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Australia SharePoint Conference 2012 - Quest Governance Solutions
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Australia SharePoint Conference 2012 - Quest Governance Solutions


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Presented 20 March 2012 AUSPC

Presented 20 March 2012 AUSPC

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • This must be the opening slide
  • We have offices throughout the world and have the resources to support the largest global organizations whether they be in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, or across the Asia Pacific and Japan region.
  • How much is too muchRunaway users vs. users running awayGuidance vs. control debateThere are two schools of thought about how to approach user interaction in relation to security. Suppose yourSharePoint farm includes a public-facing section where all employees can post content. Here are two ways you mayapproach this situation:• One approach is to say that all intended uses should be available with review, and all unintended usageshould be blocked. For instance, if it’s inappropriate to post customer Social Security numbers on that site (itshould be!), users should be actively prevented from saving documents there if they contain personalinformation. To be fair, this requires a lot of technical sophistication.• The other school of thought maintains that users may always find unintended avenues and usage; tellingthem what not to do is an essential tripwire to prevent information leaks. Understanding the level of usertrust and sophistication in your operations culture helps determine how much to engage or trust them insecurity policies.
  • Balance between runaway users, and user running away
  • Always begins with an accident
  • In order to prevent SharePoint 2010 from descending into chaos, organizations are seeking solutions to help: managers understand and govern their current SharePoint environment administrators manage, protect and ensure scalability of SharePoint for an improved user experience as well as migrate, consolidate and restructure SharePoint on-premise and online. developers speed the development and deployment of SharePoint custom applications
  • In order to prevent SharePoint 2010 from descending into chaos, IT Managers are seeking solutions to help them understand and govern their current SharePoint environment.Through our conversations with customers and our dialogue with the SharePoint community, we’ve identified six areas of concern for the IT Manager overseeing SharePoint and outlined how our solutions address these concerns.The first area is governance – governing the usage, security, auditing, supportability and availability of SharePoint. Quest Software can help you develop, implement and maintain a SharePoint governance plan. Our solutions help you to proactively secure & audit SharePoint and increase its reliability & usability.The second area is budget – we know you are trying to develop and implement a governance plan within the constraints of your budget, time and resources. Quest Software helps you rein in out of control budgets with solutions that make efficient use of your staff’s time.Third, Quest Software can help the address pains of migrating and consolidating SharePoint data including data stuck in Notes applications, Exchange Public Folders & Windows File Shares. Quest Software can reduce the risks and minimize the time and effort required to execute quick and reliable ZeroImpact migrations to SharePoint On-premise & Office 365.Fourth, we know that as an IT manager you are concerned with permissions management and securing and auditing your sensitive SharePoint data from a compliance and time management stand point. Quest Software helps you to keep your SharePoint environment secure and frees your administrators from tedious administrative tasks and enables them to be more focused on overall SharePoint security and auditing.Fifth, we know that IT Managers want to deliver on the promise of SharePoint by relating information in relevant and meaningful ways through customer views and applications. But SharePoint customizations can be time consuming to deliver and at times unsupportable. Quest Software helps you to increase the usability and adoption of SharePoint, meet business demands and ease the development burden of SharePoint on your team. Finally, you also need to ensure you have a way to protect your SharePoint investment with a reliable backup and recovery plan. But its time consuming to restore lost or deleted content using native tools and your users suffer lost productivity. Quest Software we can improve time to recovery and give you access to offline data. So that’s how we help the IT Managers simplify SharePoint management, migrations and customizations and continue to deliver on the promise of SharePoint.
