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Dolphin 8 Presentation Transcript

  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Prey 32. Predators 43. Coastal waters 54. Harbors 65. Bay 76. What it looks like 87. Other Facts 98. Index 119. Glossary 1210. About the Author 1311. Sources 14
  • 3. PREY The Dolphin eats three main foods. It eats fish,crab, squid, and octopi. Those are just the main foods.It has a favorite food just like everything else. It’sfavorite food is fish.
  • 4. PREDATORS Dolphins have predators too. It’s predatorsare Humans, Sharks, and Killer Whales. Those arethe things that would kill it. Those are just it’smain predators.
  • 5. COASTAL WATERS A dolphin’s habitat is in coastalwaters. Coastal water is water nearbeaches.
  • 6. HARBORSThey also live in harbors. A harbor is aplace where ships come in. Dolphins live inbays too.
  • 7. BAYDolphins live in bays too. A bay is an area of land with an opening to the sea.
  • 8. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Dolphins are a mixture of black, white,and grey. They have smooth rubbery skin.Most dolphins are 7 to 10 feet. Some canbe up to 13 feet! They weigh 220 to 660pounds! They have a rounded fin andstriped skin.
  • 9. OTHER FACTS The life-span of a dolphin is 20-45 years.The top speed of a dolphin is 25 miles perhour. A female dolphin normally has one pup ata time. A dolphins nose is on top of it’s head. Itis called a blowhole.
  • 10. OTHER FACTSDolphins are mammals. Mammalsnormally live on land but dolphins live inwater. There are 35 types of dolphins!
  • 11. INDEX1. Prey 32. Predators 43. Habitat 5,6,74. What it looks like 85. Other Facts 9,10
  • 12. GLOSSARY1. Octopi Octopi are more than one Octopus. A Octopus is a sea creature that has eight legs.2. Predator A predator is something that will eat or harm another animal.3. Habitat A habitat is a place where an animal lives.4. Fin A fin is something that helps sea creatures swim.5. Blowhole (blow-hole) A blowhole is on top of a dolphin’s head. It is like a nose.
  • 13. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The Authors name is MaryNelson. Her favorite color is AquaMarine. She loves to do gymnasticsand piano. She goes to school atShades Mountain Elementary School.
  • 14. SOURCES