delivery processes and the development of capital project support tasks, including Risk Management process, Interface Management, Lessons Learned, Value Practices Management and Construction productivity. She has a BS degree in Civil Engineering, United Kingdom and a Consultant Engineer certified by the Saudi Council of Engineers. Syed Ali Hasan PMP, PSP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP, Prince2 Practitioner is CMCS Managing Partner in India and UK. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from PSG College of Technology. He is certified in all the Oracle Primavera, Nomitech CostOS, PMWEB, ARES PRISM G2 and Active Risk Manager (ARM). He is thoroughly experienced in complete project management including project management control systems, computerized project control software, risk analysis and training. As a certified Oracle Primavera Instructor and Consultant, he is responsible in providing training and implementation of the tools across all industries. He has 21 years’ experience in Project Management Consultancy. Saadi Adra PhDc, EVP, PMP, PgMP, RMP, SP, PMI -OPM3 Professional, MPM, CIPM, PMOC, Project+, CDIA, is CMCS Managing Partner in Lebanon. With 20 years experience in Strategy, Management Consultancy and Tactical Management, he has developed Methodologies for Portfolio, Project, Procurement, and Risk; he has managed the initiation of PMOs and has performed OPM3 Assessments and Quality Improvement Plans for several organizations. He has worked on managing projects in the Middle East and has managed change effectively across the organizations. He possesses experience across different industries. He has a proven track record in the development and delivery of courses to managers and executives. Rania Khawaja PMP is CMCS Managing Partner in Jordan with over 14 years of experience in providing project management consultancy services to institutions in diverse sectors covering contract administration, project management control systems, resource management, risk management, procurement and contract management as well as extensive experience in scheduling and preparation of Master Development Plan, planning and project controls procedures, scheduling of tendering program, detailed scheduling including resources loading and cash flow. She also has an immense experience in preparation of extension of time claims as well as the analysis and defense of claims to a high rate of success. Dr. Ahmed Awad, PhD, MSc, BSc, AEA, MSCL, MASA, MSPS, PMIM is CMCS Managing Partner in Egypt with 23 years experience involved in the most iconic projects in different industries in MENA region. His experience is in strategic planning and management, feasibility study, economic evaluation and analysis, project finance, project planning and management, risk management, cost analysis, and forensic delay analysis. He has published his work on project management, economics, project finance, sustainable development, and large-scale construction projects. He has PhD, University of Nottingham, UK (2005), MSc, Civil Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt (1995) and BSc. Civil Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt (1990). Bassam Samman PMP, EVP, PSP, GPM is CMCS CEO and Founder is thoroughly experienced in complete Project Portfolio Management including project management control systems, computerized PCS Software, risk analysis, site management, claims analysis and prevention and alternative dispute resolution. He has 33 years experience in Project Management Consultancy. Bassam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Kuwait University and a Masters Degree in Engineering Administration from George Washington University. He has attended the Harvard Business School executive management program in 2013, 2012 and 2011, and the London Business School executive management program in 2013, 2009 and 2008.
  • 8. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 9 CMCS’ PPM360° Unique Offering CMCS provides fully integrated, 360°, sustainable, quality Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions helping clients across all industries to identify, prioritize, and deliver all projects right, the first time.  We build PMOs to formalize and establish governance for projects selection and delivery processes by diagnosing organization’s project management maturity using OPM3® to identify needed performance improvements, optimizing the project delivery life cycle through the development of policies and procedures for selected improvements and then set roles and responsibilities to own the PMO and ensure successful change management and continuous improvement.  We enable project management team members to deliver projects successfully by offering role-based training and executive coaching programs aligned with PMI®, IIBA®, GPM®, KMI®, AACE® and PMOC® certifications. In collaboration with the American University of Beirut (AUB), we offer a post graduate diploma in Project Management.  We implement EPPM solutions to initiate, plan, monitor, control and communicate a "single version of the truth" for projects by implementing world leading enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) and risk management (ERM) applications from Oracle Primavera, PMWeb, Nomitech CostOS, Hard Dollar, ARES PRISM G2 , Deltek Acumen, Pipeline MaxaVera, Active Risk Manager, TILOS, Coreworx, ARX CoSign, eTimeMachine and other applications.  We support clients for successful delivery of projects by providing project control services including planning and scheduling, delay and extension of time analysis, earned value performance management, risk analysis among others. Over the past 28 years, CMCS has served more than 2,250 clients in 35 countries through 22 offices in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas attaining more than 52 performance achievement awards and 70 reference letters. Since 2005, CMCS has completed more than 2,750 projects and delivered 1,350 trainings over the course of more than 4,250 days.
  • 9. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 10 Why PPM Should Matter To You? Organizations who have implemented Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions have reported major improvements in their internal capabilities to execute their strategic initiatives by engaging PPM to select and deliver projects successfully right from the first time. This enabled them to deliver the desired project benefits for their internal and external customers and thus positively reflect on the financial and non-financial results of our clients. Some of the benefits that PPM solutions have brought to those organizations include: Visibility as all project investments will be captured regardless of their size, type, status, location, strategic importance, strategy theme contribution, among others Governance as documented project life cycle and processes will help the organization is setting the stage gates and control points Inclusivity to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the enterprise project management environment and no one is left out. Optimization of resource usage, manpower or financial, is critical for any project delivery especially when organizations are delivering more work for less resources. Predictability as an organization that have clear project plans that covers all actions and assumptions will be able to deliver their projects in faster way than others Issue Management to capture the details of all project records and use to support the resolution of issues as soon as they arise. Change Management to capture every change that is either approved, pending of rejected to the original project scope as well as manage the issues that resulted in each change. Knowledge Management to capture all lessons learned and best practices and makes them available for the project team for better and more efficient project delivery.
  • 10. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 11 CMCS PPM360° Q&A What is Project Portfolio Management (PPM)? Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the only proven and recognized method that help organizations to accelerate and optimize their strategy execution by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to identify, analyze, align, select, prioritize, initiate, plan, execute, control and finally exit those project investments. Why PPM is crucial for your organization? With Strategy Execution being attributed as the key reason for strategy failure, it is becoming more obvious that a gap exists between Strategy Formulation, Execution and Measurement. Strategy Plans tend to lack the mechanism to achieve targeted objectives when not paired with a framework to link strategy to project delivery as well as strategy performance management. It is no wonder that PPM is an integral element of any integrated strategy development and management framework. What Is Integrated Strategy Development and Management Framework (ISDMF)? For an organization to grow and become a leader in their industry, strategy formulation will detail the objectives that the organization must attain across their different business units to achieve their vision. Those objectives will determine the learning & growth and internal processes actions that the organization must achieve to attain their desired customers and financial results. This will enable the organization to identify the different initiatives that they must undertake to achieve those actions. Strategy execution success can be achieved when project portfolio management is engaged as it will provide the organization with a proven roadmap for selecting the optimum portfolio of projects that are aligned with the strategic initiatives as well as ensure that those selected project investments are delivered successfully right from the first time. Having a single version of the truth on the performance of the execution of learning & growth and internal processes actions and the success in attaining the desired customers and financial results is a must for an organization that wants to achieve their vision. Strategy management provides the means for measuring and managing this performance in an integrated and comprehensive format that not only will provide the organization with the knowledge and information to determine how successful they are in achieving vision and but how to address the changes that might be needed to achieve their vision. Why it is called a PPM Solution? It is called a “solution” as each organization needs different PPM improvements depending on their project management maturity level as well as needs. Based on those requirements, a PPM solution is designed and developed taking into consideration the required policies and procedures to implement the solution, professional development needed to operate the solution and the information technology tools needs to capture, analyze and report on the projects status.
  • 11. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 12 How CMCS can offer a “sustainable and integrated 360°” Solution? CMCS is uniquely qualified to design, build and operate sustainable “Integrated 360°” project portfolio management solutions that best suit our clients’ needs and requirements. Our qualifications stem from for CMCS areas of excellence in:  Conducting OPM3® based project management maturity assessment and audit services  Developing ISO certified policies and procedures to accelerate and optimize the project deliver that are based on PMI®, PRINCE2 and other internationally recognized standards. CMCS also incorporates Projects integrating Sustainable Methods (PRiSM) which is a project management delivery method that integrates a framework of sustainable application derived from ISO:14001 with best practices and wisdom from the Project Management Body of Knowledge for PMI and APM and the IPMA Competency Baseline.  Delivering PMI®, AACE, IIBA, CSI, PMOC, GPM and other certification and non-certification based professional development and training programs  Implementing state of the art project portfolio information management and control solutions from Oracle Primavera, PMWeb, ARES Prism G2, Hard Dollar, Nomitech CostOS, Active Risk Manager, Deltek Acumen Fuse, TILOS and other software applications  Building project management offices (PMO) who will take ownership of the developed project portfolio management solutions  Supporting your PMO operations with outsourced professional project management resources and services to sustain your PPM environment Can CMCS offer part of those PPM360° solutions? CMCS scope of services can be any of the products and services covered in the PPM solutions. We can for example offer training courses, software licenses and OPM3® maturity assessment separately. What type of project specific solutions does CMCS offer? One of the two objectives of PPM solutions is to ensure successful project delivery right from the first time. Therefore, CMCS offers many project specific solutions such as project planning and scheduling, risk management, cost estimating, cost management, earned value, records and document management, quality assurance and control, building information modeling (BIM) and others. For the engineering and construction industry, CMCS offers project controls and delay analysis services. Are CMCS PPM360°solutions limited to a specific industry? No. We have offered our services to the Oil and Gas, Power and Utility, Engineering and Construction, Government, Information Technology, Financial Services, Telecommunication, Non-Government Organizations (NGO) among others. In addition, CMCS is offering their PPM360° solutions for Family Business, Merger and Acquisitions, Business Turnaround among others. Are CMCS PPM360° solutions offering limited to a specific geographical region? CMCS has offered their services in 35 countries over 5 continents. In addition for offering PPM360° solutions across CMCS offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Kenya, India, Italy, UK, USA and Canada. We have also offered our services in Iraq, West Bank, Algeria, Tunis, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Greece, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Australia and Chile.
  • 12. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 13 Building Awareness CMCS continues to play a proactive role in promoting the culture of project management best practices in the Middle East and North Africa as well as at other locations across the globe. CMCS CEO and Founder, Bassam Samman was one of the co-founders of the PMI Arabian Gulf Chapter (PMI-AGC) and served on its board for six years. In addition to CMCS sponsored conferences and events, CMCS team where featured at different Project Management Institute (PMI) conferences and events, MEED con6erences and other international events. PMO Setup & Implementation, Saadi Adra – PMI-AGC PMO Summit, November 2013, Muscat, Oman Risk Management made Simpler with Acumen Risk, Syed Hasan – Deltek Acumen Annual Conference, October 2, 2013, Houston, USA Introduction to Program Management with OPM, Saadi Adra - PMI Turkey Defense Summit, June 2013, Ankara, Turkey Introduction to OPM3, Saadi Adra - PMI Turkey Defense Summit, June 2013, Ankara, Turkey Executing Strategy by Engaging Project Portfolio Management, Bassam Samman – Project Management – Technology of Success Conference, May 30-31, 2013, Moscow, Russia Driving Strategic & Operational Excellence with Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (EPPM), Saadi Adra – MEED Saudi Arabian Energy EPC Projects Conference, April 21-24, 2013, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia Enterprise Risk Management Application Implementation Case Study, Mohamad Boukhari – PMI Global Congress 2013 EMEA, April 22-24, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey Executing Strategy by Engaging Project Portfolio Management, Bassam Samman - PPM 2013 International Seminar, March 7-8, 2013, Casablanca, Morocco Integrating Risk Management and Performance Management for Programs & Project Portfolio, Bassam Samman - PPM 2013 International Seminar, March 7-8, 2013, Casablanca, Morocco PMO Case Study: Establishing PMO to manage Mega Municipality Infrastructure Projects - Utilizing the Multi- Governance Framework, Saadi Adra - PPM 2013 International Seminar, March 7-8, 2013, Casablanca, Morocco Reverse Engineering OPM3®, Saadi Adra - PPM 2013 International Seminar, March 7-8, 2013, Casablanca, Morocco Leadership Skills for Project and Program Managers, Radhia Benalia - PMI Lebanon Chapter Monthly Lecture, 2013, Lebanon Workshop on Risk management, Syed Hasan- EPC Projects Summit, February 17, 2013, Kuwait Reverse Engineering OPM3, Saadi Adra - PMI-AGC 14th Annual Conference, January 28-30, 2013, Bahrain Reverse Engineering OPM3, Saadi Adra - PM Community of Practice (CoP) OPM Webinar, 2013 Earned Value for Auditing Projects Performance, Bassam Samman - Assessing the Performance of Development Projects Conference, January 16, 2013, Kuwait PMBOK 4 to PMBOK 5 - A Quick Overview, Afif Tabsh - PMI Lebanon Chapter Monthly Lecture, 2013, Lebanon How To Accomplish Objective Schedule Review and Analysis?, Syed Hasan - Acumen Annual Conference, September 18,2012, Houston, USA Construction Risk Management, Saadi Adra- JEA Annual Conference, 2012, Amman, Jordan Program and Portfolio Management Standards, Saadi Adra - PPM 2012 International Seminar, March 7-8, 2012, Casablanca, Morocco A Government Management Case Study, Saadi Adra - PPM 2012 International Seminar, March 7-8, 2012, Casablanca, Morocco Organizational Project Management and OPM3, Saadi Adra - PPM 2012 International Seminar, March 7-8, 2012, Casablanca, Morocco Analyzing Schedule Risks in Shutdown and Outage Plan, Syed Hasan - Gulf Society for Maintenance Professionals, February 29, 2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 13. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 14 Project Management for NGOs: An Insider's Perspective, Afif Tabsh - PMI International Development Community of Practice, 2012 Basics of Project Management for NGOs, Afif Tabsh - PMI Lebanon Chapter Monthly Lecture, 2012, Lebanon Practice Standard in Project Risk Management, Mohamad Boukhari - PMI Lebanon Chapter Monthly Lecture, 2012, Lebanon Planning for Start-Up Tool, Fayzah Al-Habib, Construction Industry Institute (CII) Conferences, 2012, Baltimore, Maryland, USA Enterprise Project Management, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC 13th Annual Conference, January 24, 2011, Manama, Bahrain The Utilization of Earned Value Management for Establishing Governance Frameworks, Saadi Adra – Earned Value International Advisory Panel (EVIAP), 2011, Lisbon, Portugal Project Governance Policies Enhance PMO’s Existence, Saadi Adra - PMI Community of Practice (CoP) GOV Webinar, 2011 Bearing and Value within Governance Frameworks, Saadi Adra - EVM 3, 2011, Valencia, Spain Project Governance Policies Enhance PMO’s Existence, Saadi Adra - PMI Community of Practice (CoP) GOV Webinar, 2011 Managing The Corporate IT Project Portfolios By developing and implementing a project portfolio management system, Bassam Samman - 19th International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT) March 8-11, 2010, Cairo, Egypt Real Estate Portfolio Optimization, Dr. Ahmed Awad - 19th International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT) March 8-11, 2010, Cairo, Egypt Dealing with the Brain Drain in the Petrochemical Industry, Bassam Samman – MEED Conference, June 2009, Dubai, UAE Promoting Women Leadership through Project Management, Bassam Samman - International Business Women Group (IBWG), April 2009, Abu Dhabi, UAE Lessons Learned/Pitfall prevention Tool, Fayzah Al-Habib, Construction Industry Institute (CII) Conferences, 2008, Reno, Nevada, USA What applications are available in the market to assist with managing project risk? Bassam Samman - MEED Conference, August 7, 2007, Abu Dhabi, UAE Enterprise Project Management, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC 9th Annual Conference, January 2003, Manama, Bahrain Project Risk Management, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC Technical Dinner Meeting, October 23, 2002, Dubai, UAE Enterprise Project Management, Bassam Samman, PMI-AGC Technical Dinner Meeting, September 18, 2002, Doha, Qatar Enterprise Project Management, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC Technical Dinner Meeting, June 19, 2002, Abu Dhabi, UAE Enterprise Project Management, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC Technical Dinner Meeting, June 17, 2002, Muscat, Oman Enterprise Project Management for Maintenance Shutdown and Outage, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC Technical Dinner Meeting, November 7, 2001, Abu Dhabi, UAE Setting and Rolling Out the Project Management Office, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC Technical Dinner Meeting, September 20, 2001, Dubai, UAE Enterprise Project Management, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC 8th Annual Conference, May 2001, Manama, Bahrain Enterprise Project Management, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC 9th Annual Conference, February 2000, Manama, Bahrain Enterprise Project Management Information System, Bassam Samman - PMI-AGC Technical Dinner Meeting, May 20, 1998, Kuwait
  • 14. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 15 Commitment to Quality Awards and Recognitions 2013 Oracle University “Oracle Primavera Best Partner Performance” 2012 Deltek Acumen Fuse Award 2010 Hard Dollar Pioneer Award 2008 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses – International 2008 Primavera PrimaClub 2008 Primavera Four Million Dollar Club 2007 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses International 2007 Primavera Three Million Dollar Club 2007 Primavera Prima Club 2007 Primavera Top Performer Total Revenue International 2006 Primavera Two Million Dollar Award 2006 Primavera PrimaClub 2006 Primavera Top Performer New Licenses International 2006 Primavera 20 Years of Support & Service 2005 Primavera Million Dollar Club 2005 Primavera PrimaClub 2005 Primavera Top Performer EMEA 2004 Primavera Million Dollar Club 2004 Primavera President’s Club 2003 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club 2003 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale 2002 Primavera PAR of the Year EMEA 2002 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale EMEA 2002 Primavera Half-Million Dollar Club EMEA 2001 Primavera Half-Million Dollar Club EMEA 2001 Primavera Over-Achievement Award 2000 Primavera Highest Annual Growth 2000 Primavera Significant Expedition Achievement 2000 Primavera Highest Annual International Expedition Sales 2000 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club 2000 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale 2000 Primavera Expedition Over-Achievement Award 2000 Primavera Highest Annual Growth 1998 Primavera President’s Club 1998 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club 1998 Primavera Largest Concentric Sale 1998 Primavera Over Achievement Award 1998 Primavera Highest Annual Growth 1998 Primavera Significant Expedition Achievement Award 1998 Primavera Largest Expedition Sale 1998 Primavera Highest Expedition Sales 1997 Primavera President’s Club 1997 Primavera Half Million-Dollar Club 1997 Primavera Highest Expedition Sale 1996 Primavera 10-Year Milestone Award 1996 Primavera President’s Club 1996 Primavera Highest Expedition Sale 1996 Primavera Significant Achievement Award 1995 Primavera President’s Club 1995 Primavera Significant Achievement Award 1994 Primavera Top Expedition Sales 1992 Primavera President’s Club ISO 10006:2009 Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects ISO 9001:2008 Quality In Business Relationship Procedures ISO 9001: 2008 Quality in Consultancy Procedures ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008 Technical Support Procedures ISO 9001:2008 Professional Training Procedures
