e are all born citizens of India,
but, India needs more than
just citizens. A year in CMCA
is a unique opportunity for
Students Interacting at the all women’s police station
CMCA children walkin through the
usy streets of Hosur.
? Mr. Pr...
Volunteer training - Phase 1, June 2012
atching the high energy levels and
curiosity of the children isn’t all that
easy! ...
A present tion o ‘Eco Diwali
a n - ’
celebra i nt o - y TV Academy
b S
club members
Club Launches
ach year of CMCA starts ...
Class to class campaign - St. John Bosco School
Class to class
campaign - civic
club members of
“I called up the Hosur
Municipal Corporation to
clear up the garbage in my
street and also asked him
to provide us with a ...
“In t e CMC cl s, our civic
tutors to d s th t we should re p
l u
s ec
ople from
er nt alks of l fe a d
CMCA Hosur is a joint initiative of
Limited. CMCA Hosur was launched
and today, owing to the passion
employees, the progra...
‘ raffic Poli Day’
f r he laun h
e be
R ady o t
c - club m m
is a Sc ol
f Ra akr hn
f CMCA India and Tita...
g t e
Volunte rs family get-to- a h r
O r ivi tu ors visiti g Hosu s dumpyard
u c c t
Club launch of Government
am very happy with the activities
conducted by CMCA. The
program not only gives the children a
hands-on e...
“I felt very proud about
Kajal’s efforts towards
keeping our society
clean. She enjoys doing
such activities. I wish she
EÍ]Âï ... EöÂï...
Äu¼Å EÍ]¥ºï^!
>ºï^ zwÍç>ï^ CMCA( zwÍç>ï¹[ ÄJï sa©Aðì¡ ÖBÂïD) z¿s_ ¼Äì...
Dengue & Solid Waste
Management Awareness
ith the looming public health crisis due to uncleared garbage and the
Ci i
b m
be ntera ing
v c clu
rs i
w h BMC official
MCA Mumbai joined hands with the Bri...
Fun Corner
Funwith words
Find the words, horizontally,
vertically or sideways in the jumble
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Hosur feburary 2013


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Hosur feburary 2013

  1. 1. e are all born citizens of India, but, India needs more than just citizens. A year in CMCA is a unique opportunity for you to become more than just citizens of our country. This year has been special and you have had a peek into the world of active citizenship – a chance to be an active citizen – a change-maker and a nation-builder! India today is a nation of contradictions. Mary Kom, a woman from a small Indian village is a boxing champion and super-achiever; and a young Indian girl is beaten up and molested in a bus in the capital of our country. Fast food is hitting every small town in India while half our children are malnourished! You have seen these contradictions in the very beginning of your year in CMCA – in the ‘India Shining or India Pining’ discussions… Can we as a nation prosper when such deep divides – across gender, income, caste, community, religion and injustices exist? Can we be a developed nation when people still think violence is acceptable in some circumstances or that girls must be more careful than boys? A college degree and a great job is not enough to enjoy a good quality of life! Your well-being depends on more than just that! Your well- being is linked to fellow–citizens and their well-being, the environment and its well-being! The challenge is what can WE do? Begin NOW! Start with yourself and your parents! IF you can influence one mind, change one bad practice and speak out just once… it’s a journey begun. The journey on the road to active citizenship begins with small steps which we must take each day. • Are you CONCERNED enough to ACT? • Can you COOPERATE and ensure that you respect rules and laws, be involved in how your city works and make your government work for you? • COEXISTENCE is the very soul of democracy! When you celebrate the many differences and ways of life, democracy is stronger and people can live in peace and feel safe. • CONFRONT injustice – if not in big ways, certainly in small ways! Keep trying and believe that change is possible and begins with you and your family. If you feel the need for change, believe that change is possible, act to bring about change and influence others to change. Fulfill your responsibilities as an active citizen! You GAIN, your COUNTRY gains! A special year for CMCA Hosur – completing a successful journey of 5 years and thanks to TITAN Industries Limited – our pillar of support! Sittralaigal @ cmca Ho c o yo n w?w mu h d u k o 2 Bills d batede in t e in erh w t es ion ofs s arl am nt?p i e Cause a sth t he i s aa soci ted with? a Ann H r aza e Cause that Maneka Gandhi is associ te with?a d MLA and r mMP f o oy ur o i uency c nst t ? WO?H o cOne cause in y ur ity u u e o yo wo ld lik to supp rt? SUPPO TR ! ? Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Industries Limited. It is indeed most heartening and satisfying to hear of CMCA Hosur having completed 5 years. All of us at Titan, compliment this well-conceived and extremely well run institution for the unique projects carried out by their civic club members. Titan’s own effort of contributing to society by behaving like good citizens in the environs of its manufacturing units has been enhanced by CMCA, for which we are most thankful. But most of all, our appreciation goes to the young citizens’ army that CMCA has built up in civic clubs in the schools. Their commitment to the cause of CMCA and putting the community and country ahead of their own aims and aspirations is exemplary and worthy of being emulated by many more youngsters. I wish CMCA and its band of volunteers and children all the very best for several more years of progress and success. Awordof appreciation Watch out for more on our journey of 5 years, inside. 1 CMCA India SpeaksIf you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. cmca children’s movement for civic awareness ® Hosur February 2013 Issue 1 ? Dalai Lama XIV EuÅçéï^