  • Reclaim your workday and declare your right to focused, simple and fast SharePoint administrative solutions. Quest solutions for SharePoint free you from the shackles of everyday administrative tasks through centralized administration, zero impact migrations, granular backup and recovery and simplified storage growth management.Opening Line –In order to prevent SharePoint 2010 from descending into chaos, organizations are seeking solutions to help administrators manage, protect and ensure the scalability of SharePoint. They are also seeking solutions that will improve the user experience as well as migrate, consolidate and restructure SharePoint on-premise and online. User Experience – Improve SharePoint user adoption, decrease help desk calls and give users the access and reliability they need to collaborate and communicate with Quest solutions for centralized SharePoint management.Reduce Costs – Reduce the costs and time associated with SharePoint migrations, recovery and management and spend more time being proactive and ramping up SharePoint initiatives with Quest solutions for centralized management, ZeroImpact migrations and simplified backup and recovery.Recovery – Reduce SharePoint recovery time, get content back into the hands of users and rest assured that your data is safe with Quest solutions for SharePoint backup and granular and full farm recovery.Migration/Consolidation – Mitigate the impact on end users, meet project deadlines and minimize the time, effort and resources required to execute on-premise and online migrations, consolidations and restructuring with Quest solutions for SharePoint migrations. Whether you have data stuck in Notes, Exchange, Windows File Shares, Public Folders or in older versions of SharePoint, Quest has the solutions to migrate your data to SharePoint.Permissions Management – Reduce your time spent on permissions management, give users the access they need and secure and audit data access with Quest solutions for centralized SharePoint permissions management.Service Level Agreements – Meet and exceed service level agreements with Quest solutions that reduce time spent responding to and solving user requests, performance issues and support incidents.Closing Line: Quest solutions for SharePoint free you from the shackles of everyday administrative tasks through centralized administration, zero impact migrations, backup and recovery and storage growth management
  • Stand up for your right to customize SharePoint without code and easily deploy custom applications across your environment. Quest solutions for SharePoint give coders and non-coders alike focused, simple and fast customization solutions to speed development and deliver on the promise of SharePoint. Opening Line: In order to prevent SharePoint 2010 from descending into chaos, organizations are seeking solutions to help developers speed the development and control the deployment of SharePoint custom applications. Customization – Meet your project deadlines, satisfy the requirements of stakeholders and control the deployment of changes across your SharePoint environment with Quest solutions for rapid application customizations and development.Apps/Tools – Accelerate application development, enforce consistency across SharePoint and uphold best practices and corporate governance policies using out-of-the-box applications and templates.Coding – Reduce the time required to build applications, expand your available development resources and deliver supportable SharePoint applications.Automation – Ease the burden of deploying customizations and automate and control changes deployed to your SharePoint environment. Implementation – Mitigate the stress of implementing and supporting SharePoint customizations across your environment and control the impact on systems and servers.User Experience – Enhance the user’s SharePoint experience, deliver data to users in relevant, meaningful ways and exceed end user expectations.Closing Line: Quest solutions for SharePoint give coders and non-coders alike focused, simple and fast customization solutions to speed development and deliver on the promise of SharePoint.  
  • Not a pie
  • Not a collection of sites and libraries
  • Not a pile of server
  • Not a Swiss army knife – we don’t just hand tools and knives out to people and hope for the best
  • It keeps us safeIt marks what goes pastIts always thereIt can always be found Helps in emergencies
  • Guide you around the world, or, ultimately guide you safely homeWe have to keep that light burning
  • I would be happy to discuss what we are trying to put together for partners/TEC.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Control the Chaos – Quest Governance Solutions Chris McNulty @cmcnulty2000
