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Favourite Music Video - Rude Boy
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Favourite Music Video - Rude Boy

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  • 1. My Favourite Music Video Rihanna – “Rude Boy”
  • 2. Background Information• “Rude Boy" is an up-tempo song and incorporates elements of ragamuffin, pop and R&B.• The song is performed by Barbadian singer Rihanna.• The video was premiered on February 10, 2010 via the high definition music video provider VEVO.• The video was directed by Melina Matsoukas.• The video use ‘s a green screen a lot and contains strong references to famous artists especially those from the pop art movement , including Andy Warhol.
  • 3. Genre ConventionsSince the “Rude Boy” is widely associated with the R’n’B genre of music, the video would usually be expected to conform the generic conventions of an R’n’B video. Many of the outfits worn are very provocative which is usually the case in an R’n’B video for a character (particularly female) to come across in a sexual way. However Rihanna’s video does not conform to the Dancing typical video structure as she uses both a performance and abstract structure to present her video rather than Glamorous woman/man/lifestyle using a narrative structure which is very commonly used with in R’n’B videos. The video does also notParty / Club Narrative include many expensive things and is not revolved scene structure around money and wealth. Provocative character Money orientated Expensive things People of colour
  • 4. Target AudienceThe target audience for this music video is for people who enjoy R’n’B music especially those who like Rihanna’s music and enjoy Caribbean music also.I do not think that there is a specific gender which is targeted for this video as although Rihanna is dressed very provocatively and dances in this way which may attracts males, females will also enjoy this video also due to the interesting moves and colors of the video.
  • 5. My OpinionI like the “Rude Boy” video because I think that it was created well and gives good visuals which you can relate to the song.Although the actual setting of the video itself does not relate at all to the song many of the characters involved and the dance moves which Rihanna performs helps you connect the song and the video together.