  2. 2. Students Interacting at the all women’s police station CMCA children walkin through the g usy streets of Hosur. b ? Mr. Praveen P. Nair, Sub-Collector, Hosur. Curious eyes and ears at the police station A Field Trip round 460 civic club members from 9 schools had a chance to visit the police station closest to their schools to learn about its functioning as well as to clarify doubts and questions that were in their minds for a long time. For a majority of the children, it was their first visit to a police station. The officers educated the children about the laws that are present to protect them. They also demonstrated the use of walkie- talkies and weapons. From serious to naughty to informative, children put forth all their questions to the police officials to have them all answered patiently. Most of the civic club members said that the experience with the police officials was unforgettable and their opinion of the Police as rough, arrogant and unapproachable had changed. Children agreed that they have got rid of their fear of the police and have understood that they are friendly and easy to approach. Mr. Saravanan, Inspector, HUDCO Police Station Mr. Santhosh, Sub-Inspector, SIPCOT Police Station shared that he was delighted to interact with the children and wished many such trips would be organized in the future. He was also amazed with the level of the children’s curiosity and their questions. said that it was the first time in his life, that he got a chance to interact with such a large number of children. He added, it made him feel nervous and excited. “I understood that police officers are good and friendly” said V. Shriram, Ramakrishna School. Abhinaya, St. Joseph’s School, echoed the sentiment “I never thought that the police would be so friendly and approachable” Happy Posing - Government Boys School children at the entrance of the town police station Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens and being so, if they become the change makers at this age, India’s future is well secured. I appreciate the efforts taken by CMCA and Titan Industries Limited for organising an awareness rally on ‘Eco-Friendly Diwali’, for the first time in Hosur. Though the rally is a tiny step taken by children, it has the potential to influence the society at large. 2 City level awareness rally on Eco-Friendly Diwali ‘Ec-friendly Diwali’ rally lagged off by Mr. Praveen P Nair, Sub-Collector, Hosur, Krishnagiri District, around 400 CMCA club members from 8 schools in Hosur stepped out on the streets shouting slogans and holding placards to spread awareness amongst the public on the need to celebrate an “Eco-friendly Diwali”. Through their rally, the children emphasized that ‘Diwali is a festival of lights and not a festival of noise or pollution’. Shouting slogans – ‘Say No to Crackers’, ‘Stop Polluting’, ‘Save the Environment’, ‘Go Green this Diwali’ the rally attracted the attention and appreciation of the public. CMCA Events & Activities e s on h sag Creativ placard to c vey t e mes e
  3. 3. Volunteer training - Phase 1, June 2012 atching the high energy levels and curiosity of the children isn’t all that easy! In order to keep the children engrossed, every volunteer at CMCA undergoes intensive training on how to conduct interactive and interesting sessions for the children. The training not only enhances their knowledge on the CMCA curriculum but also on the different issues that CMCA focuses on. This Volunteer training is conducted twice a year in 2 phases covering 9 sections. This year around 20 volunteers underwent the training. ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü Bhagwan Shree Ramakrishna Paramhamsa Matriculation School Cambridge Matriculation School Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Rayakottai Road Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School Sishya School St. John Bosco Girls Higher Secondary School St. Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School The Ashok Leyland School The Titan School TVS Academy Volunteer Training Getting prepared to deliver he campaigns, field trips and other CMCA activities conducted in the schools would not have been as successful as they were, without our CMCA teacher coordinators. While civic tutors impart knowledge and nurture the young minds, teacher coordinators give their wholehearted support by being present at the CMCA sessions, sharing ideas on how to make the sessions more effective and by being at the forefront of all the campaigns and field trips. Every year CMCA organises a teacher coordinator meet where teacher coordinators of all the schools gather and share experiences and ideas to help impact the minds of children. This year the meet had an overwhelming response in the number of attendees – 12 teachers from 8 schools. This meet does not limit discussions only to schools or classrooms; it helps the teachers go beyond them- to do their bit in spreading ripples of change among their family and friends. Teacher Coordinator Meet Charting the way ahead The team of teacher coordinators at the meet 3 Our Member Schools (2012 -13) Volunteers Our Being with children is interesting and I got this unique opportunity to interact with children through CMCA. I value this opportunity, as I am responsible for making the children ‘Active Citizens’. Not only civic club members of CMCA, but I too have learnt and changed a lot personally after joining CMCA as a volunteer. I have become more civic conscious – be it when conserving water or following traffic rules or filing an RTI. I am grateful to CMCA! Mr. Bala Sundaram, CMCA volunteer, Ashok LeylandSchool &MaharishiVidyaMandir åV[ Ø>Võ| »aBì )gï Öò©Ã]_ tï¡D þµßE¥D ØÃòç¥D ¶ç¦þ¼Å[. ¼ÄòD ¼ÃVm ¶]ïVª gìkD ÖòÍ>m ¶¼> ÄBÝ]_ Eé ÃBºïÓD, åD¸Âçþl[ç¥D ÖòÍ>m. Îò kò¦D x½¥D ÖÍ> ¼å«Ý]_ WçÅB Ø>l¡D, A]B åD¸Âçï¥D cð« x½þÅm.CMCA s[ å_é Ãé ¼åVÂïºïçá - ¨[ kVµÂçïl_ åç¦xçÅ©Ã|Ýmkm¦[ ¨[çª ¶¤Í¼>VìÂzD, Ø>öͼ>VìÂzD ÃþìÍmØïV^k]_ ¨[ ï¦ç¥D,ØÃV®©AD cðìþ¼Å[. suz ¨[ å[¤ïçá ª©¯ìkVïÝ Ø>ösÝmÂØïV^þ¼Å[ å_é Ãé Vuźïçá ¼åVÂþ..... CMCA Volunteer ( ØÛBV. J Ø>Võ| »aBì V teer t in g ha D emb r 1 olun ra in - P se 2, ec e 20 2
