Black panthers #3


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Black panthers #3

  1. 1. Page 3 PanthersPage 4 What Panthers DoPage 5 Panther’s BehaviorsPage 6 Black Panther CubsPage 7 What They EatPage 8 Where They LivePage 9 What Is Its ColorsPage 10 What’s Its Prey
  2. 2. A black panther is usually a solid color and a combination of other larger cats. In America, wild black panthers may be called black jaguar.They live in Asia and Africa. In Asia, there are some very rareblack tigers (smaller wild cats) like jaguarondi is the female jagwhich may also be black. Captive black panthers may be blackjaguars or more commonly black leopards.
  3. 3. The black panther eats other small animals likemice or rodents. Its prey is bigger animals.Black panthers are powerful intelligent. Theircoat color is black and their body size ismedium. Panthers live in rainforest, marshland,woodlands, swamps, savannahs, and evenmountains and deserts.
  4. 4. Black panthers have unique behaviors or habitswhich are different from those of other big catsor pet cats. As members of the big cat familyblack panthers can roar while other small catssuch as house cats, bobcats, lynx and cougars,purr but cannot roar.
  5. 5. A black panther cub is usually born in same litteralong with other light –colored leopard cubs.Typically a leopard litter consists of two to threecubs but sometimes up to six. Black panther cubsare born with their eyes closed and are coveredwith faintly spotted smoky gray fur. They weighabout 450 to 1000 g ( 16 to 35 oz. ). The motherleopard has to stay at the den all the time duringthe first few days after the birth to rest and nursethe newborn baby panthers.
  6. 6. A black panther eats smaller animals like miceand rodents and sometimes watermelon.
  7. 7. Black panthers live at Africa and Asia they arelocated at northern part of Africa and Asia butsome panthers are in the USA like in Florida.
  8. 8. Some panthers are White, Black, Brown, Tanand sometimes Brownish tannish but thepanther cubs are black and gray withpocadodts.
  9. 9. A black panther falls prey to bigger animals likethe golden eagle and maybe bigger bearssometimes.
  10. 10. A female panther is just like the male pantherits just that the female panther has polka dotslike a cheetah.
  11. 11. Cub: young black panthersFemale: the female panther with dotsJaguar: a panther with black furLeopard: a panther with spotted furPanther: a type of large cat that has many variationsPanthera: another type of animal catPrey: animals that are eaten by other animals
  12. 12. Africa 8 Golden eagle 9Asia 8 Jaguar 3Bears 9, Leopard 3Bobcat 10 Panthers 3, 4, 5, 6,Cheetah 10 10,11Cub 6 Panthera 3Female 10 Polka dots 11Florida 8 Rainforest 4
  13. 13. I am 9 years old and a student at Shades Mountainschool in Hoover, Alabama. I am in third grade. My teacher is Mrs. Marchant. My favorite hobby is playing basketball with my dad.