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SharePoint 2010 - IT Platform upgrade and Management
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SharePoint 2010 - IT Platform upgrade and Management


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Presentation at SharePoint Saturday East Bay September 2011 on IT Planning, upgrade and management of SharePoint 2010

Presentation at SharePoint Saturday East Bay September 2011 on IT Planning, upgrade and management of SharePoint 2010

Published in: Technology

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  • About meRegional focusDistilled information worker platforms MSFT (SharePoint, BI, EPM)Collaboration – Portals, Insight Search BIProductivity forms, office custom, mekko
  • TA-DALast one – yes, yes, yes, yes
  • TA-DALast one – yes, yes, yes, yes
  • Typical
  • Walkthrough examplesWe sometime work closely w business, sometimes ITSometimes IT has dedicated SP resourcingSample – Midwestern manufacturer – sponsor is a program manager (electronics) – core team includes C# developers for their product team, some knowledge of SQL, no other time
  • I love the beach!
  • Transcript

    • 1. IT Platform and Launch Readiness – SharePoint 2010
      Chris McNulty
    • 2. IT Platform and Launch Readiness – SharePoint 2010
      SharePoint Saturday East Bay September 2010Chris McNulty
    • 3. About Me
      Working with SharePoint technologies since 2000/2001
      20 years consulting and financial services technology (Santander, John Hancock, GMO, State Street)
      SharePoint practice lead at KMA
      Write and speak often on Microsoft information worker technologies (book out this month!)
      Microsoft MCSE/MCTS/MSA/MVTS
      BC MBA in Investment Management
      Hiking, cooking, playing guitar, colonial history, photography
      My family: Hayley, three kids (15, 6, 3) and my dog Stan
    • 4. About KMA
      • Full-service IT consulting firm established in 1995
      • 5. 28 employees: Partner, PM, Analyst, Developer, QA
      • 6. Industry expertise and focus: Professional Services, Life Sciences & Financial Services
      • 7. Microsoft technology focus:
      • 8. Microsoft Certified Partner since 1995 / Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2004
      • 9. Working with SharePoint technologies since 2001
      • 10. Specialties in
      • 11. Collaboration: Portals, Communities and Content Management
      • 12. Insight: Enterprise Search and Business Intelligence
      • 13. Productivity: Forms and Office Client Customization, Mekko Graphics (ISV)
    • Agenda
      History & Background
      Platform Overview
      Upgrade & Migration
      Administration &Optimization
    • 14. History
      2001: original release of SharePoint
      2003: expansion of libraries, custom columns
      2007: site columns, business data catalog and content types become widespread; adoption rate leads to explosive growth of SharePoint content
      May 2010: release of SharePoint 2010
    • 15. What we’ve been hearing…and why we can’t wait
      Some consistent requests from our clients during the SharePoint 2007 lifecycle:
    • 16. What we’ve been hearing…and why we can’t wait
      Some consistent requests from our clients during the SharePoint 2007 lifecycle:
    • 17. Congratulations!
    • The Dilemma
      • SharePoint administration is often an ‘add-on’ for other IT professionals (SQL DBAs, AD Admins, Exchange Engineers)
      • 28. Time and focus are scarce resources!
      • 29. Common pain points include
      • 30. Upgrades are complex and hard to monitor
      • 31. Dispersed workforce, little control of browsers and Office versions
      • 32. Hard to understand and troubleshoot “behind the scenes” performance and capacity planning
      • 33. Best practices not always understood or compared to system health
      • 34. “All or nothing” administration means IT must be engaged for all admin responsibilities, even search
    • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 … the bright frontier
    • 35. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 … the bright frontier
      Eastern Long Island, July 4, 2010
    • 36.  
      Platform Basics
      SharePoint 2010 is a 64 bit only platform. Direct upgrades from 32 bit servers to 64 bit servers require prep work.
      Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 X64
      SQL Server 2005 x64 SP3 CU3
      SQL Server 2008 x64 SP1 CU2
      SQL Server 2008 R2
      May also need KB971831 - support token authentication without transport security or message encryption in WCF
    • 37. Shared Service Applications
      The 2007 Shared Services Provider has been broken up; each of its elements is now a Shared Service Application
      Mix and match them singly or in groups, to match farm’s needs. [No need to deploy Visio Services if you don’t use it.]
      Crawl/index no longer a single server role
      In 2010, administration can be delegated
      Key targets: Enterprise search, metadata, user profiles
    • 38. Managed Metadata Service
      Centralized shared hierarchies of tags and terms [taxonomy]
      Centralized governance of user-created keywords [folksonomy]
      Centralized sharing and publication of content types throughout the enterprise
    • 39. Client/Browser Technology
      Internet Explorer 7/8, Firefox and Safari are all supported.