  4. 4. A present tion o ‘Eco Diwali a n - ’ celebra i nt o - y TV Academy b S club members Club Launches ach year of CMCA starts with the formal launch of its civic clubs in school assemblies. The new batch of civic club members are inducted into the CMCA family by taking the CMCA oath and accepting a CMCA badge. The children put up street plays, skits, assembly talks on topics like civic sense awareness, right to education, importance of voting, etc. Club launches are a significant moment in the life of a civic club member. c b m be s t c h Civi clu em r of S . John Bos o Sc ool k M t u i t ta ing C CA oa h d r ng he club launch Unfolding the club's name by the chief guest - Sishya School Save Water civic club members of Maharishi Vidya Mandir conducted the ‘Save Water’ campaign to make their own school mates, teachers and other staff members realise the need for conserving water and using it judiciously. An assembly talk, skit and a rally on ‘Save Water’ were conducted within the school campus by the civic club members. Skit performed by members of Government Boys School during the civic club launch Oath taken by children of The Ashok Leyland School on the occasion of ‘World Democracy Day’. Eco-Diwali Children signing the pledge chart at Cambridge Matriculation School Civic club members with the signature campaign board FestiFesti 4 Eco-Ganesha Campaign CMCA Campaigns & Events round 100 civic club members from St. Joseph’s Matriculation School and Cambridge Matriculation School conducted the ‘Eco-Ganesha’ campaign to spread awareness on the importance of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi the green way. Signature pledges, assembly talk and class to class campaigns were conducted to educate the whole school about the hazards of using POP (Plaster of Paris) idols and the benefits of using clay Ganesha idols. ur junior citizens realised that there is no joy in celebrating Diwali by bursting crackers because it harms the environment. Assembly talks, pledge ld o ac ’ ‘Wor Dem cr y Day - A e t by h ss mbly alk t e civ b me er ic clu mb s World Democracy Day Civic club members holding charts during the assembly on the theme ‘Save Water’. embers Joseph’s Matriculation School and The Ashok Leyland School, delivered an assembly talk on the occasion of ‘World Democracy Day’ on September 15th. of civic clubs of St. SpreSpre RipplesThroughout the year our civic club members are actively involved in spreading ripples of awareness among their family, friends, school and communities through a
  5. 5. Campaign Class to class campaign - St. John Bosco School Class to class campaign - civic club members of Ramakrishna School Eco-Bhogi Campaignvalsvals Thanksgiving Day ONCERN is one of the crucial elements that form the framework of CMCA. To show their concern and respect for the hard work of the school support staff, 200 civic club members of 3 schools organised the ‘Thanksgiving Day’ to thank and honour them. Aunties, drivers, conductors, attenders were given ‘Thank You’ cards and presented with beautiful poems written by the club members. It was a touching moment for most of the support staff who have been on the dais for the first time, according to them, and given an opportunity to address a large gathering. ivic club members of Cambridge School ran a unique campaign to get their school mates familiar with the phone numbers of various government agencies. Charts listing the numerous helplines, were displayed across notice boards and in each classroom. The children also urged their fellow school mates and teachers to store the numbers and as active citizens “make government work for them”. ULG Campaign: Know your government he ‘Traffic Police Day’ celebrated by CMCA seeks to recognise and thank the untiring efforts of the Traffic Police to maintain order amid the chaotic traffic, compounded by the appalling road sense of road users and at the same time to ensure public safety. Few of our member schools invited the traffic constables to their schools and civic club members felicitated them by giving them a ‘Thank You’ card. In their address the police appealed the young guns to follow traffic rules and drive only after they obtain a valid license. 5 mo i e t or E t onal sp ech by he supp t staff - Ramakrishna School Civic club members providing gloves to the support staff –The Ashok Leyland School Thanking the support staff - Cambridge School A oad safety delivered by the traffic Inspector - St John Bosco School message on r campaign, class to class talks and a documentary movie screening, were the various channels used by civic club members to spread awareness about celebrating an eco- friendly Diwali. Assembly talk - importance of cerebrating Bhogi in an eco-friendly way here is a misconception about Bhogi festival. On this day, some people burn tubes, plastics and other toxic materials causing air pollution, rather than sticking to the tradition of burning something very small to signify the burning of old thoughts in order to herald the new year. Civic club members of St. Josephs Matriculation Higher Secondary School organised a campaign to create awareness on ‘Eco-Friendly Bhogi Festival’ celebration and to spread the message that the festival is not about burning things, but rather about burning our negative thoughts and refreshing ourselves with positive and progressive thoughts. eadingeading of Changeplethora of campaigns. A campaign is a series of organized activities which are intended to create AWARENESS & ENCOURAGE change in attitudes, behaviour and practices. Awareness rally on ‘Save Water’ within the school campus. a fTr f ic police day - . S St Joseph's chool Traffic Police Day
  6. 6. “I called up the Hosur Municipal Corporation to clear up the garbage in my street and also asked him to provide us with a dustbin.” – Akshay, Sishya School “I saw people throwing vegetable peels and other w stea on the playground in my area. I decided that something had to be done. I displayed posters near the play ground with messages o ‘A ti-Littering’ and the hazard n n s of throwing was e in a open plot.” t n – Am rish M.,b Sishya School “ c m l in I o p a ed to u i Hosur M nic pal C r a p o poration to cle r u rba mpe i the ga ge du d n v t nd l t ” a pri a e i ustria plo . – k a A shay , i h ho S s ya Sc ol “There was garbage dumped in my area. I took a photo of it and went with my mother to meet the area councillor and spoke to him about the problem. He has promised to take action.” – Suraksha Suji, Sishya School n a a rish N ga “I our re , K na a r, w s rt d c mp gn o e ta e a a ai n ‘S y N o a tic B s ll a a o t Pl s ag ’ fo owing d us n i u s c tio eting isc sio n o r a so ia n me . We ist ed p hlet lo wit d ribut amp s a ng h th a o o e e i ing clo b gs t pe pl r s d ur re . in o a a Ba ner a r n s s ge n s with wa e e s me sa s w r a s p t u i r a e e l o u p n our a e .”P y– ri anka,s k ey an ol A ho L l d SchoW“ e have been l discarded t col ecting plas ic b sag around our area and have r been sto ing them in a godown to e e hand over to be r cycled. W also s e distributed jute bag to everyon in our area.” – Subiksha, L l Ashok ey and School “Generally, garbage e disposed from all th houses in on our col y si burnt in a dustbin. A month I ou ago, saw a y ng