  • 15. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 16 Certifications and Specializations Professional Project Management Certifications CMCS follows the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards for project, program and portfolio management. CMCS is a member of PMI Consultant Registry. The majority of CMCS consultants are certified Project Management Professional (PMP). In addition many of CMCS staff is Program Management Professional (PgMP), Risk Management Professional (RMP), Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP), Green Project Management (GPM) and Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) certified. Furthermore, some of CMCS consultants are PRINCE2 certified. In addition, CMCS has consultants who are a certified OPM3 (Organizational Project Management Maturity Model) Assessor. CMCS conducts OPM3 assessment to advise your organization whether your project management processes are standardized and repeatable and whether you are working as per the internationally recognized standards of Project, Program and Portfolio Management. Through this assessment, OPM3 provides macro and micro dissection and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. This will enable your organization to develop policies, standards, methodologies and guidelines, based on the results of OPM3 assessment that will capitalize and preserve strengths and capabilities, while seeking to implement missing best practices. Oracle Primavera CMCS’ relation with Oracle Primavera is unmatched. Since 1984, CMCS has received 50 awards for their performance including the first and only Primavera Four Million Dollar Club award. CMCS, a Platinum Oracle Partner, is a specialized Oracle Primavera EPPM P6 8.2 and PCM 14 partner. CMCS has also achieved Oracle Specialization in Engineering & Construction and Oil & Gas Industries. CMCS was the first company ever to receive the Oracle University (OU) Award for Best Partner Performance Oracle Primavera FY2013. PMWeb Collaborative Project Portfolio Management CMCS is a PMWeb Global Partner where CMCS is responsible for selling licenses, hosting, providing technical support, training and implementing PMWeb for clients in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • 16. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 17 Reference Letters CMCS performance in delivering the different projects they had been involved this has been documented in terms of reference letters issued by our esteemed clients. The list of reference letters issued to CMCS include references letters from: 1. AECOM 2. Al Futtaim Group Real Estate 3. Al Ain Distribution Company 4. Afghanistan Introduction Management Services (AIMS) 5. Qatar Real Estate Investment Company 6. Alfanar Co. (KSA) 7. Amana Contracting & Steel Building Co. W.L.L 8. The Arab Contractors - Osman Ahmed Osman Co. 9. Bank Muscat 10. The British University in Egypt (BUE) 11. Carrefour KSA 12. CEMT International Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 13. Chiyoda Almana Engineering L.L.C 14. Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd. (Chennai) 15. DALEEL PETROLEUM L.L.C 16. DESCON 17. Diyar United Trading & Contracting Company 18. Dolphin Energy 19. DU 20. Dubai Petroleum 21. Equity Bank 22. ESER Contracting & Industry Co. Inc 23. EXTERRAN Eastern Hemisphere FZE 24. FLSMIDTH Private Limited 25. Force 10 Group 26. GASCO Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. 27. Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co.(GPIC) 28. GVK Power (Goindwal Sahib) Limited 29. HILL International 30. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HP) 31. International Relief & Development (IRD) 32. J. Ray McDermott Middle East. 33. KELE Contracting 34. L&T Construction Infrastructure (Chennai) 35. LARSEN & TOUBRO Limited (Chennai) 36. LARSEN & TOUBRO Limited (Mumbai) 37. MAALOUF Trading & Contracting 38. Morganti Group Inc. 39. MORPHEUS Project Management Consultants 40. Municipality of Abu Dhabi 41. Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar Ltd.(N.DSQ) 42. National Contracting Co. Ltd.(NCC) 43. National Contracting Co. Ltd.(NCC) 44. OGER Abu Dhabi 45. OGER Abu Dhabi 46. Oman Polypropylene L.L.C 47. LARSEN & TOUBRO Limited (Chennai) 48. Oman Refineries & Petrochemical Company (ORPC) 49. ORASCOM-Contrack JV 50. PHIL HOURIE S.A.R.L 51. Punj Llyod Ltd. 52. QAFCO Qatar Fertiliser Company 53. Qatar Financial Centre Authority 54. RAIL 55. RasGas 56. RasGas 57. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) 58. SAMREF Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery 59. SIEMENS 60. SHAR Trading & Contracting Company 61. SOMA Enterprises 62. TAKRAF India Pvt. Ltd. 63. TATA Projects Ltd. 64. THALES International Middle East 65. The Bahrain Society of Engineers 66. The National Company 67. TOWELL Construction & Co. L.L.C 68. United Infrastructure Projects SAL (Offshore) 69. WSP Middle East 70. Yokogawa Middle East B.S.C 71. TRIO ARAB COMPANY 72. TRANSCO Abu Dhabi Transmission & Dispatch Company 73. The National Company
  • 17. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 18 Diagnose Organizations who are keen on executing their strategy and attaining the goals they have set to achieve, know for a fact that without selecting the right project investments and delivering those investments, this will not possible. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides the standards and best practices that will support the creation of a “successful strategy execution” environment. Knowing that no organization is like another, CMCS helps in diagnosing the organization’s strength and weakness when it comes to adopting PPM practices. The OPM3® maturity assessment model provides an objective assessment on where the organization falls on the maturity steps and where they want to be. At the end, it is their decision. With this agreed on, CMCS helps in developing the processes and procedures required to manage the project life cycle from creation until closeout. This will be coupled with identifying the roles and responsibilities for managing the life cycle and the creation of the Project Management Office (PMO) who will take ownership of the PPM solution. CMCS follows the Project Management Institute (PMI®) standards and best practices for project, program and portfolio management advisory and training services. CMCS is a member of PMI® Consultant Registry. The majority of CMCS consultants are certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). In addition may are Program Management Professional (PgMP®), Risk Management Professional (RMP®) and Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP®) certified. Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) Assessment CMCS will conduct OPM3® assessment to advise your organization whether your project management processes are standardized and repeatable and whether you are working as per the internationally recognized standards of Project, Program and Portfolio Management. Through this assessment, OPM3® provides macro and micro dissection and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. This will enable your organization to develop policies, standards, methodologies and guidelines, based on the results of OPM3® assessment that will capitalize and preserve strengths and capabilities, while seeking to implement missing best practices. ERM Maturity Assessment CMCS team will provide an assessment of the maturity-level of Enterprise Risk Management within your organization to identify the current weaknesses and strengths in the current Enterprise Risk Management adopted practices. The maturity assessment will be based on best practices and guidance drawn from ISO 31000 and thus identify what is your current organization maturity level which is classified as unreliable, informal, standardized, mature or advanced. This will enable the CMCS to identify the actions that will contribute to the improvement of the quality of the risk management and risk mitigation processes throughout the entity. Fire Fighting Project Management Will Manage Projects’ Issues Only and When They Arise Selective Project Management Will Manage Only Important Projects Outsource Project Management We Cannot Do It. Let Others Do It On Our Behalf Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Will Be Our Way To Deliver All Projects Successfully Always Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Is Our Culture – This Will Be Our Way To Select and Deliver Projects Successfully Always
  • 18. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 19 Optimize CMCS will help your organization in developing their policies and procedures required to implement the organizational project management performance improvements required to make your organization more successful when it comes to delivering projects. Our policies and procedures are developed in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as PMI® Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), Program Management Standard and Portfolio Management Standard, PRINCE2 and ANSI 748-A Standard. CMCS is an affiliate of MPMM which includes an entire methodology for managing projects. It provides details of every phase, activity and task needed to complete a project from start to finish. MPMM comes with all of the templates and examples needed to manage a project. Project Portfolio Management Policies and Procedures CMCS will develop detailed project portfolio management procedures that will enforce the adoption of the organization’s project life cycle and adhere to the required governance stage gates. The procedures will be developed in accordance with ISO 10006 procedures to continuously ensure that quality is maintained when those procedures are implemented. CMCS procedures can cover all portfolio project management processes or can be specific to selected processes Project Management Services such enterprise risk management, project risk management, project controls, earned value, cost estimating and management, among others. The standard operating procedures will be developed in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as PMI® Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), Program Management Standard and Portfolio Management Standard, PRINCE2 and ANSI 748-A Standard. Our unique experience of project management information technology can be used to automate the implementation of these processes along with the required deliverables. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Policies and Procedures CMCS will develop detailed enterprise risk management procedures that will induce management of uncertainty as an integral factor within all the functionalities and business units of the organization. The procedures will be developed in accordance with ISO 31000 and PMI standards to continuously ensure that quality is maintained when those procedures are implemented. The procedures will enable the organization to document and standardize the processes for identifying, assessing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and controlling project risks. The CMCS procedures can cover the enterprise or can be specific to portfolios and projects. CMCS services also include developing enterprise risk management specification document that can become an integral part of a contract agreement. This will enable our client to get contractors, consultants and other external organizations to play an active role in developing the risk register for their contract scope of services as well as take an active role in risk assessment and evaluation, proposing and implementing risk treatment actions, and monitor and control risks during their contract execution. Our clients’ added value will be in documenting risk related lessons learned and updating their enterprise risk register and database. Need Prepare Design Delivery Use Dispose Capital Planning& Budgeting Engineering Procurement Construction Close-out O&M The Project Life Cycle (PLC) stages will differ depending on the industry type and role of the organization
  • 19. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 20 Train CMCS Professional Development and Training is an integral component of CMCS PPM360° solution. We offer a comprehensive professional development programs that address project management best practices. We pride ourselves on imparting relevant and essential knowledge to help you master state- of-the-art project management tools. On average, CMCS offers more than 250 professional development programs per annum, covering courses for the general public and corporate training programs. Our programs are offered in multiple languages including English, Arabic, French and others. CMCS has provided its professional development programs to more than 1,350 public and private organizations in over 35 countries. Which industries can benefit? Our professional development programs are designed to meet the needs of all industries that are project centric and to help individuals within organizations, from executive to project level. In addition, CMCS runs programs that are specific to selected vertical industries such as engineering and construction, oil and gas, power and utilities, information technology, telecommunication and others. Who should attend? Learning the fundamental cornerstones to successful project management is not just the domain of senior level decision makers. Everyone from the CEO down can benefit from our training programs. The following roles in particular are ones that would specifically profit from our expert training: CEOs, CFOs, CPOs, CIOs, CDOs, CSOs, CTOs, general managers, business unit managers, human resources managers, program managers, projects directors/managers, business analysts, construction managers, design managers, project engineers, project control managers, project control engineers, planning and scheduling engineers, procurement managers, contract administrators, cost engineers, estimators, project team members and graduates. Our Instructors CMCS instructors are consultants with extensive experience in portfolio, program and project management principles, methods, processes and software applications. Almost all of our instructors are certified project management professionals (PMP), and many of them are certified project risk management (PRM), planning and scheduling professionals (PSP) and project management office certified (PMOC). Our instructors have delivered professional development programs to managers and executives representing top organizations across the globe. Competency Development Program CMCS develops and implements Competency Development Programs (CPD) that help in building the qualified resource pool needed for the successful delivery of our clients’ project investments. Our CPD takes into consideration our clients’ demand for project centric resources •Project Management ProfessionalPMP® •Scheduling ProfessionalPMI-SP® •Certified Associate in Project ManagementCAPM® •Risk Management ProfessionalPMI-RMP® •Program Management ProfessionalPgMP® •Planning and Scheduling ProfessionalPSPTM •Earned Value ProfessionalEVPTM •Certified Cost ProfessionalCCPTM •Certified Forensic Claims ConsultantCFCCTM •Certified Estimating ProfessionalCEPTM •Certified Cost TechnicianCCTTM •Certified Business Analysis ProfessionalCBAP® •Certified Green Project Manager AssociateGPM-b •Certified Green Project ManagerGPM® •Certified Knowledge ManagerCKM •Certified Knowledge PractitionerCKP™ PMP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-RMP®, PgMP®, CAPM® are registered marks of the Project Management Institute. PSPTM , EVPTM , CCPTM , CFCCTM , CEPTM and CCTTM are registered marks of AACE International. CBAP® is a registered mark of the International Institute of Business Analysis. GPM-b and GPM® are registered marks of Green Project Management, CKM and CKPTM are registered trademarks of Knowledge Management Institute.
  • 20. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 21 and design a comprehensive program that combines theory, technology usage and hands-on experience training programs to provide the qualified resources. Our theoretical training modules will be based on internationally recognized project management certifications to ensure that the resources can successfully attain those certifications. On the other hand, our technology usage training will be based on the best and most used project management software applications. What makes our CPD unique is the hands-on experience part of the program where members will be assigned to real live projects to implement what they have learned and be supervised by one of our specialists as his/her mentor. Our approach will help organizations not only in building qualified project management resources but create an environment that will attract professionals to join and excel. Although our Competency Development Program is based on internationally recognized best practices and certification, what makes it unique is that it takes into consideration the local market requirements and acceptable practices. Our professional development programs can be offered in different formats and languages depending on our clients’ needs. Online Training CMCS can offer most of their courses as live online training. The online training offers a convenient way to offer CMCS training for organizations and individuals who cannot attend CMCS scheduled courses. This will allow our delegates to attend the training from home or office. For online training that is conducted for a single organization, CMCS can schedule the delivery of the training during the days and hours that best suite our clients’ schedules. The online training is also available for computer based training courses including those of Oracle Primavera, PMWeb Collaborative Project Management, Deltek Acumen, Nomitech CostOS, TILOS, ARES PRISM G2 , Hard Dollar among others. Project Management Certification Preparation CMCS offers training programs that will meet the needs of each project team member and are aligned with internationally recognized certifications that are needed by each stakeholder involved in the project delivery process. CMCS training programs has helped professionals to attain their PMP®, CAPM®, RMP®, PgMP®, PM-SP®, ACP®, PSP®, EVP®, CCP®, GPM®, PMOC®, CBAP®, CKM, CKP TM and other professional certifications. CMCS is an approved education provider for the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE®), the Green Project Management (GPM®), International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), the Knowledge Management Institute (KM Institute),the Construction Specifications Institute Construction Education Network (CSI CEN) and AllPMO Network PMOC Certification. The current certification courses list includes:  BA110 The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) Certification Exam Preparation, 3 Days  KM401 Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Program, 5 Days  KM200 Certified Knowledge Practitioner (CKP TM ) Program, 2 Days  P848 Projects integrating Sustainable Methods (PRiSM) Practitioner, 4 Days  P851 PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner PMI-ACP Exam Preparation, 4 Days  P878 Project Risk Management (RMP®) Certification Exam Preparation, 4 Days PMP, GPM PMP, EVP, PMI-SP, GPM PMP, RMP, GPM PgMP, RMP, GPM PMOC, RMP, CBAP, GPM Executive Project Management Training Executive Management PMO Program Manager Program Manager Project Manager Project Controls Project Team Project Team Project Manager Project Controls Project Team Project Team Program Manager
  • 21. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 22  P905 Project Management Professional(PMP) Exam Preparation, 5 Days  P916 The Certified Associate in Project Management Course (CAPM), 4 Days  P921 Earned Value Professional (EVP) Certification Exam Preparation, 2 Days  P923 Certified Cost Professional (CCP) Certification Exam Preparation, 5 Days  P959 Achieving Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) and PMI-SP Certification Exam Preparation, 2 Days  P980 Program Management Professional (PgMP®) Exam Preparation, 3 Days  PC201 Certified Forensic Claims Consultant™ (CFCC™) Certification Preparation Course, 2 Days In addition, the following courses are recommended for those seeking professional certification:  EP100 Effective Performance and KPI Management, 2 Days  G100 Essential Project Governance and Reporting For Executives, 3 Days  P853 Project Stakeholder Management, 4 Days  P875 Executing Strategy By Engaging Project Portfolio Management (PPM), 2 Days  P897 Project Closeout and Lessons Learned, 3 Days  P908 Managing Multiple Projects, 3 Days  P927 Project Management for Everyone – A Non-Technical Approach, 2 Days  IT01 ITIL Foundation 2011 Certification, 3 Days  LSS01 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, 3 Days  IT02 IT Project Management, 4 Days  P000 Difference Between PMI PMBOK 4 and PMBOK 5, 1 Day  P931 Workshop for the Preparation of the PMP Certification Exam, 1 Day  P933 Project Management for NGO Using Project/Program Management Life Cycle, 3 Days  P990 OPM3 –PMI Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, 2 Days Project Management Controls Today, no organization can afford to execute programs and projects without proper project controls. Project controls are not limited to project scope, schedule and cost but it should cover all other vital project elements such as records, contracts, changes, risks, interfaces among many others. CMCS is offering courses that will explain how to produce the key deliverables required for developing and implementing effective project management control systems (PMCS). Although those courses are not computer based training, they incorporate best examples from leading software applications such as Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM), Oracle Primavera Contract Management (PCM), Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis, PMWeb Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, TILOS, Acumen, CoreWorx and others to demonstrate how to get the PMCS deliverables. The project management control systems (PMCS) courses are aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI) project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) and the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE). The courses will help attendees to support their preparation for attaining professional certifications such as PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) and Risk Management Professional (RMP) as well as AACE’s Certified Cost Professional (CCP), Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) and Earned Value Professional (EVP). The current list of courses includes:  E206 Configure Primavera Contract Management (PCM) 14.0 in BI Publisher, 2 Days  G831 Your Gate To Planning and Scheduling, 3 Days  P720 TILOS Basic Course for planning and scheduling railways, highways, roads and pipelines, 2 Days  P723 TILOS Advanced Course for planning and scheduling railways, highways, roads and pipelines, 2 Days  P724 Create and Manage projects with ASTA Projects, 2 Days  P725 Resource and Cost Management with ASTA Projects, 1 Day
