Wishes for a better world


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Wishes for a better world

  1. 1. I wish I could have a world where everybody is happy Mehmet
  2. 2. I wish the countries of the world had justice Piedad
  3. 3. I wish all our dreams would come true in the future and that we always fought to achieve our ends in our lives. May all our beloved ones always stand by us… Alexandra
  4. 4. I wish more respect for the environment Jelenia
  5. 5. I wish every child had a parent Zehra
  6. 6. I wish that only bright days would come Jeavia
  7. 7. I wish discrimination stopped Maribel
  8. 8. Equality and peace ! Evrydiki
  9. 9. I wish powerful people helped weak people Osman
  10. 10. I wish everybody would smile and enjoy every minute of their lives Alexandra
  11. 11. I wish I could find a good job Sara
  12. 12. I wish they didn’t send children to any wars Manuel
  13. 13. I wish all people would respect all the religions Zehra A.
  14. 14. I wish a world without resentment, full of friendship Ainhoa
  15. 15. I wish I knew the real meaning of my life Krizia
  16. 16. I wish all the children had the same opportunities in life and in education and that there were no discriminations because of colour or origin Christos
  17. 17. I wish that everybody loved everybody like some people love themselves Angel
  18. 18. I wish there was no nuclear and chemical waste Azat
  19. 19. I wish that my country would find its feet again and my family would be fine Nikos
  20. 20. I wish I travelled all over the world Francesca
  21. 21. I wish next generation had a better world Nergis
  22. 22. I wish I became a great goalkeeper Emanuel
  23. 23. I wish there was solidarity in the world Salome
  24. 24. I wish that there were more happy children all over the world… Efi
  25. 25. I wish all children in the world would be educated Yusuf
  26. 26. I respect all the nations of the globe. I wish that there were neither any homeless people nor people who cannot take care of their children Andreas
  27. 27. I wish I were surrounded by people who love me Marilena
  28. 28. I wish there weren’t any stalkers in the world Silvia
  29. 29. I wish nobody was hungry in the world Murat
  30. 30. I wish the best of luck and every success in our life Tania
  31. 31. I wish there weren’t any children in the world without a house, food or water, health service and education Maria del Mar
  32. 32. I wish that all people in the world would find true love and have real friends who would understand, support and never betray them! Despina
  33. 33. I wish a world without wars Fco Hesus
  34. 34. I wish violence against women was prevented Gülbahar
  35. 35. I wish I didn’t see people and kids in the street, without home, without food Christina
  36. 36. I wish to get married and have a beautiful family with many children Antony
  37. 37. I wish corrupted politicians didn’t exist Victor
  38. 38. I wish all people would have equal rights in the world Kübra
  39. 39. I wish I would pass the exams with a good mark Gioele
  40. 40. I want injustice to disappear all over the globe! We want, we need: peace, love, friendship! Chrisoula
  41. 41. I wish I could have all my wishes Berke
  42. 42. I wish that in the future, there will be peace instead of wars, work instead of unemployment and love instead of hatred Pili
  43. 43. I wish that the End of this world came and everything was reborn from the beginning, without anything bad or ugly Marianna
  44. 44. I wish I could live in a better world Sofia
  45. 45. I wish each child would be loved in the world Gülbahar
  46. 46. I wish all our dreams came true Edoardo
  47. 47. I wish that smiles returned to their owners so that people’s sad faces would shine again Katerina
  48. 48. I wish the world will be a safe place without violence Megan
  49. 49. I wish there was no pollution in our environment Suzan
  50. 50. I wish I had been able to make my farewells to my beloved grandfather for the last time before he passed away Panagiotis
  51. 51. I wish everybody had money to feed a family Silvia
  52. 52. I wish all the mankind would appreciate the power of love Giulia
  53. 53. I wish all people protected the animals Feyzanur
  54. 54. I wish a world with no crime Tommaso
  55. 55. I wish all the planet lived with music and without wars Stathis
  56. 56. I wish… a fairytale world! Anabel
  57. 57. I wish everybody lived in peace Kübra
  58. 58. I wish that people stopped thinking only about the profit and realized that there are other beautiful things in life Theofilos
  59. 59. I wish there were no poor people in the world Tania
  60. 60. I wish everyone would live altogether in peace Giorgio
  61. 61. I wish I wouldn’t have wishes Menekşe
  62. 62. I wish peace in the world Marina
  63. 63. I wish every one of us would manage to love each other Spyridoula
  64. 64. I wish my family were healthy Noelia
  65. 65. I wish there was peace in the world Gülbahar
  66. 66. I wish no person would ever stop loving and hoping Ioanna
  67. 67. I wish peace for the world Jorge
  68. 68. I wish that there was no more hunger in the world Letisia
  69. 69. I wish everybody lived happily Nergis
  70. 70. I wish all the people were free Pocio
  71. 71. I wish that there were no more wars Morena
  72. 72. I wish that people would change. Times would change. That we wouldn’t be afraid of trusting other people. I wish we knew what comes next, that we had a secure tomorrow, a secure life. Every drop of tears may not be because of insult, neither of fear nor of pain. May our hearts open, may we learn to hope, to try. May we learn to love and understand… Elisavet
  73. 73. I wish for the wars to end. I wish for happiness in the world aswell Mikaela
  74. 74. I wish all hurdled people passed over all difficulties Pınar
  75. 75. I wish there were more smiles on Earth Alexandra
  76. 76. I wish there were only friendship, love and understanding in the world Erika
  77. 77. I wish the wars ended Büşra
  78. 78. I wish I could make the world better! Panagiotis
  79. 79. I wish that in the future, there would not be differences between humans Alicia
  80. 80. I wish I would travel all around the world Maria Laura