boy get affected by this a toxic smoke. He had a cough and eye irrit tion. a After ttending the CMCA classes, I realised h something had to be done. I discussed t is issue with my parents and we spoke to the w person in charge. No the garbage is handed over to the garbage collector k ” and not burnt. Than s to CMCA! – Madhumitha S., e TV Acad my S o inc y “I c nv ed both- m nt ne pare s and the arby p t o p s su ermarke , not t use la tic . I a t id , i y o bags n no her inc ent n m c lony, h s w r e kag l a e m n t ere wa a ate fro a u d o p v r e ad ee n ergr und pi e, e e sinc it h b n ug o w I o plai d d up for s me ork. c m ne o e MC a got i air d t th H nd t rep e .” – ira . H S , d TVS Aca emy do no “I usually t t d t y g , bu en o m arden t ow-a a s am l n -d y my f i y s ur d t e e i s prise o s e ming ant water my pl severy day!”R– amyaa,h ho l Sis ya Sc o “ ca le h c I l d t e hild e lin re r h lp e to po t i s ce f an n tan o c il a u . h d l bo r ” . a h K a , – P H ris um r i y S hool S sh a c opped “I st rstin c e s aft r bu g cra k r e I par ic e n the t ipat d i ‘E Diwali’ y co- rall o n se y C rga i d b MCA.” – ithR i, ish a Sc o l S y h o c nvinI o cedy other to s r at m m eg eg e as dry et w e ” w te into and w ast .a iy u, – J ver a Bana g cula ion C mbrid e Matri tch olS o Citiz “ being dumped near my house. My CMCA te cher adviced me to finda out the name an umber of our aread n counci lor I followed her advice andl . complained to him bout the garbagea problem. e took action and cleared it.H Now y area is clean. Thanks to CMCA!”m Garbage was often – N. Arshiya, Cambridge Matric l tionu a School cA“After joining CMCA, I have consciously changed. I have become more concerned towards society. I spoke to a couple of my neighbourhood ladies and to my parents about CMCA and shared my learnings with them. They were impressed and expressed their desire to join me in this campaign. To start off with, we all decided to clean our colony. While we were cleaning, a young boy, Dilip, saw us and joined us saying he also wanted to help. We collected the bio-degradable products and put them into a pit to turn them into compost for tress. Then my mother and neighbours handed all the non-biodegradable waste over to the waste collector. We continue doing it and maintain cleanliness in our colony.” – M. Shalini, Cambridge Matriculation School cA ts of “The e n orr are ow m e rees n t e garden y t i h of m s c e I req es e h o i ty after u t d t at they e an I m s w b pl ted. a ure e l pl t even m re ree ” wi l an o t s. a h i R– J na v ., c d yTVS A a em 6
  7. 7. “In t e CMC cl s, our civic h A as tutors to d s th t we should re p t l u a s ec ople from er nt alks of l fe a d pe diff e w i n t eat hem as equals. In m nat v pla e r t y i e c , unt uch ility a t ll i practic and it d dn’t o ab w s s i n e i both r m until then. this ti e, when I vis ted, e e But m i I co vi e my gran ather o stop o lo ing is n nc d df t f l w th il ac i e A d ow I have en o d y h m hat l pr t c . n n , be t l b i t it h s b en totally a n i th vil age. a e b n ed n e l He felt pro of me. T anks to A o ud h CMC f r eaching e abo the i ht t Equality! t m ut R g o ” K. Oviya, M r hi Vidya Mandir aha is enship ctive “After joining CMCA we have begun to believe that change is possible and that active citizenship also involves influencing others to change. We decided to prepare pamphlets to create awareness on the following issues – ‘Plant More Trees’, ‘Say No to Crackers this Diwali’, and ‘Segregate Waste’. We distributed the pamphlets among our neighbours and got their signatures. They appreciated our action and most of them planted a few trees in their area and also started segregating waste.” – S. Aishwarya and Chaithanya, Ramakrishna School “I informed the councillor about a leaking tap and got it repaired”. – B. Shailaja, Maharishi Vidya Mandir T er s ch n “ h e i a a ge in m v c a tud n oi i y ci i tti e si ce j n ng CMC used tt r th A. I to li e e roads and sc o d s. No I ha pp hool c rri or w, ve sto ed l tter n n ro ast i a dustb n i i g a d th w w e n i an n ourag o er o d sa e ” d e c e th s t o the m . . B a K m A hav n u ar, a a hi V a a di M h ris idy M n r “ C c s, o r In my MCA las u e l i ed u h teach r exp a n to s t e i p t e of a g e m or anc s vin wat r. I h r t s t my r t a d s a ed hi wi h pa en s n i c t n t l a e r conv n ed hem to i s a l s nso wh a tom t c l y c s h ich u a i a l swit he off t e m r to e wa r was a oto prev nt te t ge om a er o ng ov fl wi a k fr n t n ” – aJan ni, ta ho The Ti n Sc ol Our Action Heroes “After attending C CA classes,M t I learnt about RTI and impor anthelpline numbers of governmentagencies. We as CMCA club members with the encouragement of our teach rs,evconducted arious campaigns in ourschool and I enjoyed all thecampaigns and activities.”– Kirubhakar,St. Joseph’s Matriculationigher Secondary School. H “I noticed that people were irresponsibly dumping d garbage on my street. I ecided I had to do omething about this. I s cleared the garbage on my own d and hande it over to the area garbage collector. “ –S. Prem, The Titan School “We prep r da e pam ets on E – ri ndl phl ‘ co F e y iwa i’ di ibu ed em to D l and str t th o r eighbou T pact s u n rs. he im wa su that t r sul ed n l ost ch i e t i a m 5% o th m not bur ng 2 f e sti c acker du ing Diwa i!” r s r l tha , Su hana & Tea - Ko i nand m, VS cad my T A e As ¼ “CMC [ z¿s_ ÄìÍ> ¸Åz, V z½  © á ö å [ ï¹[ Øî Aïç Ý Ø> Ím Ø s  ïç ½ Å . ïVõ¼¦[. ÄVçé ]ïçá ¦¸ Âþ¼ [ à ¦ · ½ ]ª °u | á Í â V Øk © V_ à D sçá¡ïç ¶¤ m õ ª y V ¹ Ãâ ØïV ¦> V_, à k B[® ¦V· Øk © Ý > > ½ Ãç> sìݼ [.” - ·k©ªV, V AM> Û [ ÃVü¼ V V ïï¹ì ¼ _ © ^¹ Wçé à _ é “CMCA kz©Aï¹ , åV[ à å_é  V sBºïçá ïu®Â Øï õ¼¦[. Øk¹¼B ¼ ò Ö ÃVÅ>V Ö Í>V, å¦Ím _çé[ªV çÄÂþ¹_ V Â Ã Ö > [ ¼ÃV¼Å[. ¨ºï ¶©ÃVçk í¦ ÂïÝ]_ òÂþÅ ¦ z Í é Ö Ým kõ½l_ ¼ÃVï ¼kõ¦VD, å¦ ¼> ¼ÃVï VDÐ ¼ [ ò ¶ Ø ò ØÄV[ ª . ¶k D ©Ã½¼B ÄFBÅV . ¨[ªVé z ¶kì V¤ªç> W çªÝm ¨ªÂz Äͼ>V V Öò .” - ö¸ö V, Ç B M> ÛV[ à ü¼ïV A V ï¹ì W çé ¹ ¼ _ © Ã^ 7 l i“I earnt n CMCA s aclas es that we should h ve O E o a m s“C NC RN” f r ni als and bird . dI have now a opted this habit of i p f r s af lling a ot o water for c ow nd sparrows to drink and also kept some grains nearby.” – Kayalvizhi, e c lTh Titan S hoo n b “I did ot ursts crackers thi Diwali.” We are proud to say that i t e this s he voic of manyl of our civic c ube memb rs post Diwali.