  • 22. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 23  P833 Earned Value Analysis, 1 Day  P850 Extension of Time (EOT) Request and Delay Analysis, 3 Days  P891 Acumen Fuse and Acumen 360, 2 Days  P892 Acumen Risk, 1 Day  P895 Planning and Control using Microsoft Project 2010 and PMBoK Guide 4th Edition, 3 Days  P896 Effective Project Controls for Engineering and Construction Projects, 3 Days  P899 Installation and Configuration of Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) P6 8.2, 2 Days  P936 Claims and Disputes Resolution under FIDIC® Conditions of Contract, 2 Days  PCE01 Project Cost Estimation in CostOs 4.0 - Basic Level, 3 Days  PCE02 Project Cost Estimation in CostOs 4.0 - Advanced Level, 2 Days Oracle University As the leader in Oracle Technology training, Oracle University offers extensive training to build the client’s knowledge with a unique curriculum created by the same developers who designed the technology itself. Very few organizations across the globe, if any, have had CMCS experience in offering training on Oracle Primavera solutions. Our team has been working with Primavera products since 1984 supporting more than 3,000 clients who represent the leaders in their industry. CMCS, Oracle University’s Approved Education Provider, was the first company ever to receive the Oracle University (OU) Award for Best Partner Performance Oracle Primavera FY2013. CMCS prides itself with the quality of their Oracle Primavera trainers. Today CMCS has more than 30 Oracle Primavera trainers located across CMCS offices in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and India. The majority of which are Project Management Professional (PMP®) certified and many others are certified as Project Management Institute Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP), Risk Management Professional (RMP®) and Program Management Professional (PgMP®), and Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE®) Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP), Earned Value Professional (EVP) and Certified Cost Professional (CCP). Our professional trainers can deliver Oracle Primavera training in multiple languages including English, Arabic, French and others. CMCS can customize and deliver Oracle University Primavera training to meet the Client’s own requirements as it relate to the type of projects, project life cycle, reporting, terminology and roles of those who will be using the Oracle Primavera Software. The current list of courses includes: Oracle Primavera  P102 Project Management in Oracle Primavera P6 Rel.7, 3 Days  P106P Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 Rel.7, 2 Days  P106R Resource Management in Primavera P6 Rel.7, 2 Days  P701 Oracle Primavera P6 Fundamentals Rel 8.2, 4 Days  P702 Oracle Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 8.2, 2 Days  P703 Oracle Primavera P6 Analytics Rel 8.x, 2 Days  P704 Oracle Primavera P6 Application Administration Rel 8.x, 2 Days  P705 Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Advanced Rel 8.2, 2 Days  P706 Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals Rel 8.2, 3 Days  P709 Oracle Primavera P6 Fundamentals Rel 8.3, 3 Days  P710 Oracle Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 8.3, 2 Days  P712 Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals Rel 8.3, 3 Days  P713 Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Advanced Rel 8.3, 2 Days  501 Managing Risk in Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis 8.6 (PRA), 3 Days  E203 Oracle Primavera Contract Management 14.0, 3 Days
  • 23. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 24  BIP6 Oracle Primavera P6 Reporting with BI Publisher 11g, 2 Days Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition  OBI01 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g R1: Build Repositories, 5 Days  OBI02 Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards, 4 Days  OBI03 Oracle BI Publisher 11g R1: Fundamentals, 3 Days Oracle Essbasse  OE01 Oracle Essbase 11.1.2 Boot Camp, 5 Days Oracle Business Intelligence for Application  BIA01 Oracle BI Applications 7.9.6: Implementation for Oracle EBS, 4 Days  BAI02 Oracle BI Applications 7.9.6: Implementation for Siebel CRM, 4 Days  BIA03 Oracle BI Applications 7.9: Develop a Data Warehouse, 5 Days Oracle Data Integrator  ODI01 Oracle Data Integrator 11g: Integration and Administration, 5 Days  ODI02 Oracle Data Integrator: Administration and Development, 4 Days  ODI03 Oracle Data Integrator 11g: Advanced Integration and Development, 3 Days Enterprise Data Quality  OED01 Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Match and Parse, 3 Days  OED02 Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Profile, Audit and Operate, 2 Days Oracle DB Options  ODB01 Oracle Database 11g: OLAP Essentials, 3 Days  ODB02 Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals, 3 Days  ODB03 Oracle Spatial: Essentials, 5 Days Oracle Application Express  OAE01 Oracle Application Express: Developing Web Applications, 5 Days  OAE02 Oracle Application Express: Advanced Workshop, 4 Days  OAE03 Oracle Application Express: Administration, 2 Days Structured Query Language  SQL01 Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL, 5 Days  SQL02 Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals I, 3 Days  SQL03 Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals II, 2 Days  SQL04 Oracle Database: Develop PL/SQL Program Units, 3 Days  SQL05 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop, 3 Days  SQL06 Oracle Database 11g: Analytic SQL for Data Warehousing, 1 Day Database Modeling  DM01 Oracle Data Modeling and Relational Database Design, 4 Days Database Administration  DBA01 Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I, 5 Days  DBA02 Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II, 5 Days  DBA03 Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning DBA, 5 Days  DBA04 Oracle Database 11g: Data Guard Administration, 4 Days  DBA05 Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration, 4 Days WebLogic Server  WS01 Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials, 5 Days  WS02 Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration, 5 Days  WS03 Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Monitor and Tune Performance, 3 Days Essential Personal Skills for the Project Management Team The Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Competency Development (PMCD) framework has identified a number of personal competencies that project management professionals should acquire in addition to the knowledge areas of the project management body of knowledge. Those competencies include Achievement and Action, Helping and Human Service, Impact and Influence, Managerial, Cognitive and Personal Effectiveness. The Essential Personal Skills for the Project Management Team program launched by CMCS includes a number of courses that covers the personal skills identified by the PMCD framework and more. The program is comprehensive and includes topics on:
  • 24. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 25  PS-01 Project Leadership Skills For Better Project Results, 2 days  PS-02 The Leadership Challenges for Project Leaders, 3 days  PS-03 Managing Virtual Teams, 1 day  PS-04 Motivating Project Teams, 1 day  PS-05 Project Team Building, 2 days  PS-06 Cross-functional team management, 1 day  PS-07 The ability to manage global teams, 2 days  PS-08 Organizational Change Management, 2 days  PS-09 Coaching For Better Project Results, 1 day  PS-10 Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers, 3 days  PS-11 Project management Interpersonal Communication Skills, 2 days  PS-12 Communication with Competence and Confidence, 1 day  PS-13 Managing & Dealing with Different Types of Stakeholders, 2 days  PS-14 The Persuasive Project Manager, 2 days  PS-15 Negotiation Skills for Project Managers: Turn No to Yes, 2 days  PS-16 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making, 1 day  PS-17 Conflict Management Skills for Project Managers, 1 day  PS-18 Stress Management Techniques for Project Managers, 1 day  PS-19 Managing Workplace Diversity, 1 day  PS-20 Time Management for Project Managers, 1 day  PS-21 Facilitation Skills for Project Managers. 1 day  PS-22 Powerful Presentation Skills for Project Mangers, 2 days Supply Chain & Logistics Skills for Project Management Team With a strong expertise on purchasing and flow management, you can support your company reaching the requested sky high objectives. A competitive pricing level and guaranteed best money solution can help you to stay ahead of the competition. With a strong Supply Chain, you can react very agile upon the changing demands from both your internal and external customers! However, both walk hand-in-hand with clear synergies or struggles if not done properly. Customers in today’s marketplace expect high quality, low prices, fast turnaround and on-time delivery. To compete successfully, organizations must improve supply chain performance. The expected cross-functionality and the need to communicate very openly do not make life easier, emphasizing the complexity. You could however be well armed by providing your talents proper and adequate Supply Chain & Logistics training. Professionals, who follow Supply Chain management best practices, understand the processes and communicate effectively with other team members, play an increasingly important role in the success of their organizations. The Supply Chain & Logistics Skills for Project Management Teams program launched by CMCS, in collaboration with Saber Middle East, is a comprehensive capacity building program addressing the entire supply chain extending past your internal operations from your suppliers, through your company, to your end customers. This development program covers primary functional areas and technical skills needed by the project management team through a number of topics including:  SC-01. Supply Chain 101: The Basics, 1 Day  SC-02. Supply Chain Management Fundamentals, 3 Days  SC-03. Advanced Concepts in Supply Chain, 2 Days  SC-04. Risk Management in Supply Chain & Logistics, 3 Days  SC-05. Procurement & Sourcing Best Practices, 3 Days  SC-06. Negotiation Skills for Better Procurement, 2 Days  SC-07. Manufacturing & Operations Management, 3 Days  SC-08. Operations Management: Critical Decisions, 3 Days
  • 25. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 26  SC-09. Logistics & Transportation Management Essentials, 3 Days  SC-10. Warehousing Best Practices, 3 Days  SC-11. Stock Control & Inventory Management: Nuts and Bolts, 3 Days  SC-12. Inventory Management: Simulation Workshop, 1 Day  SC-13. Advanced Excellence Program on Warehouse & Inventory Management, 4 Days  SC-14. Leading Empowered Teams for Service Quality, 3 days  SC-15. FEELINGS for Professionals (Quality Service), 2 Days  SC-16. SPEED (Fast & Right Service), 1 Day  SC-17. Remember ME, 1 Day  SC-18. Loyal for Life, 1 Day  SC-19. Lean Six Sigma Overview, 1 Day  SC-20. Lean Six Sigma Champion, 2 Days Post Graduate Diploma (PgDiP) in Project Management by the American University of Beirut (AUB) In 2013, the American University of Beirut - Continuing Education Center (AUB- CEC), and in collaboration with CMCS has launched a post-graduate diploma in Project Management. This unique program will enable CMCS to address the growing needs for corporations and local executives who are keen in understanding project management best practices. The program has different areas of knowledge to meet the needs of the target attendees. As of now, it has 4 specializations: Project Management Office (PMO) and Program Management, Enterprise and Project Risk Management, Engineering Project Controls and Entrepreneurship, NGO and Business Development. The Postgraduate diploma is delivered in an executive education style similar to an EMBA, i.e. 3 days per month including the examination. The courses are designed to be 80% practical and 20% conceptual, thus they include a combination of workshops, discussion groups, case studies, role plays, self reflections and practice sessions. The diploma is made up of 10 courses and a final graduation project, thus 11 components, divided over 2 parts. The first part is the PM Certification which includes 5 common courses for all participants. Afterwards, participants can continue to study for a diploma, focusing on 1 of the 4 specializations. The second part is done by completing 5 focused courses and 1 final graduation project in their chosen specialization. The diploma includes several international certification courses like RMP®, PgMP® and GPM® among others, thus enabling the participants not only to earn the Postgraduate Diploma but also becoming eligible to submit for the certification courses. All courses in the diploma are a 21-contact-hour course, thus the total instructor led courses sum up to 210 contact hours. This is followed by a 50-hour final graduation project making the grand total of hours to earn the diploma to be 260. Courses are delivered either on AUB campus or anywhere around the world upon request of a full cohort. General Certification Courses  Best Practices in Managing Small to Medium Projects  Project Stakeholder Management  Project Leadership/Communication Skills  Project Management in Primavera P6 Client-Server  Practical Approach to managing Mega Projects Enterprise and Project Risk Management Focus Courses  Achieving Risk Management Professional Certification - Project Risk Management  Quantitative Risk Analysis Workshop  Enterprise Risk Management using ISO-31000
  • 26. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 27  Practical Risk Workshop  Elective Course  Project in Risk Management PMO & Program Management Focus Courses  PMO Setup and Implementation  Program Management Professional (PgMP)®  Project Feasibility and Portfolio Prioritization Techniques (Workshop)  Organizational Governance for Enabling Portfolio/Program/Project Management (OPM3)®  Elective Course  Project in Program Management/PMO Governance Engineering Project Controls Focus Courses  Cost Estimating, Budgeting, and Controlling  Design Project Management  Construction Project Management I&II  FIDIC Conditions of Contract & Claims and Dispute Resolution  Elective Course  Project in Controls Business Development & Entrepreneurship Focus Courses  Project Sponsorship  Project Management for Entrepreneurs  Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP/CCBA)  Project Management for NGOs  Elective Course  Project in Business Development, Organization development or Entrepreneurship Elective Courses  Strategic Project Management for Executives  Green Project Management  Project Lessons Learned  Effective Project Controls for Engineering and Construction Projects  Cost Engineering Certification Course  Earned Value Management (EVP)  Engineering Project Controls  Extension of Time Analysis & Extension of Time Request  Workshop for the preparation of the PMP® certification Exam  Contract Administration and Claim Management  Contracting and Procurement  Effective Submittal Management in Construction Projects  Achieving PSP and PMI-SP® Certifications – Project Planning & Scheduling
  • 27. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 28 Post Graduate Diploma (PgDiP) in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Design by the University of Salford If you are interested in efficient multidisciplinary collaboration through the design and construction process with the support of advanced BIM technologies, this is the program for you. It provides the skills and competences to support integrated design and delivery solutions and the coordination of roles and responsibilities for the financial, environmental and social performance of buildings throughout their lifecycle. Students wishing to complete the full Masters of Science need to achieve 120 taught credits, followed by a 60 credits dissertation. The dissertation is delivered via the distance learning mode. Program Structure and Assessment The Masters’ program consists of 3 taught modules and a choice of elective modules to make up a further 30 credits. This is followed by either a Research Methods module and Dissertation or a Design Briefing and Research by Design project. The modules are delivered over a 15 week period. Most modules are assessed through written coursework. Core Modules Design Collaboration and Management of Integrated Projects (30 credits)  Building industry challenges and opportunities  The business value of BIM and integrated design  Design collaboration  Integrated project delivery  Lean design and construction  Lifecycle management and BIM Building Information Modeling Theory and Practice (30 credits)  The concept of BIM  BIM deployment strategies  Design and construction process for BIM  BIM tools in design  Interoperability, IFCs, parametric modeling and BIM  Building information exchange  Data sharing and design integration  BIM, energy efficiency and sustainability Lean Integrated Design and Production (30 credits)  Integrating people, process and technolog  Lean construction/production  Continuous improvement  Process design and implementation  Process mapping analysis  Integrating project life cycles Optional Modules Advanced Technologies for Collaborative Design (30 credits)
  • 28. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 29  Contemporary techniques in Collaborative Design  CAD/CAM paradigm and mass customization in architectural production  File-to-Factory Processes (e.g. 3D printer and Laser-Cutting technologies)  Fundamentals of BIM and GIS  Collaborative knowledge modeling  Mixed, augmented and virtual reality applications in design Building Performance Simulation & Analysis (15 credits)  Role of design modeling  Environmental and energy modeling software  Simulating building performance  Communicating low carbon building Project Sustainable Design Theory and Practice (15 credits)  Sustainable urban development theory  Sustainable building design  Visioning and sustainability assessment  Sustainable urban design community considerations  Sustainability appraisal  Good practice case studies and examples Then - either Research Methods (15 credits) Prepare students to undertake research at postgraduate level by engaging in good research planning, appraisal of a range of research methods and understanding the importance of ethics and the relevance of this to the research process. And Dissertation (45 credits) This module allows learners to undertake a dissertation on a specific research topic related to the program of study. You will engage in constructive research; empirical, theoretical or doctrinal research; or other types of recognized research whilst applying an ethical approach. Or Design Briefing (15 credits) Provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate good “design research” planning at postgraduate level through the application of recognized design research strategies, techniques, and methodologies as well as how to produce a “design proposal” for research on a specific topic. And Research by Design (45 credits) This module allows students to undertake descriptive and exploratory research in a particular design context by applying recognized “research by design” methodologies and techniques to produce a sustained and logical argument. You will conduct research through design in a particular architectural and/or urban context; plan and propose new design variations and critically evaluate their impact.
  • 29. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 30 Executive Project Assurance Coaching CMCS have partnered with leading Executive Coaching consultancy Coachmatch to provide our clients direct access to the world’s leading executive coaches from the UK, US and around the world. Coachmatch engage only the most experienced and highly qualified Executive Coaches for their select list of clients and bring experience drawn from their role as preferred Executive Coaching partner to many global organizations. Supporting project leaders and teams with Executive Coaching is a highly effective way to transfer learning, knowledge and skills into action and results. Unlike classroom based training, Executive Coaching is able to provide support that addresses the unique real-world situations and challenges leaders and teams face as they put theory into practice. Why Coaching? Frequently, the challenges for project leaders and teams include both technical and non-technical issues. Diverse teams must learn to work together quickly, identify their shared purpose and influence an equally diverse range of stakeholders to ensure delivery. Equally, learning, skills and knowledge must be translated into planning and informed action if the investment in training is to provide real benefit and impact at the bottom line. Executive Coaching is widely used by successful businesses the UK, US and Europe to address these issues. Working with a Coach is an effective way to accelerate teams to high performance and to support key individuals to lead their team, manage stakeholders and achieve successful outcomes. What Coaches achieve for Leaders? Ensuring leaders adapt to new situations and emerging issues, applying learning and delivering effective leadership, ultimately leading to better performance, faster. What Coaches achieve for Teams? New teams working together more effectively, ensuring all team members skills and experience is leveraged, improving communication and engagement and ensuring teams remain “joined up” throughout a project’s lifecycle. When to engage a Coach? We recommend Executive Coaching support is considered whenever a leader is given a new project, takes on a bigger or different role or more responsibility. For teams, consider Executive Coaching when you form a new project team that has not worked together before or when communication and stakeholder management are vital to success. Executive Coaching can also be a powerful complement to other learning, ensuring that this is translated into different behaviors and action when the individual returns to their day to day role. Executive Coaching Packages: We offer fully flexible packages of coaching to meet your needs. For example: • For Leaders: 6 months support, to include monthly face to face meetings at your location and unlimited skype/telephone support between meetings. • For Teams Support a team of 3 or more individuals with 6 months support, including a face to face team event every 8 weeks and monthly telephone or Skype one to one coaching meetings for each participant Knowledge “I know...” Skill “I can...” Action “I do…” Results CCooaacchhiinngg Training
  • 30. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 31 Project Management for Youth CMCS offers Project Management for Youth (PMY) training program that is designed for youth between the ages 15 to 18 years old. The program combines basic project management knowledge and actual practice of project management skills. The program is designed to address six areas of competency that shape youth leadership development efforts: 1. Communication- public speaking/writing, and engaging the participation of others; 2. Teamwork- respecting others, performing roles of both leader and follower, building on strengths, and commitment to free group input and expression; 3. Personal Identity-understanding the relationship between oneself and the community, pride in being a member of a larger group, awareness of areas for self-improvement, taking responsibility for one’s actions and the resulting consequences; 4. Professionalism-demonstrating tactfulness, understanding protocols, appropriate dress and action given appraisal of context, delivering quality work, positively presenting oneself to others; and 5. Project Management-setting goals/developing action steps, meeting facilitation, reflection, distinguishing between one’s interests and community needs 6. Sustainability – Efficient use of natural resources, social and economic impacts. This is a 5-day workshop learning where the youth will be taught project management basic and intermediate practices. The training will cover the following topics: Project Management Terms • Project Management Phases • Statement of Work • Project Charter • Stakeholders • Scope • The P5 Impact: People, Planet, Profit, Process and Product How to Develop the Project Management Plan • Define Scope • Develop Plan • Assess Risks How to Monitor and Control the Execution of Project • Reporting Performance • Managing Changes • Managing Issues • Capturing Lessons Learned Workshops • Understanding Stakeholders • Developing Project Scope • Developing Project Plan • Assessing Assumptions • Reporting Project Performance Program Training Material The program training material is developed by CMCS but aligned with the project management best practices guidelines provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) Educational Foundation (PMIEF) as well as Green Project Management® (GPM Global). The PMY is a Green Program The Project Management for Youth (PMY) program has been certified by Green Project Management® (GPM Global) as an accredited sustainability education program in accordance with the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Upon completion, participants will receive a Green Project Management® Certificate.
