Houzz Webinar: How to Win with Houzz & Get Leads for Your Business


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How do you stack up against your local competitors?
A free Visibility Checkup shows you where your strong and where your not (including how Houzz can benefit your current marketing).

Get yours here: http://www.surefiresocial.com/visibility-report-sign-up-page/

This action-packed webinar will teach you how to:
+ Use Houzz to Build your Online Reputation
+ Target Potential Renovation Clients in Your Market
+ Establish Your Business as a Home Improvement Authority
+ Generate Leads Directly from Houzz

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  • Add a houzz
  • Not a stragetegy it’s a tactic
  • It has a high concentration of people who are verty interested in home improvement projects
  • Claim your exisitingHouzz profile – look for image of a profile
  • After you upload a photo and select all the appropriate categories, select an area of a photo to apply a tag
  • Doing this shows interested homeowners that you are available to help them achieve home improvement goals from the first attempt at contact.
  • Build a reputation: with reviews from past clients posted to your profile 
  • Houzz's algorithm rewards active users:The more proactive you are on the site—the more your company will show up.Start a discussion - with industry leaders on Houzz to raise your profile on the website answer user questions immediately and ask questions (solve problems and be social/make friends)
  • Best of Houzz Badge:Each review from a client is a nomination for the Customer Satisfaction category. Winners receive a best of houzz badgePaid: ½ of the spots on each page are reserved for paid ads
  • The tool is now out of beta and available to any residential building, remodeling or design industry professional- In the few weeks since launching Site Designer, thousands of home professionals from across categories have used the tool**best for a small business working from home
  • Getting Started Showcasing Your WorkEngaging with Users Taking Advantage of the Reviews FeatureIncreasing your Visibility on HouzzCharting Your SuccessIntroducing Houzz’s Newest Feature: Site Designer
  • Houzz Webinar: How to Win with Houzz & Get Leads for Your Business