  8. 8. CMCA Hosur is a joint initiative of Limited. CMCA Hosur was launched and today, owing to the passion employees, the programme has sp 496 civic club members and 14 co strongereveryyear. Skit by civic club members - ‘Zeal’ St n s o s o s i l . Joh Bo c ch ol' civ c club aunch Thanking the police uncle 20 eM m 5 club membe volunte ü ü ü ü hT e T Maha St. Joh Highe hSc oo Cambri Matricu Celebrating of partnersh No lg : sta ia vo t er f 8 A lun e o 200 a ing s ex r ce sh r hi pe ien I i de d e i n to t was n e xc ti g be par f MCA H sur i 2008 t o C o n si e t was e i cep o o nc i th n ti n f th pro ramm in Ho u . T e g e s r he e eri n e s l k tak n xp e c wa i e i g are f ew born by n c o a n ba a d urtu ng i w th ov , a an n ri t i l e c re d ass o . p i n I way ooke o r t al s l d f rwa d o CA es ions s th CM s s a e ch l n s exc te e t wou d i dre ’ i m n l i fu e e i e th s as . n s m w th n u i m T e ci ic se s an ac ve h v n e d ti citi n hi c n e ts whi h ze s p o c p c was u t a eo n l j i e j s th ry u ti I o n d M A tra sf rm d y fa i C C , n o e m m ly, c ildren and my my h pe o al ty as we p t d rs n i rac ice w at e arnt. h w le I g at f n n t was re u a d a l arn n , intera ti g w th e i g c n i V n a, Priya, M nj ath nd ru d a un a Sath ay . I w s C CA i l y as a i h M w l fl n ag e h g abo th sk e l i h ve e y m arti g val e o c ve i p n u s f a ti itizensh p to ry hum c i eve an e in th s world b ing i . Th k u for the p r nity! an yo o po tu R k mar . D. avi u R Ti an ndu tri s Limite t I s e d. Thanking the municipal sweepers The Titan School's civic club launch Commitedto thecause ‘Zeal’ - annual day Happy to be on the dais - a municipal sweeper addressing the gathering A cap to wear with pride for doing such a great deed - ‘Municipal Sweepers Day’ 2008-09 Titan is committed to making a significant contribution to the communities in which it operates through various CSR initiatives. One such initiative is the building of partnership with CMCA to educate and engage young children to take up an active role in promoting Active Citizenship. Many Titan employees have been actively involved in various roles as civic tutors and support volunteers for various CMCA events, over the past five years. The active involvement of civic club members in creating the ripple effect in the city demonstrates that the vision of CMCA is well within our reach! ? R. Venugopal, CMCA Coordinator, Titan Industries Limited. 8
  9. 9. T ce ‘ raffic Poli Day’ e f r he laun h e be R ady o t c - club m m rs o m is a Sc ol f Ra akr hn ho f CMCA India and Titan Industries d in the year 2008 with 4 schools, n and commitment of the Titan pread to 10 schools with 14 clubs, ommitted volunteers; and growing 9008–0e c ls mb r s hoo bs 7 civic c u , 0 l br , Ti n e s 18 ta eers ü ü ü ta Sc l Ti n hoo rish a dir a i Vidya M n Bosco hn Girlsr co dar e Se n yol i ged ula ion ho t Sc ol Civic club launch 2010-11 CMCA oath taken during the launch of St. Joseph’s Matriculation School Thanking the Municipal Sweepers Tree Planting campaign - Cambridge school Solid waste management neighborhood campaign by civic club members of Cambridge Matriculation School An awareness rally thanking the municipal sweepers Years hip with Titan A volunteer explaining bo t CMa u CAto the g est of h n - u s o or e T tan ch l Th i s oo Rally on ‘Road Safety Awareness’ CMCA at itan ho lThe T Sc o has me lo g y inco a n wa s ce 2008- 09, no n in term f y art o ly s o e s n r s o tudents itbut i te m f s has to c e , and throu h theu h d g m e ts and co mu itythe par n m n t larg . C CA has imb ea e M ib d v lu s o spectin in iv ualsa e f re g d id d n ir n ent q alan the e v o m e u ly an have u dersto d e dd n o the n e o e h n t d their itf r ac o e o o b toward mm n ty ans the co u i d e re p n i lity thetak s o s bi ra r than lame ocietyb the s . he s d n f class II oT tu e ts o V I f itan ho l, as C AThe T Sc o MC mbers ha e meme , ve b co l lo g u n and to hife n al m i rc e f the m ve nb arers o o me t. . j eth Bara hi,Ms Sa e a t Prin al,cip he Titan S hooT c l. o e pa i ‘G Gr en’ cam ign - a c vicc b r m lu membe of Ca bridgeMa a i ntricul t o g v g school i in aa n t t e oo n l s pli g o h sch l pri cipa Getting ready for the campaign i a S oT t n ch ol P i c pa peaksr n i l s 2009-10 Promoting civic friendly initiatives - The Titan School 9
  10. 10. e g t e Volunte rs family get-to- a h r O r ivi tu ors visiti g Hosu s dumpyard u c c t n r' Club launch of Government Boys School Civ lub members f G vernment Boys S ho l ic c o o c o participated in Tit n's ‘C a r en Hosur’ ojec a le n G e pr t Anti-litter campaign conducted by St. John Bosco School civic club members CMCA session at TVS Academy Teacher coordinators meet Honoring the traffice police - The Titan School Thanking the support staff Mr. Sundeep Nanduri, chief guest, sub-collector of Hosur visits the CMCA stall - annual day event - ‘Zeal’ Th base st pu u b eme d alls t p y ild en - eal’ ch r ‘Z 2011-12 10 Celebrating Years of partnership with Titan Lighting the lamp - ‘Zeal’ Raffle ticket winners A Interactive CMC session atSt. Joseph's Matricula ion Schoolt