  • 31. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 32 Professional Development Accreditation Project Management Institute (PMI®). PMI’s primary goal is to advance the practice, science and profession of project management throughout the world in a conscientious and proactive manner so that organizations everywhere will embrace, value and utilize project management and then attribute their successes to it. It was founded in 1969 by working project managers and has more than 500,000 members and credential holders. Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE®) is the leading-edge professional society for cost engineers, schedulers project managers, and project control specialists. It is the largest organization serving the entire spectrum of cost management professionals. AACE® International is industry independent, and has members in 80 countries and 80 local sections. The Green Project Management (GPM®) certification embodies the commitment of a project management professional to act as an agent of change by managing and directing efforts to maximize sustainability within the project life cycle, improving the construct and delivery of goods and services produced as a project deliverable, and thoroughly considering and accounting for environmental impacts in the project management roles assigned using measurable standards. Green Project Manager (GPM®) certification is the first project management credential for individuals demonstrating competency in delivering projects using sustainable methods. International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) is the independent non- profit professional association serving the growing field of Business Analysis. The mission of IIBA® is to develop and maintain standards for the practice of business analysis and for the certification of its practitioners. The Construction Specifications Institute Construction Education Network (CSI CEN). The CSI CEN is a network of Registered Education Providers offering high-quality education programs to professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Learners use CEN to find courses, earn CEUs, and easily track education credits. Providers list sessions in CEN’s database. Credentialing entities use CEN to ensure that individuals earn appropriate, high-quality continuing education to maintain their licenses and certifications. The ALLPMO Network is the only Project Management Office Certification (PMOC) in the world for PMOs and their staff. They provide free information source to project √professionals that manage today’s complex issues. ALLPMO offers state-of-the-art project management value for anyone practicing project management. ALLPMO also provides consulting services in Project Management, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma and many more through the ALLPMO Supplier Network to some of the biggest and best-managed companies worldwide. Oracle University As the leader in Oracle Technology training, Oracle University offers extensive training to build the client’s knowledge with a unique curriculum created by the same developers who designed the technology itself. CMCS is Oracle University’s Approved Education Provider and offers Oracle Primavera related trainings and services. International Knowledge Management Institute is the leading provider of Knowledge Management Certification/Training, with thousands certified since 2001 and classes delivered annually in up 15 countries. KM Institute trains and certifies KM Team Members and Personal Knowledge Managers (PKM)™ in the methods and tools that enable individuals and organizations to transform (and substantially improve) human performance in the Knowledge Age. KM Institute also offers free Membership – discounts on training, KM conferences and access to the latest in KM tech solutions.
  • 32. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 33 Control Having the right Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Information System (EPPMIS) will provide the organization with the means to better control the delivery of their project investments. An EPPMIS will provide the organization with a single version of the truth Visibility, documented processes for Governance, Inclusivity so no one is left out, Optimization of resource usage, better Predictability of future project results, proactive Issue Management, comprehensive Change Management and a proven method for Knowledge Management. Oracle Primavera CMCS is an Oracle Partner and one of the few certified as Specialized Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle Primavera Contract Management. This certification is limited to those organization who have shown credible evident and reference in implementing Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle Primavera Contract Management software. CMCS’ EPPM P6 and PCM implementation include the following services: Discovery – helping clients understand what they need to get the most out of Oracle Primavera, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and security levels, Implementation – getting the information that our clients want to have from Oracle Primavera to better manage and controls their projects, Training – teaching users on not only how to use Oracle Primavera but the project management knowledge needed to better understand how to make use of this information and Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include application data migration and health check audit. Oracle Primavera Unifier CMCS and in partnership with ENSTOA offers Oracle Primavera Unifier implementation. Our Oracle Primavera Unifier implementation include the following services: Discovery – helping clients understand what they need to get the most out of Oracle Primavera, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and security levels, Implementation – getting the information that our clients want to have from Oracle Primavera to better manage and controls their projects, Training – teaching users on not only how to use Oracle Primavera but the project management knowledge needed to better understand how to make use of this information and Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include application data migration and health check audit. Oracle Primavera Instantis CMCS’ Oracle Primavera Instantis implementation include the following services: Discovery – helping clients understand what they need to get the most out of Oracle Primavera, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and security levels, Implementation – getting the information that our clients want to have from Oracle Primavera to better manage and controls their projects, Training – teaching users on not only how to use Oracle Primavera but the project management knowledge needed to better understand how to make use of this information and Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include application data migration and health check audit. Strategies Activities/ WorkOrders Resources Portfolios Programs Projects Deliverables . Top Bottom Strategic Alignment Contract Bottom Up Performance Monitor&Control Time Risk Cost Records Asset EDMS/ Content Repository/ BIM Models Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard Based IntegrateWithERP/EAM Procure Earned Value
  • 33. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 34 PMWeb Collaboration Project Management CMCS is an authorized and certified PMWeb implementation consultant. Our team have implemented and localized PMWeb for a number of key public and private sector clients in the MENA region. CMCS’ PMWeb implementation include the following services: Discovery – helping clients understand what they need to get the most out of PMWeb, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and security levels, Implementation – getting the information that our clients want to have from PMWeb to better manage and controls their projects, Training – teaching users on not only how to use PMWeb but the project management knowledge needed to better understand how to make use of this information and Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include application data migration and health check audit. Nomitech CostOS Estimating Certified Implementation CMCS is an authorized and certified CostOS implementation and associated services consultant for the MENA region. CMCS’ CostOS implementation include the following services: Discovery / Needs assessment – helping clients understand the Estimating Skills they need to improve their Estimating Competence and assessing the Pre-configuration of CostOS Estimating, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and roles of users, Data Migration - Importing Historical Data from Past Estimates or Actual Projects into the CostOS Centralized Database, Implementation – setting up the layouts, cost models, access to commercial databases, and custom reports that our clients want to have from CostOS to better manage and control their Estimating Processes, Training – teaching users on not only how to use CostOS but also the cost estimating and assembly development knowledge needed to improve their Estimating Competency, Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include Developing BIM models for Quantity Takeoff, Value Engineering and 5D within the CostOS platform, Consulting on developing "Interoperable BIM Models", Developing Custom Assemblies/ Cost Models per clients needs, Training on the NoDoC Oil and Gas Knowledgebase and Localization, custom Integrations Assessment for further development by Nomitech and health check audit. Active Risk Management (ARM) Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) CMCS is an authorized and certified ARM implementation consultant. Our team has implemented ARM for a number of key public and private sector clients in the MENA region. CMCS’ ARM implementation include the following services: Discovery – helping clients understand what they need to get the most out of ARM, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and security levels, Implementation – getting the information that our clients want to have from ARM to better manage and controls their projects’ risks, Training – teaching users on not only how to use ARM but the enterprise and project risk management knowledge needed to better understand how to make use of this information and Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include application data migration and health check audit. Project Management Information System (PMIS) Dashboard CMCS understands the need for many organizations to have information about their projects visible in a different format than what off-the-shelf software applications will do. CMCS can design and rollout custom-tailored project management information system (PMIS) dashboards that are based on MS SharePoint, MS SQL Report Writer and Oracle Business Intelligence software applications. CMCS will integrate your different project management software applications and others to create a single point of interface that addresses what you need to view. ARES PRISM G2 Earned Value and Performance Management Using CMCS 6-Stage approach led by one of our Earned Value Professional (EVP®) consultants, starts with assessing the client’s Earned Value needs and requirements, followed by training the client’s team on the earned value management professional practices as well as PrismG2 that would enable them to join CMCS team in designing the desired EVMS policy and deployment procedures. The designed EVMS solution will include the different management reporting required for managing projects, programs and portfolios performance. The next step would be to roll out the EVMS across the organization and assess the success of the implementation. Our EVMS implementation can be aligned with all international EV standards. CMCS EVMS implementation uses ARES PRISM G2 that is integrated with Oracle Primavera P6, Nomitech CostOS and Acumen Risk. Oracle Hyperion Project Financial Planning CMCS helps organizations to Unify decision-making process between corporate financial planning, and project financial planning within a single application construct, Address process disconnect between decisions made around projects and decisions made as part of the annual financial planning cycle within an enterprise and align project sponsors and stakeholders may have different goals from the corporate financial targets and long range plans that drive bottom up annual plans and forecasts. The scope of services also includes ensuring that the what-if impact modeling, analysis
  • 34. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 35 and feedback loop from financial considerations for projects is instantaneous. Since the approval processes for projects are closely tied to the approvals for financial plans and forecasts, the application’s process controls implicitly ensures agreement between project sponsors, key stakeholders and financial decision makers. The proposed application construction will ensure alignment of project and financial plans and forecasts to financial targets and corporate long range financial plans. BIM Services CMCS offers the engineering and construction industry with comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. Our services can be delivered using AutoDesk Revit, Bentley System and other BIM tools. Our solutions are available for project owners, project managers, construction managers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and product manufactures. CMCS BIM Services offering include BIM Office Setup and Rollout, BIM Modeling, BIM Coordination and Fabrication, BIM and Facility Management Integration and BIM Implementation, Training and Mentoring. Paperless Project Delivery for Oracle Primavera Contract Manager / Unifier and SharePoint. We understand that Document Control is one of the core activities for every project and it is here where some of the greatest gains can be made with the application of simple add-ons, and our expertise that can save full-service providers of consulting, design, construction, and operations services companies’ significant costs on every project. We believe Paperless Project Delivery is about providing a platform that enables your organization/ project delivery teams to seamlessly flow information through business processes digitally and intelligently, removing the need for paper and the manual processing of documents internally and externally. Our solutions integrate with Oracle Primavera Products, SharePoint and Web Centre Content and can also be integrated to non- Oracle platforms. CAD Viewing and Collaboration for SharePoint Connectors unite these two solutions so that users can efficiently open, view, and review any document directly from within the SharePoint environment. Industries such as Oil & Gas, Utilities and Engineering & Construction can now take advantage of SharePoint to manage complex technical data with the integration of a web based viewer that lends itself to streamlining and enhancing the flow of information across the enterprise and externally. DigEplan – Paperless City Planning provides an efficient, flexible, and secure method for Cities to streamline and accelerate digital planning applications, removing the need for paper and integrating into existing IT investments. DigEplan delivers secure, web-based viewing for virtually any document type, including 3D CAD, BIM, 2D CAD, Graphics, Office and PDF documents and enables users to view, annotate, digitally stamp, convert, print and simultaneously collaborate on these documents. Costly authoring applications are not required and DigEplan’s intuitive interface can easily be used by all employees regardless of their technical skills. DigEplan team members are connected to electronic documents in a digital process enabling faster decisions based on reliable, in-context information. By leveraging a single solution, which is then integrated into existing document, workflow and case management systems, the cost of purchasing, managing, and training employees to use multiple viewing and authoring applications is eliminated and the planning process accelerated. SAP Certified Integrated Viewer for Native Document and CAD Viewing, Mark-up and Collaboration for Asset Intensive Industries. We have integrated these two world class applications to deliver seamless business processes and SAP object integration that enables SAP customers to streamline and accelerate the flow of asset information and remove the need to replicate documents to PDF or other neutral formats for viewing purposes. Oracle AutoVue allows users to access, view, and review hundreds of document types including 2D computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, 3D models, printed circuit board (PCB) layouts and schematics, and Microsoft Office documents. By standardizing on a single solution for all visualization requirements, the cost of purchasing, managing, and training employees to use multiple viewing and authoring applications is eliminated. Organizations can greatly reduce their licensing and maintenance costs and simplify their IT infrastructure. Oracle AutoVue delivers a standard application across all enterprise applications so when you are considering its use you can truly look at an enterprise class application. All the major systems are catered for with integrations into SAP, SharePoint, Documentum, Opentext, Oracle EBS, Teamcenter, Windchill and others.
  • 35. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 36 Own Regardless what PPM solution your organization selects to implement, CMCS will help your organization to build the organizational unit to take ownership of the solution. CMCS has helped organizations in support their strategic project management office, project management office, risk management office, project controls office among others. Project Management Office (PMO) Setup and Rollout CMCS will help your organization build the project management office that will best fit your organization’s unique needs. Whether it is a strategic, operational, program or project management office, CMCS will implement the right processes, organization setup and communication lines that will best serve the PMO’s purpose. Our unique experience in professional development and project management information technology will help in rolling out an effective PMO. CMCS will ensure that the PMO implementation will have a career plan set for those that will be involved in running the PMO. CMCS will recommend the best project management information solution that will allow the PMO to share vital projects data across the organization in a reliable and complete way. In addition, our PMO implementation would include a career development scheme in project and program management for the PMO team members, in addition to other members of the organization who will be served by the PMO. The career plan will be based on PMI®, AACE®, GPM®, KMI® and IIBA® certifications such as PMP®, PgMP®, RMP®, PSP®, EVP®, CBAP®, CCP®, PMOC®, GPM®, CKM®, CKP® and others. Executive BU 1 BU 2 Program 1 Program 2 Project 1 Project 2 PMO BU 3 Strategic PMO
  • 36. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 37 Sustain CMCS has provided comprehensive Project Management Controls services to many of the international and regional project owners, consultants, contractors and subcontractors to sustain their project management processes. CMCS has expertise in controlling and tracking capital asset programs and projects. Our primary goal is to provide value added tracking and analysis of project data to allow project management as well as line management to proactively alleviate unnecessary schedule delays or negative cost impacts. Project Planning and Scheduling CMCS will help your organization to develop its project execution plan at the desired level of detail following best international planning and scheduling practices. Our team will develop the project’s work breakdown structure (WBS) to ensure that the project scope of work has been covered in full. This will be followed by a detailed resource and cost loaded project plan in accordance with the approved assumptions and constraints. CMCS will provide a detailed communication plan with all required tabular and graphical reports. During the project execution, our team will update the project plan periodically to assess project status and progress trends. Variance analysis including schedule delays and cost overruns will be reported using earned value metrics plus 14 other special performance metrics. Project Delay Analysis and Damages Quantification CMCS will help your organization analyze any delays encountered on the project’s execution following best practices in forensic delays analysis. This will enable you to set liabilities for encountered delays and assess whether these will entitle the contractor to time extension and entitlement of any financial compensation. Our analysis covers areas of loss productivity and acceleration. Our vast knowledge of different types of contract agreements such as FIDIC, NEC3 and others will help your organization understand their own delay related entitlements under these contracts clauses. Records and Document Management CMCS will help your organization develop their project records control and management procedures. Our team will review the project’s contract documents to determine what records must be provided by the contractor as part of his contractual obligations to the owner. Those would usually include RFI, meeting minutes, submittals, transmittals, snag list, daily reports, change orders, progress payments, safety reports, inspect forms among others. CMCS will develop the forms and reports layouts, workflow and distribution lists. To enhance our service delivery, CMCS uses PMWeb or Oracle Primavera Contract Manager (PCM) to develop and manage the project records. STO Planning and Scheduling Staff Augmentation is a service that CMCS offers for clients who have Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage projects. CMCS services include developing detailed integrated TA baseline plan that is resource loaded along with the project resource plan and S-Curve. The baseline plan will also include a risk register of risks identified during the baseline schedule development. In addition, our scope include re-evaluate the status of the project’s Critical Path during TA execution Project Management Oversight Services Schedule Baseline Schedule Delay Analysis Risk Risk Workshop Cost Cost Estimate Contract Contract Administration Records Record Management BIM 3D BIM Model 4D Schedule Simulation
  • 37. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 38 and/or recovery plan, monitor progress of works and update jobs completion for look ahead reports, prepare regular performance reports, status and progress reports, identify schedule issues and suggesting possible solutions for those issues, highlight the craft utilization and to suggest areas for improvement and to maintain the project risk register and identify new potential risks during turnaround execution. Project Management Oversight CMCS will manage your project from initiation to closeout using our project management methodology that is aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). Our team are experienced in other project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 and MPMM. Our project team will work with your organization in defining the project requirements, followed by formally initiating the project and issuing the project charter. This will enable our team to develop a detailed project implementation that addresses the project scope, schedule, budget, quality of deliverables, risks and a procurement strategy, among others. When the project plan is agreed upon, the project execution will commence. This will continue until all project deliverables are produced and accepted by the client. Upon completion, a closeout report will be prepared to document project outcomes and close project contracts. Our team will monitor the project performance and control the project during all phases. Project Risk Management Workshops CMCS certified project risk management consultants will carry out an independent assessment of the risks on a bid or project and will define an appropriate Risk Plan so that the project has the best ability to succeed. The scope of services will include compiling the risk register, analyzing the risks using impact and probability, identifying actions to be taken to treat the top 20 risks and establishing a Risk Plan to define how the top risks will be managed throughout the project. CMCS will provide the client with the option of using Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA), Active Risk Management (ARM) or any other suitable application for developing the risk register and impact and probability matrix.
  • 38. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 39 Software CMCS is the authorized partner for most of the world leaders in Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) software applications. CMCS fully supports those applications that they have partnered with by offering software licenses, first line technical support, implementation, certified training, customized training and extended support through multi-level service level agreements (SLA). Hosting services for selected applications is also available. In collaboration with third party partners, CMCS also offers integrating the products we represent with other applications such as ERP, GIS and others. CMCS can offer most of the EPPM software applications on private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Oracle Primavera Focused exclusively on helping project-intensive businesses manage their entire project portfolio lifecycle, for projects of all sizes. It is estimated that projects with a total value of over $6 trillion have been managed with Primavera products. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) is the world leader when it comes to portfolio project management. Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is the most powerful, robust, and easy- to-use solution for prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing global projects, programs, and portfolios. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution comprising role-specific functionality to satisfy each team member’s needs, responsibilities, and skills. It provides a single solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to various levels of complexities within a project, and intelligently scales to meet the needs of diverse roles, functions, or skill levels in your organization and within your project team. Primavera P6 Professional Project Management (PPM) gives today’s project managers and schedulers the one thing they value most: control. Primavera P6 Professional Project Management, the recognized standard for high- performance project management software, is designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. It can be used to organize projects that encompass up to 100,000 activities, and it provides unlimited resources and an unrestricted number of target plans. Massive data requires sophisticated, yet highly flexible organization tools to provide you with a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources. P6 Progress Reporter is a Web-based project communication and timekeeping system. As a team-level tool for project participants, it helps project participants focus on the work at hand with a simple cross-project to-do list of their upcoming assignments. Project team members can record time worked and enter information about their project assignments. Regardless of location, team members can communicate timesheet and activity status directly to their managers. Because all project participants can use P6 Progress Reporter to enter up-to-the-minute information about their assignments and to record the time they spent working on each one, project managers can make crucial project decisions with the confidence that only comes from having the most current information possible. Timesheet review and approval takes place directly from within P6. Primavera Contract Management (PCM) keeps construction projects on schedule and on budget through complete project control. It manages documents, supervises job costs and is a field controls solution. Construction project management involves groups of people representing different disciplines, from project managers, contract managers, and division managers to subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and owners—all trying to collaborate on a multitude of issues and changes while juggling multiple documents and contracts. Controlling your construction project’s plan, budget, forecast costs, and deliverables is vital to the success of your project and the future of your business. Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA) is a full lifecycle risk analysis solution that integrates costs and schedules risk management. Primavera Risk Analysis provides a comprehensive means of determining confidence levels for project success together with quick and easy techniques for determining contingency and risk response plans. You’ll be taught to have an objective view of required contingencies that account for cost and schedule uncertainty as well as analyzing the cost effectiveness of risk response plans. Combined, these form the basis of a “risk adjusted schedule,” which today is becoming the norm within the planning and scheduling process.
