Prof Assoc Memberships And Job Search 9 27 10 Final


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Professional Association memberships can give your job search a boost

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Prof Assoc Memberships And Job Search 9 27 10 Final

  1. 1. Leveraging Your Memberships:Making Your Professional Association DuesPay OffPresented by Cyndi McCabe and Chris Wenz
  2. 2. LEVERAGING NON-PAID EXPERIENCE “Volunteering allows you to testdrive a new career choice andpick up substantial skills (andtheir all-important Key Words)that you can ride to a newresume and talking points thatyou can use to hammer homeyour benefits in job interviews.”Resumes for Dummies
  3. 3. TAKE A PROFESSIONAL TEMPERATURE READINGAre you seeking a new position? What level are you targeting?Are you interested in shifting careers?Are you targeting a promotion?Do you need to improve your job performance?Are you concerned about job security?HOW CAN YOUR MEMBERSHIP HELP YOUACHIEVE YOUR SHORT TERM AND LONGTERM PROFESSIONAL GOALS?
  4. 4. REASONS TO JOIN PROFESSIONALASSOCIATIONS Networking opportunities Specialized training Certifications Contributing to profession Mentoring /mentee opportunities References
  5. 5. GETTING STARTED: MAKING THE MOST OF ASSOCIATION MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES Do your homework Set goals Circulate and observe Prepare brief self-introduction Meet leadership, speaker, guests, exhibitors Retain file of old programs and membership directories Branch out – attend meetings of affiliate organizations
  6. 6. HOW TO BUILD SKILLSIdentify core competencies required for:Current jobTargeted position or field
  7. 7. IDENTIFY SKILLS TO DEVELOPOR ENHANCE Accounting Leading Programming Organization Writing Coaching Database Management Managing Budgeting Team Building Financial Analysis Project Management Presentations P&L Responsibility Training Strategic Planning Event Planning Customer Relations Marketing / Sales Analysis Meeting Management Negotiating Problem Solving Website Design / Hosting
  8. 8. IDENTIFY TRAITS TO DEVELOPOR ENHANCE Flexible Creative Dependable Motivated Analytical Resourceful Insightful Collaborative Self-Directed Assertive
  9. 9. SEEK STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITIES Chair or serve on a committee Become an officer Chair a special event Write for newsletter Develop and /or manage website Volunteer to speak at a meeting or provide a speaker Staff registration table/ serve as greeter
  10. 10. DOCUMENT ACHIEVEMENTSCreate a Portfolio: Certificates Letters of appreciation Calendars Newsletters /Blogs Programs / Projects Newspaper articles Website screen shots
  11. 11. INCLUDE ASSOCIATION ACHIEVEMENTS IN RESUMECreate accomplishment statement “bullet points”: State actions Use action verb or verbs State results Quantify results One or two sentences in length
  12. 12. ACCOMPLISHMENTSIncreased participation: # or %Improved revenue: $ or %Took the initiative to solve a problemReduced costs: $ or %Created a new program, system, service, procedure, planInitiated, devised and carried through a complex projectSuccessfully handled an emergency situation or crisisReceived an award or commendation
  13. 13. Building An AccomplishmentStatementO = Obstacle, opportunity, objective you faced, problem you identified, performance objectiveA = Action, approach you tookR = Results you obtained; quantify Document in 1-2 sentences, stating action and results. Use action verbs.
  14. 14. Building An AccomplishmentStatement National organization offers membership rebates O to local chapters. Accurate membership records were nonexistent for our chapter.A Consolidated all membership records into one user-friendly system & identified redundancies R Based on my system and its newly available information, we increased membership rebate from national organization by 20%.Increased membership rebate 20% by developingand implementing membership database.
  15. 15. SAMPLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS LINKEDTO ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS Directed annual scholarship fundraiser, exceeding goal by 25%. Produced statewide conference for 300 professionals including coordination of workshops, keynote speakers, logistics, registration, meal functions, media relations, and awards.
  16. 16. SAMPLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS LINKEDTO ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS Increased professional association membership 15% through targeting programming, community outreach, and incentives. Reduced professional association’s annual operating budget by 22% through corporate underwriting, in-kind contributions, and increased volunteerism.
  17. 17. HIGHLIGHT ASSOCIATION EXPERIENCEIN INTERVIEWS Review list of accomplishments and traits. Illustrate with specific examples. Use to respond to behavior- based questions. Reference as examples of community involvement and/or staying cutting edge in your field.
  18. 18. WHERE TO FIND ASSOCIATIONS from the American Society of Association Executives WEDDLES association directory Associations on the Net from the Internet Public Library Google’s Professional Association Directory
  19. 19. YOU CAN DO THIS!