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A cooperative effort, with a membership of 15 communities, that promotes tourism along Wisconsin's Highway 51. Highway 51 runs from Hurley, WI to LaPlace, LA and eventually we hope that all 6 states will be included in the promotion (WI, IL, KY, TN, MS, LA). "One Million Stories. One Hundred Cultures. One Road."

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Highway 51 Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome! Our Agenda for today: II. In The Beginning… (A brief history of how it all began) II. Wisconsin’s Journey III. The Start of Beautiful Friendships (American Road Magazine, Discover Mediaworks and WI HWY 51) IV. Now Your Journey Continues!
  2. 2. Housekeeping Items 1. Everyone will have an open microphone. Please be aware of background noise, use mute when necessary. 2. You can type questions into the message area as well. 3. A short survey will be sent at the end of the session, please be sure to fill it out. 4. A recording of this session will be available shortly after its completion. You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to view it.
  3. 3. Today’s Speakers Darien Kit Sorenson Becky Repp Greg Smith Schaefer WI De pa rtm e nt of Am e ric a n R oa d Dis c ove r Touris m Ma g a z ine Me dia works Wis c ons in Hig h wa y 51 Touris m G e ne ra l Ma na g e r Ma na g in g Dire c tor S po ke s pe rs on De ve lopm e nt S pe c ia lis t Wa us a u/ e ntra l C WI C VB E xe c utive Dire c tor
  4. 4. Growing up in the communities of Cedarburg, Door County, and Wisconsin Dells, Darien has been involved in the hospitality/tourism industry all his life. Darien has worked for Holiday Inn Corporation, Marriott Hotels, and Tharaldson Lodging. It was with Tharaldson Lodging, as an Area Director responsible for hotels in 8 different markets, that Darien began working closely with Convention and Visitors Darien Bureaus. Darien eventually left Tharaldson Schaefer Lodging to become the Executive Director for Wis c ons in the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Hig h wa y 51 Bureau. Darien joined the Wausau/Central S po ke s pe rs on Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau in April Wa us a u/ e ntra l C of 2000. WI C VB E xe c utive Dire c tor Darien has been a key figure in the development of the Highway 51 program in Wisconsin and currently acts as its main spokesperson. Topics: How the program began Wisconsin’s path to success and current programs
  5. 5. A Timeline of Success May 2004 First State of Wisconsin Meeting – 15 members February 2005 Six State Meeting in Memphis, TN April 2005 Received $40,000 Grant from Wisconsin Department of Tourism May 2006 State Ribbon Cutting, Passport and Journey Journal released, website launched April 2007 Received second $40,000 Grant from Wisconsin Department of Tourism October 2008 Received $25,515 Grant from Wisconsin Department of Tourism
  6. 6. Some Highway Facts Wisconsin was the first state to number its highways! Started as Route 10 in 1917 and became US HWY 51 in 1926 at the start of the United States Highway System Wisconsin’s segment is a Blue Star Memorial Highway and a part of The Silent Cross
  7. 7. Highway 51 Pop Culture Highway 51 by Chris Consani Highway 51 Blues on Bob’s debut album
  8. 8. The Ribbon Cutting
  9. 9. Secretary Holperin “Runs 51!”
  10. 10. Official Passport & Journey Journal
  11. 11. Media Menu offee t C ins a Sta ra ext no ost… c
  12. 12. The Best of Highway 51
  13. 13. Print Advertising American Road Magazine AAA Living AAA Living American Road Magazine Iola Old Car show Member Destination Guides
  14. 14. Tradeshows Wisconsin State Fair Iola Old Car Show Great Outdoor Festival
  15. 15. Other Items An d roduci int ng
  16. 16. Website: www.explorehwy51.com
  17. 17. Lodging Specials Downloads
  18. 18. Kit Sorenson is a Tourism Development Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. His responsibilities include assisting tourism businesses, communities, organizations and attractions in reaching their full potential state economic impact. Marketing, strategic planning, developing collaborative Kit Sorenson partnerships and community assessments are part of the services WI De pa rtm e nt of Touris m offered by the Department. Prior to Touris m de ve lop m e nt joining the Tourism Department, he S pe c ia lis t was active in community and economic development in the private sector. He has been in state service for the past 13 years. Topics: The Wisconsin Department of Tourism’s role in the creation and maintenance of Highway 51.
