What Will You Do With Your Rollover Euro Millions Raffle?                                   The Euro Millions lottery has ...
higher than any of the huge wins mentioned so far. A staggering £134,000,000 (€183,000,000)was on offer after an eleven ti...
When you already picked your seven lucky numbers,then it is time for you to purchase the Euro Millionstickets and wait for...
lead. There are now nine countries currently participating in Euro Millions raffle from the eurozone with the original thr...
Euro Millions Raffle Review – Winner Experiences Being A                                Millionaire                       ...
Winning Lottery Secrets: How to Win the Lottery in 3 Easy StepsA lot of people would like to uncover the secretson winning...
Tip #3 – Find Lottery Winning FormulaFor over the years, great mathematical minds has been cracking their heads on how to ...
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Euro Millions Raffle Review - Ways to Win Lottery


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Euro Millions Raffle is one of the grandest and largest lottery games in the world. It perfectly fits with the "Lottery System" that has 98% winning rate. Learn how to win lottery by acquiring lottery tools and software. You may be the next winner on the next Euro Million Raffle Draw

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Euro Millions Raffle Review - Ways to Win Lottery

  1. 1. What Will You Do With Your Rollover Euro Millions Raffle? The Euro Millions lottery has had many winners in its history with some individuals winning phenomenal prize money. It is hard to believe how a life can change in such a short space of time but with Euro illions, anything is possible and the eye watering cash prize jackpots on offer for such a small stake can literally make you a multi millionaire in moments. The odds are healthy for winning with a 1:24 chance of picking up a prize in the twice-weekly draw. The largest lottery prize ever won in the United kingdom by not one Euro Millions winner but two who shared a staggering £91, 000,000 sterling bagging £45,570,835.50 each. One of the winners was a even strong syndicate who each took £6,500,000 each of the spoils. It is highly unusual given there are nine participating countries in the Euro Millions that twoAfter Winning the Euro Million winning tickets were from the same country – the UnitedRaffles, a Vacation in Hawaii is Kingdom. not a bad idea at all. Euro Millions winner Dolores McNamara was sitting in herlocal pub when her lucky numbers came up on the television and she checked them. This part-time cleaner and mother of six from Limerick in Ireland won an astonishing single Euro millionswinner cash prize of £77,000,000 (€115,000,000). The Euro Millions winner instantly becamethe 72nd richest person in Ireland. She bought her ticket using the Lucky Dip Quick Pick optionso she did not use favourite birthdays or lucky numbers, the lottery computer randomly pickedher numbers, and amazingly, they came up on the night. Dolores remained in her modest homefor many months before buying a beautiful home in Limerick and an apartment in Turkey. Shehas bought a racehorse and homes for some of her children.The Euro Millions winner who wonthe largest Euro Millions jackpot todate was a Spanish woman who won£110,000,000 (€126,000,000). Shechose to remain anonymous sonothing is known about her. Only25% of Euro Millions winnerschoose to go public with theirwins while the remaining 75%choose to remainanonymous. The largest ever You can also buy a brand new Pagani Zonda… Not a badEuro Millions rollover figure was taste at all.
  2. 2. higher than any of the huge wins mentioned so far. A staggering £134,000,000 (€183,000,000)was on offer after an eleven times rollover.  Three tickets shared the winnings; twoplayers from France and one from Portugal were the fortunate recipients of €60,000,000each.  The jackpot once again rolled over to €183,000,000 but this time there was nooutright winner with all numbers plus the two lucky stars so the pot was divided between theplayers who matched five numbers and one lucky star. This meant that 20 lucky players received€9.6 million each. Seven tickets were purchased in the United Kingdom, four tickets bought inFrance, three tickets from Spain, three tickets from Portugal, one ticket bought in Ireland andone ticket from Belgium also. The United Kingdom had seven people who could call themselvesEuro Millions winner and France were the next luckiest.As the Euro Millions lottery continues to grow in popularity, there will be more winners andgreater jackpots and with good odds on offer, it may not be too long before we see even moreclaims to a rollover Euro Millions winner title. Ways to win the Lottery: Learn How to Play Euromillions Euro millions raffle is known to be one of the greatest lottery games in the world. Those people who won the euromillions are the luckiest. They are so lucky that they experienced the extravagant jackpot prize over £20 million. Luck is anyone’s partner in picking the euromillions winning combinations, for hitting the winning numbers may not be that easy. Did anyone win the euromillions in your place? If none, then you might be the first euro millions winner if you will try your luck. But how is it to win over a million? What are the ways to become a lottery How to Win Lottery in a Euro Millions Raffle? Euro winner? How to play euromillions? Millions Raffle Review can help you. Euromillions lottery can be played onlineor simply by purchasing a ticket. Whichever way you want to play, the point of the draw is justthe same. Here some instructions how to play euromillions.You must first choose your 5 mainballs. These balls must cover the numbers from 1 up to 50 only. After which, you will need the 2lucky stars of yours. These stars are being drawn from a separated ball pool, that entails they canbe showed again from the main draw. Inclusively, lucky stars are from 1 to 11.