  • 39. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 40 Primavera P6 Analytics is a packaged business intelligence solution that provides valuable insights into your Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management project portfolio performance so you can uncover trends, discover root cause of issues and forecast costs, helping you to drive efficiencies in your project processes by making better decisions about your projects. Built on top of the Oracle Business Intelligence platform (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus), Primavera P6 Analytics comes packaged with a new updated version of the Primavera P6 Reporting Database. All of the data loading, data mapping, data models and dashboard reports you will need to start gaining unprecedented visibility into your Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management projects and portfolios is included.. Oracle AutoVue Enterprise Visualization is a suite of Oracle products designed to deliver a web-based capability to access, view, digitally annotate and collaborate on technical and business documents, without requiring investment in specialized computer-aided design (CAD) tools. By making the right documents available to the right resources at the right time, AutoVue can improve decision making and drive process improvements in customer's engineering and document intensive workflows, such as design reviews and approvals, asset management, and maintenance operations to name a few. Oracle Primavera Unifier provides a best-in-class cloud-based solution for managing projects and facilities of any size in every vertical market. It combines rich cost management and control, document management, schedule and resource management, fund management and more with robust market-leading business process automation capabilities tailored specifically for enterprise-grade control of capital programs. Unifier also includes facilities and real estate functionalities such as work orders, leases, space management and more to complete the facility lifecycle. Unifier’s platform optimizes and integrates critical business processes, data and documents across the organization. Its intuitive user interface can be tailored to your business to increase adoption, minimize training, and ultimately deliver rapid time-to-value. Primavera Capital Planning provides the tools to manage all of the prospective and on-going projects in your project portfolios. Develop multiple scenarios, include both top-down and bottom-up cash flow models, and approve portfolios for execution. Manage different project initiatives in their own portfolios. Included are complementary modules for document management, phase gate control, reporting and more. Primavera Project Delivery Management offers out-of-the-box features and full scalability for managing all aspects of your project workload. Automate all of your business processes both within your organization and across your supply chain, including design coordination, field engineering, construction administration and more. Included are complementary modules for document management, phase gate control, reporting and more. Primavera Cost Controls provides superior cost visibility and control of all cost aspects of your capital program. Track and manage budgets, commitments, spends, and forecasts. Automate all cost business transactions at the level of detail appropriate for any project size, with roll-up across the enterprise. Included are complementary modules for scheduling, document management, phase gate control, reporting and more. Primavera Facilities Management provides a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution to plan, manage and maintain smooth operation of your facilities. From defining and tracking building spaces to performing facility inspections, the solution provides a flexible toolset that can adapt to customer-specific needs. Primavera Real Estate Management provides comprehensive tools for planning, tracking, and managing your real estate portfolio. Make strategic decisions effectively and accurately for leased and owned properties. Rules and compliance requirements are kept up to date for easy lease management.
  • 40. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 41 Oracle’s Instantis EnterpriseTrack is the leading, cloud-optimized project portfolio management (PPM) software used by business process leaders to improve financial performance and achieve operational excellence. It provides an end-to-end solution for managing, tracking, and reporting on enterprise strategies, processes, projects, programs, portfolios, products, resources, costs, and benefits. As a result, Instantis EnterpriseTrack is the choice of the most iconic and successful enterprise practitioners of Lean Six Sigma. Oracle Primavera Instantis EnterpriseTrack features includes:  Flexible dashboard and reporting solutions  Collaboration and social networking capabilities  Integrated strategy and process portfolio management  Automated idea capture  Innovative and visionary user interface  Secure, scalable, and highly configurable  Fully internationalized  On-premises and cloud deployment options PMWeb Collaborative Project Management Solution keeps construction projects on schedule and on budget through complete project control. It manages documents, supervises job costs and is a field controls solution. Construction project management involves groups of people representing different disciplines, from project managers, contract managers, and division managers to subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and owners—all trying to collaborate on a multitude of issues and changes while juggling multiple documents and contracts. Controlling your construction project's plan, budget, forecast costs, and deliverables is vital to the success of your project and the future of your business. PMWeb has a workflow engine to ensure that project records are distributed electronically in the most efficient and secured format. Dashboard. PMWeb Business Intelligence platform is included across all Modules - built on Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), the world's No. 1 Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform in terms of ability to execute. Visual Workflow. PMWeb helps construction professionals, facility owner / operators, and property managers effectively manage the Plan-Build-Operate life cycle of their portfolio and programs. PMWeb sets a new standard for usability combining the power of Enterprise class software with the ease of use of Excel and Word. The core of PMWeb is it’s powerful yet easy to configure platform featuring visual workflow. Planning. PMWeb helps construction professionals, facility owner / operators, and property managers effectively manage the Plan-Build-Operate life cycle of their portfolio and programs. PMWeb sets a new standard for usability combining the power of Enterprise class software with the ease of use of Excel and Word. The Planning Module features:  Master Planning / CapEx Planning  Tie rapidly created conceptual estimates to planned initiatives  Drag & drop to create estimates  Create detailed estimates quickly from high level assemblies  Procurement and online bidding  Easy spreadsheet like entry and editing  Import & export from Excel and other spreadsheets  Link to external databases such as RS Means  Estimates generate project, budgets, contracts, schedules
  • 41. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 42 Cost Management. PMWeb helps construction professionals, facility owner / operators, and property managers effectively manage the Plan-Build-Operate life cycle of their portfolio and programs. PMWeb sets a new standard for usability combining the power of Enterprise class software with the ease of use of Excel and Word. The powerful Cost Management Module features:  Completely user defined cost worksheets  By period costing so all reports are date sensitive  Drag & drop to easily group and sort cost worksheets  Manage funding requests and sources  Links cost budget to schedule for reporting purposes  Automated cash flow and earned value reporting  Easily drill from Portfolio to Project to individual project detail Engineering Forms. PMWeb helps construction professionals, facility owner / operators, and property managers effectively manage the Plan-Build-Operate life cycle of their portfolio and programs. PMWeb sets a new standard for usability combining the power of Enterprise class software with the ease of use of Excel and Word. PMWeb’s powerful yet easy to use collaborative features turbo charge the processing of engineering forms such as RFI’s and Submittals and Field Administration tasks such as Daily Logs, Quantity Production, Timesheets and Incident Tracking. Scheduling. PMWeb helps construction professionals, facility owner / operators, and property managers effectively manage the Plan-Build-Operate life cycle of their portfolio and programs. PMWeb sets a new standard for usability combining the power of Enterprise class software with the ease of use of Excel and Word. The easy to use and powerful Scheduling Module features:  Gantt Charting, Critical Path Method (CPM)  Drag & Drop to group and sort schedules  Portfolio, Program and Project Scheduling  Integration to P6 and Project for collaboration  Maintains multiple schedule revisions for “what if” analysis • Claim analysis and cash flow  Resource availability – matching supply & demand of resources  Integrated time sheet for reporting actuals  Compare plan to actual schedule performance Asset Management. PMWeb helps construction professionals, facility owner / operators, and property managers effectively manage the Plan-Build-Operate life cycle of their portfolio and programs. PMWeb sets a new standard for usability combining the power of Enterprise class software with the ease of use of Excel and Word. The Asset Management Module manages facilities and assets and features:  Building and Space Management  Lease and Occupant Management  Work Order, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance  Inventory Management  Visual Workflow and Business Intelligence Toolbox. PMWeb helps construction professionals, facility owner / operators, and property managers effectively manage the Plan-Build-Operate life cycle of their portfolio and programs. PMWeb sets a new standard for usability combining the power of Enterprise class software with the ease of use of Excel and Word. PMWeb features powerful utilities that answer specific business problems and needs:  Integration to tier 1 financial ERP systems  Document and File Management  Timesheets
  • 42. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 43  Risk Analysis for risk intensive organizations  Custom Form Builder  Stage Gates PRISM G2 by ARES Project Management is a total cost management solution designed for companies managing capital projects. With PRISM G2 , you can easily integrate and standardize processes with Capital Planning & Budgeting, Cost Management, Engineering, Procurement, Contracts Administration and Construction. PRISM G2 is an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-adopt solution that provides organizations with increased visibility throughout the project lifecycle. Seamlessly combine budget, committed costs, actual costs, changes, progress data, and schedule dates required to effectively communicate forecasts with accurate measurement of overall progress and earned value performance. PRISM G2 empowers companies to consistently complete projects on-time and within budget. Nomitech CostOS has been specifically designed to become the everyday tool of the Cost Estimator. Nomitech offers solutions for estimators whether their need is to price small projects on a standalone PC or parts of huge projects while being connected to the web and share information with other Enterprise estimators in different countries. The three different versions of CostOS Estimating Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition can fulfill all Cost Estimating needs. CostOS features include Cost Estimating with Centralized Relational Resource Cost Databases, Online Cost Databases with Emphasis on the Spon's Database for the UK construction industry and Richardson's Database for the Oil and Gas sector, Synchronization with Oracle's Primavera P6, Integration with the On-Screen Takeoff (2D) system and quantity takeoff from 3D+ BIM (Building Information Models) and Embedded BIM technology in Cost Estimating, "Estimate what you see" method and the latest advancements in the EPC and AEC industries. Hard Dollar (HD) Offers a complete project cost management solution that delivers real-time operational controls outside of traditional financial system constraints, enabling front-line employees to accurately estimate, execute, analyze and accumulate critical performance history to deliver successful projects. HD provides estimating, job controls, field data collection, and real-time integration to scheduling; accounting and design resulting in complete project visibility and control. From project initiation to completion, we provide the tools needed to manage your projects with greater accuracy, efficiency, confidence and control over people and processes. Project cost management solutions enable organizations to gain confidence in cost estimating, capital planning, productivity management, earned value, and integration with scheduling to enable cost loaded resources and live cost scheduling updates, cost resource libraries and cost escalation over the length of a project. Active Risk Manager (ARM) Independent analysts as having the most extensive range of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) capabilities currently available recognize From Active Risk Management. These go way beyond traditional tick-in-the-box Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) initiatives. From managing projects and program risk through to strategic enterprise oversight, ARM uniquely delivers an integrated approach to identifying, documenting, mitigating, monitoring and analyzing both risks and opportunities within a variety of project types. By aligning the project’s cost, schedule and resource requirements within Primavera user-friendly applications with SAP’s project systems and plant maintenance information, Primavera Inspire for SAP helps organizations deliver projects on time and within budget. This is achieved by maximizing their resource utilization by effectively forecasting costs, schedules, and resource requirements across an organization’s portfolio of projects. TILOS was developed to improve visualization of repetitive tasks when planning and managing major projects. The time-distance diagram supports all highway, rail, tunnel, pipeline and bridge projects. The key benefit of TILOS is the flow of visual data in terms of time and place on one plan. CPM schedules and network diagrams are more analytical, but they fail to provide a visual connection between the project plan and the project itself.
  • 43. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 44 Deltek Acumen software products & services help you create the soundest schedules possible – and execute them with consistent success. Diagnose and resolve shortcomings using Acumen Fuse, saving you time and resulting in a more achievable plan. Add to the mix Acumen Risk to identify and more importantly, reduce cost & schedule risk exposure. Deltek Acumen Fuse is a schedule diagnostics tool that pinpoints and resolves shortcomings in a matter of minutes. No more time is wasted on manual validation techniques that take your project team away from their core project work. Deltek Acumen 360 helps make this schedule acceleration a reality. Demands for faster, cheaper project completion are forever present; however, the task of accelerating a schedule to meet such an owner or contractually driven requirement is extremely difficult and time consuming. Acumen 360 gives you the ability to accelerate time frames effortlessly. Deltek Acumen Risk is an integrated cost/schedule risk analysis tool combining true cost and schedule risk analysis against a native project plan together with identified risk events from a project risk register. PIPELINE Software offers a comprehensive suite of products, solutions and services to help companies integrate their SAP® system with leading third-party project management and geospatial applications. PIPELINE SYNTEMPO for O&G: makes SAP easy to use for all levels/types of users > "SAP made Simple" > also provides simple interface for performing work status updates during both online/daily maintenance as well as, and more importantly, Shutdown/Turnarounds. Maxavera Primavera Integration Hub: Syntempo leverages the integration hub provided by Maxavera, integrating P6 with anything including SAP, safety systems (tag in, tag out), external contractors (using different versions of Primavera or MS Project or Excel spreadsheets), other maintenance applications such as IBM Maximo, and many more. Pipeline Software has developed over 120 iPacks for Maxavera offered as standard, prepackaged integrations Pipeline Analytics: Leveraging the integration capabilities of Maxavera, Pipeline Analytics gathers data from all relevant systems into one Maxavera Data Mart. This data mart can be connected to any reporting tool of choice, including SAP Business Objects, Hyperion, etc. If the client does not have a reporting tool, Pipeline Analytics also comes with its own reporting tool. Pipeline Software partners with Jaspersoft to provide the reporting tool on top of its robust Data Mart. CoSign Central is a complete turnkey solution that allows any number of employees to sign ‎any document within any business process within the company. It includes a highly secured ‎appliance (server box) which is already configured with all the necessary software required to ‎fully implement digital signatures, as well as client-side desktop plug-in’s to MS Office and ‎Adobe PDF, and server-side plug-in for SharePoint. It also comes with an easy-to-use Signature ‎API (SAPI) that allows quick integration with any existing or third party server based ‎applications including web applications.‎ CoreWorx is an interface management application that is mainly designed for managing capital oil and gas, utilities, nuclear and infrastructure programs. CoreWorx helps in managing the technical and legal documents of the interface points between the different contracts packages that are usually a program consists of. It has a graphical workflow to map the different processes required for reviewing the interface agreements of each interface point. It allows managing changes and issues for each agreement and includes those in a dashboard.
  • 44. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 45 ASTA PowerProject Enterprise is Construction management software for multiple planners and users. It is a powerful project management software solution designed for larger construction projects. It combines Asta PowerProject, professional project management software for construction, with a central database that holds all project information and allows multiple users access to a single project plan. Asta PowerProject Enterprise also provides quick and easy progress reporting from site, together with customized reports on any aspect of the project. eTimeMachine Offers a work and time management system that collects activity assignments from project management systems such as Oracle Primavera, MS Project and other systems, and puts them in an employee’s workspace. Employees use the workspace to update progress as well as time and expense. At the end of the period employees submit the workspaces for manager’s approval. Once approved, the information updates the originating systems, as well as ERP systems. eTimeMachine also integrates with other systems such as workflows, and action Request/service desk and dispatch systems. eTimeMachine can be accessed on LAN, WAN, WEB and wireless devices. Also, eTimeMachine has elaborate business rules as well as a sophisticated, yet simple, approval process that allows matrix and multi layer approvals of timesheets. think project! Online project collaboration and document control system think project! is an efficient software solution for the construction and real estate industries. think project! brings together all project-relevant data on a single platform. Streamlined communication and coordination processes between project members ensure an accelerated flow of information and optimal project collaboration. Legare is a low cost and straightforward way of connecting Primavera with a range of sources - from simple spreadsheets to full Enterprise level systems. Legare also integrates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with systems such as SAP, Oracle, IFS, IBM Maximo, by enabling the exchange of data within the Planning, Maintenance and Finance environments. Legare (The Italian word for "to Connect") also has the capability to transfer key project data from Excel direct into P6. This simple to use and very effective application provides the ability to load cost schedules into Primavera at the touch of a button. Clients quickly recognize the value of Legare, as it is simple to use, inexpensive and does not have an open-ended implementation price tag. .
  • 45. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 46 Strategic Partners ADDIMA By bringing together a combination of Strategy, Management, Information Systems and Financial know-how together with experienced BSC certified practitioners and significant knowledge in the local language and culture, ADDIMA Consulting is perfectly positioned to provide an effective and tested strategy formulation, testing, management and Implementation framework. Lifecycle Technology are a hard hitting systems integrator & software development company specializing in the area of document management, providing solutions that streamline the document review processes for capital project delivery and operations & maintenance. BEAT Consulting is a specialist firm providing integrated business transformation solutions to medium sized and large organizations operating in Energy and Environment, the ICT Sector, Financial Services and Public Sector that are uniquely built around their specific needs. Solutions provided by BEAT Consulting seek to achieve process improvement, enhanced organizational effectiveness and/or development of formalized internal controls necessary to sustain an appropriate performance management system. Claudia Bacca, PMP®, PMI Certified OPM3® is an independent project management consultant, trainer and lecturer. She has lectured at private venues and PMI® chapters across the world. Bacca has more than 20 years of project management experience and serves on the leadership team that produced the Project Management Maturity OPM3® standard. She contributed to Kim Heldman’s bestseller PMP®: Project Management Professional Study Guide, and also served as its technical editor. Advisicon is a 20-year Microsoft Gold PPM Partner that delivers strategic project control solutions using advanced project and portfolio management methodologies, custom application development and consultative training. Our clients worldwide have realized quantifiable results through our unique approach of combining knowledge transfer, optimization and sustainability of processes and technology while increasing stakeholder competencies. Etqan-Tech is Customer Centric incorporation, with main focus on providing exceptional quality IT solutions & Services. With more than 3 years of experience, we have built up a strong and solid reputation as an efficient and flexible solution provider for both Business Intelligence and Business consulting. Etqan-Tech is a leader in implementing and training of Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications on Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine. TECHedge has developed a partnership focused on Oracle EPM - BI - DWH suite. In this domain we are best in class for SAP-Oracle integrated solutions. In a market scenario where the business perimeter of the enterprise is continuously changing, TECHedge through a competent, packaged, incremental approach to the new IT architectures and solutions, enables companies to develop an adaptable business IT model resulting in more Efficiency, Effectiveness and Agility. Enstoa has been implementing Unifier worldwide since 2007 for capital project teams in Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, higher education, healthcare, and real estate industries.. Enstoa’s successful implementation track record is due both to our expert, business-savvy team and as well our unique 90-Day Sprint™ methodology that delivers value quickly and reliably. Enstoa is an Oracle Platinum Partner.