    1. 1. How to Win with Houzz & Get Leads for Your Business March 26th, 2014 Webinar Presented by: Chris Marentis
    2. 2. Overview 1. Getting Started 2. Showcasing Your Work 3. Engaging with Users 4. Taking Advantage of the Reviews Feature 5. Increasing your Visibility on Houzz 6. Charting Your Success 7. Introducing Houzz’s Newest Feature: Site Designer 8. Review
    3. 3. ------Common Question------ How do I find prospective clients in my local area on Houzz?
    4. 4. ------Common Question------ How can Houzz add to my online marketing efforts?
    5. 5. Why Houzz Matters to You: Houzz is great at reaching U.S. homeowners who are actively working on Home Improvement projects. “Find a Pro” Section: Connects homeowners with local Pros. Essential Equation: Images + Indexibility = Homeowners can find your photos & profile in Google Search!
    6. 6. The Time is Ripe to... Create a Houzz profile & Optimize it for local leads
    7. 7. Renovation in America, Findings from the 2013 Houzz& Home survey
    8. 8. Most Projects Exceed Homeowners Initial Budget: Renovation in America, Findings from the 2013 Houzz& Home survey
    9. 9. Renovation in America, Findings from the 2013 Houzz& Home survey
    10. 10. Renovation in America, Findings from the 2013 Houzz& Home survey
    11. 11. Claim your Listing Chances are you're already on Houzz - Claim your profile.
    12. 12. Getting Started: Setting up a business profile Sign up for a professional profile & fill it out completely. 1. Location & Address fields: use an address that matches your targeted geographic area. 2. Photo: Upload a high resolution photo that fills the entire frame provided (square or portrait work best, not landscape). Tip: Use a photo of you or the whole staff to help you build personal relationships with other users, 2nd best choice is to use your company logo. 3. Description Area: Write a quality business overview & list all of your services and/or product categories. Be sure to incorporate keywords. Contacts can message you directly
    13. 13. Showcase your work: Ideabooks Tip: Gain more exposure by having your work featured in other houzz user ideabooks. Food for Thought: Think of your ideabooks as online portfolios that you use to highlight your completed projects – use your best photos and stage your photos when possible.
    14. 14. Optimize Your Images! Optimize Images for Search: •Fill the keyword section with multiple keywords that describe each image ex. dentil molding, cherry red paint, stucco ceiling • Add backlinks to your website, group by best category &style • Include the city name a project was completed in to rank locally • Keywords help you appear in Google search results to drive even more traffic to your Houzz profile Optimize Images for Sales: • Include detailed notes about each product and project you post View of a business from Google
    15. 15. Ideas for Ideabooks Example Ideabook Goal: To sell new line of windows Solution: Create an ideabook around "sunny kitchens" with cheerful colors and patterns to complement your windows + blinds/ curtains, furniture, and home accessories. Don‟t forget to tag your windows in the images! Remember that credit for your photos always goes back to you Other ideas…  Show off a series of images of a completed project  Create an Ideabook around a color palette (ex. Tuscan Tiles)  Center an Ideabook around 1 of your businesses‟ products (Decorative Carved Door)
    16. 16. Photo Checklist  1st and foremost: Upload quality high-res images that homeowners will want to add to their personal ideabooks (their collections of images of projects they like, want to replicate, and that inspire them to create their dream house.)  All images should be a minimum of 1000 pixels wide  Make sure you ask clients before posting photos of their homes  Only upload images for which have the copyright or are licensed to use
    17. 17. Tag & Make it Count Tag elements in photos with a product description and link back to your website so users can request quotes. Tags are an essential part of building your presence & ranking!
    18. 18. Participate in Discussions Basic Social Tips:  Follow other Houzz users including vendors you use, partners, and professionals whose work complements your own (ex. You do exterior remodeling  follow landscapers, awning vendors, pool installers, etc.)  Maintain your account & respond promptly to any questions you are asked directly  Keep an eye out for discussion questions you can answer & write a response immediately Start Discussions:  Post before and after pictures from a project (but do not include these in your own profile)  Write a summary of your latest blog and include a link to it Keep Improving your profile:  Do competitive research: Follow other pros in your industry to see what they‟re posting Use the phone app on the go so you can keep up with discussions and answer questions when you are away from your desk Tip: Be sure to include images from other Houzzers in your ideabooks
    19. 19. Advice Section: Connect with homeowners by responding to their project questions. Pro-to-Pro (inside Advice Section): Ask other Pros project questions, share knowledge, & collaborate. Must-Use Area of Houzz
    20. 20. The Power of Personal Recommendations Send Review Requests directly from Houzz Here's how: 1. From your profile, Click the Request Reviews button. 2. Enter an email address & write a custom message (avoid using the default message). Social proof is one of the most influential deciding factors for prospective clients looking for home improvement professionals. TIP: Encourage past customers to post reviews (ideally right after a job is completed)
    21. 21. Drive Traffic to Your Houzz Profile Social  Post links to your Houzz photos on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter  Add a Houzz app tab page to your website Print  Add your Houzz Profile name to your business card and other print collateral Email  E-mail your Ideabooks to clients, prospects, and staff directly from Houzz Website:  Embed Ideabooks into your website  Host a Houzz badge on your website  Include a link to your Houzz account on your website App Tab
    22. 22. Chart Your Success Houzz analytics (Pro+ Program feature): Houzz‟s metrics dashboard gives real-time insight into how your photos on Houzz are performing Specific Data Tracked:  Total number of photo impressions  Number of photo clicks  Click-through rates  Add rates (how many houzzers have saved a photo to their Houzz „ideabooks‟) What you get: Data insights on how homeowners are responding to your profile and content How it helps: Enables you to make adjustments and improve your Houzz presence so you can increase your local exposure and draw in homeowners looking for your services
    23. 23. Marketing Opportunities &Houzz‟s Algorithm  The number & quality of photos in your profile  The number of questions you've answered  If you have a Houzz badge on your website  If you have reviews from past clients or professionals you‟ve worked with  How active you are on the site Factors that determine your Houzz ranking: Badges:
    24. 24. Houzz Ads & Marketing Tactics Paid Marketing:  Ads appear in the "feed" as every even listing (2,4,6)  Local exposure under “Find a Pro” Unpaid Marketing Opportunities:  Best of Houzz Badge: Business users with 1+ client reviews posted within the last year are in the running. A “Best of Houzz” on your profile serves as testament to your reputation.  Increase your profile ranking by being active on Houzz Takeaway: make sure you are constantly activeposting photos, Ideabooks, suggestions, etc. But if you find that one of your competitors is above you in the feed, you might want to consider jumping into the ads means paid
    25. 25. Site Designer  Site Designer: free website design and publishing tool for home professionals  Home professionals can now use their own custom domain for their Site Designer-created website  Site Designer automatically pulls and updates content, including project photos, your business description, reviews and awards, directly from a professional's Houzz profile, creating a ready-made website in minutes.  Enables you to simultaneously manage both your Houzz profile and Houzz website
    26. 26. Summing it Up! 1. Create a profile, fill out every section, and optimize it for your services and location 2. Upload and organize your best project photos into Ideabooks 3. Connect with users to find prospects and grow your Houzz reputation 4. Ask past clients to post reviews to your Houzz profile 5. Optimize your account according to Houzz‟s algorithm 6. Optional: Track analytics (Houzz Pro+ User feature) 7. Optional: Create a Houzz Website
    27. 27. Talk to Us Chris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of Surefire Social. With over 25 years of experience leading traditional and interactive marketing businesses, Chris is a leader in helping businesses use new technology to enable dramatic growth. Need help or want to find out more? Come see us to get your FREE Online Visibility Checkup now at www.surefiresocial.com or call 888-804-8685
    28. 28. Who is Surefire Social? Surefire Social delivers personal, comprehensive strategies for effective local Internet marketing. www.surefiresocial.com To learn more about ourHouzz, visit us @www.surefiresocial.com/marketing-solutions