  11. 11. Principals Speak am very happy with the activities conducted by CMCA. The program not only gives the children a hands-on experience, but the CMCA curriculum helps them gain a better understanding of civic issues and the need for Active Citizenship. Ms. Uma Srinivasan, Principal, The Ashok Leyland School VS Academy sincerely thanks CMCA for the activities conducted in our school. The sessions on Active Citizenship have had their impact on students and we see them being articulate about their rights and responsibilities individually and collectively. This heightened awareness, I am sure will manifest in not only celebrating diversity and safeguarding equality but would go a long way in helping them make informed decisions and take collective action in transforming themselves and others. We see the 4 C’s concern for others and the environment, cooperating with others in addressing problems, the courage to confront when things go adrift and striving to co-exist with harmony. Srividya Mouli, Principal, TVS Academy appreciate the work done by CMCA. The students were busily engaged in various activities and campaigns. I wish the CMCA team all the best for their future endeavours. Sister Josephine Annal Amilie, Principal, St. Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School udos to the CMCA organization and its Volunteers for their noble service to students and teachers of my school. Personally, I could feel and recognize change in the mindset of our CMCA students in their day to day activities. Thanks a lot for creating a platform for my students to develop their civic sense. Good job. Let your service continue for many more years to come. Mr. Narayana DS, Headmaster, Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Rayakottai Road 11 Kudos to the CMCA team members! For the past 3 years, I have been associated with CMCA as a teacher coordinator. Apart from the regular class sessions, the activities introduced by them are varied and interesting, like ‘Eco-Friendly Ganesha Campaign’, field trip to the Police station or Diwali rally. The children have been able to overcome their inhibitions and interact freely with the sub- inspector and also have been enabled to speak confidently during assembly and resolve issues in their neighbourhood. I thank CMCA for giving me this opportunity to put forth my views and wish them good luck! Ms. Latha Saravanan, Teacher co-ordinator, St. Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School. I am proud to be a teacher coordinator of the CMCA club in our school. This movement is like a leading light in igniting civic awareness amongst our school children. The program has helped them to extend gratitude towards the people who serve them in the society. It has also provided a platform for the students to showcase their hidden talents and make them grow as active citizens. I personally thank our school management for providing me an opportunity to be the teacher coordinator for CMCA Nagaraja.V, Teacher Co-ordinator, Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School It has been four years now and I have been learning along with the children. The most unforgettable experience in CMCA for me is the “Thanksgiving Day” organized to thank the staff who keep our school clean. They felt emotional and also proud to be honored in the school assembly. After being part of CMCA, I have changed a lot – I have started using jute bags, segregating waste and I am conscious about saving water and energy. My journey with CMCA has been exciting and interesting. I hope this journey will continue with all the fresh batches of students to come. G. Jayalakshumi, Teacher Co-ordinator, Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School Teacher CoordinatorsOur Teacher coordinators in each school have played a key role in the success of CMCA over the years with their enormous support and dedication. cmca children’s movement for civic awareness ® Citizenship Message BE AN ACTIVE CITIZEN! Our RIGHT to Heritage comes with RESPONSIBILITIES! Heritage Monuments and Public Buildings are our National Wealth. Do not carve or scribble on them! Our Pillars of Support
  12. 12. “I felt very proud about Kajal’s efforts towards keeping our society clean. She enjoys doing such activities. I wish she will be involved in more such activities and do her bit to change the society.” – Mr. Bherange, Father of Kajal “My daughter Snekhaa Priyaa has changed a lot after joining CMCA. She stopped littering the roads. She collects all waste in a bag and later throws it in a dust bin. She also stops our family and friends from littering. She carries a cloth bag whenever we go shopping. Even I started carrying a cloth bag after seeing her. In another incident, a school I worked for was cutting trees in order to construct a new building. My daughter and I protested against it. I lost my job (I was forced to resign). The following morning we were shocked to see, the school had cut the trees at night. The land lay barren with no trees, save for two. However, my daughter got few saplings from her school and planted them in our garden. I am really proud of my daughter and this happened because of CMCA” – T. Mythili, Mother of Snekhaa “I am happy that my son is a CMCA member. He has stopped littering in public places and has also explained to us the importance of conserving electricity as we face power shortage in Hosur. He asked me not to charge my mobile overnight and his mother to put off the main switch of the gadgets. Thank you CMCA for your guidance.” – A. Surya, Father of S. Kirubhakar CMCA Proud Parents “I have seen some behavioral changes in my son Barathwaj which are being promptly mimicked by Balaji – his younger brother. He rejected the offer of buying crackers this Diwali. When asked why, he spoke about eco friendly celebrations and their importance! He also switches off lights and fans when not in use.” – Mr. Krishnan, Father of Barathwaj Ö«VþòiðV Ã^¹çBß ¼ÄìÍ> Vðsï^ - çÄ>[BV, nükìBV ÖòkòD, ¨ºï^ Ãz]l_ «D káì©Ãm, z©çÃïçá© ¸öÝm çkÝm, xçÅBVï ¶©AÅ©Ã|Ý>_ ¼ÃV[Åku¤[ kçïléVª sa©Aðì¡ -·] °uÃ|ÝmD ØÄF]lçªÂ ØïVõ¦ >V^ïçá sW¼BVþÝ>ªì. åV[ Ö©ØÃV¿m z©çÃïçá - ÂzD, ÂïV>çk ¨ª ¸öÝm çk©Ãm â|_éV_, xçÅBVï m©AÅ¡ Ø>VaéV¹l¦D ΩÃç¦Âþ[¼Å[. ïuÅVçw, máE- gþB Öò ØĽïçá ¨[ Tâ½_ káìÂï g«D¸Ý]òÂþ¼Å[. ÖÂzwÍç>ï¹[ xBuEçB åV[ ØÃömD ÃV«Vâ|þ¼Å[. ¨[ ﹦D CMCAs_ ¼ÄìÍ> ¸Åz åV[ WçÅB Vuźïçá ïVõþ¼Å[. z©çÃïçá ïõ¦ Ö¦Ý]_ ¼ÃV|D ÃwÂïÝç> W®Ý] ÖòÂþÅV^. ¨ºï^ Tâ½_ ¶çªkö¦xD, >õ§ç« ¼ÄtÂï ¼kõ|D, TðVÂï í¦Vm ¨ª ¨|Ýmç«ÂþÅV^. ¨[ ïçá WçªÝm ¨ªÂz ØÃòçBVï ÖòÂþÅm. CMCAkz©¸_ å¦ÂzD ¶çªÝç>¥D ¨[M¦D >kÅV_ ÃþìÍm ØïV^kV^. - , Ö«VþòiðV Ã^¹çBß ¼ÄìÍ> ÄÝBVs[ >VF AiÃV 12 -G. , Ö«VþòiðV Ã^¹çBß ¼ÄìÍ> G.¸öBV s[ >VF «V>V ¨ºï^ ï^ í¤B>V_, ¨ºï^ Tâ½_ ØĽÂz ¨ª Îò Ãz] ¨|Ým, åVºï^ ØĽï^ káìÂþ[¼ÅVD.