  • 46. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 47 CMCS Offices UAE Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+9714) 365-4850|FAX: (+9714) 369-7518 | EML: | WEB: POB: 23033 Dubai|Star Holding Building, Suite 101, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+9712) 643-2286 | FAX: (+9712) 643-2186| EML: POB: 106846 Abu Dhabi | ADCP Tower B Building, Suite 1001, Elektra Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE Bahrain Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+973) 17574333 | FAX: (+973) 17534533| EML: POB: 11 | Khalid Almoayed & Sons, Finteer Building 85, Road 1802, Block 318, Al Hoora, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Lebanon Collaboration, Management & Control Solutions (CMCS) – Lebanon OFC: (+9611) 345-111 |FAX: (+9611) 346-111| EML: POB: 14-5855 Beirut| Tour De Lyon Building, 2nd Floor, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon Saudi Arabia Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+966) 388-75997(Extn 227)|FAX: (+966) 388-72707 | EML: POB: 30432 AL-Khobar - 31952, Saudi Arabia| 2nd Floor, Building A, Karawan Towers, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+966) 01 4612913|FAX: (+966) 01-4646577 | EML: Door #15, 4th Floor, Building no-30, Al Rayis Building, Next to Sunbuloh Market, Olaya Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Qatar Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) Qatar WLL OFC: (+974) 451 5750 | FAX: (+974) 451 5737 | EML: POB: 6002 Doha |NBKS complex, Salwa Road, NBK travel building 2nd floor, Doha , Qatar Jordan Anchor for Project Management Consultancy (CMCS) OFC: (+962) 6-568-7540 |FAX: (+962) 6-568-7546 | EML: POB: 851475 Amman, 11185| Shmeisani, Prince Shaker Bin Zaid Road, Building 58, Third Floor, Offices No. 13 & 14, Amman, Jordan
  • 47. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 48 Egypt Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+203) 429-4151 |FAX: (+203) 429-4151 | EML: 4, 14 May street, fourth floor, Sayadlah Buildings, Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+203) 429-4151 |FAX: (+203) 429-4151 | 4, El-Akad Buildings, second floor, El-Saida Khadiga St., El-Sefarat District, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt Kuwait Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+965) 2249-8357 /8 /9 |FAX: (+965) 2249-8356 | EML: POB: 29112, Safat - 13152, Kuwait| Ahmed Al Jaber St., Dasman Complex, Block 2B, 4th Floor, Office No. 44 Sharq, Kuwait Yemen Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+967) 1 429 853 |FAX: (+967) 1 429 852| EML: PO BOX 1600 - 30th Street, Off Hadah Sana’a – Republic of Yemen United Kingdom Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+44) 74-666-96704 EML: Merivale, East Hanning Field Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 7TQ UK India Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions India Pvt Limited OFC: (+91 44) 4300 0526, 4300 0527, 4291 1901| FAX: (+91 44) 2821 4045 EML: POB: 6th Floor, Jayalakshmi Estates, 29/8, Haddows Road, Chennai 600006 , India Kenya Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) OFC: (+25420) 250-9854 |FAX: (+25020) 250-9863 | EML: POB: 7607-00100, GPO Nairobi| ABC Bank Building, Daresaalam Road - Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya CMCS Associate Offices USA CMCS – LGM International, LLC JV OFC: +1-832-476-4592 |FAX: +1-832-422-7934| EML: 4100 Southwest Freeway, #477 Houston, TX, 77027, USA Italy CMCS – TechEdge JV OFC: +(39) (06) 95060000 | FAX: (+39) (06) 23325961| EML: via Giacomo Peroni 400, Tecnopolo Tiburtino, 00131 Rome, Italy Greece CMCS – Nomitech JV OFC: +(30) 210 6395 926| FAX: (+30) 210 6395 865| Klisthenous Ave. 267 Gerakas Post code: 15343 Athens. Greece Nigeria CMCS- Total Technology (Nigeria) Limited JV OFC: (+234) 8037100284 |FAX: (+234) 8037100284 | EML: 4 God’s Grace, 5 Waterworks Road, Rumuola, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria Azerbaijan CMCS – HRC JV OFC: +99412 437 27 72 |FAX: +99412 4977781| EML: Kempinski Offices 1c. M.Mushfig Str., AZ1006 Badamdar, Baku, Azerbaijan Thailand CMCS OFC: +66 81 823 0215 | +66 87 309 4545 |FAX: +66 2 939 0758 | EML: 111 Soi Chalermsook, Paholyothin Road, Junkasem, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand Brazil CMCS – TechEdge JV OFC: +(55) 31 3646-6440| FAX: (+55) 31 3646-6441| EML: Rua Desembargador Jorge Fontana, 476 - CJ 501 Belvedere, Belo Horizonte, MG – CEP 30320-670 Brazil Chile CMCS – CIMA JV OFC: +(56) 2 23 76 44 90| FAX: +(56) 2 23 76 44 90| EML: Av. Los Leones 1745, Of. 12, Providencia Santiago, Chile China CMCS - Great Idea JV OFC: +(86) 25 84 29 34 30|FAX: +(86) 25 84 29 34 20| EML: Building 2#, Old School Creative Garden, No. 350, Zhongshan North Road, Nanjing, PRC China
  • 48. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 49 Selected Clients List PUBLIC SECTOR Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) - (Ex SCADIA) Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) Abu Dhabi Center for Housing & Service Facilities Devt. Abu Dhabi Department of Civil Service Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) Abu Dhabi Executive Council Abu Dhabi General Services (Musanada) Abu Dhabi Municipality - Department of Municipal Affairs Abu Dhabi Police Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) Al Ain Municipality Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium-Public Institution Amanat Makkah ASHGHAL - Public Works Authority Court of Crown Prince- Bahrain Court of Crown Prince- Oman Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) - Engineering Projects Department of Civil Service - Abu Dhabi Department of Finance - Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) - Abu Dhabi Doha Asian Games Organising Committee (DAGOC) Dubai Courts Dubai Municipality Dubai Ports Authority Environmental Agency - Abu Dhabi Etihad Union Railway Executive Council - Abu Dhabi Finance Department - Government of Sharjah General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) - KSA General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport - Egypt General Department of Administration & Financial General Dept. of Technical Affairs General Secretariat for Development Planning (GDSP) Government of Qatar Iraqi Government/ Parsons+CH2M HILL Kerala State Housing Board LibanPost The General Board For Investment Promotion & Privatization Affairs, Libya Ministry of Agriculture - Lebanon Ministry of Communications and Information Ministry of Defense Ministry of Economy - UAE Ministry of Education - KSA Ministry of Finance - Department of Land Registry and Cadastre (DLRC)- Lebanon Ministry of Housing Ministry of Interior - Centre of Developmental Projects (CPD) Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning (Central Planning Office) Ministry of Naturalization and Residency Administration – UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA) - UAE Ministry of Public Works - Kuwait Ministry of Public Works & Housing - Jordan Ministry of Public Works (MOPW) - UAE Ministry of Works- Bahrain MUSANADA (ex Abu Dhabi General Services (ADGS)) National Centre for Documentation & Research - UAE New Doha International Airport (NDIA) Office of the Minister of State for Administrative (OMSAR) - Lebanon Presidency of the council of Lebanon Ministers Public Authority for Welfare Housing (PAWH)/ Ex-National Housing Authority (NHA) Qatar Foundation Qatar Museum Authority Qatar National Project Management (QNPM) Qatar Railway Company Qatar Science & Technology Park Roads and Transportation Authority - Rail Agency (RTA) Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) Royal Commission Jubail & Yanbu (RCJY) Royal Hashemite Court Royal Saudi Naval Forces Saudi Arabian National Guard State Audit Bureau of Kuwait UAE Armed Forces - Commands of Military Works Urban Planning Council - Qatar CAPITAL PROJECT OWNERS 32 Group 5 Pioneers Property Development Aabar Properties ABDALI Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services (ADCE) Abu Dhabi Investment House Abu Dhabi Land Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) Abu Dhabi National Hotels (ADNH) Abwab Real Estate Ltd. Abyaar Real Estate Adali Holding-Turkey AEC AECO Development Airport International Group Al Aqaria + Al Madar Al Barrari Al Enma'a Real Estate Al Fajer Enterprises Al Fara'a Properties Al Fardan Real Estate Al Farida Al Futtaim Group Real Estate Al Futtaim Private Al Ghurair Centre Al Khaleej Development Company Al Maabar Al Reef Al Salmiya Al Waab City Al Zorah Alargan Projects Aldar Properties Alfiya Holding Al-Osais Intl Holding Al-Rostamani American Qatari International AMWAL Apple Woods Estate Aqaba Development Corporation Aqua Dunya Arabian Automobiles Co. (NISSAN) Arkan ASTECO AW Rostamani Ayla Oasis Development Baby Shop Bahrain Bay Development Bahrain Financial Harbour BARWA Bawadi / Tatweer Bawbat Al Shamal Real Estate Company BEAM DEVELOPERS Benyan Development Company Blue City Buhaira Bunya Enterprise Bunyan Development Company City of Arabia Commercial Real Estate Consilium Qatar Construction Development Company (CDC) DAMAC Daman Investment Dasman Properties Define Properties Deira Investment Development Enterprises Deyaar Development Digaz Middle East Dubai Civil Aviation Engineering Dubai Festival City Dubai Golf City Dubai Health City Dubai Holdings Dubai Industrial City Dubai International Real Estate Dubai Land (Tatweer) Dubai Land- Dreamworks Dubai Land- Universal Studio Dubai Lifestyle City Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Dubai Pearl Dubai Ports Dubai Properties Dubai Racing Club Dubai Sports City Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) DUBTEC East & West Int’l Group Eastern Baynuna Group Ebco-Bitar Efad Holding Egyptian Company for Entertainment Tourist Emaar Emaar Pakistan EMEKE GROUP Emirates Land Engineers Enterprise company Engineers Office (EO) Eshraq Properties ETA Star Property Developers Ewaan Executive Office First Qatar Real Estate Future Investments Global Investment House Global Village Greenko Hatkoti Energy Pvt. Ltd Greenstone Real Estate Development Gulf Farabi Gulf Holding Co. Gulf Trust Management H.H. Sheikh Suroor Bin Moh'd Al Nahyan Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) Hourie Development
  • 49. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 50 Hydra Properties IFA Hotels & Resorts Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Management Investment & Development International Capital Trading International City Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) John Buck International JoPark Karam & Mouawad Edde KERZNER Khaleej Development- Bahrain King Abduallah II Parks KM Properties KMC Holding Knowledge Economic City Kuwait United Development (KUD) LEAD Development Limitless Line Investment and Property M1 Group MACE Sunrise Properties Limited Madent Nasr For Development and Housing Madina Group Magnet SAL Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) Properties Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) Shopping Malls Majid Al Futtaim Investments Management System International MANAZEL Mayeeden MCM Group Meraas Holding Mercury Development Meydan Group Mfar Developers Mfar Holdings Millennium Development Mirage Mille Mizin MSG Mubabala Development Mubadala - Capitaland Real Estate Mubadala - Hospital & Real Estate Mubarikia NABOODAH HOLDING NAKHEEL National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels National Investment Corporation National Real Estate Nexaldes Nibras Real Estate Olayan Real Estate Omniyat Properties Omran OPTIMAL SOLUTIONS OQYANA Orientals Enterprises Panji Bersatu PARAMOUNT Peeraj Group of Companies Ports, Customs & Free Zone (JAFZA) Premium Projects Qatar International Qatar (TANWEEN) Qatar International Trading Qatar Investment Qatar Real Estate Investment Co. (ALAQARIA) Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) Qatari Diar Real Estate QGM Quality International Qatar (QIQ) Quantum Qatar R&N Khimji RAK Properties RAKEEN Red Sea Housing Reef Island Riffa Golf Residential Development Company RK Group Roya International Royal Gardens Abu Dhabi SAMA Dubai Sama-Dubai Saraya Development Group Saraya Holdings Saudi Development Co. Savola Group SBM Offshore Schon Properties Sharjah Holding Sobha Developers SOCIETE DES GRANDS HOTELS DU LIBAN Solidere Sorouh Real Estate Souria Holding Taj Tower Fonciere Tamdeen Shopping Centers Tameer Holding Investment Tameer Jordan Tashyeed Properties TATWEER TEKNOCA THANI Investments The Engineer Union Square The National Company The Pearl The Wave Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) UK Capital Investment Union Properties United Development Company (UDC) UNITED REAL ESTATE Wave Mega City Centre West Court Real Estate Pvt. Ltd Zabeel Zabeel SML (ZSML) ZAGOPE Zelan Holdings Zetas Zemin Technolojisi PROJECT MANAGERS 2P2C 4D Squared AECOM AECOM CANSULT AMEC ARCAN ASTAD Project Management Bechtel Blair Anderson Bovis Lend Lease Brewer Consulting Brewer Smith Brinkman Canadian Project Managers Certified Project Managers CH2M HILL CH2M Hill VECO CIMA Project Management Clifton Cooney CODE Coffey Confluence Project Management Currie & Brown Cyrill Sweet DG Jones & Partners Driver Consult EC Harris International EDARA ELEMENTN Elite Team Faithful + Gould First Line Consultancy Fluor Arabia Fluor Gulf Fluor Kuwait FLUOR MIDDLE EAST FM CONSULTANT FORCE 10 Future Project Management & Control Gulf Flour HAJ Halliburton Energy Co. Hamilton Project Management High Point HILL - EHAF Hill International Hill3dipi IMV Projects Middle East International Project Management International Project Management Company (IPMC) Jacobs Engineering K.Home International KBAS KBR Government & Infrastructure Operations KEO International Consultants KLLC Kuwait United Construction Management Co. Kuwaiti Manager Company Leman Louis Berger Group MACE International Masharea Project Management Minimill Technologies Mohammed Turki Mott MacDonald (MTMM) Morganti Group Mouchel Parkman Olive Group Onyx Promavi Parsons Brinkerhoff Parsons International PARSONS Saudi PARSONS-CH2M HILL Path Solutions PB Power & Process Brinkerhoff Planning and Construction Management Prisgene Proactive Project Management PROCTAL PROGER SPA PROJACS International Project Management and Development Co (PMDC) Proman Project Management Qatar Project Management (QPM) QP International RASIS Reaction Project Management RJ Knowles Royal Architect Project Management Royal Haskoning Middle East RW Armstrong Salfo & Associates SAMA - EC Harris (ECH) SCHEMA Secure Project Management Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) Sporle Consultancy Services Tasameem-STX Co. LLC Thompson Cole Trett Contract Services Turner & Townsend Turner International Turner Projacs Ultimate Solutions Wamar Warner Construction Waterman Williams International Worley Parsons ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Adnan Aswad Eng. Company Adnan Safarini Consultant ADPI Aeroports De Paris Ingenierie Al Baha Engineering Consultant AL GARHOUD ENGINEERING Al Jazeera Consultants Al Salaam Consulting Al Wasl Al Jadeed
  • 50. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 51 Algurg Consultants Allen & Shariff Corporation Altorath Engineering Consultant Arab Engineering Bureau Arabian Consulting Engineering Center Arabtech Jardaneh Engineers Architectural & Engineering Innovation Bureau Arkiteknik International Arrow ARUP Ashai Design Corporation Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) Ayla Consultancy Azmi Abdulhadi and Al Moaibed Consulting (AMCDE) Badri and Bensouda Black and Veatch Brinkman International Burt Hill & Allen & Shariff Cansult Maunsell CDM Chalabi Architects & Partners Consolidated Consultants Company Coteba COWI Gulf Dar Al Handasah (DAR) Dar Al Riyadh David Gibson Associates DAVID KHATTAR - ARCHITECT Diwan Al Emara Dorsch Gruppe DOUGLAS OHI Dubai Consultants EGN Consultants Egyptian Group for Engineering Consultation (EGEC) Elite Design & Engineering Ellis Don Elsharief Engineering Group Engineering Consultants Group ESG EW COX Middle East Ewan for Architectural & Engineering Consultancy Faim Design Fichtner Consulting Engineers Gensler GHD Global GMT Godwin Austen Johnson Chartered Architects Good Harbor Consulting Gulf Consult Kuwait Gulf Engineering & Industrial Consultancy Haji Hassan Group Halcrow Consulting Engineers Hamilton Design International Co HOK Canada Holford Associates Hyder Consulting ILF Consulting Engineers James Cubitt & Partners Consultants KAME KEO International Key Architectural Group Khatib & Alami (K&A) M+W Singapore Pte Ltd Matelec Metcalf & Eddy Middle East Engineering Mouchel Middle East NJS Consultants Norr Group Ober Meyer and Allen and Shariff Ozlem Gunes Tasci P & T Architects Parker & Rawling Consultancy RAFIK EL KHOURY & PARTNERS Ramaco Intl. Consulting Robeat Matthew Johnson Marshall (RMJM) Royal Consultants Saud Consult Saudi Consolidated Eng. Co Khatib & Alami Scott Wilson SD Concept Secure Engineering SGI Advanced Information Shankland Cox SHAZEH Simon Engineering Skelmore Trident SOFCON SSH Stanley Baker Hill Stanley Consultants Stantec Consulting Stellar Group Sterling and Wilson Middle East Systra Task Consultancy Theo A King Design Consultants (TAK) Tilke and Partners Trett Consulting United Design International WGI Middle East Whitby and Bird Wilbur Smith Associates World Planners Consultant Engineers WS Atkins & Partners WS Atkins India WSP Middle East Zuhair Fayez Partnership EPC CONTRACTORS ABB Abu Dhabi Maritime & Mercantile Intl. (ADMMI) ALSTOM Al-Yusr Townsend & Bottum Co. (AYTB) ARCTIC AREVA Babcok Borsig Services Belleli Energy Casa Grande CEGLEC CHIYODA Chiyoda Almana Engineering (CAEL) Chiyoda Technip Chiyoda, Petrostar & Samsung Saudi Arabia Cleveland Bridge Conddatte Spa Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) Consolidated Contractors International Company Daewoo Engineering Degremont DESCON Engineering Descon Integrated Deutsche Babcock Energie Dodsal Engineering Dodsal Enterpise Doha Petroleum (DOPET) DOMOPAN Doosan Chennai Works Drake & Scull Dutco McConnell Dowell Electrosonic Electrowatt Electrowatt-Ekono EMDAD ENI ETA Voltas Exterran Fata S.P.A. FLSmidth GARTNER GE Power Systems General Electric (GE) Oil & Gas GHD Technip Gulf SPIC Hanjin Heavy Industries HCC Samsung Joint Venture Hitachi Hyundai Engineering Hyundai Rotem Impregilo SPA Indu Projects IPT Island Yachting Group J.Ray McDermott JGC GULF International Kent Lambert Bax Kentech Group Holdings Kentz Engineering International Lamprell Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) Eastern JV Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) SUCG JV Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) (MMH) Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) HCP Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) Hyderabad Metro Rail Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) Hydrocarbon Larsen & Tobrou (L&T) Modular Fabrication Yard Marbuni Maritime Industrial Services MASOOD BERGUM Mass Global Investment METITO Mitsubishi - Toshiba Mitsubishi Corporation Mitsui & Co. Mott McDonald Mustang Engineering NAMA Mott MacDonald National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) NICO Noble Denton Nuovo Pignone SPA OHI Douglas Oil Sector Services Omega Engineering PENSPEN International Petrofac International Petromaint Punj Lyod Qatar Kentz QSGTL-JK QTES Quest Energy Ramboll Middle East RGCK Association (Radicon Gulf Consult & Kentz International Co. Rotary Humm Saif Bin Darwish SAIPEM Saipem - Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Saipem-Afcons JV SAMSUNG SAMSUNG BAYTUR Samsung BeSix Samsung -Saif Bin Darwish JV Saudi Arabian Kentz Schlumberger SETE Energy Shaw International Sidem Siemens SIEMENS Sciencetechnic Simergo SPA-Electrostodio SINOPEC SK Engineering & Construction Sky Oryx Joint Venture Snamprogetti SNC LAVALIN SNC Lavalin Engineering India STE. SCALE CONTRACTING SARL Systra/Parsons JV TABREED Taisei Corporation TAS ME