    • 2. Quest Market Presence Americas 60 Offices, 3 HQs EMEA APJa Sales/Mrkg 3600+ Employees R&D Support 178 Countries 100,000+ Customers All Verticals Global 200 SMB Multiple Business Lines Database, Monitoring, Data Protection, User Workspace/Virtualization, Windows (SharePoint, AD, Messaging), Identity Mgmt @cmcnulty2000
    • 3. Chris McNulty • SharePoint Strategic Product Manager at Quest Software • 10+ years with SharePoint • 20 years consulting (led KMA SharePoint practice) and financial services technology (Santander, John Hancock/Manulife, GMO, State Street) • MBA in Inv Mgmt from Boston College • Write and speak often on Microsoft IW technologies (blogs & books) • MCSE MCTS MSA MVTSP MCC • Hiking, cooking, playing guitar, colonial history, photography • My family: Hayley, three kids (17, 8, 5) and my dog Stan @cmcnulty2000
    • 4. @cmcnulty2000
    • 5. Agenda• Governance Concepts• Quest Products• SharePoint…what it’s not @cmcnulty2000
    • 6. Presentation Governance• Out Of Scope – Deep Dives (e.g. PowerShell, BI, Upgrade, SQL DBA) – Development – Customization – Power User (e.g. Library Customization, Designer Workflows, etc.)• Rules – Move fast, PowerPoint is shared – http://[TBD] **** – Questions – time permitting during session – Any time after session – email etc. - @cmcnulty2000 @cmcnulty2000
    • 7. Governance Today• Hot buzzword of 2012• Poorly understood• Contending, competing definitions @cmcnulty2000
    • 8. The Definition (Microsoft TechNet)• “Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that guide, direct, and control how an organizations business divisions and IT teams cooperate to achieve business goals.” @cmcnulty2000
    • 9. Why govern SharePoint? Ask Twitter…• Can we come up with another word? Does the business even know what it really means? Can we talk their language & get results?• [Governance is] essential because SharePoint is an overly complex platform whose stability is easily compromised by "d"evelopers.• What are you, an anarchist? @cmcnulty2000
    • 10. Governance guides operations and adoption @cmcnulty2000
    • 11. The case for control…• Cryptzone 2012 Survey• 1 of every three admins read secure documents: – 34% personal information on co-workers – 23% salary information• 45% copy information out of SharePoint• 55% copy information for users who werent authorizedSource: @cmcnulty2000
    • 12. Customer stories• “Our people are asking for social media and collaboration. We’re trying to figure out how to keep that from spiraling out of control. We are a small IT shop, and so we have to balance the business value of SharePoint capabilities with our ability to support those capabilities.” (Energy producer)• “Governance is a two-sided coin. A lot of people get annoyed with it, but without governance, SharePoint gets expensive and difficult to manage.” (Global energy company)• Research shows lack of governance slows adoption• Quest research shows governance and adoption weakens outside traditional SharePoint workloads @cmcnulty2000
    • 13. Where to govern? Portal Lighter governance Dept Sites Higher Visibility Project/Team Sites Personal / My Sites @cmcnulty2000
    • 14. How much governance? @cmcnulty2000
    • 15. Governance Challenge• Micromanaged • Chaotic• Abandoned • Unreported @cmcnulty2000
    • 16. @cmcnulty2000
    • 17. A tale of Two SharePoints• OneCo • TwoCo – Global steering committees – Mandatory requirements for – Business sponsors engaged required training and certifications – Simple training for site owners before site creation requests would – Predictable service levels and SLAs be processed for uptime, recovery and incidents – SLAs for how many months lead – Self-service for new site requests time were required for site creation – Cost chargeback model to encourage – Strict policies about what was migration and customization forbidden in team sites (e.g. – Documented change control versioning, blogs, wikis) procedures – Alignment with enterprise help desk and problem management @cmcnulty2000
    • 18. Shopping mall governance • Rules are posted and enforced by on premises staff. • Hours of operation are clearly posted. • Unsold merchandise is stored safely and securely in places where visitors lack access. Stores are able to generate reports on daily sales and credit transactions as needed. • Heat, light, plumbing and sanitation utilities are almost continuously available. Central customer service desks and frequent maps provide guidance to shoppers, as do staff on sales floors. • New hires are given training by the mall and their stores. • The design and location of the mall makes it as simple as possible to arrive, park, browse and find products and services for purchase. This happens with little explicit guidance – it runs by social conventions, signage and learned behaviors. @cmcnulty2000