  13. 13. 13 Parents Corner ØÃu¼ÅVìïÓÂïVï... EÍ]Âï ... EöÂï... Äu¼Å EÍ]¥ºï^! >ºï^ zwÍç>ï^ CMCA( zwÍç>ï¹[ ÄJï sa©Aðì¡ ÖBÂïD) z¿s_ ¼ÄìÍ> ¸Åz, ¶kìï¹[ å¦k½Âçïï¹_ Vuźïçá ïõ½ò©¬ì. ¶kìï^, V·ïâ|©ÃV|, zwÍç> Ø>VaéVáì, z½Âï¹[ cöçï^ u®D ØÃV®©Aï^ ¼ÃV[ÅkuçÅ© Ãu¤ >ºïÓ¦[ ÃþìÍm ØïV^kç> ïõ| ØÃòç©Ãâ½ò©¬ì, ØÃòç â|_éV_ gßÄöBD ØïVõ½ò©¬ì. cºïÓÂïVï Eé kVìÝç>ï^ :? ¼VÄVª ¼Äçk, ÄVçéï¹_ ¼ÃVÂzk«Ým Øå¤Ä_, ·u® ów_ ÃV]©A, gþBçk åVD ¶[ÅV¦D ¨]ìØïV^ÓD m[úï^ gzD. ¶«ÄVºïÝ][ ØÃV®©¸_éVÝ>ªD, tï ¼VÄVª WìkVïÝ]Å[ u®D ¶«EB_ *>Vª z½Âï¹[ >kÅVª ¨õðD, ~|ÃV| Ö_éVç ? Öçk ¶çªÝmD åD ÛªåVBï ØïV^çïïÓÂz ¶ßÄÝç> còkVÂzþ[Ū. ¶«ÄVºïÝ][ zçÅïçáß ·â½Â ïVâ¦V_, åD >MM> ·ïÝç> â|D ¨õè Öò©Ã>ªV_, åVD, åD ÖçáB Äx>VBÝ]uz, Wçél_éV ¨]ìïVéÝç> sç>Âþ[¼ÅVD. åVD ÄVçéï¹_ ÖòÂzD zõ| zaïçá ïõ| ØïV^áV_ ÖBÍ]«Ý>ªVï ï¦Âþ[¼ÅVD, >õ§ì TðVkç>© Ãu¤ ØÃömD ïkçé ØïV^k]_çé, u®D °çw ¨¹Bkìï¹[ ¼VÄVª kVµÂçï WçéçB ïõ| ØÃömD ¶éâ½Â ØïV^k]_çé, VÅVï ¶éâEB©Ã|Ýmþ¼ÅVD. ¶«ÄVºïÝ][ *m ÃaçB© ¼ÃVâ|sâ|, åVD åD ¼kçéïçáÝ Ø>V¦ìþ[¼ÅVD. ¶]ï ¶ás_ ¸áVü½Â çÃï^, ïkìï^ cüBVþ©Ãm, >õ§ç« ¶ás_éV_ ØÄéka©Ãm, z©çÃïçá xçÅBVï ¶©AÅ©Ã|Ý>V_, ïõ¦ Ö¦Ý]_ ØïVâ|km u®D åDçß ·u Öò©Ãkìï^, ¶ÂïD ÃÂïÝ]ªì Ãu¤ ïkçél_éV_ ÖòÂzD ª©¼ÃVÂz ¼ÃV[ÅkuçÅ åDç ïõ| åD zwÍç>ïÓD ïu®Â ØïV^kì. ÄJï ¶ÂïçÅ ¨[Ãm BV¼«V Îò Eéö[ ØÃV®©A â|D ¶_é. c¦¼ª cºï^ xBuEçBÝ mkºzºï^. cºï^ zwÍç>ï^ ¨]ìïVéÝ]_ Îò å_é Äx>VBÝ]_ kVµk>uz ? cºï^ úz tï ¶kEB¼. cºï^ zwÍç>ïÓÂïVï ? EÅÍ> z½ïªVï / z½ïáVï V®ºï^. ·u®ów_ Ãu¤B ¶ÂïçżBV, ¶_ém séºzï^ u®D ¸Å M>ìï^ *>Vª ¶ÂïçżBV ? ¨mkVlÐD, Ö[¼Å ØÄB_æ mkºzºï^. ¶«ÄVºïÝm¦[ ÎÝmçwBºï^, ¸Åò¦[ ¼ku®ç ÃV«V_ ¶[A^á ØÃu¼ÅVìï¼á, EöÝm þw.... s|ïç>Âz sç¦B¹¥ºï^ 1)E[ªÝ >D¸Âz Ø>V©¸¼B sçª? ¶m ¨[ª? 2) >çéâ|D ØïVõ¦ EÅþ_éV> ÃÅçk ¼>ÄØ_éVD ·ÝmD? 3)céïغzD Ã|Âçï söÝmD cźï_ ¶çéþÅV[? ¶k[ BVì? 4) ïVu® T·D ¶wïVª «D ¶m ¨[ª? 5)¨©¼ÃVmD ïV>òþ_ «ïEBD ¼ÃE ØïVõ½ò©Ãk^?