  3. 3. When you already picked your seven lucky numbers,then it is time for you to purchase the Euro Millionstickets and wait for Euro millions results.If your 5main balls and 2 lucky stars coincide to the Euromillion draw results, then it is a call for you tocelebrate because you win the jackpot prize.On theother hand if you did not win the jackpot prize, donot put away your lottery tickets and do not be sadfor the Euro millions has a consolation prize, thismeans that if you have two balls that correspond tothe result, you can still win a prize.You can try yourluck in winning the Euro Millions jackpot prizetwice a week for there are draws every Tuesday andFriday evening. If you are that fortunate to win thejackpot prize, you must remember that euromillions winner is only given a hundred and eightydays to claim the prize. Lottery games doesn’t always rely on luck. Lotto system also works. Win your nextThere are chances for you to win the euro millions Euro Million Rafle!raffle. You just have to choose the euro millionswinning numbers that would definitely help you transform your life into a better one. If you arenot so lucky in winning the jackpot prize, then do not be hopeless and frustrated for there areconsolation prizes that the Euro millions raffle is offering. Some people do not have the couragein taking part of lottery games due to the reason that they are afraid to lose. But anyone shouldbe optimistic and must take some risks to try their luck in winning more than a million. You willnever know how lucky you are unless you will try. Believe on your luck and be a prospectmillionaire. Small Stake Gives Great Odds In Euro Millions Raffle The Euro Millions raffle was conceived in 1994. It was intended to launch this new European Lottery at around the same time as a single European currency – the Euro. However, political delays meant that the launch was delayed a number of times before finally in 2004 it went live. The first Euro Millions raffle draw took place on Friday 13th February 2004, which proved very lucky for some and set the whole big ticket winning draw wide open with jackpots beyond what Europe had seen before. Three countries were involved in the beginning with the major lottery organisers from the Euro Millions Raffle Offers huge amount of United Kingdom, France, and Spain taking the winning money and with the help of Silver Lotto System, it is sure a win!
  4. 4. lead. There are now nine countries currently participating in Euro Millions raffle from the eurozone with the original three United Kingdom, France and Spain plus Portugal, Austria, Ireland,Switzerland and Luxembourg. This makes Euro Millions one of the biggest lotteries in the world.The Euro Millions raffle takes place twice a week, on a Tuesdayand Friday evening at 9pm. Most national lotteries in Europeare restricted to players residing in that country. The EuroMillions player’s stakes from all the participating Europeancountries are used to make up the prize jackpot. This makes thejackpots much larger than the national lottery prizes soEuropeans can now participate in their own national lotteriesand Euro Millions twice a week too if they choose. The prizepool jackpot is rolled over if there is no outright winner andafter a few weeks without a winner, can easily achieve 50million euro prizes and in some cases has made a staggering183 million euro when they split the prize between twenty EuroMillions players who almost had the winning numbers. Theyhad five numbers plus a lucky star. The very first jackpot ofFriday 13th February 2004 was 15 million euro and the highestEuro Millions raffle win has been 115 million euro won by Irishwoman Dolores McNamara.Of the European nations who play, Euro Millions France has no lower legal age limit for theirplayers which means technically a five year old could win if their name was on the ticket whereasother European nations have their age limits in accordance with their legal age limits forgambling. It is a worthwhile lottery to play and the odds are good for a win too. With over twelvedifferent types of prize to be won, the odds of winning a prize are 1:24. Not bad for a modeststake.The game play is very simple and is televised live every Tuesday and Friday. Five numbers arepicked between One and Fifty and a further two “Lucky Star” numbers are chosen between oneand nine. In the Euro Millions raffle, Five numbered balls are drawn from fifty balls in total,then two “lucky Star” numbers are drawn. For a jackpot win, all five drawn numbers plus thelucky star numbers must be present.Without doubt, the Euro Millions raffle is one of the best lotteries around as the odds of winninga prize are good and the jackpot cash prizes are out of this world.