    • 19. Malls and SharePointPillar Mall Example SharePoint exampleSecurity Unsold goods are locked up User are kept out of overnight. privileged sites without authorizationAuditing Secure credit card Reports on content changes transaction histories by a particular userReliability Open 10am-10pm 364 days Highly available (>99.9% a year! availability)Supportability Frequent “You are Here” Consistent global links to Signs on publicly posted mall video how-to library mapsUsability You can find the perfect You can find the perfect sweater PowerPoint doc @cmcnulty2000
    • 20. Five Pillars Of SharePoint Governance Governance Security Auditing Reliability Usability Supportability Clear and what to do and Documentation consistent Systems how to do it to Uncomplicated of systemssystem security, performance enable user support help configurationpermissions and and availability satisfaction and and guidelines and usage authorizations adoption @cmcnulty2000
    • 21. Getting there… @cmcnulty2000
    • 22. Governance Program Establish stakeholders Evaluate success Gather for next steps requirements Develop Measure results governance framework Implement governed operations Evolve through progress, not perfection! @cmcnulty2000
    • 23. Elements of a Governance Program• People (Roles and Responsibilities)• Purpose (Business Goals)• Policies and Procedures• Products (Quest, Microsoft, others)• Partners (Governance expertise) @cmcnulty2000
    • 24. The recipe…• 10% Technology toolset – SharePoint + Quest + Outlook + others• 30% Technical expertise – IT• 50% Business expertise – Business• 10% Process implementation skills – SI partners• Mix for 3-24 months…• Governance program! @cmcnulty2000
    • 25. IT ManagerCut through the SharePoint chaos, control costs and simplify the enforcementof your governance strategy with Quest solutions for SharePointSharePoint AdministratorReclaim your workday and declare your right to focused, simple and fastSharePoint administrative solutionsSharePoint DeveloperStand up for your right to customize SharePoint without code and easilydeploy custom applications across your environment @cmcnulty2000
    • 26. Quest Solutions for the IT Manager Governance Budget Permissions Management Customization Recovery Migration/Consolidation @cmcnulty2000
    • 27. Quest Solutions for the SharePointAdministrator User Experience Reduce Costs Recovery Migration/Consolidation Permissions Management Service Level Agreements @cmcnulty2000
    • 28. Quest Solutions for the SharePoint Developer Customization Apps/Tools Coding Automation Implementation User Experience @cmcnulty2000
    • 29. Manage 30 ©2011 Quest Software, Inc. All rights reserved..
    • 30. • Site Administrator for SharePoint – Discover and understand the extent of SharePoint in your environment – Establish security policies by managing all access and permissions to business-critical information – Ensure compliance by reporting on activities occurring across the entire environment – Analyze metrics, trends and user activity through usage reporting – Grant line of business owners access to SharePoint reports on the content they own – Optimize IT’s time by issuing global policy configurations to all servers and sites @cmcnulty2000
    • 31. • Server Administrator for SharePoint – Analyze server configurations, settings and customizations • Including : hardware, software (Windows server, SQL server, IIS, .Net), services, features, 12-hive – Compare servers, farms, sites, etc. with each other or against best practice rules • Create your own rules using PowerShell – Identifies existing and potential problems with • Scalability • Availability • Manageability • Security • Performance • Upgrades @cmcnulty2000
    • 32. • Recovery Manager for SharePoint – Recover a single SharePoint object or an entire farm – Leverage backups you already have from SQL databases, native SharePoint and several leading vendors – Restore all information including alerts, permissions, workflow state and associations, metadata, custom views and Web Part links – Search, locate and preview any item from across multiple database backups before restoring – Restore items to any location in or outside SharePoint – Delegate search and restore capabilities through a web-based console for help desk staff @cmcnulty2000
    • 33. • Storage Maximizer for SharePoint• Set rules to automatically move content to selected repositories based on content criteria• Offload content to various repositories within a single install• Compress and encrypt your data in external repositories• Set the scope for externalizing documents from a Site Collection to a document library• Maintain SharePoint search capabilities to find the data you need• Recover your deleted or lost external content• Bring your externalized content back into SharePoint easily @cmcnulty2000
    • 34. Migrate 36 ©2011 Quest Software, Inc. All rights reserved..
