Acumen Fuse 360: Goal-Based Acceleration Datasheet


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Acumen Fuse 360: Goal-Based Acceleration Datasheet

  1. 1. Building on the analytics engine in Fuse, Fuse 360 automates scenario generation and decision support making it the fastest and easiest means of project optimization. As both a planning and execution tool, Fuse 360 can be used to align plans with target dates and project stakeholder expectations and as a means of getting a delayed project back on track. goal-based acceleration // Datasheet Acceleration Achieve faster, cheaper, more aligned schedules through Fuse 360 automated acceleration. Unlike traditional “network crash” techniques, Fuse 360 provides pinpointed focus, intelligent optimization and selects the most efficient means of achieving acceleration goals. Goal-Based With Fuse 360, you set the acceleration goals. Find scenarios that accelerate the schedule by three months, decrease remaining duration by 20%, or even let Fuse 360 find the best finish date possible. Intelligence Only you know where acceleration is physically possible. Fuse 360 captures this insight through criteria, defined by you, directing where to focus acceleration efforts. This means targeting a certain WBS, location, resource, or even a specific activity for acceleration. Recovery Fuse 360 can generate scenario options from any point in the project whether it is the planning phase or after costly delays. Identify the fastest and most efficient means of recovering project delays. efficient schedule compression advanced decision support user-defined goals & criteria automated scenario generation schedule delay recovery XER & XML scenario creation best finish date possible intelligent project acceleration import project schedule data directly from your scheduling tool1 export the chosen scenario back to P6 or MS Project generate accelerated scenarios 3 BenefitsTwo-Way Integration +1 512 291 6261 // 2
  2. 2. Project Quality Optimization Use the Fuse schedule cleanser to remove redundancies and constraints, creating a clean version of the schedule. Acceleration Script Define the simulation script, including where to focus acceleration efforts and how to prioritize. Acceleration Goals Set acceleration goals by percentage, target date, or let Fuse 360 find the best date possible. Visualization Fuse 360 automatically generates an optimized and accelerated version of your schedule. View the results in the acceleration bar or the Fuse timeline view. Acceleration Decision Support +1 512 291 6261 // AcumenFuse® TimelineViewScenarioAnalysis Compare Multiple Scenarios Use the Fuse timeline view and Forensic Analyzer to compare scenarios and identify the best acceleration option. Use Fuse metrics to evaluate the quality and achievability of each scenario. Compression Efficiency Factor™ The Fuse 360 compression efficiency factor™ looks at how much effort is required for acceleration allowing you to easily identify which contractor, WBS, or phase of the schedule to provides the highest return. Run Multiple Simulations Create acceleration scripts to try multiple acceleration options. Try accelerating construction activities, changing calendars, or reducing the remaining duration of a certain WBS, then compare results.