  5. 5. Euro Millions Raffle Review – Winner Experiences Being A Millionaire Hit five main numbers and two lucky stars with twelve prize categories which means 12 ways to win– this makes Euro Millions raffle become one of the biggest lotteries on earth – and certainly one of the most exciting and the grandest lotto draw. As it started Friday the 13th of February 2004 carried out in Paris and presented by Camelot in the United Kingdom who runs the UK National Lottery, Francaise des Jeux in France and the Loterias y Apuestas des Estad in Spain – all are three major lottery organizers with 15 million Euros jackpot prize in the first draw. Currently nine countries are participating in Euro Millions which are Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Somehow like a probability of 200 to 1 in order to bring the bacon. It may sound a piece of cake but hitting those combinations may not be very easy because there are millions of odds to beat. Winning a lottery can truly change your life. Did anyone win the euromillions? Who won the euromillions? There is euro millions winner based the totalwinners of the millionaires club in this European lottery. If you happen to be one of them, youare not automatically declared as winner unless the winning ticket is validated and the prizecould only be paid out on Monday when the banks open. The winners have options to decidewhether to come out to the public and share their winning story or not. Evidence are the twocouples Dave and Angela Dawes from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire who had won £101m EuroMillions jackpot and Colin and Chris Weir from Largs who had won £161m Euro Millionsjackpot.How can you join Euro Millions Raffle? There minimum age limit of every participant and itvaries on many countries like in UK age 16 is their age limit and in other countries, its 18. Howto hit a lottery combination does not really require superb knowledge in mathematicalcombinations but likewise small investments like buying guaranteed lottery formula. By onlyhaving a small investment and a little bit of luck, a lottery can literally change your life and livelike the rich and famous Kylie Minogue.Then simply select five numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 11. Then match fivenumbers and two Lucky Stars to win the jackpot, or a share of it if you’re not that lucky enough.The draws take place in Paris, France at around 8:45pm every Tuesday and Friday. Last May 10,2011, there is a changed in gameplay of euro millions results with a second weekly draw and thenumber of lucky star of Euromillions winning combinations was increased from 9 to 11 in thePacquerette machine. In the euromillions result page is where the prize amounts are announcedand published across Europe with euro millions prize breakdowns that is available in multiplecurrencies. Win and be a millionaire!
  6. 6. Winning Lottery Secrets: How to Win the Lottery in 3 Easy StepsA lot of people would like to uncover the secretson winning a lottery. Is it really possible to get aperfect formula on winning a jackpot in alottery? Here are some useful statistics youshould know. There are millions of peoplearound the world who play lottery and everydaythousands of the win it. In just a fewinvestments of knowledge, effort and resources,the lottery has changed their lives.The first technique is to understand the scienceabout the lottery. It is simply a mathematicalprobability and the aim is to get the perfectcombination. The truth is, winning a lottery isalmost next to impossible because of the huge An ordinary person can when a lottery with 98%number of combinations. For example, the winning rate. Euro Millions Raffle Review “Silver Lotto” system is proven and guaranteed.chances winning a Powerball lottery is 200million to 1. In comparison, the odds of being hit by a lightning strike is 2,300,00 to 1 andaccording to this data, getting hit by a lightning is 85 times higher than winning a lottery. Buthere are the following tips to beat the odds of winning the lottery.Tip #1 – Decrease the OddsIf you want to win a lottery, keeping the odds down will make a better chances in winning thelottery. So, instead of trying your luck playing big lottery like a $ 300 million dollar jackpot, goand try playing the smaller one like a $ 5 million jackpot lottery. It is extremely important thatmaking the odds go down will accelerate your chances of winning a lottery game.Tip #2 – Learn the MathThere is no better way to win a lottery by learning and understanding the math and sciencebehind it. Knowledge about probabilities and combinations will surely give you the edge and winthe lottery games. But the question is, what about those who don’t want to learn the math andwanted a shortcut? The good news is, in this computer age, there is a shortcut for winning alottery the fastest way without turning yourself into a math wizard. You can use software thatwill run number combinations and analyze past results and see some number patters. Thesoftware will then suggest the most possible results available.
  7. 7. Tip #3 – Find Lottery Winning FormulaFor over the years, great mathematical minds has been cracking their heads on how to beat theodds on winning the lottery and they were able to create a formula or a lottery winning system.Some of them don’t work at all but a few is really worth a try. It will increase your chances ofwinning a lottery by almost 98% but unfortunately, many of these “lottery winning formula” isnot free. But if this formula increases your chances of winning by ten folds, a little investmentdoes not hurt.Winning a lottery jackpot is just a matter of increasing your chances and for decadesmathematical formula has been generated to increase winning chances. Plus, the age ofcomputer complimented the formula and now very easy to use even for those who are notexperts in math. All you have to do is to find them.