    • 35. Migration Suite for SharePoint• Migrate and consolidate SharePoint, Windows files, Exchange Public Folders and Outlook content to SharePoint including SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint Online with a single tool• Retain, reassign and add metadata to items and documents as they are migrated• Perform flexible migrations without restrictions, impact and downtime to production systems and users• Facilitate project management with real-time progress reporting• Synchronize post migration changes• Migrate from: • SharePoint 2003/2007/2010 (on premise or hosted) • BPOS (S/D) – Office 365 • Windows File Systems • Exchange Public Folders 2007/2010 • Outlook 2007/2010 PSTs @cmcnulty2000
    • 36. Notes Migrator for SharePoint• Migrate Notes, QuickPlace/QuickR and Domino.Doc to SharePoint and SharePoint Online (Office 365) without data loss• Inventory and assess applications for complexity and need• Migrate Notes applications to the SharePoint or Microsoft Office target of your choice• Classify databases, consolidate applications with similar designs, and automate hundreds of individual migration jobs• Maintain document link functionality throughout the migration• Provision new SharePoint sites automatically• Reduce cost and burden of migrating complex applications @cmcnulty2000
    • 37. Customize 39 ©2011 Quest Software, Inc. All rights reserved..
    • 38. • Customize• Rapid Application Development and Customization• Deploy applications quickly• Increase user adoption of SharePoint• Avoid the need for costly custom development• Automate change management @cmcnulty2000
    • 39. • Web Parts for SharePoint – “Development” is simple • Drag the web part onto a page • Configure using built-in editors – Does not require depth of knowledge or development expertise – Easily repeatable on multiple sites – Integrates with outside data sources – Significantly reduces development time – Ideal for Notes application migrations @cmcnulty2000
    • 40. • Deployment Manager for SharePoint – Automates the deployment of changes between SharePoint environments • Easily moves objects from development to testing to production • Focuses on changes to applications, web parts, workflows and themes – Ensures the reliability of your SharePoint environment • Automates operations • Reduces implementation times – Reduces the burden of change management on your staff • Eliminates the risks of manual change deployment • Expedites resolutions during troubleshooting @cmcnulty2000
    • 41. ConclusionsSharePoint is not… @cmcnulty2000
    • 42. Ribbon UI SharePoint Workspace SharePoint Mobile Office Client and Office Web App Integration Business Connectivity Services Standards Support InfoPath Form Services External Lists Workflow SharePoint Designer Sites Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings Visual Studio Social Bookmarking API Enhancements REST/ATOM/RSS Composites Communities Blogs and Wikis My Sites Activity Feeds Profiles and Expertise Org BrowserPerformancePoint Services Insights ContentExcel ServicesChart Web PartVisio ServicesWeb Analytics Enterprise Content Types Search Metadata and NavigationSQL Server IntegrationPowerPivot Document Sets Multi-stage Disposition Social Relevance Audio and Video Content Types Phonetic Search Remote Blob Storage Navigation List Enhancements FAST Integration Enhanced Pipeline
    • 43. SharePoint Information Architecture (http://intranet) @cmcnulty2000
    • 44. It’s a server farm – platform! • WFE • App Servers • Search Servers • SQL Servers @cmcnulty2000
    • 45. Everyone’s favorite metaphor @cmcnulty2000
    • 46. The lighthouse • Visual • Radio • Sea • Air • Sound @cmcnulty2000
    • 47. @cmcnulty2000
    • 48. @cmcnulty2000
    • 49. • Questions• Contact Me• Prizes @cmcnulty2000
    • 50. Thank you… – Contact • Email • Blog – Also • Twitter: @cmcnulty2000 • LinkedIn: nulty – Upcoming: • April 2012 – SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities; The Experts Conference San Diego • May 2012 – New England SPUG • June 2012 – New Hampshire SPUG • July 2012 – SharePoint Saturday NYC @cmcnulty2000
    • 51. Gold Sponsors Silver SponsorsBronze Sponsors Media Sponsors @cmcnulty2000
    • 52. ©2012 Quest Software, Inc. All rights reserved..