      IE6 is not supported, so don’t defer that upgrade!
      Most other browsers are still supported for Internet configurations
      Office 2010 includes optimizations for the new platforms
      Offline Access
      2007: used Outlook 2007 and Groove
      SharePoint Workspace 2010 integrates offline documents and lists
    • 40. Office Web Applications
      SharePoint 2010 provides a server version of Office applications – Office Web Access, or “OWA”.
      In part, this enables simultaneous multiuser editing of Office documents:
      Excel in OWA, not client
      Word/PowerPoint on client only if file opened from a shared document library
      OneNote client or OWA
      The best iPhone/iPad app you can’t get in the App Store!
    • 41. Client and Admin Demo
      New Clients
      Office Web Apps
      Mobile Clients
      SharePoint Workspace
      Central Administration
      New Site Collection
      Shared Service Application
      Managed Metadata Service
    • 42. Demo Screenshot - Firefox – Cross Browser
    • 43. Demo Screenshot - Cross Browser Web Apps
    • 44. Predictable UpgradeDo-no-harm
      Three paths
      In place
      Database upgrade
      Third party tools
      Pre-upgrade checker
      Visual Upgrade
      Resumable upgrade
      Progress reports
      Parallel DB upgrades
    • 45. Upgrade Demo
      PreScan Check
      Database Attach
      Visual Upgrade
    • 46. Demo Screenshot - Pre-Attach Test
      PS C:Userscmcnulty> Test-SPContentDatabase -Name WSS_Content_2007OOB -WebAppli
      cation http://kmamssd01
      Category : SiteOrphan
      Error : True
      UpgradeBlocking : False
      Message : Database [WSS_Content_2007OOB] contains a site (Id = [f78c83e
      e-20d9-4b87-93d1-e1d640da6633], Url = [/]) whose url is alrea
      dy used by a different site, in database (Id = [2cc0fc28-c1ff
      -4311-ac68-918229f5d834], name = [WSS_Content]), in the same
      web application. Consider deleting one of the sites which hav
      e conflicting urls.
      Remedy : The orphaned sites could cause upgrade failures. Try detach a
      nd reattach the database which contains the orphaned sites. R
      estart upgrade if necessary.
    • 47. Demo Screenshot - Upgrade Dashboard
    • 48. Demo Screenshot - Original Upgrade
    • 49. Demo Screenshot - Visual Upgrade
    • 50. Branding
      2007: Extensive Customization Possible, requires CSS and SharePoint Designer
      2010: Branding and Themes Directly From Browser
    • 51. Demo
      Branding in Browser
      SharePoint Designer
    • 52. Logging, Monitoring, and AlertsKnow what is going on
      Unified Logging
      Out-of-the-box reports
      Richer Web Analytics
      Open Schema
      SCOM Integration
      ULS Logs
      Windows Events
      Logging DB
      Page requests
      Feature Logging
      Health data
    • 53. Proactive Resolution Get ahead of issues
      Developer Dashboard
      Empower developers and users
      Integrated Health Analyzer
      Runs when necessary
      Alerts anomalies
      Fixes when it can
    • 54. Health and Monitoring Demo
      IT Management
      Health Analyzer
      Web Analytics
      Developer Dashboard
    • 55. Demo Screenshot – Web Analytics
    • 56. Demo Screenshot - Developer Dashboard
    • 57. Demo Screenshot - Health Check
    • 58. Governance
      SharePoint 2010 provides more opportunities, and more importance for reengaging users and sponsors about governance issues than before
      Major tools
      Sandbox code
      Query governors
      New functions
    • 59. Governance in SharePoint 2010
      SharePoint Designer
      Now free (since 2008)
      Allowed or denied
      Restricted - PlaceholderMain
      Social tagging and ratings
      I like it/I hate it
      Ratings and adverse feedback
      Records management
      In place vs. Record Center
      Content Organizer
      Who controls the lifecycle?
    • 60. Summary
      Biggest technical changes
      64-bit only
      IE7/8 & Firefox
      Shared Service Applications
      Upgrade choices
      In place
      Database attach
      Third party content migration tools
      New functions
      Managed metadata
      Performance Point Dashboards and Business Data Connectivity
      Communities and Personalization
      Additional changes
      Developer Dashboard
      Office Web Applications
      Scalable Search Topology
      New governance tools and requirements
    • 61. Resources: Microsoft and KMA
      • From Microsoft:
      • 62. Business Intelligence:
      • 63. SharePoint 2010 site:
      • 64. SharePoint Team Blog:
      • 65. BI Blog:
      • 66. From KMA:
      • 67. Online content, blogs, articles available through
      • 68. Monthly live seminars/webinars
      • 69. Upcoming Events:
      • 70. SPTechCon (Boston) October 2010
      • 71. SharePoint 2010 Webinar – September 22, 2010 (upgrades and “the cloud”)
      • 72. Standard Offerings
      • 73. SharePoint Health Check - 1-2 day fixed price engagement
      • 74. SharePoint 2010 Readiness 2 day fixed price engagement
      • 75. SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)
      • 76. Information Architecture and Taxonomy Quick Start
      • 77. [Microsoft Office] Business Value Planning Services (BVPS)
    • Q&A
    • Thank you…
      Contact Details
    • 81. Please complete the session survey
      Thank You!
    • 82. Thank You To Our Sponsors!