  19. 19. Financial Support Three Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grants JEM Grant In-Kind Total Year One $40,000 $46,855 $86,855 Year Two $40,000 $61,319 $101,319 Year Three $25,515 $90,816 $116,331 TOTAL $105,515 $198,990 $304,505
  20. 20. Website Spotlight
  21. 21. Advertising Spotlight
  22. 22. Rebecca Repp is the cofounder of Mock Turtle Press and AMERICAN ROAD magazine. She currently serves as General Manager for AMERICAN ROAD magazine. Repp was recently named the Executive Director of the non-profit American Road Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and economic development of America's historic highways and auto trails. Becky Repp Am e ric a n R oa d Born in Madison, Wisconsin, she is a former Ma g a z ine G e ne ra l Ma na g e r resident of Chicago, Alexandria (Va.), Tucson (Ariz.), and Seattle. Repp earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University. Mrs. Repp lives with her husband in the Motor City near the old Dixie Highway. Topics: American Road Magazine and Wisconsin Highway 51’s partnership – how it started, its benefits and its future.
  23. 23. American Road Magazine Quarterly Publication: 45,000 readers Website: 65,918 visits per month Demographics: 100% of readers take 2 or more trips annually 52% enjoy 7 or more trips annually 69% pre-book lodging 48% shop 89% plan ahead to visit historical sites, museums, restaurants, etc.
  24. 24. Print Advertising
  25. 25. Web Advertising
  26. 26. Contests
  27. 27. Articles
  28. 28. As Managing Director with Discover Mediaworks, Greg works with communities, Counties, and State, for content development of the 52 week television series “Discover Wisconsin.” He also develops content for the 7 weeks of National television programs Greg Smith that promote Wisconsin Ma na g in g Dire c tor Tourism each year on the Dis c ove r Me dia wo rks Travel Channel. In his 23 years in marketing he has worked in both Radio and Television. Topics: Discover Mediaworks and Wisconsin Highway 51’s partnership & an interesting multi-state proposition.
  29. 29. Aired 3 times with 400 – 500 inquiries generated per showing
  30. 30. • 20+ years experience • High-Definition video production • Full staff of writer/producers, videographers, editors, designers, and engineers • HD acquisition and editing, 2D/3D animation, closed captioning, DVD encoding/authoring, duplication, video streaming • Series Development • Discover Wisconsin, Into the Outdoors, American Snowmobiler, ATV Illustrated TV, Wisconsin Dairy News, and more • Online Solutions • Back end systems, CMS, CRM • Web site design and development • Integrated Communications • Public relations and earned media
  32. 32. DiscoverWisconsin.com (2) Year “Drive to Destination” Web page  •DWMN will create a specific web page for your Destination” featuring additional information. •Direct Web links to “ Destinations” websites. •Request for vacation materials •E -Newsletters •Hot Deals /V acation Packages •M onthly Contests •S treamed Trailer V ideo clip of the program on your destination page
  33. 33. Production: Radio programs were featured about destination activities, events, and attractions. Airtime: Radio programs are broadcast over a (2) years period, throughout our syndicated DW-Radio Network.
  34. 34. DistributeTourism Mate rials Discove Wis r cons Cale in ndar 20,000 Printed
  35. 35. Press Releases D iscover Wisconsin “ Choice Destination” B adge
  36. 36. … On a National Stage Brought to you by
  37. 37. Ready To Go Designs & Tools
  38. 38. Ready Made Relationships
  39. 39. And now the road to a great partner ship is
  40. 40. k n a h T !