  14. 14. Dengue & Solid Waste Management Awareness Programme ith the looming public health crisis due to uncleared garbage and the alarming rise of dengue cases and deaths in the city, CMCA, in partnership with Titan Industries Limited and Swabhimana Trust, launched a city level ‘Dengue and Solid Waste Management Awareness’ campaign in CMCA member schools and neighbourhoods across Bangalore. CMCA Other City HighlightsCMCA Other City Highlights Bangalore: Private n their CMCA class, the children of Government Higher Primary School, Chikkabasavanapura, Bangalore had learnt how imperative it is that they stand up for ‘Right to Education’, not just for themselves but for others too. They noticed two of their friends Chandrashekar and Karthik were skipping school because they were working as child labourers loading and unloading material on trucks. 40 children carrying a CMCA banner went up to the truck loading area and told the truck drivers that hiring child labour was a punishable offence and that if they didn’t release the children, a police complaint would be lodged. The children went a step further and met Karthik’s parents, requesting them to send him to school and not to work in the future! Standing up for others’ Right to Education ilapidated school buildings, a corrupt doctor charging fees for free medical treatment, infrequent availability of the doctor, no library, no proper drinking water facility, broken school compound, incomplete building for the mid-day meal kitchen, no gate in the school, no proper road connecting two of the villages, no playground in the school, lack of sufficient computers and no computer teacher... 300 rural school children between the ages of 12 – 16 years from six schools and four villages participated in a very powerful ‘Makkala (Children) Grama Sabha’ held at the Melur Government High School on the 28th of November. The ‘Makkala Grama Sabha’ was organised by Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness and Namma Muthuru. This gram sabha is a crucial government-mandated platform at the village level, for children to directly participate in governance by voicing their concerns to officials from the grama panchayat on several issues that concern them. Bangalore: Rural A child questioning an official at the Makkala Gramasabhe Makkala (Children’s) Grama Sabha Bangalore: Government 14 ‘S lid Waste m nage e are ss o a m nt Aw ne ’ campaig ring the Spo ts D y n du r a Posters distributed to children during the campaign drash k K h Chan e ar and arthik appily g i posin w th their friends
  15. 15. Ci i b m be ntera ing v c clu em rs i ct w h BMC official it s Neighbourhood Clean-up MCA Mumbai joined hands with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Inner Wheel Club to clean up one of the dirtiest roads in Mumbai. Congress MP, Priya Dutt was delighted to see the BMC officials working in close partnership with the school children as they went along, cleaning the area. The children then went house to house, spreading awareness on the importance of a clean neighbourhood. BMC also placed garbage bins outside each by-lane in the area. Mumbai round 250 civic club members from 5 schools along with volunteers of CMCA, Rotarians of Rotary Clubs and teachers participated in the Ganesha Jatha (rally) conducted by CMCA Mysore. The children stepped onto the busy streets of Mysore holding placards and shouting slogans emphasising the need to celebrate ‘Eco-Ganesha’ festival. The civic club members pledged to install clay Ganesha idols in their homes. The jatha with a student dressed as Lord Ganesha Mysore hange begins with me” – is not just taught in CMCA classes, but rooted in the young minds. CMCA Nagpur, organised the Eco- Ganesha Idol Making Competition to showcase the talents of the children and also to sensitize people about the importance of ‘Eco-Ganesha celebration’. Eco –Ganesha Idol making competition Nagpur Ganesh jatha at Mysore n t r d Wi ners wi h thei i ols MCA Hubli - Dharwad started its academic activities for the year 2012-13 in 68 schools with 70 civic clubs in the twin cities. Club inaugurations, ‘Say No to Plastic’, ‘National Flag’, ‘Anti-litter Campaigns’,’ World Democracy Day’, ‘Celebrating Eco-Ganesha’ festival, etc., were part of the various awareness campaigns conducted in the first term of the year. Civic club members requested their friends and family to install clay idols and reduce crackers during the festival. 5 schools installed clay idols and celebrated in eco-friendly manner. The highlight of the campaign was that children from 50 civic clubs visited public pandals in their area and requested the members to install clay Ganesha idols. Kudos to them!! Go –Green Hubli – Dharwad Launch programme 15 Civ club e bers i th a a ic m m w th e pl c rds Children creating their masterpieces
  16. 16. cmca Fun Corner Funwith words Find the words, horizontally, vertically or sideways in the jumble below: O S S T P N X P X N A L A M O X Z R N E P O R M P A D A E R G A A G B C R L A C M S G H A E N C E P L A S T I C Y N A T C M C A Z O S E T Y N N O N S O I L X S Plastic; Sand; Glass; CMCA; Cans; Organic; Rags; Paper; Soil. Brain Teasers Unscramble the words and put into the right bins: wet, dry and toxic waste. Eg: ytabter Ans: Battery: Toxic. Words: 1. pelap 2. geg ehlsl 3. dliose egnabd Thank You for your support Titan Industries Limited R. Jhunjhunwala Foundation Godrej appliances - Division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd Ms. Jayapriya and Mr.Sivaraman, JPSR Express Newspaper, Hosur. as a Volunteer Join us CMCA and You- Join us as a volunteer Do you share our dream of creating a country of empowered citizens? Are you a thinker and a doer? Then CMCA is just the place for you. Give us one hour of your time, once a week, as a volunteer to CMCA… make a difference. 4. yrd veesla 5. iklm epctak 6. ygersni WET DRY TOXIC Making News Dear civic club member, The academic year 2012–13 rolled out in June with fun filled activities, thought provoking discussions and campaigns, an interesting and exciting field trip. We are sure this year has been a completely different learning experience with CMCA. In your CMCA classes, you have learnt about the rights and responsibilities we all have which ensure that we continue to develop and grow as a country of strong, civic-minded, independent citizens. Active Citizenship is not just for someone else – it is for each one of us. It is about how we engage with each other and create together a set of shared values for a better society. You, being a part of CMCA , have now become a skilled agent of change – creating ripples of awareness. We appreciate very much your involvement throughout the year in CMCA activities both in and outside the classroom. Continue being active citizens for life! Do be in touch with us as our proud alumni! All the best for your future. Best wishes, Team CMCA Hosur. 16 cmca children’s movement for civic awareness ® Door No. L-76, Phase 10, TNHB, R.K Hudco, Near Murugan Kovil, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu – 635 109. Ph: +91 04344 227202. email: hosur@cmcaindia.org website: www.cmcaindia.org