  • 51. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 52 TATA Tata Projects Ltd Tebodin Middle East Technical SPA Technicas Reunidas (TR) Engineering Technimont Technip TECHNIP India Technital S.p.A. Tecnidas Tecnimont-Samsung Joint Venture The Oman Construction Company (TOCO) Todini Costruzioni Generali Toshiba Toyo Engineering Una Oil UTS Kent VOLTAS Yokogawa India Yokogawa Middle East GENERAL CONTRACTORS A&P Paraskevaides & Partners A.R. Hourie Enterprises Aafaq Trading & Contracting (ATC) Abbas ABCO Abdulghani and Cardahi Abdullah A.M. Al Khodari Abu Dhabi Contracting ABV Rock Group ACC Engineering Projects ACE International ACTCO General Contracting Co. Acteos ADCC JV (Aktor, Darwish, Cimolai, Cybarco Joint Venture) ADMAC- Abu Dhabi Maintenance & Construction Aerated Concrete Industries Company (ACICO) AES Jordan AFCONS Infrastructure AFRICON AGWED Ahmad Mansoor Al A'Ali (AMA) Ahmadia Contracting & Trading Ahmadiah AKTOR Ahmadiah Contracting Ahmed Abdullah Nass Ahmed Bin Dasmal Contracting Aktor AlJaber JV Aktor, Darwish, Cimolai, Cybarco (ADCC-JV) AL AHLIA SWITCHGEAR Al Ain General Contracting (ALGECO) Al Ain International Group Al Alamiah Al Arabia Electromechanical Al Arrab Contracting Al Attar Al Badi Group Al Bani Gen. Contracting Al Basti & Muktha Al Buhaira Contracting Al Dar Al Arabia Al Darwish Engineering Al Darwish Trading Al Dhafra Irrigation Al Fahad Smart Systems Al Faisal Al Falah Construction Al Fanar Construction Al Fara'a General Contracting Co. Al Fayha Group Al Futtaim Carillion Al Futtaim Engineering AL GHANEM Al Ghanim Al Habtoor Leighton Group Al Habtoor-Murray & Roberts Al Habtoor-Specon-Hastie JV Al Hadeer Construction Al Hamad Contracting Company Al Hamid Group Al Hammam Company Al Haramain Gate Co. Al Haseeb Al Hasoun Samchang Al Hassan Engineering Al Hassan Internatinal Trading & Cont. Al Huda Al Huda Engineering Al Hussam General Contracting Al Irshad Al Ittimad Foundations Al Jaber Al Jaber & Makhlouf Al Jaber & Partners Al Jaber & Trading Contracting Al Jaber Buildings AL JABER CONTRACTING Al Jaber Energy Services Al Jaber Engineering Al Jaber Group of Companies Al Jaber LEGT Engineering & Contracting (ALEC) Al Jaber LTA Engg and Cont. AL JABER Precision Engineering Al Jaber Trading & Contracting Al Jadaan Global Trading Al Jassar AL JAWAHIR Al Khadda International Al Kharafi Construction Co Al Khodari AL KOMED Engineering Al Latifia Trading Al Madar Group Al Malik Cont. Co. Al Masaood Bergum AL MEENA Al Meer Technical Services Al Meraikhi Al Mobty Al Muhaidib Contracting Al Muhairy General Contracting Al Mutlaq Al Nasr Contracting Al Oasis Contracting Al Qudra Al Rajehi Engineering (ARJ) Al Rajehi Projects Al Rajhi for Infrastructure Works Al Rashed Group Al Reyami Group Al Rostamani Al Rostamani Pegel Al Ryum Construction AL SAAD CONTRACTING Al Sabah Modern Construction Al Saghyir Al Seal Contracting and Trading Al Seif Company Al Shaffar General Contracting Al Shaffar Transport & Contracting Al Shirawi Elec. & Mechanical Al Turki Enterprises Al Yousef Alaa International Contracting Alamiah Building Co Albadi Trading & Contracting Al-Balagh Traiding & Contracting Albanna Engineering Albayader Irrigation & Construction Aldar Laing O'Rourke Construction Aldarwish Engineering ALDASTOOR Al-Fadel Eng'g & Contracting Al–Fahd Trading industries & Contracting ALGEEMI Alghanim Industries Alghanim International General Trading Alghanim Sepam ALHAMAD Al-Hamid Group ALHAMIRIAH Ali & Sons Contracting Ali Moosa & Sons Contracting Alighned Business Consultancy Aljaber Engineering Alkomed Engineering Services ALLIWAN Almabani General Contractors Almuftah Al-Nakhrak Contracting (ANC) Holding ALNASR CONTRACTING ALNIMER Alpine Bau Deutschland AG ALRASHED GROUP Al-Rushaid Const. Co. Al-Saoudi ALSHIRAWI Alstom Grid Alstom Transport Alsuwaidi ALTURKI ALUCOR Amana Contracting & Steel Buildings Amana Pipeline Construction Amanti Ammico Contracting & Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Ammoun Jordan Contracting Co. Amplex Emirate Anas Anani Contracting Co. Anglo Eastern Engineering Anticorrosion Protective System Anupam MHI Industries Apic Apollo Enterprises Aqua Engineering Arab Towers Contracting Arabian BEMCO Arabian Construction Co. (ACC) Arabian Gulf for Water & Energy Development (AGWED) Arabian Industries Arabian International Company Arabian International for Construction & Contracting Arabian Korean General Contracting Arabian Technical Services Arabtec Construction Arabtec Construction & Combined Group Contracting Co. (JV) Arabtec Engineering Services Arabtec WCT JV Arabtec/Samsung Arafa Gen Cont ArchGroup Archirodon Group N.V. Arcon U.A.E. ARCTIC Co. Ariaf Construction Arinc Arvind ASCON Road Construction ASCORP Associated Construction Co. Astaldi-Ozkar JV Astraco Company AST-VSL Joint Venture Attila Dogan Construction & Installation Co. Inc. Avio Helitronics InfoSystems Axis Aerospace Technologies AYALA Aydiner Construction Azmeel Contracting BA & BES Contracting Babcock Babel Contracting Bader Al Mulla & Brother Co. Bahrain Asphalt Establishment Bahrain Special Technical Services Co. Bahwan Contracting Co. Bahwan Engineering Company BAM International Abu Dhabi
  • 52. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 53 Basti & Muktah Baytur Ben Baleela Baytur Construction & Contracting BEAVER Becht Engineering Beijing Construction and Technicon Belbadi Belhasa Engineering & Contracting Belhasa Projects BEMCO SAL BenBeleila Baytur BES ENGINEERING Bilfinger Berger Bilfinger Berger - Al Hamed Bin Belayla Baytur Bin Darwish General Cont. Bin Hafeez Gen. Contracting Bin Hamoodah Bin Jabr Bin Shafar Contracting BJ Process & Pipeline Services BK Gulf Black Gold Transport Bo Jamhoor Trading & Contracting Bouygues Ahmadiah Joint Venture Bouygues Batiment International Bouygues-Target Brookfield Multiplex Brookfield Multiplex Medgulf Bu Haleeba BUNYA - ORASCOM Burhan International Burleigh and Associates Burt Hill BUTEC Buzwair Engineering & Contracting Calderys India Refractories CANAR Gen. Trdg. Co. CAP Emirates Capacite Infra Projects Cape East CAPE RB Hilton Ltd. Capriole Construction Co. Carillion Alawi Carillion Dubai Carillion Qatar Cassina Qatar Castle Construction CDI Gulf International Cebarco Cecon Contracting CFE Middle East Challenge International Associates Charley Long Chemie - Tech Chicago Maintenance & Construction China Harbour Engineering Co. China Railway 18th Bureau Group China State Construction Engineering (CHSK) Chirag Contracting Citiscape City Diamond Contracting City Engineering & Contracting Civil Construction Center Civil Electrical Project Contracting Co (CEPCO) Clarke Bonde Middle East Classical Palace Cliff Creek builder Coastal projects Coffey Projects Cohseco Intl. Ltd, Combined Group Contracting Company Comfort House Contracting Commodore Contracting Complete Engineering Comsip Al A'Ali Comsip Al A'Ali Cegelec Condor Building Contracting Conseco International Ltd. Consilium Qatar Consolidated Construction Consortium Construction Delivery Group Construction Dynamics Construction Technology Contracting Construtora Norberto Odebrecht Construtora Norberto Odebrecht/ Al Jaber JV Construtora Queiroz Galvao Contech Contrack International Inc. CONTRACO Contracting and Trading (CAT) Control and Applications Emirates Control Contracting & Trading Costain Abu Dhabi Cowi Larsen CPD Middle East Crillion Alwai CTC CYBARCO DAAC DAL Dar Al-Omran Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Darwish Engineering DASTOOR Dawood Contracting Dayim Punj Lloyd Decovision Delholm Yam Contracting Delma Emirates Delta Africa Delta Emirates Contracting Denholm Yam Contracting Co DEPA Interiors DEPA MIVAN Desert Line Projects Deutsche Babcock Energie und Umwelttechnik AG Deutsche Babcock Middle East FZE Development Enterprises Co Dhabi Contracting Diyar United Doha Petroleum Construction (DOPET) Down Town Construction Drake & Scull DS Constructions & Infrastructure Dubai Contracting Dubai Technology Projects Dutco Bulfour Beaty Dutco Construction DynCorp International DYWIDAG Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd East & West Intl Group Eastern International Eastern Trading & Contracting ECI Engineering and Construction Co. ECL Services Middle East ED Zublin Egyptian Arab Company Egyptian Styrenics Ekinciler El Concorde Construction El Nile El Saeed Contracting Electro RAK Elenco Engineering Elenco General Contracting El-Lamiaa for Construction El-Seif Engineering Contracting Company EMCO Engineering Emirate Exteriors Emirate Man Gen. Contracting Emirates & Al Nasr Building and Construction Company (EGYCO) Emirates Belbadi Contracting Co. Emirates Exteriors Emirates Link Maltauro Emirates Precast Emirates Road Contracting Emirates Technical and Thermal Emke Group ENERGY RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT CO. (TAACA) Engicon Company Engineering Contracting Company (ECC) Engineering Enterprises Engineering Systems Group Engineering Universe for Building and Contracting Company Engineering Work Foundation Infrastructure ENTIRETEC Middle East ENVAC ENVIROMENA Environmental Chemical Corporation, Inc. (ECCI) EOD Technology Inc. USA Eser taahhüt ve sanayi a.ş ETA ETA ASCON ETA ASCON Road Construction ETHYDCo Eurostar Constructions EVERSANDI Engineering EVS Construction Fakhry General Contracting Falcor Engineering & Contracting FARAYAND Fastos General Trading FEBC Trading Federicci Sterling Fernas Construction Co Fibrex Construction Group First Kuwaiti Company First United General Trading and Contracting Forseite Fortune Engineering & Energy Services Frayland Fujseng Construction Futtaim Carillion Future Pipe Galfar Al Misnad Engineering & Contracting Galfar Engineering & Contracting Gama Guc Sistemleri Gammon India Gas Arabian Services Company Gateway Ventures FZC GDM Costruzioni SPA GECO Mechanical & Electrical Gemo International General Construction Company General Electric and Trading Co. General Electrical International General Engineering & Contracting Company George Baaklini George Matta Ghantoot Transport Ghassan Ahmed Al-Khaled Co. Ginco Contracting Golden Lands GP Zachariades Overseas Gramuda Berhad Grand International Company Granite Construction Company Greenko Hatkoti Energy Gridz FZE Group 5 Construction Group 7 Group Contracts Management GS Engineering & Construction Groupement Berkine Gulf Classic General Contracting Gulf Co. for Contracting & General Enterprises Gulf Consolidated Contracting Gulf Consolidated Contractors Gulf Contractors Gulf Dredging Co. Gulf Eagle Contracting Gulf Housing
  • 53. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 54 Gulf Leighton Gulf Petrochemical Services & Trading Gulf Precast Concrete Gulf Technical Construction Gunal Construction Trading and Industry Guris Dubai Gustav Pegel & Sohn LLC Habtoor Engineering HABTOOR Group Habtoor Leighton Group Habtoor Leighton Murray & Roberts Joint Venture Habtoor-Murray & Roberts JV Habtoor-Specon-Hastie JV Haif Company Hanmi International Haramain Gate Hasemoglu Construction Industry Haskoning Hassan Kouz Contracting Co. Hastie International Hawk International Finance & Construction Hawwary Contracting Haydon MEC HBK Contracting HEISCO Kuwait Heliopolis Electric Co. Heurtey Petrochem India Hi Tech Steel Industries Higgs & Hill Hilalco Hisham Abdulrahman Jaffer HKH Civil Engineering Contractors HLI Consulting Hnami International HNS Group Hochtief Honeywell Hoops+Hilgendorff Hornagold & Hills Hot Engineering & Construction Co House of Trade (HOT) Howard Finley Al Khaleej Engineering Services Hussine Atieh Contracting Company HUTA Environment Hyflux Technology IMAR Trading IMCO Eng'g & Construction Imperial Trading and Contracting Co. Impregilo Industrial Group For Control Systems Innovative Technical Solutions Insulco Emirates Integral Services Co. Integrated Specialized Gen. Cont. Inter Mass Engg Interbeton/ Higgs & Hill Interiors International International Airport Group International Building System International Construction & Contracting International Contracting House (ICH) International Electro-Mechanical Services International Gas Services International Trading and Contracting Int'l Supplies and Const. Island Global Yachting Issam Kabbani Group of Companies Itsalat International ITSI IVRCL International Infrastructures & Projects J&P Jan De Nul Dredging Japan Oil Engineering Japaul Gulf Electro Mechanical Jenaan John Sisk & Sons Constructionn JP Kenny JT Metro JV Juma Abd Mohamed & Sons Juma Al Majid Jumbo Electronics Company Jurong Engineering Juthoor JV Degremont K/N International Kainaat Construction KARAGULLA ENGINEERING Kaveer KazStroy Services Infrastructure India KBAS Contracting Trading & Industrial Keinaat Kele Contracting Kempe Engineering Keppel Segher Kettaneh Construction Khaled A. Al Mulhem & Bros Khalid Ali Al- Kharafi & Bros. Co. Khalid Bin Ahmed Al-Suwadi Trading & Contracting and Industrial Khalifa Port Marine Consortium Khansaheb Civil Engineering Kharafi & Sons Kharafi ADMAC Kharafi Construction Co. Kharafi National KHOIE Power KIER Dubai Kiewit Pacific Co Kinnarps Project Solutions Konstruktor - Engineering Kooheji Contractors KREMINCO Kuwait Arab Contractors Kuwait Dynamics Kuwait Network Electronic tech Kuwait United Construction Kuwait United Gulf LACECO Jordan Laing O’rourke Lanco Infratech Leaders Leighton Contracting LIMAK Lindenberg Line Investment and Property Litwin PEL Lotus Trading and Contracting Company M.A. Al Kharafi & Sons M.M. Al-Suwaidi Industrial Mabany Macair MAG Engineering Malcolm Pirnie Malia Group MAMMUT Mammut Max Boegl JV MAN Enterprises Mannai Trading MAPCO Inc MARBU Contracting Marubeni Max Bogl Emirates Building Contracting Maytas Infra Mechanical Contracting & Services Company MEDCO Medgulf Construction Mercury Engineering Services Mercury Qatar Mermwar Metallic Equipment Co. Metallurgical Corp of China Mid Contracting Company Midmac Contracting Co. Midmac Tarmac Qatar Co. Mimar International Mivan DEPA Modern Arab Construction (MAC) Mohammad Al Mojil Group Mohammed Al Rumaih Mohammed Ali Al Swailem Group (MASCO) Mohsin Haider Darwish MonteAdriano ME Mountain Technical Company MOX Middle East MPM Consultancies Muhammad Ali Butt Muhibbah Engineering Multiplex Multiplex Medgulf Murray & Roberts Mushrif General Contracting Mushrif National Construction MVV Decon GmbH Nabco Furniture Center Naboodah Contracting Naboodah Group Naboodah Holdings Naboodah Laing O’rourke Naboodah National Contracing Naboodah, Saeed & Mohammed Nael Bin Harmal Hydro Export Nael General Contracting Nafal Contracting NAFFCO Nagarjuna Construction Company Nasa Multiplex NASACO Nasar Engineering NASS Contracting Nass Corporation Nass Murray & Roberts Nassar Engineering Services Nasser Abd Mohammed Co. Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK) Nasser M.Al Baddah & Partn. Nassir Hazza & Brothers Co. National Co. National Constructions Company National Contracting Company National Industrial Contracting Company National Industries National Marine Dredging Company National Projects & Construction (NPC) National Projects & Construction (NPC) - Arabtec JV National Real Est. Co. National United Engineering National Wheel J&P NCC Limited NCT&H Neem Projects and Services Nesma and Partners Contracting Nesma Eser Onur Contracting Co. (NEO) Nesmaq Partners contracting. Newtech Construction Nico Craft NICO International Noble Denton (Offshore Dynamics) NRES NSCC NUROL O.T. Odfjell Obayashi Ocean Global Oger Abu Dhabi Oger Dubai Oger International Beyrouth OHL Contrack Oil Sector Services Company Oiltech Engineering India Omar Abu Saad & Sons Company Orascom Construction Industries ORASCOM CONTRAK Orascom- Six Construct Orbital Projects and Services Oryx Energy Projects & Services ORYX GTL Ltd Oryx Technologies
