Matilda: Post-reading activities
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  • 1. Activities by C Class students, Greece:1) Answer the questions.Why does Miss Honey go to see Matilda’s parents?What is the name of Matildas best friend?What is the name of Matildas parents? What is the surname of the headmaster of Matildas school? What is the name of Matildas school? How old was Matilda when she went to school for the first time?2) Are these sentences right or wrong?Matilda was an honest girl.Matilda hates books.Mr Wormwood wanted Matilda to read books.Matilda’s brother is not as clever as Matilda.Matilda was a genius.Matildas favourite author was Charles Dickens.3) Who says the following : Theres nothing you can get from a book that you cant get from TV faster. Im smart,you are dumb, Im big you are little, Im right you are wrong and theresnothing you can do about it.4) Answer more questions.1. What is the name of the school ?2.In which town do Matildas parents move at the end?3.How old was Miss Honey when her father died ?4.How did Miss Honeys father die?5.Write the name of one famous writer whose books Matilda has read. 6.In the beginning how many pancakes did Matilda make?
  • 2. 5. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?a) Ms. Honey is the headmaster of Matildas school.b)When Matilda was born, she wore a cap with 4 stripes.c)When Matildas father asked his son to tell him what his profit was Matilda answered10.265.d)Ms. Trunchbull was Ms.Honeys aunt.6. Circle the correct words.a) Matildas baby blanket was :1) purple 2) pink 3) blueb)Matildas father sells1) cars 2) motorbikes 3) bikesc)Matildas brother has got1) blue eyes 2) green eyes 3) brown eyes7.Fill in the gaps.a)Matildas friend put a ________ in Ms. Trunchbulls water.b)Matildas mother has got ______hair and _________eyes.c)Matilda enjoys ___________ in her free time.d)_________ was the name of Ms Honeys doll.