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Labrador retriever caroline#16
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Labrador retriever caroline#16



Published in Education
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  • 1. 1. Habitat2. Food/Survival3. Describe The Animal4. Other Interesting Facts5. Glossary6. Index7. About The Author8. Bibliography
  • 2. The Labrador Retriever lives everywhere inthe United Sates of America.
  • 3. They can live in all of the states of TheUnited States Of America. Like Alabama,Tennessee, Georgia, Chicago. The can live inChina, Asia and South America.
  • 4. They eat dry and wet dog food. They alsocan eat insects, berries and fallen fruit.
  • 5. Wild animals can hurt them. Here they areFoxes, Wolves, Bears and Wild Elephants.
  • 6.  Golden Fur Black Eyes Black Nose Floppy EarsIt’s maximum weight is 79 lbs. It ‘s minimumweight is 55 lbs.
  • 7.  Long Tail Tall Black Tan Dark Brown Gray White Light Brown White with Brown spots
  • 8. It can carry an egg in it’s mouth without breaking it. They can find a dead bird and pick it up in it’s mouth when the give it to people they see if it had any teeth marks on it. --- This is the dead birdThis is the dog carrying in it’san egg in it’s mouth. mouth.
  • 9.  Predators something that eats Breaking something that is ripped South America is a continent China is a country Asia is a continent Everywhere every place in the world Carrying when you hold something and take it to a place Interesting something that is going to amaze you
  • 10. 1. Description page 7,82. Food page 53. Habitat page 3,4
  • 11. My name is Caroline. My favorite hobbiesare playing softball, swimming at the pool, artand going to school. I go to Shades MountainElementary. My teacher is Mrs. Marchant. I amin the 3rd grade.
  • 12.  http://a-z-animals.com/animals/labrador- retriever http://animal.discovery.com/tv- shows/other/videos/underdog-to- wonderdog-brutus.htm http://animal.discovery.com/tv- shows/other/videos/underdog-to- wonderdog-brutus.htm