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  • Picture will be a rainbow of FV
  • Children and parents being active together
  • Wasn’t too sure about this picture because of the expression on her face, however it was the best-looking clip-art that I could find from the online clip-art collection.
  • This is a great photo, but if it is included, another picture with a single mom and one or two children should be included because the target audience is mostly made up of 18-35 year old female single mothers.
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Fruits%20&%20 vegetables%20slides%2011 2011[1] Fruits%20&%20 vegetables%20slides%2011 2011[1] Presentation Transcript

  • Fruits andVegetables
  • Make halfyour platefruits andvegetables.
  • Choose a variety of colors.
  • Choose a variety of colors.
  • Topbreakfast cerealwith fresh fruit.
  • • Fresh,• Frozen,• Canned,• 100% juice all count!
  • Fruits and vegetables give you energy!
  • Blend fresh or frozen fruit with fat free milk or yogurt for a smoothie.
  • Be a role model!
  • Be a role model!
  • Choose a variety of fruits and veggies every day!
  • Outstanding Orangekeeps your eyesight sharp!
  • Glorious Greenscan help youmaintain a healthy weight!
  • Work fruits and vegetables into yourmain course - they are not just forside dishes!
  • Buy what’sin season!Fruits andveggies inseason are generally cheaper.
  • Pack some crunch in your lunch! Try apple slices with peanut butter or carrots andcelery with lightranch dressing.
  • When fruitsand veggiesare on sale, buy more and freeze the extras.
  • Try just onesmall change: Pick a crunchy fruit instead ofchips at your snack time.
  • Swap halfthe meat ina recipe for beans - itwill fill you up AND cost less.
  • Dark greenvegetables give you strongbones and teeth.
  • Let your children help!Have them wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before you prepare a meal together.
  • Have your child pick out a new fruit or vegetable for thefamily to try!
  • Add bell peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms, ortomatoes to eggs for a quick and filling omelet for breakfast - or dinner!
  • Try piling veggies onpizza instead of meat. Mushrooms, peppers, spinach, or onions makegreat toppings!
  • Soup’s on! Add carrots, potatoes, greens, and beans tochicken stockfor a delicious vegetable soup.
  • Bake applesor pears with a sprinkle of brown sugar for a sweetand satisfying treat.