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Landing Page Optimization: Advanced Concepts and Real Examples

The slide deck from the presentation I did for the August 2013 WSI Global Convention in Toronto. The first few slides feature my top tips for landing page design, but the bulk of the slides are a critique of different Landing Pages that were submitted to me by other Internet Consultants prior to the convention. Some of these were very well done, others…not so much. The vast majority (even the poor ones) have some redeeming factors.

The best way to learn…is by example!

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Landing critique-toronto-2013

  1. 1. 14% of agencies say the extensively test landing page element. More than twice that admit to not testing at all
  2. 2. Agencies that test landing page elements most often test the call-to-action, headline & Registration form.
  3. 3. 1: Have a clear and emphasized call to action 2: Work the headline and subhead Avoid generic terms like “submit”. Making your call to action specific like “download the white paper now” Headlines should support the concept that was used to generate the click. “Contextual relevance” 3: Eliminate choices Avoid distractions that don’t pertain to the goal. If you must have links that don’t lead directly to the primary action, put them in the footer. 10 Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page
  4. 4. 5: Use images judiciously Study after Study shows that less content converts better. People don’t read on the web…they “scan” Images are good on a landing page, but…  Don’t make the image too large  Don’t make it too complex  Make sure it renders properly and is correct size  Use a caption  Make it relevant 10 Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page 4: Simplify design and reduce text
  5. 5. 6: Continuity from start to finish Your visitors arrived from somewhere Make sure your message, keywords and headlines are consistent 10 Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page 7: Show brand validation Leverage other sources to validate your brand  Trust icons  Logos of well recognized clients  Media sources that have mentioned the client  Testimonials  Acceptable payment methods  Guarantees
  6. 6. 8: Enable sharing and highlight Social Validation Social buzz will drive traffic to the page and validate your credibility. Make social sharing of your landing page easy. 10 Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page 9: Key tactics to seal the deal:  Keep conversion barriers to a minimum  Create a sense of urgency  Use high Contrast buttons that say “Click Here” 3: Test, test, test The key to ongoing improvement is establishing a culture of testing and tweaking
  7. 7. 8 Can’t miss the phone number Minimal Escape Routs Only bare minimum fields are required “Red” button emphasizes value (not “Submit”) Positioning Simple Picture, Simple Message Pain Points… Headline intensive Testimonials “Real People”
  8. 8. ©2012 RAM. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. ©2012 RAM. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Poor Contrast in Banner and on form Draws attention to form Trust iconGood picture with prominent offer “Who it’s for” & Guarantee! Review with stars Submit? Minimal escape routes
  11. 11. Good use of video. Intriguing display Minimal escape route Simple, obvious call to action Clever headline, but direct enough?
  12. 12. Very good use of headlines, graphics & bullet points.
  13. 13. Love the Guarantee! Could have been leveraged towards the top as well. The concept…not the graphic
  14. 14. Trust icons, Certifications & Validation FAQ never leaves the page!
  15. 15. Too many links and distractions. 48 hyperlinks! (highlighted in Red) (not including dropdowns and footer)
  16. 16. Scrolls back and forth. Informative or annoying? Says exactly what this is about Too much text. Much of this can be condensed and/or saved for subsequent pages Suggestion: Make the copy concise and drive to the “Call- to-Action” Think sequence…. Minimal escape Routes
  17. 17. Trust Icons & Validation Unnecessary distractions
  18. 18. Too crowded. Try separating into 3 sections
  19. 19. Prominent & Simple. Not asking for too much information. Missed opportunity. Could say something more exciting. Too many distractions Suggestion: Could benefit from a picture so the top navigation becomes unnecessary
  20. 20. What happens if someone clicks the navigation?
  21. 21. Might better leverage deadline for a sense of urgency
  22. 22. What is the benefit of this offer?
  23. 23. Have to already be in the process to determine there is a financial advantage to this offer.
  24. 24. Good secondary use of “Thank You” page
  25. 25. Do Not center text if more than 2 -lines This probably makes a better Home page than a landing page (areas highlighted in red are separate calls to action …too many)
  26. 26. Headline good for SEO, but not Conversion Could do better than “Submit” Could make better use of this area to “tell a story” Fix this
  27. 27. What is more important, Contact or Ordering process?
  28. 28. Good conversion tool
  29. 29. Report opens in a separate window so we don’t loose this page Good call to action that literally points to the quote form Good use of shape and color to drive CTA