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Video Analysis

  1. 1. “Especially for You” Music Video Analysis
  2. 2. What happens in the video?  Song Title: Especially for You  Artist: Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan  Genre: Pop  Director: Chris Langman  Year of Release: 28th November 1988In the music video we see both a young Kylie & Jason’s daily lives whilst they are alone. Coincidentally they both end up at the same places but at different times and so miss bumping into each other. Finally they both end up at the same audition and rekindle their love through an embracing hug. The rest of the video we see the couple singing to each together with images of their past relationship in the background. The video uses a narrative structure mainly with aspects of performance. Evidence of this is the story being told through out the video and the singing at the end of the video and at the auditions. From this we can see that both Kylie’s and Jason’s characters are unhappy about being alone and that they want their love back.
  3. 3. Shots & EditingEstablishing shot Split ScreenShown at the beginning of This enables us to seethe video to show the what both of thelocation. From this we can character are doing atsee that they are in the same time. SplitAustralia. screen is used quite a lot in this music video untilClose ups they are re-united again.Close ups are used alot through out thismusic video mainly to Fade / Dissolveshow the characters Fades/ dissolves arefacial expressions. used in this video to go from one scene toLong shots another. Example of thisLong shots are used is the characters face willwhen the characters dissolve into a locationare walking/running seting.and also to showtheir body postures.Full shotsUsed to show the characterwithin the environmentwhich they are in so theaudience can see they arein a different location.
  4. 4. Jason Donovan Characters Kylie MinogueJason Donovan plays the Kylie Minogue plays the youngyoung male character in the female character in the He represent someone She represents someone whowho is in love and missing that is in love. Evidence of this is atperson as we see him sitting the beginning of the video wealone or alone many times see her alone writing a letterlooking as though he and looking into the distancethinking/reminiscing. as though she is thinking. Target Audience: The target audience for this video are romantic people and young people as this is what the characters represent. Lighting Costume The lighting used in this video is mainly daylight Ordinary clothing is sued which would have and natural lighting according to the location been fashionable in the 80’s for young people. which the characters are in. Spot lights are also This includes high waist jeans, leather jackets used when they are in the auditions. and padded shoulders on jackets on both the male and female character. Character Performance Scenery The characters are acting out as though they The scenery’s used are ones of residential are getting on with their daily routine which they areas, a beach, a theatre room with a stage would do in life. This includes travelling to and the inside of the train. Majority of the auditions and walking around their town. scenery in this video consist of being outside.
  5. 5. Use’s and Gratification TheoryAccording to Bulmer and Katz “Use’s and Gratification theory” the needs which this texts will satisfy for the audience are personal integrative as people can identify with missing someone they love, affective as a lot of performing in the form of singing straight into the camera is done and music video is telling a story and also social integrative as the idea of a relatioship is involved.