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Font and colour

  1. 1. 1. Gold, White, RedI like this colour scheme as it incorporates gold in it which can refer back to the albumgenre and the fact that it is a hip hop album and gold is expensive and luxurious. HoweverI think the red is the most dominant colour in this and so would be quite bright against thetwo other colours.
  2. 2. 2. Black, Gold, WhiteThis colour scheme is quite bold and so would attract attention to the Digipak. Thecolours red and pink also connote romance and love which many of the songs theartists has is about. However I think the red and pink is also quite feminine and sowould not be appropriate as he is male.
  3. 3. 3. Navy, Gold, BlackI like this colour scheme as the colours are quite neutral and so will not distractattention from the pictures of the artist. However I think by having both black anddark blue on the Digipak it will be quite dark and many of the songs by the artistarent exactly dark and depressing songs so it wont reflect what the mood of thealbum is.
  4. 4. 4. Black, White, RedI really like this colour scheme and so want to use this for my Digipak. Although itwould be nice to incorporate some gold into the colour scheme, I realized the artistlogo is gold and so the element of gold could be put in through that. The blackwhite and red really compliment each other as black and white are contrastingcolours and the red would really make the colour scheme stand out.
  5. 5. Font Ideas This font is very unique and creative. I like the way the letters are blocked and in different shapes, however it reminds me of the game “pacman” and people buying the album may be mislead by this. I like the bold, block lettering of this font, however I think it is a bit too basic and simple to be used. Originally I really liked this font and wanted to use it, however I think its quite stereotypical for a hip hop album in the sense that it is graffiti style and I want to use something a bit less obvious for my Digipak.
  6. 6. Font Ideas I like the size of this font but once again like the other fonts I have looked at it is very basic. This is the font I want to use for my Digipak. I really like this font because it is bold and also the design of it remind me of a sort of thriller film which creates a sense of mystery. As my artist is new to the industry he’s quite mysterious also and so the font connotes this. This font is similar to a previous font which I looked at, however it is more spaced out and larger.
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