  • 54. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 55 Overseas AST Overseas Technical Coatings & Services Overseas Technical Coatings Ozan Uncel Pacific Control Systems Pancelita Panorama Contracting & Engineering Service Passavant Roediger Penguin Engineering Peninsular Petrotech Permasteelisa Gartner Petron Emirates Contracting & Manufacturing Petronas Carigali PetroServ PF Emirates Interiors Phil Hourie Pino Interios Pino Meroni Yacht Interiors Pivot Engineering PMM - Project Polensky & Zollener POULLAIDES Construction Powerflow Powerline Engineering Powerline Gulf Construction Powertech Engineering Poyry Energy Pranic Healing Home Prefab Building Systems Premba Prime Projects Principal Builders PROFILE Projects Construction Proscape Prysmian Punj Lloyd Putra Perdana Construction Qatar Building Company Qatar Engineering & Construction Company (Q CON) Qatar Power Construction Qatar Trading & contracting Group Qatari Arabian Construction Qatari Diar Vinci (QDVC) Qatari Diar Vinci (QDVC)-Entrepose Contracting Q-Construction QD-SBD Construction Quebeisi Rabban Stefanutti Stocks Rabya Construction Company Radicon Gulf Consult Ramco Trading & Contracting RAMSIS Ranya Rapid Solutions RAS Engineering Rasco Equipment and Tool Rashid Bin Darwish Rasis Development RECAFCO Red Sea Engineers & Constructors Inc Redco Rencons Reza Nezam Trading Rider Levett Bucknal Rizzani OHL Trevi Boodai Joint Venture Rizzani de Eccher RKM Powergen Road & Roof Construction Co Roads Emirates Robodh Contracting Robtstone (M.E.) ROBUST Contracting Rohr Rein Chemie Middle East ROSTAMANI PEGEL Rotary Gulf Electro-Mechanical Works S.A. Baytur SACCAL Enterprises Sadeer Trading & Contracting Co. Safari Company SALAM BOUNIAN Saleh Constructions Salim M. AlJoaib & Partner Co. Salini Costrotturi SPA SAM Trading SAMA Sama Contracting Sama Group SAMAMA Holding Samer Zawaydeh Co Samsung C&T - OHL Samsung C&T Corporation Samsung Corp.-Saif Bin Darwish JV Samsung Engineering Samsung-Baytur Joint Venture Samsung-Bisex Arabtec Sanergy (SDG Global) SARCO Sarooj Construction SATAL Qatar Contracting Saudi Amana Contracting Company Saudi Arabian Baytur Saudi Archirodon Saudi Bin Ladin Group Saudi Bin Ladin Group PBAD Saudi Bin Ladin Group RPD Saudi Bin Ladin Group-Samsung JV Saudi intel Tec Co. Saudi Oger Saudi Techint Saudi Technical Engineering Systems Saudi Withcon Co. SAWACO Sayed Hamid Behbehani SDC Group SEIDCO Seif Bin Darwish SEMAC Sembawang Sener Arda Group Sensaire Services SEPCOIII Septech Emirates SERCO Serka Construction Services & Trading SETCO [Salameh Eng. & Trading Co.) SEW Infrastructure Sezai Turkes Fevzi Akkaya Marine Const Co. SGI Advanced Information Systems Sham Contracting Shannon Trading & Contracting Shapoorji Pallonji Middle East Shar for Trading and Construction Co. Shibh Al Jazira Contracting Shield Contracting Co. Shimizu Corporation Shinryo Corp. Shmidin SIDDCO GROUP Sidvin Core tech Siged Emirates Sigma Engineering Works Silec Cable Silvertech System Simplex Infrastructures Sinergo Spa-Eletrostodio Sinohydro-Gamuda-WCT-JV (SGWJV) SITCO Site Group Site Technology Six Construct Six Construct - Midmac JV Sixco-Rizzani de Echer JV Sixco-Samsung JV SKS Power Generation (Chhatisgarh) Sky Oryx Smart World Smiths Detection Sobha Contracting Societe d 'enterprise et de Gestion (SEG) Societe d’Entreprise &de Gestion Qatar (SEG) Sorensen Gross Construction Spaceage Gen Contracting SPEC Energy Special Trades and Services (STS) Specialist Technical Services Spie Batignolles SPK Construction SPK Vinapuri SPL Square Engineering Construction Square General Contracting STFA Cons. Comp STRABAG STS Abu Dhabi Sumitomo Sun Engineering Surbana International Syed Hamid Behbehani & Sons Co. Synchro Electromechanical Contracting Synergy Petroleum International System Construct Tabet Enterprises Taeyoung TAFSEER Contracting Tamas Projects Tamcon Contracting TAMS TANMIA Tanqia Target Engineering Construction Company Tariq Al-Ghanim Gen Trading TAS Group TAS Qatar Tasameem-STX Co. TATA ALDESA TATA Consulting Engineers TATA Projects TAV Construction TAV Gulf Taylor Woodro Intl/VinciPLC-UK Taylor Woodrow International Construction Tebodin Middle East Tech Arhictect Gen Conr Technical Arab Contracting Group Technical Architect Gen. Cont. Tecnimont Kuwait Branch Tecnomen Tecpro Engineers Tecton Tekfen Construction Tekton Terna SA Terrazzo Limited Test Ranya JV Thakral Gulf Thales Security Solutions and Services The Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.) Thinet Emirates Thyssenkrupp Elevator Tiger Steel Tilke & Partners Timeline Toledo Elect. & Mech. Works Est. Torishima Towell Construction TPM Construction TPSC India TR Engineering TRADCO Trags Engineering Transemirates Transfield Emdad Services Transguard Group Transgulf ElectroMechanical Transpo Group Trett Contracting Trinity Engineering Services
  • 55. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 56 Trio Arab Tristar Transport & Contracting Triune Energy Service Truebell Tsunami Trading and Contracting Co. Tyco & Fire Ultra Construction & Engineering UNEC Unicorp Unilog Union Contracting Company Unison Contracting United Engineering Construction United Engineering Projects United Gulf Construction United Infrastructure Projects United Maintenance and Contracting. United Turkish Construction Co. Urbis Holdings Vale Oman Pelletizing Company Valentine Maritime (GULF) Venus Electromech Veolia Water Systems (VWS) Emirates Verdaus Landsape Verger et Delporte Vibro Foundations VISCAS Vishvaraj Infrastructure VisionTech Systems VNR Infrastructures WAAD Wade Adams Wagner Biro Gulf Wajih Contracting Company Wallbridge Wara Construction Waterman Middle East Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East West Court Real Estate Whitby and Bird William Hare UAE WJ Towell Xtramix Concrete Solutions Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons Yuksel Dubai Construction Co. Yuksel-Midmac JV Yuskel Yusuf Al-Ghanim & Sons Co. Zakhem Construction Nigeria Zamil Steel Construstion ZETAS ZSML Construction Zublin Civil Engineering SPECIALTY SUBCONTRACTORS ABLEM Abraj Cooling Al Ahli Al Amry Group Al Arabia Security Al Arrab Electromechanical Engineering Al Bucheeri Al Dhafra Piling Foundation Contracting Al Reyami Interiors Al Reyami Technical Services Al Sabah Electro Mech ALDHAFRA piling ALKHYOOL ALUMINIUM ALMCO Group ALSTEF Automation Alu Nasa ALUMCO Amron Pipeline ANEL Electrical Anti Corrision Arabi Enertech KSC Arabian Aluminium (ALICO) Arabian Automobiles Co Arabian Foundations Engineering Architectural Metal Works Arnaout Establishment Arne Lunding Atef Mazen Bsat (AMB) Atelier 21 Atelier Hourani Athena Atlas Continent Gen. Maint & Interior Design Baituti Interiors BAUER FOUNDATION Bilt Middle East Bin Hamm Agricultural Bitstream BK GULF Bo Jamhoor Trading Bond Communication Cape East Limited Carrara Chadwick Chalmers Engineering Company Chicago Bridge Cloisall DANWAY Dar Al Rokham DC Pro Engineering DEBBAS ENTERPRISE DECO Desert Landscape Det Norske Veritas Dredging International Dubai Aluminum Co. Dubai Precast E-Construct Edrafor EKA Rock Emarald Palace Emirates Building System Emirates Electrical Engineering Emirates Electromech Emirates Falcon Emirates Neon Emirates Steel Industries Emirates Technical and Thermal Systems Emirates Utilities Engineering Work Foundation ETA Mechanical ETA MELCO ETA MNE EURO Studio FEDO Flora for Agricultural Services FPS Ocean FRANCIS LANDSCAPE Galadari GEMCO international General Electerical International General Engineering & Contracting Ghantoot Electrical Projects Division Global Maritime & Trading Global Process Systems Golden Neon Green Concepts Green Line Interiors Greenline Interiors GTS Gulf Catering Company (GCC) Gulf Landscape HABTOOR Marble HABTOOR STFA Soil Habtoor STFA Soil Group Hastie International HDO Heliopolis Electric Hispanica Al Shanfari HITEC Offices Innovative Technologies Instant Landscaping Interconnect Intergulf Jan De Nul Dredging Joeper Famorcan Joesph Haskour John Lehwald Johnson Controls Joseph Maintenance Juma Al Majed LC Consulting Leader Marine Leaders LLC Lindenberg-Emirates LLC Mazyood Giga International Mercury Engineering Merlun Group MERO Middle East Dredging Company (MEDCO) Middle East Foundation Mosart Marble MQS MSCEB Naboodah Engineering Services NABOODAH Gypsum National Marine Dredging Offtec Systems OTAK International OTIS Elevator Pembinaan SPK SDN BHD PF Emirates Interior Plantation Plantation Dubai Platinum Vision Pools UAE PowerTech Poyry Energy Premier Composite Technologies QATAR DREDGING Qatar Drilling Company Ready Mix Co. Ready Mix Maneen Reem Emirates Aluminum Romeo Design ScanTrans Shapoorji Sharaf Foundation Silvertech Smiths Detection Middle East Soletanche Bachy SPARK Specialist Services SPK-Bina Puri JV Swissboring SYSCOM Tadmur Electromechanical Tadmur-Electromechanical Terna Bahrain Holding Terrazo THERMO Thomas Bennett Gulf Toledo Elect. & Mech. Works Trans Gulf Electro-Mechanical Trident International Tyco Fire and Security Unicorp Intl Holding Union Pipes Industry United Technologies UPC US TELECOM Vadnais Microtunneling Vale Oman Pelletizing Van Oord Gulf VENUS Engineering Veolia Water Solutions VFR Ltd. Dubai VISION Voltage Engineering Western GECO Zener Electrical Contracting Co. Zener Steward POWER AND UTILITY Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) Abu Dhabi Electricity and Water Authority (ADEWA) Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (MASDAR) ACWA Emirates ADC Energy Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC)
  • 56. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 57 Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Electric Co. Electricie De Liban (EDL) Electricite De France (EDF) Electricity Natioanal Grid EMICOOL Empower ENEC Federal Electricity and Water Authority General Directorate for Water & Sewarage Haya Water Hidd Power Co. Hinduja National Power Corporation IL & FS Tamilnadu Power Company Limited International Power IREMA KAHRAMA Lebanese Utilities Company Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Industries Ministry of Electricity & Water Bahrain Ministry of Electricity and Water Ministry of Electricity and Water - KSA Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) Mitsubishi Power Systems India Muscat Electricity Distribution NLC Tamilnadu Power Limited NTPC- Tuticorin Oman Waste Water Palm District Cooling PALM Utilities Palm Water PEGSco Qatar Electricity and Water Co. Ras Girtas Power Co. Ruwais Power Co. SETE Energy Saudi Sonelgaz Sulayman Gas Power Station TPSC India Private Limited TRANSCO Vatech Wabag Water Authority of Jordan OIL, GAS AND PETROCHEMICAL Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO) Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction (ADGAS) Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) For Distribution Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER) ADNOC ConocoPhilips Arabian Gulf Oil Aromatics Oman Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) BOROUGE British Gas Oman British Petroleum (BP) Exploration Chennai Petroleum Corporation CHEVRON Chevron Kuwait Cylin Gas Company Daleel Petroleum Dolphin Energy DOVE ENERGY Dow Corning India Dubai Natural Gas (Dugas) Dubai Petroleum E.I.Dupont India Elmerk Emarat Europe ENOC Processing Company Enppi Equate Petrochemical Company Ghana National Gas Company Gulf Petrochemical Industries Corporation (GPIC) Heurtey Petrochem India Pvt. Ltd In Salah Gas International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC) IVM Projects Jubail United Petrochemical Company KazMunay Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC) Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) LUKOIL Overseas Baltic Maersk Mansoura Petroleum Company Margham Dubai Methanol Chemical Company NIGEC EGTL/Chevron Occidental Petroleum (OXY) Oil Search Ltd. OMAN LNG Oman Methanol Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production (OOCEP) Oman Polypropylene Oman Refineries and Petrochemical Company (ORPC) Oman Refinery Oryx GTL OXY Mukhaizna OXY QATAR OXY UAE OXY YEMEN PEARL PEDECO Petro Canada Petrochemical Industries Corporation (PIC) Petrodar Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Petroleum Technical Development Fund PPRS Qatar Chemical Co. (Q-Chem) Qatar Fertilizer Co. (QAFCO) Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC) Qatar Gas Operating Co. Qatar Gas Transport Company (NAKILAT) Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) Qatar Petroleum (QP) Qatar Shell (QSGTL) RAK Petroleum RAS GAS Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL) Ruwais Refinery SABIC SADARA Sajaa Gas Salalah Methanol Salam Petroleum Services Saudi Arabia Chevron Saudi Arabian Texaco Saudi Aramco Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery (SAMREF) Saudi Chevron Phillips Co. Sharjah National Oil Corporation Shell Sohar Refinery Statoil Tatweer Petroleum Total E&P Yemen Total Tractable Yanbu National Petrochemical Company (YANSAB) Yemen LNG Company Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) INDUSTRIAL Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation (ADBIC) Adyard Abu Dhabi (Topaz Engineering) Al Furat Paper Trading Al-Kawther Industries Co. Ltd. Arab Potash Company Arabian Cement Co. Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard (ASRY) Clement Cement Clement Systems Gulf Climent de Sibline s.a.l. Dolphin Steel Drydocks World DUBAL DUCAB Emirates Aluminum (EMAL) EZDK FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd Giffin Traffiks Ginger Investment Management Glassline Industries Global Foundries Technologies GRANDWELD Gulf Cable Gulf Marine Maintenance & Offshore Service Gulf Piping HIDADA Hijazi for Trade and Manufacturing Imar Trading and Contracting Inkript Holding Johnson Lifts Khalil Fattal & Fils SAL Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar Nakilat Keppel Offshore Marine Onyx Industries Orient Cement Penta Ocean Petro Steel Reem Emirates Aluminum Salam Industries Sets Societe Des Eaux Minerales Libanaises Sohar Aluminum Solas Marine Services Group South Valley Cement Plant Specialized Wood Establishment Takraf India Valentine Maritime Wadi EL-Nil HEALTH CARE Alhakim Medical Center Co. Department of Health and Medical Services (SEHA) Dubai Health Authority Dubai Healthcare City GlobeMed Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) King Abdullah Medical Center King Fahd Army Forces Hospital Ministry of Health Ministry of Health Kuwait NeoPharma RAFIC HARIRI Hospital FINANCIAL SERVICES Abraaj Capital Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC) Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Ahli Bank - Qatar Al Masraf Amman Stock Exchange Arab Bank, Qatar Arab Banking Corporation
  • 57. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 58 Arab Jordan and Investment Bank Arcapita Bank Asymilate Financial Markets Bank Audi Bank Muscat Bankers-Assurance BANQUE DU LIBAN BML BNP-Paribas Burgan Bank Conseil Et Gestion Immobiliere - Audi Saradar Group Credit Card Services Company (CSC) Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Emirates Bank Equity Bank of Kenya First Gulf Bank Gulf Finance House Jordan National Financial Center Kuwait Finance Center Kuwait Finance House Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz) Mashreq Bank Masraf Al Rayan Misys Banking System National Bank of Kuwait Qatar Financial City Authority (QFCA) Qatar Islamic Bank Qatar National Bank Qatar National Financial Market Samba Financial Group Syrian International Islamic Bank IT AND TELECOMS Advance Network Solutions Advanced Technology Investment Company AFAQ for Computer Technology Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS) Afnam Consulting Company Al Futtaim Technologies Al Reyami Technologies Alan Technology ALCATEL ALDADA Alfa Communication ALLIGNED Business Amphipole SAL Aneo Arabian Advanced Systems Asia Cell Telecom ASIACELL AspenTech ATEN Communications Atlas Telecommunication Avio Helitronics InfoSystems Pvt. Ltd BMB SAL C4 Advanced Solutions Clifton Myers Enterprises CME Offshore Consolidated Gulf Co Cybertech Dama Max Data Consult Datel Services Datel Systems & Software Company EASTNETS E-Marine Emirates Integrated Telecom Company (DU) EQUANT EGYPT (Orange) Equatech Sal Ericsson E-tech Etisalat Family Computers Futtaim Technologies Futureware IT Hatta Computers Co. LLC HBO Middle East HITS Telecom Africa HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. IDMI sal offshore Industrial and Management Technology Methods Info Comm Information Tech Injazat Data Systems International Information Technology IT Works iTeam ITS Key Information Tech leBlanc LOOTAH IT SOLUTIONS LS2 Technologies Lunasat Holding Management Systems International (MSI) Mobile Interim Co MOBILY Modern Freight Motorola MTN-Syria National Informatics NavLink ME Saudi Arabia NCCI Netiks International Netways OGERO Orange PAL TECH PAL Technology Qatar Datamation Qatar Telecom Qtel Qualco Quantum International Saudi Business Machines Shanfari Information System Shanfari information Technology Sharjah GIS Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited Smart Solutions Smartworld Source-IT FZ Stargate Cyberactive Studio Vision Syriatel TAMKEEN Technolift Technologies Inc. Telematics Networking Terabytes United Business Systems US Telecommunication WB Technologies NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION AieServe Alzheimer’s Lebanon Bioresources Development & Conservation Programme CARITAS M.O.N.A HOW United Services Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) - UAE International Relief and Development (IRD) Japan International Corporation Agency Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) Norwegian People Aid Order of Engineers & Architects The Syria Trust for Development United Nations (Kabul) United Nations OPS (UNOPS) United Nations UNIFIL USAID FMCG Amana Foods Gulf Coffee Co. Gulf Franchising Co. Nestle waters Oman Flour Mills Co. Societe Moderne Libanaise pour le Commerce (SMLC) -Pepsico Supreme Foodservice MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Cre8mania Fred Olsen Production LBC MBC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Deloitte Corporate Finance PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) SPARC 360° Development AEROSPACE AND AVIATION Emirates Airline ETIHAD AIRWAYS MENA Jet Middle East Airlines Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Arabia (NGMSA) Saudi Arabian Airlines EDUCATION Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) Academy for Education Development Ajman University American Lebanese Language Center American University of Beirut (AUB) American University of Dubai (AUD) American University of Sharjah (AUS) AMET University Andhra University Arab Academy for science and technology and Beirut Arab University (BAU) Caledonian College of Engineering College of Engineering-Kidangoor College of the North Atlantic Expertise Training Center (ETC) Farabi Technology Global University Government College of Engineering ilearn International School of Choueifat Kawader Al Tanmiyah Institute King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) King Khaled University Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) Kuwait University Lebanese American University (LAU) Media Computers Training New Indian Education Centre Ola Training Services Practical Technologies Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) Qatar University RIT Sama Al Fagr SREE NARAYANA GURU INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (SNGIST) Sultan Qaboos University Technical & Administrative Training Institute The Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training (CERT) UAE University Viswa Jyothi College of Engineering & Technology SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS Gulf Agency Company (GAC) IAP Worldwide Services Maritime Transport
  • 58. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 59
  • 59. CMCS Statement of Qualification 2013 60 Collaboration, Management and Control Solutions (CMCS) FZCO OFC: (+9714) 365-4850 |FAX: (+9714) 369-7518 |WEB: POB: 23033 Dubai|Star Holding Building, Suite 101, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE Offices In UAE| Saudi Arabia| Qatar| Kuwait| Bahrain| Oman| Yemen| Lebanon| Jordan| Egypt| Iraq| Libya| Kenya| Nigeria| Italy| UK| USA|Greece| India| Pakistan| Azerbaijan| Canada| USA| Brazil| Chile| China